[ENG sub] Show Me The Money8 [3회] 여유로운 멋으로 가볍게 ALL PASS! 우승후보 EK 190809 EP.3

[ENG sub] Show Me The Money8 [3회] 여유로운 멋으로 가볍게 ALL PASS! 우승후보 EK 190809 EP.3

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Next up is someone we’ve been waiting for Someone very cool I really want this rapper on my team Is he who I think he is? Finally! The potential winner! Chosen by the contestants as one of the potential winners EK? Young B? EK Chosen as the potential winner by the contestants, who will it be? – Hey
– Hi I’m such a huge fan of EK He’s a great rapper And he’s so cool! Yeah he is In this day and age, rap Is all about being cool Hi Hi I really loved your performance on SMTM 777 – Thank you
– You were great Love your rap style! I’ll do my best Are you gonna dance today? No not today I wanted to see you dance Why did you apply again this season? Well I got eliminated last season And a lot of people still don’t know who I am or what kind of music I dois my only hit song so I want to experience more, so I decided to apply again Very nice Including yourself, who do you think is the potential winner? A lot of other rappers chose him, Young B So not you? I’m just trying to survive this round so Okay then We’ll get started right away Everyone is excited to see EK’s performance
– I gotta see this! I do what I gotta do Have fun and make money
You only care about who wins But I bet my life on this You just keep staring All jealous
Hillbilly from Busan Now I represent Sillim AK in my mouth Your song is a slingshot
Your oppa can’t even say what he wants to How did he make all that money
That’s the issue As I said
I’m from the bottom Face down
If you’re so worried you might miss everything How many times do I have to tell you
There’s no one to feature on my song Scared of losing their name
There’s nothing to lose anyway Mba 24/7 Always open
Flow so hard Okay girls they love me
Knock out all the ones getting in my way How does he ride the beat like that? When you’re in the club shake it right now
Nonfiction nomake up ayy Big booty
I go up and bounce – He’s cool, he’s so cool
– Yeah he is He’s so cool Mba perfect score
Mba is a business Mba is awesome
Get money get famous and I bust down That was dope That was dope He’s getting an ALL PASS EK ALL PASS
– Congratulations That was obvious Dope I love how relaxed you are, and the way you play with the beat Great performance Thank you Which crew do you wanna join? BGM-v VS 40
Which crew will he choose? – We’re good at making upbeat music
– Okay ha ha At first I wanted to work with Kid Milli I thought it’ll be fun We got him! He said ‘at first’! He said ‘at first’… But now I want to work with Verbal Jint and Giriboy We got him! I’ll make you change your mind with my love EK… I… I’m a huge fan I’m not gonna settle

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