Ending | Justice League: War

Ending | Justice League: War

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Got you. Hey, you’re that kid. [GROANS] – Hell of a catch, man.
– Thanks. Don’t tell them, okay?
It’s none of their freaking business. It’ll be our secret. I always said you had an arm like a cannon. Now you totally do. [SIGHS] [POWERING OFF] Nice job, kid. – Where’d Shazam go?
– He took off. Said he had a hot date. Right, who’d go out
with that immature hothead? What about the human victims? I can see them. Let me just get this baby
to boom for me one more time. [DEVICE BEEPS] I got this. BATMAN:
He’s good for clean-up at least. – How do we keep Darkseid from returning?
– All those Mother Boxes are fried. Then they won’t be able
to get back any time soon. It’s a start. Heads up. [PEOPLE SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] We should leave
before they blame us again or… [ALL CHEERING] What’s your hurry, Flash? PRESIDENT: Today marks
a momentous day in human history. In our darkest hour, these superheroes
donned their colorful costumes… – Costume? This is my uniform.
– Quiet. Oh, now you wanna bark orders, after I did
the heavy lifting and pulled everyone together? You’re referring to when you botched simple
directives and Wonder Woman led the charge? – Cyborg showed you a video?
– He e-mailed it to me. I really hate you, Bats. I can’t believe people
are no longer afraid of us. Or that they think we’re a team.
We’re not a team. But I am pleased
to meet some folks who get me. Yes, it was good to walk
among a pantheon again. How do you mean? Hades, Apollo, Hermes, Hephaestus, Zeus… …each a god in their own right. And me? I have never met anyone like you, Superman.
God or mortal. PRESIDENT: Is it by chance, by fate,
or are there bigger forces at work? Is our modern technological age…? – I shouldn’t be up here.
– Are you kidding me? Of course you should. We won.
Be proud. Your dad looks like he is. PRESIDENT: –the way of all people working for
a free and peaceful planet. As we have seen… By the way, man,
thanks for not talking about the other thing. Don’t sweat it.
And thanks for seeing me in here. What? You’re the bomb, Victory. I know, I know, you keep reminding me. Victory. Victory. Victory. PRESIDENT: These super-friends
use their super-powers to protect us. And we’re not friends either. – We let them think we’re both.
– Why? It’ll keep Gotham P.D. off my back,
the Air Force off yours. I don’t know, a team? – I’ve got a lot of responsibilities.
– As do I. Well, I have a whole universe to protect,
people, so there you go. Come on, we can do it together. – Yeah? Can you fly into space?
– I can. Not my point. Look, we are not friends.
We’re not a team. I don’t agree, Hal.
I kind of liked being a part of something. Yeah, you would.
Listen, this was just a one-time deal, okay? And what if something should happen again? Please, what could possibly happen? That said, I am very pleased
to introduce to you… Gee, I didn’t even ask.
Do you guys have a name? – Yes, we do.
– We do? That’s right.
You can call us the Super Seven. – Please don’t call us that.
– The Super Seven? What, you don’t like it?

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