Easy & Quick Law of Attraction Scripting Technique to Manifest

Easy & Quick Law of Attraction Scripting Technique to Manifest

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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel
and welcome. If you’re new here, my name is Ella and this channel is
all about spirituality, manifestation, mindset and aligned business. Today I’m going to be sharing with
you an easy and fun law of attraction scripting technique to
manifest what you want. So if you want all the details on how
you can write what you desire into existence with ease and flow and fun, then be sure to watch until the end
of this video to get all the details. Law of Attraction scripting is a technique
that I love to talk about because it has worked so effectively for me. It’s
essentially manifestation, journaling, writing out all of the things that you
desire and then watching it come to life in your reality. If you are new to the process and you
want to know the foundational steps to starting your law of
attraction scripting process, then I recommend that you check out my
video right over here where I talk about all the essential steps to starting
with law of attraction scripting. So this specific law of
attraction scripting technique
that I’m sharing with you today is called the OMG. You
won’t believe this letter. Give me a thumbs up if you think this
is an epic name because I named it and I personally think it’s
pretty awesome. Essentially, this is a fun letter that you write to
someone, whether it’s a close friend, a family member, or the
universe, you name it, describing your joy and excitement
for having manifested what you desire. In this letter you
describ with excitement, all of the intricate details of what’s
happening in that present moment. Now, once you have manifested what you desire, the beauty of this is that you are acting
as if through the scripting process and writing out everything
that is happening. Once you have manifested what you desire. This is honestly such a fun process where
you get to tap into your imagination, get creative, and really step into that embodiment
of that next level of you who is living that reality of having
manifested what you desire. So now let’s dive into the
quick and simple steps that
I have for you on how you can get started on writing your
OMG. You won’t believe this letter. Step number one, decide who you
want to write this letter to. So open up your journal, grab a piece of paper and decide who do
you want to be addressing your OMG you won’t believe this letter to. So really think about in the realm
of your desired manifestation, who would be a relevant person to share
the exciting news with once you have manifested what you
desire. For me personally, I love to write letters to the universe. So I usually address
mine as dear universe. But for you really think about whether
it’s your best friend, it’s your mom, it’s your dad, it’s your sister, it’s
your brother, it’s your boyfriend, or your girlfriend, it’s your husband,
It’s your wife, it’s your cat, you name it. Who Do you want to
be sharing this amazing news with? Once you have manifested what you desire, who is going to be relevant and
receiving this message and sharing that happiness with you. So once you have decided on the recipient
just simply right at the top of the page, dear name, or a hey
name or a whatsapp name, however you want to address this person, then the first that you want to write
is o, m. G. You won’t believe this. Drop me a comment below to let me know
who you decide to write this letter to because I would love to
know. Step number two, write out with specificity the outcome
and the feelings of your desired manifestation. So this is where the
fun begins. You get to go all out, get creative, get imaginative,
and write up everything, all the details of what is
happening once you have manifest it, what you desire. So really allow
yourself to think big here. There are no limits. The limit is
what you believe to be the limit. So go all out and write and ask for
the things that perhaps you can’t even imagine happening. The idea here is to write in present
tense and to let go of the how. The how is not your job. You don’t need
to describe exactly how things happen. You just need to focus on what is
happening. What are you seeing? What are you hearing?
What are you feeling? The feeling part is extremely important
because feeling is where you are going to add power to your intentions. So really getting specific about how
are you feeling now that you have manifested what you desire. Are you
feeling grateful, excited, happy, joyful, humbled, honored, you name it. Write out all of those
feelings and really go all out. Allow yourself to have so much fun in
the process of writing out this letter. Step number three, visualize the
outcome as you write this letter. So as you’re going all out, having the
time of your life writing this, OMG, you won’t believe it. Letter really
bring to your mind the visuals, what is happening? Create that scene, not seen in a moment where you
have manifested what you desire. Create that scene in your mind and
think about how can you make that visualization stronger and
more powerful in your mind? Whether that is making the
picture bigger, brighter, associating yourself into it, meaning that you are imagining yourself
looking through your own eyes as you are describing everything that you
are witnessing in that reality, and then start to link those powerful, intense emotions that you are
experiencing in that moment. As you’re writing it out, begin to associate those emotions to
that visualization in your mind because this is how you are going to effectively
condition your subconscious mind to believe. that what you are visualizing is in fact
the reality and your subconscious mind is going to work for
you to make it happen. Step number four and your letter
with gratitude and let it go. Of course we have to put
gratitude into this. So, and your letter with expressing gratitude. Gratitude is such a powerful way to seal
this letter and just send it off into the universe with high
vibration. So first of all, you want to express the gratitude for
having manifested what you desire. And second of all, you also want to show gratitude to the
person that you’re writing this letter to thank them for their support.
Thank them for believing in you, really dwell in those high vibrations
of gratitude to end your letter. Now, after you’re done, your letter close your journal or maybe
even rip out the page and actually put it in an envelope and just store
it somewhere and forget about it. The key here is to let it go. After
you’re done writing your letter, just let it go. Send it off energetically and then go
about doing the things that you want to be doing that brings you
joy in your day to day. Forget about what you even asked for
and just focus on maintaining high vibrations, focus on doing and being from a place
of joy because that is what’s going to make you such a magnet for
that desired manifestation. It comes back to really trusting that
once you have sent out that intention, it’s done. It’s a done
deal. It’s happening. So what you can also do is just
say to yourself, and so it is, and so it is and so it is, I love this. I even have it tattooed on my arm
because it is just such a powerful way of declaring it is done and
so it is. It’s happening. You can do this letter
writing, law of attraction, scripting technique whenever you
want. You can do it every single day. You can do it multiple times a day and
really have fun with experimenting, with changing up the outcomes, changing up the people that
you write the letter to, changing up the details a little bit
and seeing what feels the best for you. That is what it comes down to. Feeling amazing in the process
and allowing yourself to
really go all out there, tap into your imagination and ask for the
biggest things that you want to see in your life and in your business. If you want even more tips and techniques
to experiment within law of attraction scripting, then be sure to
check out my video up here, all about additional law of
attraction scripting techniques. If you want to join a community
of Badass Lightworkers, just like yourself to chat all
about manifestation, spirituality, mindset aligned business, then I invite
you to check out my Facebook group, the Badass Lightworker tribe. This is a high vibe community full
of spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders, manifestors, and it would be so
much fun to have you join us. All you have to do is head on
over to the link in the bio, click through and come join in the fun.
So that’s all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this law of attraction
scripting technique of writing your OMG. You won’t believe
this letter. If you did, let me know by giving this video a thumbs
up and share with your friends. Also, let me know in the comments once you have
given this a try and keep me posted on what are the cool things that
you manifest as a result of this. I cannot wait to catch you
in next video and until then, stay light and shine bright my friends.

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  • P.S. I'm Ella Post author

    Thanks for watching! Let me know below WHO you're going to write your OMG You Won't Believe This letter to 🙂 AND keep me posted on the results that you see! xx Stay light & shine bright my love!

  • Prachi Nimje Post author

    Thank you Ella for these different concept about scripting …I love all your scripting vedio and always follow it. I can't wait use these technique..

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