Don’t judge people you don’t know 2017

Don’t judge people you don’t know 2017

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] author $68 I’m sorry and everything hit please sure yes now under kati’s I want a spa anything el next time okay where we can afford it last time you sit back [Music] turkey is not a statist buy something else okay did one day I’ll take you then hey hey okay hello this is for you I know we can accept it which it is there’s no reason for you to buy the cake for us well when I was seven my mother wanted to buy me a cake by the counter we didn’t have enough can we get something else where’s my birthday today not just my own cake please I’m sorry then that’s this man I feel many before [Music] yes after kick happy birthday I didn’t know his name I never got a chance to say thank you I fell for contention thank you can I have your contact number let me repay you when we have the money promise me something okay someday being able to help somebody you are doing [Music] I chose this kit by a birthday Wow this is my favorite thank you let’s go ahead boys I’m Kendall oh I know you shouldn’t have spent the money actually I came and paid for it he needed notes please write down your address I’ll bring the money back to you later [Music] a simple act of caring creates an endless report [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]

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