74 thoughts on “DOJ, FBI officials committed criminal misconduct: Chris Farrell

  • Autonomous Collective Post author

    FBI knew the Dossier was FAKE
    CIA knew the Dossier was FAKE
    DOJ knew the Dossier was FAKE
    ODNI knew the Dossier was FAKE
    Media knew the Dossier was FAKE
    Congress knew the Dossier was FAKE
    BO Admin knew the Dossier was FAKE

    They were all in on it.


  • Poisonous Putin Post author

    Fake news. Judicial Watch weren't even the people who got the documents released.

  • Dee Hughes Post author

    What happened to the 27 FBI agents that wanted to tell all to Congress. That was months ago they made the offer.

  • austin styles Post author

    This is the swamp folks. Our government has been taken over by corrupt leftist and greedy sellouts both Dems and Rinos are guilty. Their hate for Trump is because he foiled their plan.

  • Joseph Van Post author

    Ho hum. Wake me when someone, anyone, is indicted. Sign me Rip Van Winkle.

  • CHAS1422 Post author

    Half of the congress is corrupted by lobbyists. They will be exposed if they seek truth and justice. Only the military is uncorrupted. The justice department, the media, are ruined. I don't even trust duplicitous Trey Gowdy. Tomas Torquemada, Robert Bellarmine, John Hathorne, Lavrentiy Beria, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strozk, Andy McCabe, will be archived in history as the worst possible people to be assigned to positions of judicial power. This is a constitutional crisis if there ever was one.

  • Christian Soldier Post author

    Congress is corrupt and worthless Judicial Watch does their job for them hands it to them and they do nothing. What country is better when the government owns the corporations. Or one where the corporations owns the government. Something to think about….

  • Joe Schlotthauer Post author

    At 6:13, I recommend Sheriff David Clarke, for this new division within the Federal Marshall Service.

  • Ben Quinney Post author

    Redact is a dirty word

  • glenn brunck Post author

    You cant have the government investigate itself!..Its like putting the cookie monster in charge of the cookie jar…

  • Raven Rose Post author

    There will be executions…Obama will be executed in the end of all this, but he may claim Kenyan citizenship to get away.

  • CantAffordit Post author

    apparently these 2 can't afford a copy of the report. They show or reference it zero times. clowns.

  • Raven Rose Post author

    Did you all miss the hilarious FBI Watching You Meme that went around. Kids don't trust FBI either…

  • Sharon Gygi Post author

    You are correct. Very few honest people in government.

  • Katalina S Post author

    Why are Lou's eyes so bloodshot?

  • M.L.B. - J.U. Post author

    yall will run fox news to the floor with these lies WHAT THE FUCK

  • Katalina S Post author

    I agree with Chris.

  • david mayo Post author

    hoover said the press rules, it controls the minds of the people,now almost 100 yrs later imagine the corruption

  • jimbo boogie Post author

    sedition is legal now?

  • AMERICAN GIRL Post author


  • Burkhold St. Rudderberg Post author

    The DEEP STATE is in the process of protecting Obama; as, ultimately, he is the head on the snake!

  • Ronnie DeMasters Post author

    Better triple the secrete service and be sure got good people doing their job protect POTUS we know these people are bad. Just look at what happened to JFK.

  • Drew Jackson Post author

    One of the FISA judges was friends with Peter Strzock.

  • Neal Hagan Post author

    yawn.another try by fox.

  • MAGA TRUMP20/20 Post author

    I'm tired of the talk , the dog n pony show from congress . I want these criminals taken out of the positions and absolutely no clearance for any of the traitors

  • snapstring Post author

    All that targeting of President Trump and he still beat them. Heck he is still giving them a work over.

  • fleetlordavtar Post author

    😈Many of these corrupt FBI agents come from Elite leftist schools that brainwash them and to be an anti-American although some of them are by default anti-American

  • sjow Post author

    Abolish the FBI

  • Bob Beckel Post author

    The best way to ensure this does not happen again is long prison terms for
    every one who committed a crime. And, that goes all the way to the top:
    Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, heads of all the major agencies. This was not
    the only crime of the Obama Administration. It is just the beginning.

  • jerry sanders Post author

    “Deep state” is a diluted , bastardized term.. just as “swamp creatures”… these people aren’t “deep” .. they are blatantly committing a ku in broad daylight!! This is MAYHEM!! How in the F has NOone been arrested yet??!!!!!???????!!!!!!!🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀💉🐀🐀💉🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀💉🐀🐀💉💉💉🐀🐀💉💉🐀🐀Rat Rodentstein 🐀💥🔨

  • wavenature Post author

    The dirty cops broke the law, who will arrest them?

  • whitescar2 Post author

    So, can this "expert" say where the document is wrong? Just saying a document is false doesn't make it so. You have to point that out and explain your reasoning as to why that is so…

  • Mr Mr Post author

    If the fbi thought they could set up the president what else did they do?

  • Christian Soldier Post author

    Redscope….. Who owns Congress

  • Jerry Lawrence Post author

    After seeing this level of corruption from the top Thres no damn way I will ever be Confident in out judicial system again. No wonder people sell drugs to get ahead when your own government refuses to protect the rule of law!.

  • Reggie Abernethy Post author

    I agree with Chris Farrell. It is time to shut down the FBI and drain the swamp.

  • F.B.I. Investigator Post author


  • Rdub Walton Post author

    You can start with the arrest of Hillary Clinton…

  • Virginia Mackenzie Post author

    What happened to All the cia agents in China.. ?
    What happened the day Wtc 7 was 'pulled' ?
    What happened at the pentagon that day..?
    Who supplied. And funded the radicals/tribes…one cia guy and one Charlie Wilson equals a whitewash.
    Those of us who have been calling out this criminality know and soon everyone will know,!

  • fred heuvel Post author

    Chris Farrell is right. The only way to 'heal' a corrupt organization is to stop it altogether and rebuild it from scratch.
    The corrupt people at the top will never incriminate or fire themselves.

  • colleen Osburn-Sapp Post author

    Lou you said it! Bring in the US Marshals and clean house!

  • Enticing Conversations Post author

    This is the deep state at work as Trump proved that you don't need to be a "career politician" to become an elected official also when I say deep state I mean the old guard of DC who have been there for years who are unelected and think they know better

  • Donald Biggs Post author

    Lou it's gonna take the military that begins in January 2019

  • Systems Planet Post author

    "the FBI needs to go away"
    The most self-evident statement made in 2018.
    Please take the CIA with them

  • Billy Misir Post author


  • Systems Planet Post author

    Unfortunately closing the FBI/CIA will lead to the same thing that happened in Iraq.
    The streets would be full of opposition forces.
    They need to be imprisoned or executed if the law allows it.

  • Valerie Briggs Post author

    Release the memo NOW

  • Bao Dung Post author


  • Art Curious Post author

    The FBI has been lacking proper oversight for decades. Like children who steal from their distracted parents the FBI has somehow managed to work under the radar and target innocent people in order to advance their careers.

    There needs to be checks and balances within these alphabet agencies. NSA, ATF, DEA, FBI etc. etc. The regular people are funding their budgets, they should have some control and legal recourse when abuse occurs. From illegal surveillance, to property forfeitures, to eavesdropping, regular citizens are being treated like terrorists and having their civil rights violated everyday. Enough already.

  • jett888 Post author

    I'm SO grateful to all those at Judicial Watch!! Thank you and thank you Fox Business for covering this.

  • joel ferguson Post author

    The stinking Zionist own the Congress

  • Jen W Post author

    Please bye, bye FBI, CIA, NSA and rebuild from a clean foundation not a corrupt one. While we are at it IRS & Fed all corrupt to to core from day of conception.

  • Derrick Connolly Post author

    I go back to the words of Hillary Clinton. If I go down we all go down.

  • Marilee Stetson Post author

    Negligent or complicit.

  • javita MCKINNEY Post author

    Amen they are creating a Julius Caesar shut down or murder let's just keep it real they're trying to murder this man out of just coveting for power to cover up their criminal activity and may the Lord Jesus Christ continue to expose them and bring them to accountability in the mighty name of Jesus I pray

  • YahshuaLovesMe Post author

    can't wait to see WHO IT IS.

  • Nick Nguyen Post author

    Might as well reform congress as well, we need to make a law to remove money from politics (ie: college sports players), and rehold elections nationwide. Send the new DOJ to investigate whos has been authorizing the 20 trillion worth of checks, and hold them accountable, versus enslaving there unborn grandkids with their debt! DO IT!

  • luis quinones Post author

    putting all in jail

  • John Rider Post author

    You damn right we don't trust them. They murder ranchers on back roads and let the real criminals go free. They sneak around and are involved in all kinds of corruption. And I would bet they are more like the KGB than what we have been taught to believe that the FBI is. They take their payoffs and favors from those who can pay the most or from the MSM and say screw the country. They worry more about their retirements and shit like that than they do about being honest patriots. The FBI is dead in the hearts and minds of the good American people. They work for whatever elites are in power instead of doing the right thing. We need a police force of the People. Not one who works for the powers in our Gov. or the rich that is not even in our Gov. And we will never trust them again. After years of lies and corruption, there is no returning. It has been corrupted from day one. Any time you have a secret police force this is what you get. And there is no good reason for it to be secret other than they are doing shit they should not be doing. Working with Muslims to attack American's. Covering up crimes so they can control the outcome of it. All the while leading the nation to things not good. working to take gun rights away from good people so only the bad will have them.
    And if anyone does not believe me, well then tell me why HRC is still walking free never to be indicted for what she and her crew did. When we all know that if it were one of us, we would still be in prison. The taxpayer should never have to pay for people to work hard to keep criminals out of prison. And that is what happened. And that is why We the People need to be over all of it. So we can see what they are up to. Hidden power leads to bad things.

  • aeroAdvocate Post author

    Sorry but this guy is nuts. Yes there are some bad figure heads in the FBI but those amount to maybe 15-20 individuals. He wants to disband the FBI over this? There is still plenty of respect for the FBI and it's professionals. This whole politically related matter related to the conduct of Clinton/Trump and their associates has been cocked up but let's keep in mind the FBI is involved in 100,000+ cases every year that involves serious, life threatening matters such as terrorism. They do a vital job every day and compared to that the Clinton/Trump matter is pretty irrelevant.

  • Elizabeth Morlan Post author

    Mr Dobbs you hit the nail on the head , that chamber of commies need to be flushed down the toilet , in our town they think they own this town. F'n scum.

  • George Stone Post author

    MSM = OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD = CIA manipulating MSM reporting propaganda.

  • Flip per Post author

    Let US – WE THE PEOPLE – understand this point. Our Government officials lied, sold documents to our enemies, gave them OUR money (Iran deal), and set up a system where our "checks & balances" were covered up. They committed treason and used their power (tyranny) against it's own citizens for their own political gain. The Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, the whole lot of them were bought and sold to take this country down.

    I wish that US, Americans, could see this point and be in agreement and correctly direct our focus towards the people that are still railing against liberty and justice. Why can't we all get along? The media tells you differently. You buy the lies, rather than the uncomfortable truth.

    What is it? We're all PATRIOTS and let's protect what's left of this great land. Things are going great and they can be even greater when we're all aboard the same train.


  • MIKE BARAN Post author


  • GOOGLE TAQIYYA Post author

    Trump could have shut this down long ago. Being innocent of any wrongdoing he wisely let it continue so as to show us exactly how low and unlawful the Democrat Party was and is willing to go in order to stay in power or to take power for themselves. BAMN being the rope which they hang themselves in front of all to see. Genius move yet again Trump. Genius move indeed.
    I love watching all the clips where they call him stupid or insane. The problem with lying so often is that you start to believe your own lies to the point that they let Trump manipulate them so easily. After all they are the smart ones and Trump is just a lucky crazy moron, right ? This entire phase the left has been involved in has just created the righteous beast that is rising up to destroy it. They got impatient and cocky. Drunk on their successes to the point they thought they were invincible. Hubris.

  • Karen O Post author

    There is TOO MUCH HISTORY of those holding positions within ALL areas of Government. Starting with the DOJ, FBI, then in many 'Committees, Subcommittees, Departments, their Agencies . . . . WE Started with Just a Few. WHY can't we Ditch All and start again? We see ONLY the PIGS got FATTER. ha ha

  • j k Post author

    Almost none of these politicians want to jeopardize their lucrative careers by doing the right, honourable and decent thing. And stupid American voters keep voting them in, over and over. Anybody voting for crooked politicians deserves all the misery that comes their way.

  • Ox Alek Post author

    Soft coups are trickier than they thought.

  • Carl K Post author

    Thank God for Judicial Watch. The work they do on behalf of Americans is truly top notch.

  • Walter Kiel Post author

    Thank you, Lou Dobbs and Chris Farrell !! Support Judicial Watch !! …because your government is corrupt…

  • anoniem always Post author

    The USA is Not the USA anymore since Obama the Pig.

  • Missy Norris Post author

    It is disgusting that the FISA Court, one of whose fundamental jobs was to insure that any American was not abused by our Foreign Intelligence Investigations COMPLETELY FAILED to perform the NECESSITY of insuring the information presented to them met any standard of verification. They literally relied on 3rd hand hearsay from a foreign source, sponsored by a political opponent.

  • Sigh Kronmiller Post author

    Why didn't DHS or NSA catch them? They can catch at Leaker fast, but not Corruption or Treason? BTW, what became of the Clinton Breaches and Leaks?

  • Tyler Barker Post author

    This is IMPORTANT (my good deed for the day so to speak)

    FBI and City influences… Heres the stradedgy its a old school one..

    Lets kids and children "get away with damn near anything" There is good protection in it that prevents bad things from happening, in the past. Its a postive influence, its encompasses the whole land… A kid that can get away with anything, is never going to have anything bad happen to him… Neglect, abuse, drugs, tresspassing, all that stuff will be disarmed, its like making them "lucky" its like making everything lucky… including you, if your adult, where all part of the same community so to speak.

    Its like a putting a fox on them ( a protection one, the bad people and vibes never catch them) , keeping all the bad stuff away, putting signs and influence in a good place, in the works in a simple way. Just think about it, alot of us had it around us growing up, never knowing the difference, but thats why he had so much fun, did all kind of stuff, it was great time, thats why you have all these stories about growing up… when they have it, you get it back… its a good thing its good times TGB the way i mean it. in the past

    its a American thing, its a old school thing.

    We have update it, congtivitley, on purpose, bring it up to speed, But it on you mind, with all the intellegence influences things you have learned in last 10-20 years ( <—you guys forgot to remeber the good stuff in the past, to put postive influence.. you just started remeber laws, and enforcement, data, quotes, and prices, bank accounts, and obituaries, laws, mortages. Your attention when into that adult tunnel, you forgot about the magic stuff in the past.. Alls you have to do is remeber , bring it up to speed, put on all things that are ongoing now.. TGB the way i mean it..

    . you know how to do it.. do it. TGB the way i mean it


    " have you ever looked a fox or dolphin in the wild, or on a golf course or boat and said "i wonder if its going to be ok, or said looks it lost", or did you know it was a dolphin or it was fox" or did you naturally think about how awesome or cool that was, how much fun its having or just know it going to be successful. <— thats influence, thats a connection to things, you dont realize it, but they have it made they assume you have it made too, thats why you get so happy or excited when you see them, never a in danger feeling… there giving it back you, your giving it back to them, your hooking each other up.. so to speak, connected. Thats influence stuff TGB the way i mean it, they have the world laced up, they have us laced up..

    btw a fox might not even notice you becuase it chasing a goffer, or trying to figure out what it is.. TGB the way i mean it

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