Does Judge Judy Want to Do Her Show Past the 25th Season?

Does Judge Judy Want to Do Her Show Past the 25th Season?

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You have a contract until– three more years,
four more years? No, no, no. I think two and 1/2. Two and 1/2 more years? I have to work two
and 1/2 more years. They can have a countdown. OK. And do you think
that you’ll renew– I mean, at some point–
you’ve been doing it 23 years? 23 now. I’m signed up with them until
the end of my 25th year. And what do you think? I mean, do you still enjoy it? You look like you do. I have a wonderful time. What would I do? What would you do every day? I don’t know. I’ve thought about that. It’s because I get bored easily. This job, believe
it or not, it’s an anchor because it gives
you some place to go, some place to go, either
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday,
Thursday, and Friday. And I work every other week. So that’s my anchor. And that gives me plenty
of downtime to get bored. And when I get bored, I
usually harass people. I don’t know. My publicist is here. I harass him. Well, every other week
sounds really good. I’m going to talk
to some people. [LAUGHTER] I like that. I want to talk first about– is it true that you went
swimming with sharks? Yes, but nurse sharks. Oh, yeah. They don’t really count. Where were you? In the Bahamas. Are you adventurous? Like would you jump
out of a plane? Jews aren’t adventurous. No? OK. [LAUGHTER] Never? No, really, really. All the great adventurers
that you know, did you ever know a
great Jewish adventurer? [LAUGHTER] Well, only because we make Andy
do things he’s adventurous. [LAUGHTER] But we force him
to do average Andy. So there’s nothing–
I was going to say, is there anything that you want
to do that’s important to you that you– because you could do
anything you want. So you probably have
already done those things. There isn’t anything
that I can think of that is on a bucket list– No? –that I want to do. But you like to travel? I like to travel. I like to travel less
as I’m getting older. We travel a lot for work, and
we live in different places so that– we have kids in
different places. So we travel to see them now. There were a lot
of kids, and there were a lot of grandchildren. And we travel to work. Even just the commute from the
East Coast to the West coast every other week and
the change of time, and then you’re
working, and then– It’s a lot. It’s a lot. Yeah. We did do a lot of
traveling for a long time. And I found that it’s not
that I’m a homebody anymore, but the United States is
a very beautiful place and most people haven’t
seen enough of what the beauty of the States is. So we’ve been seeing
different parts of the beauty of the country. Oh, good. So you’re saying
staying closer to home. Staying closer to home. Yeah.

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