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hi friends can you lose your green card if you and your spouse gets a divorce that’s the question that I’m gonna talk about in this video stay tuned friends thank you so very much for helping me to achieve 10,000 subscribers on YouTube that’s huge and it’s only because of you thank you so very much you’ve been sharing my videos you’ve been talking about McBean immigration law TV with others and the channel is growing and I so very much appreciate what you’re doing please continue to do so spread the good word because we need good and smart immigration information so let’s just dive right in so the question in this video is whether you can lose your green card if you get a divorce now of course I’m only talking about people who had obtained their green card in the first place because their wife or husband petitioned for them right and so the first thing you need to know right off the bat what you need to know right from the very beginning is that if you entered into a fraudulent marriage certainly you’re at risk of losing the green card right if the government finds out that the marriage was fraudulent I did a video on fraudulent marriages and I’m gonna put a link to that in this video because in that video I go into a lot of details about what a fraudulent marriage looks like and how you can protect yourself from getting into a fraudulent marriage it’s a very very serious issue for immigration purposes and so you want to stay away from that if you had entered into a fraudulent marriage certainly you’re at risk of you having your green card revoked once the government finds out about the fraudulent marriage and then certainly down the road when you least expect it when you’re looking to become a US citizen when you’re filing for naturalization down the road and you’re now divorced the government may get suspicious as to why your divorce from your spouse they will ask you to provide more evidence that your marriage in fact was bonafide okay so in the beginning certainly when you applied for a green card you had to prove bona fide marriage or genuine marriage when you’re seeking naturalization later on and you’re no longer married the government will ask you to give them evidence that your marriage was in fact real over the years that’s one thing secondly now if you had gotten your green card or your green card was approved and your at the time that it was approved you had been married less than two years you received the conditional resident status or the two-year green card now as your two-year expiration date as you’re nearing that two-year expiration date you and your spouse will need to file a joint petition so that you can get the ten-year green card if you’re not married at the time when it’s when you need to file that petition which is the i-751 petition the government is going to become extremely suspicious and you’re gonna have to seek a waiver of that joint filing requirement for those of you who had been married less than two years at the time that you got the green card and then you guys get a divorce before you get the 10-year green card you’re facing an uphill battle in terms of being eligible for this waiver I can get a little tricky at that point let’s say you have your green card you have your 10 you have your 10 year green card and you guys get a divorce are you at risk at that point of losing your your green card only if the marriage had been entered into fraudulently that’s when you’re at risk of losing the green card it’s pretty much too late for your ex-partner your ex spouse to come after you and get your green card revoke it just that’s just not going to happen if you guys had a real marriage let me say that again if you have your 10 year green card and you and your partner divorces at that point here there’s not much that your ex-partner can do to get your green card revoked unless the marriage had been entered into fraudulently okay so basically you’re good to go you the divorce should not impact you at that point I hope you found this video helpful please comment below and tell me what other questions you may have concerning this issue guys don’t forget to subscribe to McBean immigration law TV if you have not yet already done so and i will see you in the next one bye bye [Music]

54 thoughts on “DIVORCE & IMMIGRATION: Can I LOSE my GREEN CARD? (USA Immigration Lawyer)

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    I rate McBean Immigration Law is one of the best sources of vital information about the immigration minefield on YT & online in general. It has been such a relief knowing that there is honest sound advice, and it's has saved me so much anxiety & stress finding this page. I'm just waiting for my n400 interview! Keep them coming:)

  • SALMAN TARIQ Post author

    So do you mean that if you haven't received 10 yr green card then your ex spouse can get your green card revoked?

  • Veronica C Post author

    Thank You so Much with your valuable information McBean! Really appreciate it, keep up the good work! And Congrats on 10,000!

  • I B Post author

    Am happy u did a video abt this

  • Modou Jatta Post author

    You are so helpful only God can pay you,How long does i130 take too approved for your spouse

  • Adele Agard Post author

    Can a permanent resident who's in immigration court and is in removal can that person file for their spouse to come to the U.S.

  • Varun Keshri Post author

    How would a person should proof a bonafied marriage?

  • Nate Ocean Post author

    If you have a sibling that overstayed for roughly 1 1/2 to 2 years and came back down willingly but was still a minor. Can they travel back to the US due to the fact that they overstayed when they were around 14 years old and the decision wasn’t theirs ❓ Hope you respond. Thank you so much

  • Nadine Bernard Post author

    Good evening. What if u are married and ur husband abandon u before u get ur green card?

  • Michael Opara Post author

    Awesome. Thanks once again👍🏼

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    Congrats on your 10k subscribers nd well done sis

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    Congratulations. You are very informative. Keep up the tremendous job you are doing.

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    Thank you. Helpful information.

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    wow! congrats mam..10k subscriber

  • Marc Padilla Post author

    Why cant people break into the affluent group or groups in their own land. What do elites know and exercise that we don't know in the day to day grind. If it were proven that Americans are willing to do any work for a fair days pay,would people stop trying to illegally enter the US. Ignorance is bliss at the moment.I can see an adult anchor baby call his or her parents complete idiots for them being born under such pretenses.

  • U know Me Post author

    If my spouse don't want to revoke my green card . I can get my 10 yr green card? is that possible ??

  • Monica Roberts Post author


  • Csaba Dombai Post author

    My case pending 12 months. I’m still waiting for the RFE letter.
    Can you tell me please how long it takes the whole process.
    I read different numbers 18,20 or36 months.
    Thank you

  • bouy Som Post author

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  • Olumide Fayehun Post author

    I always enjoying your program. May God continue to enrich you with wisdom . my questions are a little bit different. me and my wife got into fight twice and I was arrested twice but the case was dropped.no charges against me. due to that we no longer living in the same house because her kid were the one causing the trouble. but we see and talk everyday. but when we went for removal of conditional resident I told them everything. still they don't approved my ten years. they transfer the case to nbc in Missouri. what is my faith pls.

  • Yannick Cho Post author

    Thanks for the videos. Can someone file for asylum just when his/her visa is about to expire?

  • tuneroneff Post author

    Thankyou for sharing your expariamce.

  • Shuja Assad Post author

    What if you have conditional green and you get divorced? Providing the marriage was entered in good faith.

  • Taghreed Riyati Post author

    Please talk about asaylum

  • Bobbie Flowers Post author

    Good Morning my concern is that my husband hasn’t been in American yet for two years we have been married 3 years but he tried to frame me with abuse had me lock up for something he done to himself he afflicted him self with an iron. Try to get an protection order on me for a year he also had me to sign a paper to get released from me and the other person that helped sponsor him. He said he was going To Immagration as a single man. He has file for divorce I don’t know where he is what can I do about this matter.

  • Entertain Yourself Post author

    Can you loose your Visa if you divorce your partner and you are on a partner visa?

  • Haitham Shalash TV Post author

    McBean thanks for your videos but if you can go a little bit in more details will be great
    Good luck

  • Julian Martinezz Post author

    Its easy don’t be a fraud

  • Arsalan Mustafa Post author

    Please make video on Filling Dates and Final Action Date in priority date chart.. its very confusing

  • OneLove Everytime Post author

    Congrats and Happy Thanksgiving to you,families and fellow co-workers….

  • OneLove Everytime Post author

    I’m still looking for the link that you speak about attaching to this video.

  • Murat Dilivar Post author

    hi thanks for awesome videos
    I been married years and we have a 7 months old son .my wife is green card holder over 20 years ,we were waiting her citizenship but could not happen because of her IRS problem she ovens over 80k .
    So we apply for me from her green card and i received my i 30 jun 29 . and i need to work because we need money so my questions
    1- if police stop me while i am driving they can deport me?
    2-if we make a letter to immigration department for i need to work because our financial going down we dont want to apply food stamp or any government benefit . can immigration help me?

  • Sushi Sashimi Post author

    How to deal with a spouse that is using you?

  • La Duchesse Divine Post author

    Thank you so much for this video.
    Could I please have your opinion regarding my case.
    We have been married even before we get the green card and our marriage isn’t really working for over a year now…
    We both have a 10 years GC,I was wondering if a divorce would affect our status
    P/S we’re still trying to get things right and remain the amazing couple we’ve been

  • Siyam Ahmed Post author

    Hello ,how about if you marry someone who clearly married me for a immgration purpose and find out that he was been sechudaled for a removal and there is a child and has using her to drag the divorce proses

  • Adams Ophwette Post author

    Been following your videos always. Very educative

  • ogieva Victory Post author

    I’m married to my spouse who brought me here on a k1 visa but now he is being abusive we actually trying to get a devorce now and we are staying separately but I already filled my AOS I know he is not gonna follow me to the interview so what gonna happen to me

  • babajide Agbalaya Post author

    Hello, do you have office in Washington state

  • Aya Lomram Post author

    May I contact you i need a lawyer

  • Jeremy Castillo Post author

    Hello, my ex-wife committed marriage fraud and came into the US without me knowing, and I filed a divorce against her and her green card as well as her social security came by mail and I reported her to immigration and has been trying to obtain her green card through other resources will she be at risk of getting deported and having her green card revoked after I have reported her to the rightful authorities of immigration? Thanks

  • Just Me Post author

    That's so awesome

  • Silvia Post author

    My american husband wants to leave the house and divorce me, he always been an abusive husband and I found out he cheats on me many times, I have the condition greencard and we have a petition for my menor child who lives abroad now I don’t know what’s going to happen to me, god is looking everything I hope he helps me

  • ayesha omer Post author

    I love ur video
    I have subscribed u
    I have a green card of 10 years
    But my spouse not take interest in me not making credit card with me
    Not filling tax return with me
    Just using me
    What shoud i do
    In this stuation
    What would happened with my 10 years green if i try to file a divorce

  • Florence Kamara Post author

    I live in Iowa,can I still hire you as my lawyer

  • Romain Stewart Post author

    Hey my Question to you is if you get your 10 year green card and you divorce can use still file for your citizenship Even if you suppose is not around

  • Svenja Astrid Schichtel Post author

    I have conditional green card but what if my husband always hurting me physically.

  • Visar Hajdari Post author

    I m waiting for removal condition for 17 months by marriage. My case is in California center. I have 2 extensions the firet one 12 months and the second 18 months.Do you think my 10 years green card will come next month?

  • Judith Francois Post author

    How can I get help? My husband use me and left right after he got his green card. Wrote USCIS but never got any answer from them

  • Judith Francois Post author

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  • Christian Carranza Post author

    Can my wife be deported if I have a divorce with her but she has no green card no nothing still illegal?

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