DISGUSTING! Judge James Troiano Should Be Ashamed & Kept Away From Power…

DISGUSTING! Judge James Troiano Should Be Ashamed & Kept Away From Power…

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– Sup you beautiful bastards. Hope you’re having a fantastic Wednesday. Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re
gonna talk about today is a story I’m obviously only including so I can get that sexy sexy thumbnail. We’re talking census news. It’s obviously not a sexy
story but it is important. Yesterday we saw the Trump administration dropping its plans to add
a citizenship question to the United States census. A plan that had been very
controversial to many. And for some quick background here, the US constitution mandates
that every 10 years, the Federal Government has to count every person living in the US. And that means every
person, whether they are a citizen, a resident or here illegally. And for the upcoming census in 2020, the Trump administration
wanted to add a question that would ask is this person a
citizen of the United States? And it seems like a simple enough question but it was insanely contentious. In fact it was so contentious that it eventually went to the Supreme Court. And experts have said
it was the most debated Trump administration initiative to reach the Supreme Court
since the travel ban. And as it turns out, apparently the highest court thought so too. And I say that because
actually just last Thursday, the justice has blocked adding
the question to the census, saying the reason that the government wanted the information was contrived. Now I note here, the
court didn’t just strike this down entirely,
they basically said that the Trump administration had to come up with a better reason to ask the question. But the Trump administration
was running out of the thing that is
most important in life. Time for the individual or group, it is a resource that
is constantly depleted. And the Trump administration
was running out of time to print the 1.5 billion
census forms before 2020. Having previously said that they needed a definitive answer by the end of June. So then July rolled around,
the pressure was really on. Still technically possible
but now with this decision, the administration has basically decided they do not have enough time to come up with another reason for this
case and so they dropped it. All right so that’s what’s happening but you may be wondering
why is this a big deal. Right why do people on the left care, why do people on the right
care, why should you care. Well the Trump administration argued that adding this question was necessary to get an idea of how many
people were eligible to vote so they could better enforce
the Voting Rights Act. Which protects the voting
rights of minorities. But critics of the question
argue that including it would deter both legal
and illegal immigrants from participating in the census which would definitely skew the data. Right obviously having bad
data is not a good thing but that is also especially true when it comes to the census because the stakes are a lot higher. And that’s because that data
is used for two key purposes. The first purpose is well the
main reason for the census, right, it’s to count the
population of the states to determine how many seats each one gets in the House of Representatives . So important for Congress but also because the number of seats
also sets how many votes each state gets in the Electoral College. A system that was of course
pivotal to Trump being elected. And the second purpose
is the data that is used to decide how much federal
funding each state gets, again based on how many people live there. Those funds amount to
about $900 billion total. The states need that
money to go towards things like public schools,
Medicaid, law enforcement, highway repairs and much much more. There’s also a really big
political argument here. Which is that if immigrants are deterred from participating in the
census and not counted properly, states that have higher
non-citizen populations would lose both Federal
funding and seats in the House. With experts saying this could cause a massive shift in political power from states and cities where
more non-citizens tend to live to states with more rural areas. Right and there’s a debate over why or why not that should happen. Do people arguing that
places like California are being over-counted because people who should not be in
this country are there? That’s giving the state more power in the House of Representatives and in the Electoral College
than they should have. Or you have people on
the other side saying well no those people genuinely live there. They should be counted, right,
they’re in public schools, they use the same roads,
and although they may not be citizens, you have people who still feed into the same system. Right while they’re not
technically a citizen, they can have jobs, pay taxes. I mean one of the examples,
ooh I knew I got a thumbnail. One of the big names that kind
of got thrust into situations like this was actually
YouTube’s own David Dobrik. Remember back in 2017, we
talked about David Dobrik announcing that he was
actually a DACA kid. He put out that now famous tweet, “I paid $400 000 in taxes
last year and all I got “was a free trip back to
Slovakia #DefendDACA.” I mean obviously his success
makes him an outlier. But the general idea is that
you’d be scaring people away who feed into the system
but might not be counted because of fear that they
might be treated a certain way. But of course of note,
this isn’t just something that people online are debating about. Right when Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who oversees the Census Bureau, approved putting the question
on the census in 2017, more than two dozen states,
cities and organizations challenged the decision in court. And there, they argued that
the Trump administration was not being truthful about their reason for adding the question. Saying that it had nothing
to do with voting rights but it was actually just
part of a Republican strategy to shift political boundaries
to their advantage. Because also of note
here, states would use the new census data to redraw
their district lines in 2021. And the federal judges who
oversaw all three lawsuits, ruled in favor of that argument that Ross was not telling the truth about the reason the Trump administration wanted to added the question. And that’s partly because of some evidence that was discovered during the trial. And that evidence was
reportedly found on hard drives in the house of a Republican strategist by the name of Thomas Hoffler, who had pushed the administration to add the question before
he died last summer. Those hard drives contained a report that he had written back in 2015, that said that adding
the citizenship question would give Republicans
a significant advantage in the redrawing of district lines. Also another deciding factor
for the Federal judges was the effectiveness
of asking the question. Researchers at the Bureau even recommended using records from the Social
Security administration, the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department, arguing that they would be more
accurate and less expensive than adding the citizenship question. With the Census Bureau itself even saying that adding the citizenship
question could lower response rates for immigrants
and people of color. Which I mean, on that
note, census under counts of minority groups are
already a historic problem. But even adding on top of that, one government estimate concluded that around 6.5 million
people might not be counted if a citizenship question had
been added to the census form. But on the other side of
this, the Trump administration has argued that asking the
question would allow them to get more accurate citizenship data. Which they say would
offset any potential harms from lowering the response rate among minority groups and non-citizens. But ultimately that is where
we are with this story now. Although I do wanna note
that some experts believe that Trump may have actually
been successful here. Right there’s been a
lot of news around this, a lot of time for fear to cultivate, the Trump administration is
obviously focused on this. And so we may actually
see even lower reporting from historically under reported groups. But we won’t know for sure
until it actually happens, which the census itself is
set to start in January 2020. So be on the lookout although who the hell knows what’s happening. All we’ve seen that justice
department officials have confirmed to numerous media outlets that the question will
not be on the census form. This morning Trump
seemed to contradict that in a tweet saying, “the
news reports is about “the Department of
Commerce dropping its quest “to put the citizenship question “on the census is incorrect or, “to state it differently, fake. “We are absolutely moving forward, “as we must, because of the importance “of the answer to this question.” As of right now, it’s not fully clear. Is he just saying we are
still going to pursue this but it’s not going to
be in effect in 2020? Is this him saying that he is going to try railroad this as fast as possible? Or is this just a public play
to keep the concern there for groups that are worried
about this question. And on that confusing note, I
pass the question off to you. What are your thoughts about all of this? The question should be there,
it should not be there. Why, why not, let me know
what you are thinking in those comments down below. But from that, I wanna share
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links as always down in the description down below. Then very briefly, we should talk about Boeing being in the news. Boeing a company that made
$101.1 billion last year, and whose 737 MAX planes
have been grounded worldwide, this after two of them crashed in a relatively short amount
of time killing 346 people, have announced that they
are pledging $100 million to those affected by the crashes. To the families and communities, their chief executive
saying in a statement, “We at Boeing are sorry for
the tragic loss of lives “in both of these accidents
and these lives lost “will continue to weigh
heavily on our hearts “and on our minds for years to come. “The families and loved
ones of those on board “have our deepest sympathies, “and we hope this initial outreach “can help bring them comfort.” And the money will
reportedly be used to quote, for “education, hardship
and living expenses “for impacted families,
community programs, “and economic development
in impacted communities.” With Boeing reportedly
saying that “it would work “with local governments and
non-profit organizations “to distribute the funds.” So there’s that, I’m
personally very cynical about all of this. I wonder given the way that
they are giving away the money if this is going to count as
kind of like a tax write-off? I also think that it’s important to note that they’re announcing all of this while they’re also facing lawsuits where people are suing them
for millions of dollars. But also at the same time being
investigated by authorities. You’ve got interviews of
former Boeing employees talk about a culture of cost-cutting. A culture of profitability over reporting plane defects
to upper management. And so ultimately I
think that’s why for me it feels like this is just kind of PR. Right, seemingly an
acknowledgement of responsibility but it feels like it’s been done in a way to just mitigate the
damage so they can continue as a business moving forward. I don’t know, maybe I’m just
being too cynical about it and of course I’d love to
know your thoughts on this. And then let’s talk about this story coming out of New Jersey
about a family court judge who opted not to try a 16 year-old accused of sexual assault as an adult. So reportedly the reason
he came to this decision was because the boy
came from a good family and did well on college entry tests. Now the case happened in 2017 and the judge, James Troiano, claimed that the accused should not be
tried as an adult back in 2018. But an appellant ruling against
was made public in June, and it is now being picked up by outlets like the New York Times. And so this of course has
had a lot of people saying well what the hell is this story and so let’s start with
what this case is about. The 16 year-old male, who court
documents refer to as GMC, was at a party with around 30 people. There were areas of the
basement at the party that were blocked off and
GMC ended up taking the girl that documents refer to as Mary, who was also 16, into one of those areas. Both of them had been drinking and Mary was visibly drunk
with documents saying that she was slurring
her speech and stumbling. The document then says “a
group of boys sprayed Febreze “on Mary’s bottom and
slapped it with such force “that the following day she
had hand marks on her buttocks. “Mary and GMC had intercourse
in the darkened room. “GMC filmed himself
penetrating Mary from behind “on his cell phone,
displaying her bare torso, “and her head hanging down. “He forwarded the clip to several friends, “only one said it showed Mary’s head “hitting repeatedly against the wall. “In the days following the incident, “GMC sent the following
text to his friends, “When your first time
having sex was rape.” GMC’s friends then told Mary’s friends that she was ill as after the incident, she was on the floor vomiting. And the next morning, Mary told her mother that she was afraid something
may have happened to her at the party because of
the marks left on her and she noticed that
her clothes were torn. And over time, she learned about the video that GMC recorded. At this point, Mary just
wanted the video to be deleted so she could put the whole
situation behind her. But when she tried to
talk to GMC about it, he denied recording the video and said that people were lying to her. When then prompted her mother
to contact the authorities. And investigators reportedly
urged GMC to delete the video which he and his friends did, and then Mary and her family
pursued criminal charges. With the prosecutor saying,
they had probable cause to charge for aggravated sexual assault, invasion of privacy and
endangering the welfare of a child. And when the prosecutor was
seeking to elevate the charges against GMC to adult criminal
court, they wrote in a waiver. “GMC’s conduct as it relates
to the charged offenses “was both sophisticated and predatory. “Filming a cell phone video
while committing the assault “was a deliberate act of debasement. “And in the months that followed, “he lied to Mary while simultaneously “disseminating the video and unabashedly “sharing the nature of
his conduct therein. “This was neither a
childish misinterpretation “of the situation, nor
was it a misunderstanding. “GMC’s behavior was calculated and cruel.” However Judge Troiano
issued a denying waiver. Saying that he thought
that this was not a, quote, “traditional case of rape”
which he described as something like, quote, “two or more “generally males involved,
either at gunpoint or weapon, “clearly manhandling a person.” He also said he found it unclear
if Mary was really so drunk that she was unaware of what was going on. And as far as the text messages GMC sent, the judge said he thought
it looked like, quote, “just a 16 year-old kid saying
stupid crap to his friends.” With Judge Troiano also going on to say, “This young man comes from a good family “who put him into an excellent school “where he was doing extremely well. “He is clearly a candidate
for not just college “but probably for a good college. “His scores for college
entry were very high.” He also later added
that Mary and her family need to consider what effects
this would have on GMC’s life. So there was that and then of course there was the appeal from June. And that appeal said that
it seemed that Judge Troiano did not fully access the
case and said that it, quote, “sounded as if he had conducted
a bench trial on the charges “rather than neutrally reviewed
the State’s application.” And adding, “that the juvenile
came from a good family “and had good test scores
we assume would not condemn “the juveniles who do not
come from good families “and do not have good test scores “from withstanding waiver applications.” Right so essentially it’s saying what does it matter what GMC’s parents like do for living or
who they are as people, or what GMC got on a science test. When what you’re talking
about are rape accusations. You know, ultimately with this appeal, the case can now move out of Family Court and GMC can be tried as an adult. So there’s that part of the story and then of course
there are the reactions. Once this document was made public, it was picked up by news
outlets and many were upset with the comments that
Judge Troiano had made. People saying that he is disgraceful, he has no business being a judge. Which actually on that
note, he often isn’t. According to reports, he’s 70 years old. He’s actually been
retired for several years but sometimes he’s
asked to fill vacancies. Also of note, he is not
the only Family Court judge in New Jersey who has been criticized for the decisions in sexual assault cases. Judge Marcia Silva was involved with an incredibly similar case. There she denied a waiver
for a 16 year-old boy to be charged as an adult
after he was accused of sexually assaulting a 12 year-old girl. With the judge Silva
reportedly having said that “the offense is not an especially
heinous or cruel offense.” And adding, “beyond losing her virginity, “the State did not claim that the victim “suffered any further injuries, “either physical, mental or emotional.” But in this case as
well, the appellant court was able to overturn her decision and criticize her handling of the case. Something we’ve seen people online wanting others to remember, people noting, “Marcia Silva is up “for re-election in 2021
Middlesex Co, New Jersey. “Vote her out.” But hey, ultimately that’s
the situation as it is now. As far as my reaction, I personally think that it is a ridiculous situation. You have Judge Troiano saying, oh well he’s from a good
family, good grades, gotta look out for the kid. What about his alleged victim? Accusations of a rape and cruel
humiliation after the fact. Does the status of her parents matter? Do her grades matter? Right do you have a judge
grading on a privilege curve? Right what kind of thinking is that? But hey, that’s the story, that’s my personal takeaway from it and whether you agree or disagree, I would love to hear from you
in those comments down below. And that’s where I’m
going to end today’s show. And of course as always, thank
you so much for watching. If you’re new here and I did my job well, you want more of these
daily dives into the news, be sure that subscribe button, definitely hit that bell
to turn on notifications. Also if you’re not 100% filled in, maybe you missed yesterday’s
Philip DeFranco show, you wanna catch up or you
wanna watch any and all of today’s Today in Awesome,
click or tap right there. But with said of course as always, my name’s Philip Defranco,
you’ve just been filled in. I love yo faces and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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    Glad you are pronouncing “appellate” correctly 😜

  • Mike b Post author

    Its no big deal for Boeing to be given that kinda money away since our retarded PM Trudeau will just take more of Canadians tax dollars to pay them an other pay bump while screwing up the company.

  • Paul V Post author

    If the question of citizenship on the Census Form bothers you, DON'T ANSWER THAT QUESTION. It's as simple as that. They won't discount the entire response just because one question goes unanswered. That's not how it works.

  • Holly Fitzpatrick Post author

    Shit like this is why I moved out of New Jersey and I will not go back.

  • Laura H Post author

    G.m.c is the reason dads go and kill boys… just saying….

  • Raul J. Gomez Post author

    Gary Veeee!! 🙌🏽

  • INCC74656I Post author

    i dont think a 16 year old should be unequivocaly tried as an adult when a sex crime is involved. while i agree what this kid did goes well beyond two drunk people having sex and regretting it – i do not feel that 'tried as adult' is automatically the best thing. its hard to know with out knowing what the sentencing guide lines are for adult vs juvenile. perhaps such things are best left to cover at sentencing; in an ideal world i would like to see some punishment in the forum of jail, probation, with mandatory treatment and mental health evals. at 16 you are young enough to not just give up on you and throw you into a prison system for 30 years as an older adult might. there is no amount of punishment that can take away the pain and damage from teh victim, the goal should be to rehab the offender and do our best as a society to teach him the tools to be a functional and beneficial part of our world.

  • tarrker Post author

    These rape cases tho… woof. Like I will 100% agree that, when it comes to rape, we as a culture tend to throw everything at the male and will rarely consider things like maybe he was drunk too. But in THESE cases wtf is this? Since when do you school grades have anything to do with things like motive and demeanor? I still remember the one where it was pretty clear the guy was guilty but they basically dismissed all the charges saying "It'll ruin his life"….. Whaaaaat? Isn't that kinda the point, tho?

  • am 425 Post author

    If he comes from a good family and has good grades wouldn’t that mean he especially should know better? Didn’t those good parents of his teach him right from wrong? Wouldn’t his ability to maintain good grades and be a shoe in for college acceptance mean he’s more mature, mature enough to be charged as an adult? All the reasons the judge was so soft on the kid are actually reasons he should have thrown the book at him. And then to have the balls to say “Mary” and her family should take that into consideration is just fucking gross

  • Suki-chan Post author

    I have nothing more to say to the judge except, I hope you enjoy Hell.

  • A Woods Post author

    Thank you for saying what you did about the rape case in your opinion statement. This case hurts.

  • Stan NeonPunch Post author

    So even when the evidence is there the victim gets no justice. This is why people don't fucking report!

  • Kris Van Pelt Post author

    The only question I've ever been asked for the Census was, "How many people live here?" Did something change?

  • Jabez525 Post author

    Trying children as adults in the court of law is ridiculous and always affects minorities on a greater scale. Locking a child up with adults will never reform them. As slap on the wrist as the verdict may feel because of the state of our for profit private prison system the Judge is right not to condemn a CHILD for something they did forever.

  • Vloggetts Post author

    Isn't the fact that GMC came from a "good family" and had good test scores an argument to be harsher not more lenient in judging him? After all, if he can commit this sort of crime despite having a good upbringing and a bright future ahead of him, he must be a real piece of work

  • babygraceblue Post author

    Census helped me so much in tracing my family ancestry. This should not be politicized

  • Joseph Esparza Post author

    No one is probably going to see this since it's days late, but they should do a back search on how many cases involve judge decisions using the phrase "good family". I bet the results would be interesting.

  • thisis missdark Post author

    Are we overlooking the biggest thing here? Drunk people can't consent. Intercourse without proper consent is rape. And again, because the video contained an under age girl, that makes it child porn. It's even been ruled that filming or photographing one's self while under age is child porn. Furthermore, it shouldn't matter whether the rapist has come from a "good family" or a broken one. It shouldn't matter if they have excellent grades or is a dropout. It shouldn't matter whether they could get into a "good college" or have a future as a garbage truck driver. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind; but then again, it wasn't Lady Justice on that bench, now was it? And the eyes of the law are human eyes. As such, justice will never be blind, and so long as those on the bench continue on the ways of antiquated thinking and bias, justice will never be truly served.

  • Abbie Ellinger Post author

    It makes me so mad hearing about all these girls and women being assaulted and the judges go "oh they are normally a good student/kid and come from a good family" and of course they're WHITE if literally any other man of a darker skin tone would have done this there would be no hesitation to charge them we don't care if it ruins his life what about hers?!

  • Tails Clock Post author

    How does someone so lacking in morals ever become a judge?????

  • Richard Murray Post author

    If they’re here illegally they are not citizens and not authorized residents they should not be counted. People of color won’t answer? Race card bull shit!

  • Delta, Milo, and the Ginger Post author

    Having a good family means being a complete disgusting person is okay? Ugh. He raped a girl. You can tell because she was stumbling around. They left a bruise, recorded a fucking video where she acts drunk, and actually SAID IN THE TEXT she was raped. What is wrong with this world 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
    Authorities told him to DELETE THE VIDEO… Oh my hell!!

  • Baleen Wallet Post author

    Pause at 4:19 😂

  • Qube Squared Post author

    More judges like Troiano should be under more scrutiny and be barred or jailed, when they don't abide by the letter of the law. Affluenza plea and pay offs didn't work this time, huh??? And I don't believe he was getting death threats either, he stepped down because the victims family wasn't poor, and they had power themselves, and they wasn't having it. But at the end of the day, blessings goes out to the strength of this young lady and family for the journey they've been forced to set forth.

  • CumberCube Post author

    If youre not a citizen you shouldnt have the right to vote, how is this even a debate?

  • CumberCube Post author

    I can understand why people say the courts are awful with rape. Thats honestly a ridiculous situation. The kid evidently knew what he did.

  • singer2be Post author

    What political party does this judge belong to?

  • River Ó hÁillewill Post author

    Um, something's missing. Being infuriated is not the only thing people should be warned about here. Why is it that a more recent video that talked about 13 Reasons Why got such a sensitive and respectful warning, but this video which talks in graphic detail about a real life crime gets nothing? And why is this uneven treatment so common?

  • Kenzgirl 001 Post author

    Regarding the citizenship question in the census: the electoral college should represent the number of CITIZENS not the people who are unable to vote. The electoral college is for citizens.

  • Sean Cartaya Post author

    The judge over 70 is out of touch with today, and clearly has a mentality that needs to stay in the past. As for the other judge, she should definitely be voted out when she comes up for re-election. Either way, both those rulings were fucking ridiculous, and have no place in the justice system.

  • NadiaGirl1 Post author

    Cases of rape that go like this sickens me. I knew a victim of rape and she could not report him because he threaten to kill her and her family. She was high on drugs and drunk. He raped another girl and he’s still out there. The victim is now an empty shell of what she used to be if you see pictures of her you will see the difference.

  • Gavin Akrolin Post author

    I don’t agree with the judges reasoning, but minors should ALWAYS be tried as minors.

  • John Billings Post author

    This "judge" sounds like he "came from a good family" and has some personal experience on this topic.

  • x0men Post author

    I have got to put this disclaimer first: I'M NOT DEFENDING THE RAPIST.
    My question though, where's the charge for under age drinking? They're both 16, right?
    Yes, the dude is a piece of shit, but that doesn't make the girl an angel. I'm not saying she asked for it, but she should know what she was getting into: getting illegally drunk at a party where adolescence hormone levels are through the roof. Yes he should be punished but she shouldn't go scotch free either. And if you say getting raped was her punishment then why punish the dude then? Sure nobody made him executioner but if you're not prosecuting her then please don't whine about leniency. They placed their bets and get what they get, no need to pretend the other side is innocent and get upset over 2 pieces of shit.

  • JustPassingThrough Post author

    Yeah that citizenship question was obviously a means of flushing out non-citizens under the guise of voter rights. Nothing more. I'm glad it failed. I expect it to remain a non-issue from here on out.

  • JustPassingThrough Post author

    A multi-billion dollar company responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people is shelling out millions of dollars to make it all go away. Yeah. That's some pretty basic shit. I'd like to think most everyone will see RIGHT through that obvious gesture. I care not for the financial and infrastructural ramifications. Boeing either needs to be shaken down from the top down, or done away with entirely.

  • JustPassingThrough Post author

    May both of those judges be stripped of any opportunities to ever impact any sort of judicial process ever again. They are scum. They deserve nothing less than unemployment. And that GMC kid? I hope someone makes him their bitch in jail.

  • Dakota Royal Post author

    Thought that was Toby Turner in the thumbnail for a minute

  • Christina Mays Post author

    I think the citizen question is fair to ask, if you're not a legal citizen then you shouldn't have representation in our government, our government isn't meant to serve just anyone and everyone. It's the US gov for US citizens

  • Kinza N Post author

    Rape is rape. An admission is an admission. Was it a stupid admission? Yes. Was it an admission? Yes, it was an obvious admission.

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