Discovery Constitution Miracle Worker ship Review!!! Star Trek Online

Discovery Constitution Miracle Worker ship Review!!! Star Trek Online

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what's up guys tim wolfe here and we're in star trek online on the holodeck server what does that seems in the distance let's just uh zoom in looks like it's my discovery Constitution class now I know we're gonna start off this video preferencing I get all the outrage when it comes to how it came out as far as what kind of box it's in let's keep the comments civil shall we the second preface is I didn't open any boxes or keys I just did a trade with all my good friends dark blade and I got it that way but I didn't open any boxes whatsoever I was one of the lucky ones I'll put it that way so let's get into reviewing this ship first off I've gone I'm under ritter steel too right now and this thing looks nice really does so I would say if you've got friends that have got these they've gotten lucky on the boxes you have not what I would say for anyone out there if you're wanting this you've already got buddies that have gotten this and they haven't opened it yet just see if they can transfer a few copies of these to Tribble they can open them on Tribble send them to you so you can actually have a disco Kani and it won't cost them a dime because I know it can get expensive to get these things and that way you at least have one server you can enjoy them on I get it's not the live server but at least it's something but the detail on this thing is nice and right now if you're wondering why it looks different it's because I have found that I love the section 31 shield vanity on this ship it looks really good so let's get into what I'm testing on this bill considering I've got my ox to bat setup on here this thing is nice this is the exact build I'm using the is a run at the end of this video and yeah I am liking this now I'm not using the console the trait as far as the ISA run however I've tested them both off-camera they're actually really good so we're gonna first go with this console now having 17.1 kinetic damage resist and 11.4% shield hit points it's not the greatest bonus for survival but it does help does help especially against kinetic torpedoes like those Borg Envisat torps having like the extra shield hit points is nice so it's not bad I would just like to see maybe also maybe physical resistance to help with exotic damage or maybe use shield healing sometimes it's not about the capacity of the shield but also the healing you can recover that shielding if it's lost but it's still not bad what's interesting about this console though is the activatable so when you activate this and this is shown on the stream a few days ago when you launched this particular activatable it's going to launch four more squadrons of Fighters so each squadron is six so you're gonna launch out 24 fighters and when these fighters go out they affect all of your pets the ones from your hangar bays and give them a 25% cat to all damage bonus for 20 seconds while they're active so if we're dealing with let's say Kelvin time line drones which are typically my favorite on my vengeance I launched these about 24 fighters to add to that and they're giving my vengeance pets a 25% cat to bonus to their phasers and their quantum torpedoes when it comes to this particular new ship that means all of these tactical flier squadrons are getting that bonus so this can actually be if you're heavy into carriers and you're using a lot of Fighters this can actually be a sizeable increase to your pets and with a lot of carrier builds you rely heavily on your pets to do your damage this would further improve them for 20 seconds have a nice alpha strike almost with your pets so this can be very nice as far as the trait on the trait is very heavy into the survival just all-out survival however looking at these numbers this is really really good I'm gonna go ahead and activate that I like having like at least my fleet boosts up so give me a second there we go so what we're looking at here is you take 20% of your max hull as damage you've gone from a hundred percent hull to 79 percent hall or 78 percent hull you've taken quite a few hits with a five second window this thing pops for 15 seconds so what you end up seeing you're immune to transport warheads so anything that uses that transport warhead ability whether it's NPC or another player you're immune to it you're gonna heal based on my stats 450 thousand four hundred and sixty Haulover duration now that's fifty thousand hull over fifteen seconds to give an idea my hazard emitter one is only for 15 seconds doing a grand total of ten thousand eight hundred so in this thing procs it's like an uber hazard emitter because hazard emitters are only giving me on Rank 1 about twenty point for all damage resist this also for the duration gives me plus 250 to all damage resist so not only am I getting a very sizable heal to my hull it's a massive all damage resist buff and then it removes all hazard debuffs and damage overtime effects every second for that 15 seconds so you're looking at when you look at hazard emitter 1 you're looking at a very very supercharged variation of it you just have to take a lot of damage for it to proc and only procs once every 45 seconds but still you're looking at in combat get your little minor heals to keep you taking care of and then let's say you're an engineer and you've got this on this might be the last thing you need is a heal and everything else we damage based as an engineer since you've got grace under fire boosting your miraculous repairs and your rotate shield frequency so this could really be a phenomenal survival trait and I'm thinking off the top of my head you combined the situational awareness of this one Plus on going from honored dead and you're gonna have a lot of survivability put in so if you get access to this it's really good if you're never able to get access to it there are other options so let's look at what weaponry I'm using of course I'm gonna still use my turn task force beam its rear old I'm still using my quantum torpedo the Dark Matter quantum that I just got recently it's worth it promise along with in my universal slot the Lorcan controls this two-piece is just phenomenal basically between these two within 10 15 seconds because my crits I am getting three point temperature crit chance all this weapon power what is equivalent to roughly seven point six percent shield pin for all my weapons and then with a two-piece 25% crits parity it is a very nice two-piece set I'm also running the gamma Omni re-rolled along with the gamma task force console assuming the phaser and projectile damage boosting along with in the two piece more phaser damage and turn rate so this is a really good set bonus as for the rest of it you knows my prolonged engagement phasers not on on here because I'm using five of the brand-new phasers these advanced phasers are actually really nice what they're giving you basically is if you just have one on a build it's a five percent chance for Plus 10 percent bonus category to damage to itself the advanced beam arrays for 15 seconds so it scales up by 10 percent every time you add in a B so me having five beans I have a 50% cat to bonus but these are only to the beams themselves it will not boost my torpedo my gamma omni or my tam task force phaser beam still though this helps when it comes to phasers in my opinion this kind of puts these phasers are kinda put on the same level almost if not right on par with spiral waves spiral waves for disruptors have kind of been the highest disrupter because they have those two damage mods built into the spiral mod so they're gonna have extra damage potential regardless of how you roll them and I feel these advanced phasers are more or less on par with that my granny they're having to go off of a proc to do it but it brings a phaser build closer to what spiral waves can do so there's a bit more parity there and these are rather nice the look of them in combat is nice it's just it's fun to use them on a ship that it belongs on but considering these can go on any ship if you're able to get these I mean quite honestly I can see an odyssey running these and having a blast as far as my space set of course I'm still using my colony deflector my enervated impulse engines my fleet work or from the spire and I'm right now using the Tilley shield it's give me a little extra hull cap decent shield region and capacity as far as my energy damage to shield reduction and then this is especially helpful and elite I'm getting 11.5% increased damage to enemy shields for my weapon attacks now I can play my shield power and be a little bit more to this but basically since an elite content shields are so much heavier on em pcs than they aren't advanced this helps me blast through the shields more effectively you combined it with the shield penetration for the lorca console and I'm getting more damage through to their hull and damaging their shields more than was before so it's a nice combo as far as my batteries I'm alternating between kinetic amplifier for my dark matters and energy amplifier for my beams if I need it I've got subspace modulator and then I'm calling in Delta reinforcements these are actually working a little bit better as pets from what I'm seeing if I'm gonna do a call in they're working out a little bit better for me at least compared to maybe a fleet support or the Klingon call in or maybe even the swarm call it as far as the rest of the consoles and I'll bring up my stats so you can see what stats I'm running even with four stacks of anchored everything else is I've got viral infusion for crit severity hull cap control expertise I've got the Domino console now we've discussed if you don't have the Domino console you can go with things like the m6 tactical computer from the terrific Perseus you can go with the Narendra which is the t6 ambassador it's console gives a massive firing cycle haste and bridge officer coolant on nobility and I mainly said is right now this console is in the Phoenix box so it's a little hard of a drop but you've got to see store purchases one being only believe 1500 Zen which is the Tier three Perseus that is a really good activatable console it just doesn't have passives but it is still a good console I'm running my two-piece from the prototype dread-nots this is from the Enix escort retrofit this is from the Atlas dreadnought cruiser and I'm running it for its individual bonuses and then the two-piece there are options if you're at least wanting the two-piece bonus you can get that from running the Klingon and Romulan consoles those are fairly inexpensive and there's other ways to boost your damage if you are wanting to maybe grab four crit chance a little bit of energy damage boosting if you're running let's say a disruptor build you can go with the two-piece Romulans set have that zero point energy conduit for crit chance of power and drain maybe grab the assimilated module for extra Christian severity weapon power controls parties and damage control so there's a few options there even so much as let's say running the terran task force consult in one of these spots it will give you a Shibboleth hulk app weapon and ox power and then a cool-down on torpedoes which will kind of not be seen because it's shared cooldown but the to peace between the console and the beam will give an extra projectile damage boost to your dark matter so there's a few options there if you're not able to get the low B and lock box ships I'm also running approaching agony this is actually fairly inexpensive on the exchange because it's a crit chance and phaser damage boost but the activatable for 40 seconds having phaser damage every half second and a minus 25 all damage debuff to targets affected for 3k is not bad we're also running the quantum phase converter this is a mission reward really can't beat having that nice phaser damage aux power drain expertise and then the hot restart on aux power lastly before we get to tattoo consoles I've got the Pryor's word console now the reason is specially I'm running it on this because we do not have weapons system efficiency as a cruiser command I wanted to make for sure that I had weapon power cost reduction that rivaled that particular command and that's what this does between the careers your commander and this they each offer a minus 25% weapon power cost reduction I also get a category one fourteen point three percent boost to all my energy weapons this is a really good passive and then being able to activate the satellite and having that damage go off is a nice add-on to the run so our tactical consoles in the actual tactical slots I'm running a locator for phasers and exploiter and a luke re console this is gonna boost phaser and projectile damage and give me a chance for healing everytime I activate fire at will it's not a whole lot and quite honestly if I'm running with someone like blade dark blade that is I really don't need this console I just put on another locator or an exploit and really ramped up the damage that I'm doing but because a lot of times I do pure pugs I want to have a little bit of healing these consoles and these are really nice to have and then I'm running two elite tactical flier squadrons these are actually really nice pets from my testing these are probably on par what we're seeing out of Kelvin time line drones they are actually really nice pets so let's say you don't have access to the ship your next best option when it comes to pets are to me if you're flying cruisers the Vengeance those pets are really nice if you're able to get your hands on these these are great as well and being able to see them I've got them set to auto-launch it's one of the few things that I really love about the ship that they're experimenting with that I'm hoping does make it to other ships as an option I can have these set to auto launch as my weapons are firing so one of the problems for me and y'all have seen this in videos I don't always remember to launch my pets as optimally as optimally as possible here they'll just start Auto launching as my weapons are firing so I can do my first burst before I start a run in the middle of the run my second set of fighters get launched and as I lose them they'll keep auto watching so I don't have to worry about these two clicking since I click everything else though just Auto watch and there we go so many fighters and what think is gonna happen is in about nine seconds I believe they'll auto-launch again all my fighters will be ready I just give them a second less launch there we go so like I said for me this is nice to have in combat which is just really nice to have so I don't forget my fighters too often I do so my little micro fleet of fighters I'll go ahead and turn off auto since I don't need him anymore as far as my skill tree really has a change for what I'm using my vengeance be perfectly honest still using tactical ultimate with all three enhancements getting your shield region shield hardness and because I'm running pets you want all three of coordination protocols even if you're not running pets it's good to have this to broadcast your allies it's a really good team thing to have you're gonna brush it broadcast it to your hangar pets and then team runs to your teammates as well so you really want to have that and then have the tactical cooldown still running Intel strategist as far as my traits really only had one one or two changes from the last one where my vengeance I'm running a good day to die anchored beam Mirage I switched in instead of duelist forever I'm running into the breach that way whenever I'm gonna enemy kill it's gonna debuff nearby enemies and it does that in a basis of sevens based on the rank of that enemy so if it's ranked to enemy and believe it knee bust for 14 that's why I'm running it for an extra little debuff whenever it procs off fleet coordinator I've got fluted cocoon point-blank shot superior beam training and Terran targeting systems now at least four or five of these are traits that you would have you would have be Mirage be levelled up your R&D you would have fleet coordinator as a standard point-blank shot is a house Peck it's a free reward you have beam training as a standard I got the superior from K 13 so you'd have to get a few ships a few these from the exchange honestly these have dropped in price because they're by opening infinity lock boxes some of them go from rather cheap nowadays so our starship traits cold-hearted because ox tube at the emergency weapons cycle I'm running a strike from shadows supercharged weapons and superior area-denial from the mirror escort carrier as far as space reputation traits the change that I did is instead of my automated protomatter conduits I'm instead running my enhanced armor pin so all of my attacks are getting six point three armor pin which is equivalent to 63 hull pin if I remember my conversion correctly yeah tell me more like my conversion correctly I could be wrong you can correct me in the comments it's fine but this way I'm ignoring more resistance with every attack still running my targeting systems for crit severity my magnified firepower for bonus weapon damage crit chance from Romulan rep and then controlled countermeasures my buffs are still to SROs to Jim and our van guards and a can't re now SRO is a fairly easy to get you're part of a fleet as far as the van guards now if you don't have access to Vanguard you didn't buy that pack you do have a few options you could run maybe a second Kent re when your tier 5 colony is unlocked or one thing I could suggest you could run a Nausicaa in one of these slots sometimes you get a cross faction nossek in and that comes from leveling up diplomacy and the duty officer missions to max you can run mr. Potatohead from the Delta missions which is a hierarchy officer with pirate trait in a science slot lastly would be from your t5 colony when you have access to it they also have Luke re officers now they offer a passive bonus to your hull and shield healing instead of and giving you the damage boosting on kills they would give you a passive boost your healing for survival and we always say you can't DPS if you're dead so you what you might want to have is an extra boost to your healing to keep yourself alive that can actually help out your build so there's a few options there now the big thing is I'm not running emergency power weapons 3 the difference on this build between 1 and 3 is 6.6% on the bonus energy damage that emergency power to weapons 3 offers over 1 which I really did not see as a big thing I really didn't not comparative to being able to run narrow sensor vans 3 being able to hug a target and get up to 50% category 2 energy weapon damage and the plus 50 accuracy rating to be an immune to placate and confuse I want to make sure that I really had a good bit of bonus so this to me was the better combo the other way would be going with guaranteed emergency power weapons 3 for the plus 20 weapon power the extra 6 point 6 percent energy damage boost you'd still be able to get 20 percent at max with narrow sensor bands one still be a nice combo but this one to me is the better one as far as duty officers I'm still running malakut on my ground slot boost against all damage against everybody burning a crit chance and severity officer and 3ox about officers and it looks like I forgot for this is a 2 slot a 6th one so yeah I could get even further maybe having BOTS against Borg or something else all in all it's a good ship I know a lot of people are not happy about being placed behind an RD promo box I'll say I'll have to agree with you guys I wasn't fond of the idea of it being locked behind that I was hoping at the very least it would be behind a lock box not ideal either but the drop rate is better at least in a lock box I just had that feeling it would not be put in the C store because of how much potential money they could have gotten off the Rd promo so I'll agree with you guys I'm not fond of how it dropped into the game but it is a phenomenal ship and let's keep the comments rather on the kinder side I've seen it enough hate about how it came into the game from reddit and the forums and all the other places that I like to avoid so let's go out let's do a pug is a let's test these new fighters let's test this new these new be memorized let's test this vessel put it through its paces and see will this take me out of my visions as my primary beam damage dealer the Vengeance has got cannons and it'll probably convert to cannons along with my Jim and our Vanguard and be my top two camp cannon builds but can this be my best bean boat followed by my Odyssey and those to be my honest if I beam boat builds let's warp out let's find out I'll be back well looks like I'm not a dad just a little bit there but it's fine let's refine let's respawn a little bit a little damage ain't hurt nobody let me through scroll through all these parses let's see what happened hold my gosh so yeah and I'm just gonna post this into team I'll let my friends know now this is of course a pug run first everyone with this ship 212 0.7 K that's right 212 0.7 K DPS in a two minute 11 second run and this was a pure pug wow that's actually a lot better than what my vengeance has been doing with phasers with a nice sear a crit rating of 17% it looks like very low crit chance I don't actually raise that crit chance so yeah yeah I'm looking at my numbers here crit rate of 17% flank rating of 6% my max one hit was 222 K that came from a Dark Matter torpedo the advanced phaser beams fire at will did 51.7 K the pets here were the elite tactical fighters and these things were absolutely great it's a lot of my top parses I got a mercury class in here but my one of my fighters beat it out and then an Icarus in there approaching agony did good but my pets did 42 K advance phasers in another 32 kemocite to 8 Dark Matter did 13 Dark Matter resolution doing another disillusion doing another 6.5 so about twenty came with torpedoes yeah my target knee buff was a hundred and sixty-two percent so didn't have a great crit rating all things considered apparently a 17% crit chance however because of all the damage this was absolutely a phenomenal run and this is pure pug if I had blade in there taking the threat and I could get rid of that luke re console instead running another locator the damage can be even higher and this like I said is also with me using the Lorca console this is why I've said in previous videos this is a phenomenal console just using this console and torpedo for the two-piece so probably if I wanted a little squeeze little bit more damage out of this I'll probably get rid of the exploiter put in maybe a locator so I can still have the healing cuz I'd be one about that luke re console helped me so yeah we're looking at some really good things here this ship is phenomenal more important these phasers are great that's all the time I got guys if you can get your hands on this we talked about in the beginning of the video about its release and all that of how its released so let's keep the comments kind of nice but if you're able to get your hands on this whether you're paying for it with EC whether you're able to get it from a friend and that's one way I could see you doing that people have been nice at least in the fleet so in a part of hell even if you can get it where you can test it on Tribble I would say get it this thing is a very powerful starship until next time guys this is Timberwolf and i'm signing off

24 thoughts on “Discovery Constitution Miracle Worker ship Review!!! Star Trek Online

  • Copious Ducks

    I understand why they put the connie behind a expensive paywall but really. Putting the phasers along with the ship and not lobi/dilithium store is honestly insult to injury

  • uubergeekgaming

    haven't played much in years other than occasionally logging in for giveaways/special events, but i have a lifetime sub, so i had tons of z. i bought 2 of the 4 packs to give it a shot, and manged to get my free ship and got the Disco Connie (Donnie?) on the 7th box! ive always played with an Escort (IE Defiant with cannons), but tried this with beams, and had a ton of fun just playing around. and much more survivable. and the fighters stuff was pretty fun.

  • Jason DuMond

    your pets kill your crit % I am sure the beams/torps are good to go

  • Beinroda

    This is the hardest PtW ship which you have to gamble for i saw so far…. 5/3 -12 Consoles – 2 Hangarbays – Miracle Bonus skill – great Boff seats – extrem good weapons…. i dont like the way the game goes

  • Teodor Achim

    Great video. I got mine yesterday . Any chance to see a review on the D7 Klingon side ?

  • stanglider01

    I can see this ships console & trait on a vengeance with that ship set & the phasers too, wonder if we can add the console & trait from the d7 version of this ship as well?

  • Mark Stenning

    When do you get the chance to unlock the T6 Enterprise on the Xbox One ??

  • I_noSc0pedJFK .22

    I don't care i like how BOTH! Connies!! are in a promo pack it very cool can't wait for more fun shit like this

  • Kid Ranger

    crit chance in the combat log is a bug I believe, a buddy of mine running about 25% crit chance in Sol system, combat log on an ISA shows he only had 15% crit chance…

  • Stormhold Gaming

    Timberwolf, will you be playing with your Vengeance build with the new phasers, to see what improvements / differences it makes?

  • Stormhold Gaming

    Thank you ever so much for showing us what this ship can do in a dps setup, only other video i saw stated this ship wasn't for dps (thanks for showing us that isn't the case). Also I would like to say to thank you DarkBlade for giving Timberwolf the ship to play with. Another awesome video as always Timberwolf, cheers.

  • Individual 1

    Beautiful ship it looks like it would be a blast to play with.

  • Moonbrony

    Awesome ship. Doesn't matter where it comes from really, it's only going to be flown by the richest players like so much other stuff anyway. Either throw billions of EC or loads of real life money at it and you'll get it.

  • Cyle Drew

    Very nice looking ship i spent £15 on keys and pulled out 26th century dreadnought universal class aka galaxy j the pizza cutter

  • Fluffy Hedgehog

    i just hope some day this will be in the lobi store. there is no realistic way to get this without spending hundreds of dollars on boxes that do not do anything for you otherwise. i am not angry about it … just sad. i was looking for a hybrid hangar / destroyer and this one ticks all the boxes … except it is completely out of reach for me, i have nowhere near the money to gamble for it and neither do i have the ec to buy it off the ah 🙁

  • Bayou Man

    i like to get it myself but hoping they will make it a fleet ship like they did with the Buran. i can only wait and see if they do.

  • ThunderGod Cid

    Might have to sacrifice a goat and 2 virgins to the RNG gods to get this ship.

  • GuyConfident

    honestly were do you get those weapons. i played this game for just a year and reached the last rank and kept on playing. but never menaged to get new weapon upgrades. did yu buy them in the tradestore or something for a million credits each?

  • TOSStarTrek

    I traded for mine. Been saving for a long time for it.

  • BobaDavis

    Is there a lockout between activations, or can the proc be refreshed, within a an activation?

  • Centurian128

    I feel they made this ship almost too good. That's a significant improvement over other ships in terms of damage output. Plus the pets and phasers. I hope they put the phasers into a lockbox at some point, maybe put them into the next Infinity run. An undeniably powerful ship, but it lacks the customization needed for me.

  • Ronnie JacksonJr2019

    Very Impressive Ship and Very impressive dps. She got potential in the 25th century. I like it. Great work on the video.

  • JWarrenH Heatvisionburns

    Nice breakdown. Nice job on the run. I have a box just waiting for it to hit console. You guys are killin me. Lol.

  • Stephen Smith

    Thanks for this. Been kind of curious. Only Enterprise I have, is the JJ Abrams one. Still want the TOS version.

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