Discovery Constitution (Enterprise) Miracle Worker Flight Deck Cruiser 100k+ DPS | Star Trek Online

Discovery Constitution (Enterprise) Miracle Worker Flight Deck Cruiser 100k+ DPS | Star Trek Online

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hello everybody and welcome back to Star Trek Online we're here with another perfectly unscientific gaming review normally of course we focus on the science side of things but this ship came out last week and it is truly astounding in terms of what it offers up for somebody wanting to build let's just say an engineer tank can of course be used for other things but I just wanted to talk about the concept of a miracle-worker tank that this ship brings forward so the discovery Constitution or Enterprise fits this bill perfectly and we need to ask ourselves why is that well first of all it's a cruiser with a good amount of HP it also of course is a flight deck cruiser which means it sports the attract fire command but the thing that's making this work for us is the miracle worker specialization so let's just have a look at that right now so starting off in terms of why we're wanting to use miracle worker comes down to three things one we're lacking critical chance to we need to stay alive and with an engineer any kind of damage buff we can get is very nice so starting off the first point of miracle worker that is very nice is embolden and what this does is whenever we activate a whole heal it's just a slat plus 2% critical chance and this refreshes the duration every time we have made whole heals and being a tank we're gonna be doing that quite a bit so this is effectively 2 percent free critical chance the next thing that we should talk about with the miracle worker specialization is throw out the manual and what this does is it increases our heal critical chance and this wasn't the thing until miracle worker came out you'll see it says by default healing critical severity is 50% and your heal critical chance is 0% so by taking miracle worker we're getting a plus 20% heal critical chance and this means that when we activate things like our miraculous repairs this can easily create for upwards of 50 60 sometimes even 70,000 so it's pretty fun next one is fix them up whenever you use a heal you just get a flat all damaged resistance rating this helps so we don't need to take as many nodes of that in the skill tree and it or even you know from the reputation system or traits or consoles next up is no risk no reward and this one is a big one what this one does is whenever we're hit by a critical hit or critical heel we get 10% incoming healing an extra 10% incoming healing and an extra 10% bonus all damage which of course is cat 2 which is the kind that just the way the damage formulas work out magnifies damage a whole lot more than just standard plus all damage buffs do and for more on that maybe that's something we can look at later but suffice to say bonus all damage is going to do more for us than just plus all damage and you'll note that this can stack up to three times so for an additional plus 30% bonus all cat to damage the next one is tough little ship and this softens the blows when we get hit by critical hits and if you're playing advanced or elite content or even just running the Borg advanced TFO so you're going to want this is they can hit you pretty hard and with that this just softens the blow when you're hit by a critical hit then finally give her all she's got and this is something that is kind of like engineering fleet you can toggle back and forth between them this one gives us plus 20 all damage resistance rating to sub system offline duration plus 20% turn rate plus 20% incoming healing and plus 20% max hull points I like to toggle them with engineering fleet so why the discovery Enterprise well this ship fits the build superbly it's a flight deck cruiser mean meaning of course it has the attract fire command it also has enough bridge officer slots to run some of the common tank bridge officer setups and bridge officer powers it of course also features both a miracle-worker seat and the command seat as well and it has two hangar bays with some of the most interesting your pets that we've seen come into game with these and what they did with these is they made it so that when you're launching these pets they will effectively auto launch so before we get too far into this setup let's just have a look at how the ship ran with these pets in a jus Prairie system Patrol all right we're back so let's have a look at the bridge officer setup that's available on the ship we have a commander engineering miracle worker seat we have a lieutenant commander tactical seat a lieutenant commander universal a lieutenant universal command and an ensign science seat and you'll note that this is a bit of an interesting setup because it has both miracle worker in command which are two of the things you want if you're going to be tanking and I think the idea when cryptic built the ship is that they wanted to put forward one of the best tanking platforms that's out there though I will admit that I found it a bit awkward trying to utilize both the miracle worker and the command seating at the same time while slotting the heels that I normally would like to bring you might not need all of these but I brought them anyways and of course also sliding the attack pattern Delta and attack pattern beta which are common in tank setups so let's have a look at what I'm running let's just start off with the simplest down here we have in our instance science just a standard hazard or minotaurs bridge officer ability which is going to give us 8.6 K health over 15 seconds then our lieutenant commander engineer universal is set up primarily for healing with engineering team one ox to structural integrity field one and reverse shield polarity to then inner lieutenant universal this is we're running a tactical and just standard TAC team and attack pattern Delta and you'll note when we go over the starship trades why we're running Delta but as it is right now on its own Delta gives you a nice damage buff and debuffs anyone who hits you fire at will one because when this build was recorded you have to use fire at will one in order to get fire at will three on the new phaser beam arrays attack pattern beta one and torpedo spread three then in our engineering seat emergency power to engines just to initiate the cooldown of evasive maneuvers which you'll see in the duty officer section with our con officer narrow sensor bands which is one of the miracle worker abilities and what this does is that the closer you are to your target you get a scaling damage buff based on distance so plus 35% if you're really close and 15% if you're at six kilometers away and you'll note it says of course bonus energy weapon damage so that is of course cat 2 and that is immaculate then emergency power to weapons 3 and mixed armaments energy 3 which gives us a plus 50% bonus all damage whenever we fire one of our other weapon types so we fire off a torpedo then all of our beams will get buffed as well now given the way this is set up I think we could throw this out to the community and ask if there's any other potential ideas out there what might be run as a good tank set up on the ship that's something I'd be certainly open to hearing in the comments below so let us know what you think equipment wise on this ship for the torpedo we could have run the default torpedo that it came with if we were going for the true looks set up on that otherwise we're just running a standard quantum phase torpedo and the reason for that is because we get a bit of shield drain when we're using this 2 piece set under torpedo spread and you'll note that in the par set our shield drain on this is actually fairly high then this is something that came out with these ships and these are the new advanced phaser beam arrays no there's a bit of community controversy if they should have put something like this on the ship because this has double the activation chance of the normal effects on beam arrays but as you equip more of these you get a scaling damage buff and you'll note again that it is that keyword bonus damage so that's cat 2 so you get 5 percent chance 4 + 60 percent bonus damage with these beam arrays for 15 seconds and that's quite a bit and that's of course a topic for another day deflector wise the deflector from the colony the intervention protomatter deflector was our call crypt which gives us critical chance and critical severity which as we mentioned of course as you can see this isn't an engineer so that is needed on this run engine-wise we use this one so that it cools down our tactical abilities but when we're moving around it also reduces rather makes our ship run a bit faster and effectively as a pocket evasive maneuvers this is the standard aspire warp core that's just been in use for many years on most of my energy weapon builds and it's not much to write home about there and then the shield is the integrated resilient shield array which when we are hit by energy weapons has a chance to increase our critical chance and critical severity also giving us a two-piece buffed hull capacity control and critical chance then I'll just run through each of these consoles down here vulnerability locator in our Universal slot for phaser damage and critical chance then down here colony tactical consoles for more phaser damage and a chance to heal ourselves and you'll see that in the parse some critical severity and Hull capacity timeline stabilizer to cool down our bridge officer and captain abilities the deep erm dynamic power tree distributor module a very popular console that acts as a heel and also gives us plus 40% cat to bonus damage when we're above 80% home secondary shields completing the two-piece of the set it's effectively a pocket reverse shield polarity but it's also giving us plus 33% phaser damage then the console from the ship which will buff our carrier pets and launch for more tactical fighter squadrons and this buffs all our pets to have a plus 25% bonus all damage resistance rating then the science consoles a hall repairing weapon signature amplifier with drain X increases our threat gen and and adds a bit of drain to our ship which is the skill to go with because that of course buffs things like our Navy on in version there's a more drain on the quantum phase converter and phaser damage as well completing that two-piece set which as I mentioned previously increases the drain of our quantum phase torpedo under torpedo spread then the Domino console which is a firing cycle buff and cat 2 damage buff and bridge officer recharge speed buff which is which is pretty nice alright so that's it for the loadout section let's have a look at the skill tree right now and this is a fairly standard tactical ultimate skill tree of note 3 points in tactical readiness and two points in Engineering readiness as well as full points in advanced long-range targeting sensors a little bit of EPG as well as you'll note that I did also take full control or rather full drain expertise as well and two points a hull capacity nothing in shields because normally I have been running emitter linked phasers but this is what the skill tree looks like for this build so let's move on to the traits right now personal space traits I'll just run through these this one is a bit of an all-round debuff and a bit of experimenting going on with it beam training context is for Kings now most of the time on this one it is going to be a damage resistance buff because we are gonna be taking damage plate of shell fleet coordinator grace under fire which completely resets the cooldown of our miraculous repairs ability caryn targeting systems for critical severity self modulating fire and repair crews starship trait wise attack pattern Delta Prime and this modifies our attack pattern Delta and you'll probably note that this is hilariously expensive today but it wasn't in the past when I got it and when this activates and we're using Delta this is 15% critical chance and 37.5% critical severity so it stacks up quite a bit whenever Delta is active so that makes Delta a very important buff for us calm before the storm combined with attrition warfare of our secondary specialization is what this build uses for managing cooldowns so that's why calm before the storm is there plus we also get some nice weapon haste buffs as well with that and as I mentioned combines with attrition warfare and that pretty much handles cooldowns emergency weapons cycle reduces weapon power cost increases haste redirecting arrays which is pretty much a no-brainer running fire will and a tank then finally history will remember this increases just provides us in all damage buff improves hull regen and provides extra threat generation and you'll note that the stacks up to 30 times and whenever your tank and you're getting hit that's something you definitely want reputation wise Nakara aux power offense energy frequency for healing magnified fire power critical chance from Romulan and advanced targeting systems from the iconian set up now duty officer wise as this is a tank just a couple of energy weapons officers to get a crit severity buff when firing energy weapons these could maybe be changed a critical chance depending on your cup of tea but I I think we have enough critical chance as it is on this build emergency clone officer to reset the evasive maneuvers cool down a security officer to increase threat gen running when we're running attack pattern Delta so there's the trifecta of attack pattern Delta this bridge officer that improves threat gen combined with attack pattern Delta prime makes Delta attack pattern Delta a lynchpin of this build fabrication engineering creases the duration of River shield polarity and a nurse which is just a flat 15% hole regeneration and the stacks with many other sources and there's some questions about when for when I complete the discovery reputation on this character whether or not adding in that two-piece discovery set for one hundred and fifty percent extra hole regeneration might be something to look at so now I think the question comes up how exactly do you fly this thing as a tank well in general your goal as a tank is to have a combination of DPS threat generation and survivability you need enough DPS that combined with sources of threat generation such as the embassy console attract fire attack pattern Delta and threatening stance you're going to have enemies that will want to attack you you also need enough survivability at the same time that they don't crush you but if your DPS is too low you'll be a hindrance on your team or the enemies won't target you won't target someone else the right ratio of these I find is largely personal and it depends on what content you're trying to tank so while this setup on the ship works for me it might not work for you now the run you're about to see 117k dps with 85% attacks in these numbers are good the attacks in could go a bit higher with personal practice and a more cohesive team and often times when you're building a tank attack sin is the more interesting number to look at then DPS let's have a look at the run right now all right so we're back and here's the parse as you can see our phaser beam arranged at 51 K under fire well three whether 13 K when they were just firing quantum phase transfer that's the shield drain right there 6 K DPS and the spread did three point four so that's 9 K just from one torpedo we all said someone in there running concentrated firepower which helped us a bit and you'll of course note here at the pets if we take a look at those 24 K DPS throughout that entire run I've seen them go higher so these pets are actually doing quite a good job on that and before we move on to just sum up I'll just point out this stat here on this run 85% attacks in and 75% of the damage in so you can see here that this did fulfill its role of a tank and I guess since this is a tank we should also have a look at the heel abilities as well that we used here so the restorative protomatter matrix our consul gave us 1.7 3k heels per second energy brief frequence or 1.1 that next step was miraculous repairs and then everything else from there trickles down ablative shell ox to SIF hazard emitters and engineering team at the end so there we have it there's the build in the run and as we said we'd normally don't do these energy weapon builds but I figured it was interesting as this ship is kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing that would be coming out so I thought we might as well have a bit of a talk about it and the concept of a miracle worker tanks hopefully you found this video useful and if you want more like and subscribe and maybe we'll be back doing more of these in the discovery miracle worker flight deck cruiser or maybe we'll just go back to science we'll have to wait and see but see you next time everyone

3 thoughts on “Discovery Constitution (Enterprise) Miracle Worker Flight Deck Cruiser 100k+ DPS | Star Trek Online

  • Jonathan Patterson

    Did you buy the infinity packs to get it or did someone give it to you? I've spent $50 on buying Zen for those packs and haven't gotten any luck which is frustrating

  • Chris Asmundson

    Great Video, How do you get the auto launch on the pets to work I am having issues with that on mine? keep up the great content 🙂

  • BaronVonZollo

    Nice walkthrough on ability synergy for tanking. it's always a help to explain why certain abilities, traits, skills and consoles are used and how they interact with each other.

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