‘Disaster’: How Judge In Trump Impeachment Trial May Compel Witnesses And Break Ties | MSNBC

‘Disaster’: How Judge In Trump Impeachment Trial May Compel Witnesses And Break Ties | MSNBC

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36 thoughts on “‘Disaster’: How Judge In Trump Impeachment Trial May Compel Witnesses And Break Ties | MSNBC

  • Scottishroad35 Pinoy Post author

    VP Pence, I don’t think so! His part of these mess!

  • mjs1231 Post author

    Lol leftys just cant stand trump won.
    Thats all this is. A drawn out temper tantrum.

  • Mike Matthews Post author


  • blastman8888 Post author

    The news media like MSNBC, and CNN dream of a way to hope they can force Trump from office. What they will get is a long drawn out trial where Hunter and Joe Biden will be called. American's agree with the GOP this does not rise to the level of Impeachment. I actually think this impeachment will cause the loss of the election in 2020 and end up with Trump for 4 more years.

  • Mr. Ramirez Post author

    Witnesses or no witnesses McConnell already made up his mind…

  • Brad Smith Post author

    Do you have a hamburger without meat? Trial without witnesses? .. really? …

  • Carol Price Post author

    The truth is not what they want.

  • Brennen Cox Post author

    3:17 Witness for and against Trump. Or in other words, witnesses.

  • Mark Keogh Post author

    Next time Trump declares someone "a disaster", ask him specifically which policies and decisions that person has made are a disaster.

    Chances are he can name maybe one thing they've done if it affected him

  • James Firmiss Post author

    Need more than 4 because there are always some Democrats who side with the Republicans.

  • James Campbell Post author

    Let’s have witnesses. All of them. Not just a few picked by Nancy. If we’re looking for truth, grill everyone.

  • James Campbell Post author

    It takes 67, not 51.

  • Askal Tesfa Post author

    The people are fade up with Trump’ corruptions, so not only Trump but all his followers in the WH should go. Leave the WH with grace

  • Juan Argueta Post author

    Why didn’t the dems call witnesses when deciding to impeach. I find it extremely unfair that when deciding to impeach they didn’t let the republicans call any of their witnesses . Why now should they give in to the dems demands if they weren’t fair with the republicans.

  • John Patriot eagle freedom boner Post author

    Argue the facts not the angles. All the senators should want wittinesses, all of them. If republicans think trump is innocent then argue that and vote that. This is the equivalent to wanting to put your fingers in your ears and chanting “La La La La”

  • Bill Pool Post author

    Any republicans who vote to BAN WITNESSES, has already committed perjury!!! They swore to remain impartial!!!
    Republicans violating sworn oaths is starting to be the norm!!!

  • Professor Phate Post author

    They won't get 1 let alone 3 . None of them are dumb enough . And if they call 3 or 4 witnesses Trump gets 3 or 4 and they don't want that. Joe Biden and his inbred son don't want that

  • cal gourley Post author

    Without witnesses, it’s a huge waste of time and money. Gutless republicans

  • Patti Fearon Post author

    You don't praise anyone for corruption. What gives the (R)s the brainless idea that he never did anything wrong. So because he is forcing them to get him off they are willingly going to cover for him and betray the country?? Why? When we are children we learn in life is not to lie- don't tell story's – and be morally a good person. Not only are these clowns bashing the constitution they are proving they lie- they tell stories-and they are all morally corrupt and not good people. Children and grandchildren learn very quickly right from wrong. The kids watching this grown-up behaviour are going to think they can do anything with no recourse. This in itself is a crime. As adults they will become evil deceitful corrupt adults who can probably shoot someone in Times Square & nothing would happen. What a great world this is becoming.

  • vhollund Post author

    MSNBC are pro liars

  • suzi perret Post author

    Please help America, vote for witnesses.

  • Eric Hoyer Post author

    Doesn’t there have to be a crime to be charged with a crime???
    In this case: These alleged offenses are not CAUSE for impeachment.
    Psst: by the way the burden of proof is on the Democrats hense, No, defense need not call witnesses or testify. The demos < cause they destroy……. have to prove beyond doubt a crime has been committed

  • Trinity Angel Post author

    Here is something everyone with enough brains knows. You are fake news! Who really cares what you have to say😂

  • BRAINWASHED Post author

    Why do I feel like you're next topic is going to be about unicorns

  • The Ace Jiru Show Post author

    Fake liberal media cooking up the results in advance.

  • pat moorer Post author

    MSNBC = CNN , Dividers of our Country .

  • Disney Hopper Post author

    Snow white should be the judge, for she's the fairest of them all.

  • Brian Cameron Post author


  • 2Truth4Liberty Post author

    [[ a Chief Justice may break ties in a presidential trial ]]
    Really? Why was the 50/50 Clinton vote considered "Not Guilty" ?

  • Kenneth Gross Post author

    This is a direct example of the 2 party system failing.

  • Helen Heard Post author

    They got you to chief justice? We notice that your allowing more time to trumps lawyers, what did they say to you, that has you afraid? Wow trump stoops really low, desperate man. Your not being fare and parcel. Only proof of how this system is a failer, if you can't be parcel you should leave our bench.

  • Helen Heard Post author

    I tell this to the world, the Senaters of the united states are lazy. What are they there for when they were ask to be parcel, do they know the definition, I'm not seeing that they do. They're acting like a bunch of children debated ing the true facts. A THIEF IS A THIEF. Donald J Trump should be removed from office, for more reasons than one, and everybody dame well knows it. I know I know.

  • Helen Heard Post author

    The Democrats are doing a honerable jop. Lucky for Trump and you undecided senaters, that they don't stoop as low as most of you are. I wonder what would your mothers say to you?

  • Death ToTruthers Post author

    Aaannnnndddd… Roberts said today he won't break ties.

  • cheryl laney Post author

    So much for the REPUBLICANS,
    Being trustworthy.

  • William Helfrich Post author

    Historical American injustice, the courts have been two tiered ever since the beginning of our nation, Putin was right in saying that America is just as corrupt as Russia

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