Democrats Introduce Legislation Aimed At Crippling Trump’s Presidency

Democrats Introduce Legislation Aimed At Crippling Trump’s Presidency

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While the new democratic majority congress
is in session, if you know not all the government is open, but Democrats are in session and
hell yeah, they are raring to go and they are raring to take down. Donald Trump, democratic representative Steve
Cohen, actually within the first day and a half of being on the job this year, has introduced
a series of bills that would create these constitutional amendments that would severely
hinder the rest of Donald Trump’s presidency and to be perfectly honest, improve the overall
state of American democracy. Here’s what these bills would do. First and foremost, there is a constitutional
amendment to abolish the Electoral College. To that, I say, hell yeah. Where was this 100 years ago? The electoral college is an outdated concept. It is something that takes away the will of
the people and easily allows any particular candidate to go out there and only pay attention
to a few select areas of the country while ignoring certain other areas and they can
still win a presidential election. And I know I’ve seen conservatives argued
that if we get rid of the electoral college, nobody will ever visit Kansas. Nobody will visit Wisconsin or any of these,
you know, Middle America states. Really, if we were to switch to only popular
vote, it would actually give those people a louder voice than the two or three electoral
college votes that some of those states have. It would finally make them matter. Electoral College needs to go 100 percent
agree with Steven Cohen here. Another one of his bills would make it a not
possible for the president to pardon his or herself, their family members or their staffers. Again, another piece of legislation that I
can 100 percent get behind and not just for Donald Trump, just like the electoral college
thing shouldn’t just be about Donald Trump. These are about actually restoring a little
bit of checks and balances and limiting the power of the president and increasing the
power of the American public. Something that we should have done on day
one, but we didn’t as a country, so now we got to make up for it and we got to fix it. I know Trump has tweeted multiple times that
he can pardon himself. He is absolutely right to do it. We don’t know if that’s for sure yet. That’s something that most likely will be
tested in the courts as we move forward with this administration, but they shouldn’t be
able to. If a president, president can effectively
pardon themselves than they become above the law, that means they are some kind of dictator
here in the United States. If the law is no longer apply to them, that
has to change and not just for Donald Trump, but to restore integrity and accountability
to the office of the president of the United States itself. These pieces of legislation though, they have
no chance of passing, are absolutely what this country needs.

100 thoughts on “Democrats Introduce Legislation Aimed At Crippling Trump’s Presidency

  • Lisa Godin Post author

    If these bills have no chance of passing because of Republicans YOU people voted in, then why even bring it up! More wasted time thanks to your pansy ineffective politicians! As an American it pisses me off! Politicians have always been out for themselves NOT you!

  • Benjamin Buckley Post author

    The states should apportion their electoral votes proportionally.

  • Lisa Godin Post author

    Where are any of you demanding impeachment or resignation of Trump! The electoral college won't be voted out because the politician s who are voting won't if it's even brought up! We're stuck with a dictstorship!

  • Ken Bugbee Post author

    Trump needs no pardon .
    To get a pardon there has to be a guilty verdict of a crime .

  • Madcat4301 Post author

    And just think, the Democrats are just getting started. Yes, this system definitely needs fixing. Time to get to it!

  • Bondfinesse Post author

    I agree, get rid of the EC because right now voting does not matter if it all comes down to the EC

  • Gloria Nica Post author

    Excellent news,.I had always questioned the electoral college vote, who the hell are they, does anyone knows, what they look like at least & why do they have authority to choose for the people & when their votes is contrary to the desires of the majority, what a farge, that is not democratic in practice at all, then what is the purpose of voting anyway.

  • Elizabeth Welkie Post author

    I agree!

  • I didn’t cut it cuz HQ S Post author

    FUCK. Trump🤣🤣🤣 This guy in the video actually had things I was interested in

  • zambalic1 Post author

    I do not think you know what the electoral college. It ensures our democratic system.

  • Darlene Monen Post author

    If trump tries to veto anything, the house can override it by vetoing trumps veto with 2/3 of the house. Take his power away from him. Show him hes not the powerful all mighty! He can be controlled by votes against him and new bills can be passed that can take all of his power away from him like making decisions without the approval of the house first. If he continues to enforce any demands the house voted against then its abuse of power and grounds for impeachment. Hes given a choice to cooperate and should he refuse itll be an automatic removal of his presidency.

  • Walter M Lane Post author

    Cripple! Dismantle it for the good of the Republic!

  • Franklin Richardson Post author

    Told you TRUMP supporters it's time not nice trolling back is it not fun when the rabbit has the gun uhh time to stop this madness and blantant corruption

  • Darrell Simmons Post author

    ALL the U.S. mass shootings/killings/terrorists are white, male, U.S. citizens. A wall to keep out women and children? A waste of billions. The idiot said Mexico would pay for it, he's responsible for shut down "I'll be proud to shut down the government," he promised to release his tax records if elected, he lied about being a sexual assaulter until he was caught on tape bragging about it, repeated draft dodger avoided service because"bone spurs" but caught running up and down tennis courts and golf courses, fake businessman filed bancruptcy several times, said he didn't know the porn star but court documents prove he had a slush fund for prostitutes and porn stars, he cheats on his wife, 8 yrs. falsely said Obama wasn't a citizen w/no proof, ripped off students at Trump University w/a $25,000,000.00 ruling against him, he's under investigation, his buddies have been indicted and imprisoned, he hired illegal immigrants on his buildings, the hypocrite preaches "rule of law," Fox is fake and keeps his base well UN-informed. 2020 All NON-Repugnican parties come together, select 1 candidate like Biden or Bernie, so the vote #'s aren't dispersed like in 2016 when the draft dodger snuck in, then we Americans can smash this lunatic and dismantle the GOP FOREVER!!

  • Bill Hart Post author

    The first family of fraud, fronted by a philandering felon. Censure, indict, impeach, convict and incarcerate Benedict Donald!

  • Yarey Sánchez Aponte Post author

    Nobody goes to Kansas already. Not a swing state.

  • Damien Omen Post author

    I’m Greek, and I’m pretty sure that when my ancestors invented democracy, they really believed that the person with the most votes wins. Apparently, America has got their own warped electoral college democracy. Bizarre…….

  • Thoughts Post author

    If america aint careful guys we might need to invade it and free the people! Lol

  • JVS 3 Post author

    Trump is following Hitler’s roadmap to absolute power.. National Geographic documentary MAKING OF A DICTATOR shows in a documented format and history to Hitler’s rise to absolute power. Trump has been following it since his birtherism which he used to get a national issue foothold and tap into a following of racists bigoted resentful angry white redneck victimhood left behinds that could keep or accept that the world and the US was no longer the George Wallace 1950s America. And needed someone to justify their racism, bigotry, hate, anger, resentment, bitterness, and tell them who to blame… Hitler blamed the Jews, trump blamed immigrants and people of color, and fed their need to feel superior… the NG document is worth watching, it presents the similarities of everything trump is doing

  • Bung Kusi Post author


  • The There Man Post author

    So be it. Good!

  • mxt mxt Post author

    The electoral college was meant to make sure guys like Trump don't end up President, ironically. The President should not be allowed to pardon himself.

  • 4 Dub Post author

    The fact that we dnt even know if he can or not is crazy.

  • PADon69 Post author

    It’s time to abolish the electoral college. Twice in 16 years the candidate who won the popular vote lost the presidency. A national popular vote would put all states in play.

  • labibbidabibbadum Post author

    You could always make voting compulsory like jury duty.
    That's the Australian system – makes sense.

  • Tas Tapsas Post author

    There is hope in these legislative ideas. The electoral college system was broken long ago. Think of George W Bush. He lost the first election by millions but became President. Trump lost the vote by a crushing 3 to 4 million votes and yet here we are. The President should not have the power to act unilaterally. Congress, which represents the voice of the people, that is when not corrupted as it has been for the last two years, is the true power. Presidents must be stripped of the power to close down government as is happening right now. Presidents, anyone who holds the office, should be stripped of the pardon power. They should be stripped of the power to nominate judges, justices, FBI heads, or any Department of Justice appointees. They should be stripped of the power to unilaterally impose tariffs and also to start wars or take military action. It must be put to Congress to make that decision, and that decision must be based on sound judgment and verifiable facts. Unfortunately when you get a group of Republicans such as these supine bunch controlling both houses then problems can arise. First get rid of the electoral college and then work on the rest of the problems.

  • Dennis Janda Post author

    The Country has worked for over 200 years, now the Dumbocrats want to break it..They want us to look like Venezuela..Just Sayin' !!

  • Sparky Jones Post author

    Yeah. Well done. It won't get past the Senate, but sure, why not?

  • Jo Ann Lewis Post author

    Bring that shit on. The E. College was more than once a blight and insult to the people if America. That inability to pardon family and staff – GET IT DONE NOW! NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW AND IF THAT'S THE TRUTH THEN AMERICA HAS BECOME THE LAND OF THE LAWLESS! SO, TO WHOM DOES THE US CONSTITUTION SERVE? NO ONE – HENCE, THIS SHIT BECOMES REAL AND A CIVIL WAR WILL BE CALLED.

  • mark nelson Post author

    Total waste of time going nowhere fast

  • Grz349 Post author

    They’re only putting them up to damage Trump. The Democrat leadership wouldn’t put this forward if they thought it would pass.

  • shankoff1 Post author

    These constitutional amendments will go nowhere. This would be a long drawn out process. The ERA amendment has been working its way through the states since 1972, and still is not law.

  • Themcplayer 01 Post author

    Goddam id like to see this

  • Themcplayer 01 Post author

    We might be getting somewhere dam

  • Nocturnal Recluse Post author

    Berniefags…STOP attacking democrats if you like Democracy.

  • OLo Post author

    He does not need any help to cripple his "presidency" doing great job at it himself

  • madkabal Post author

    No dumbass cities like New York and Los Angeles will have all the power. New York especially is apporching a 10 million population! Several states don't even have a million people living in it they would be completely ignored! Los Angeles has more cars in that city than the next 7 US states combined! You are a moron!

  • 1Tomrider Post author

    tRump is president of the Electoral College, nothing more, having been defeated by Hillary by 3 million votes. The EC is an inane, elitist system and ironically part of its (failed) intent was to keep degenerates like the Orange Sphincter from ever being "elected."

  • LordAaronus Post author

    you'd need a safeguard to prevent them from hitting democratic candidates with the same laws. we all know Trump is learning how to circumvent the presidency by controlling the companies that control everything, so even if he loses the next election it won't matter

  • Damacles9 Post author

    Then the Constitutional Amendment has to be ratified by three fourths of the States in a Constitutional Convention — good luck in Red States. Not going to happen, just look at the ERA Amendment 40 years on….the Dems did this same grand standing bs last time they controlled the House. Then when they controlled the House, Senate, and POTUS what did they give us? That's right, Republican plans and laws. Bait and switch for 26 years. Smh….nie wieder.

  • LUIS VELEZ Post author

    With no EC Presidental candidates will be campaigning all over California 70 % of the time . .

  • Plain Ole Me Post author

    No one Should be Above the Law!!!

  • BeatlesFanSonia Post author

    Exactly what this country needs!!!

  • J. Lahtinen Post author

    If I was made a temporary dictator of the US, here's what I'd do about the election system:

    1. Abolish the electoral college.

    2. End gerrymandering – order districts to be drawn by independent, non-partisan organizations without the knowledge of what kind of voters live in what areas.

    3. Institute ranked voting; instead of voting for a single candidate, you'd rank, say, your top three, favorite to least favorite. Your top candidate would receive 3 votes, your second 2, and your third 1.

    4. Enact automatic voter registration – if you are eligible to vote, you are automatically registered to vote.

    5. Here's a bit that may appeal to conservatives (at least partly): ID would be required in order to vote. BUT – I'd make it the right of every citizen to receive an official picture ID without charge. (and replace it, if lost, at cost.)

    6. Get rid of voting machines, and go back to pen and paper, where you have a physical record of the vote afterwards. The physical record must be kept safe a number of years after the election.

    7. Strengthen the controls against electoral fraud – exit polling must be made mandatory, and can't be canceled in the midst of an election. There's a point of discrepancy between exit poll results and counted results at which it is mathematically implausible that there wasn't something wrong with the process. If such a line is crossed, an independent investigation must be started, and the discrepancy explained; in case of any remaining suspicion of wrongdoing, the vote must be re-run.

    8. I'd make it so that all elections be held during two days within a week, and one of those days must be a Sunday. (This to ensure that as many people as possible can vote, without having to take time off work.)

    9. Require that all elections must ensure that there are enough election places to ensure that all those eligible to vote can do so, in a reasonable time frame, without extraordinary effort on their part. (So giving a community just one election place, that can only be reached by car, with the nearest bus stop a few miles away, would be considered a breach of this requirement, and carry severe penalties.)

    10. Increase the penalties for electoral fraud, and disenfranchisement efforts. For example, trying to convince a group of voters that the vote is held on a different day than it actually is, should be considered as fraud, and persecuted as such. Those who run elections have a grave duty to be scrupulously fair and strict with following the rules, and failure to do so should carry the threat of significant prison sentences.

    I'm sure there'd be a few more things, at least, but those are what come to mind immediately. If you approach elections with the purpose of genuinely wanting everyone to have a say, counting every vote, and ensuring that the result is credible, these things are pretty obvious.

  • Reg Jones Post author

    No Mercy! He showed you none.

  • Lanzy Fabian Post author

    By all means let's push this forward. If it doesn't pass the Senate or if there are NOT votes for an override, American Voters will know exactly which bastards to eject in 2020.

  • Marton Steve Post author


  • NationOfRandomization Post author

    It's good to see this being pushed.. Trump has been a wake-up call

  • dalec305 Post author

    Like that's needed.

  • sandy russell Post author


  • James A. Latimer Post author

    The Senate and, certainly, this president will not agree to these things. They will not even be brought to a vote.

  • Andrew Garcia Post author


  • Penny Sutch Post author

    tRump complained election were fixed why did he bring this 2 our attention.Russia no conclusion.Go back 2 his campaign everything he is saying and doing this is why Muller is doing investigation on him.When all said and done America will wonder what the heck happened.I love my country I don't like tRump he has trashed it.

  • Jon Vanover Post author

    Are you kidding politicans are dishonest period ain't going to happen

  • Shane Thomas Post author


  • Gerwin Bergsma Post author

    Can't wait for the US to finally truly becoming a bit greater by removing the EC.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  • Billy Crutchfield Post author

    Trump psychologically manipulates people through hate and fear tactics I say fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me Trump never had me fooled

  • Vivian Perino Post author

    WJB Motown, what happened to Pebbles, Wilma, Betty and Dino? ❣️📽🎞📺🌋🍗🍖🦕🦖🤷‍♀️….Yabba Dabba Doo!

  • Larry Aldama Post author

    Lock him up

  • Matthew Smith Post author

    Andrew Yang 2020.

  • Grace Bertrand Post author

    What presidency? He's nothing but a wannabe dick tator

  • GiacomodellaSvezia Post author

    One consolation from a terrible choice by the electoral college: The personal, even criminal, use a person can try to make of the highest office has become clear.

  • i gumby Post author

    So how do they expect to pass anything? Senate holds the axe.
    Trump has the veto pen

  • jonny malayil Post author

    TRUMPPHOBIA HATRED AND MALICIOUS by Clinton's NEWS network. CNN MSNBC TYT etc FAKE news are always trying to bring down President Trump is the best President ever changing the American towards Sanity

  • scohspot Post author

    I think we can still have the electoral college but there should not be a winner takes all for each state. Votes should be issued proportionally to the popular vote of each state

  • Youdontneedto Seemyidentification Post author

    I strongly support crippling comrade Trumpski's ultra-corrupt regime BEFORE he can cripple the entire nation any further!
    Go Pelosi, Go team Mueller, Go Adam Schiff & Brad Sherman! * MAGA = Moscow's Agent's Going Away!

  • RedMage Post author

    I would not count on the House too much. They are currently trying to pass anti-BDS legislation this year.

  • Matt Sikora Post author

    The electoral college is going no where that’s the law of the land this is a stupid argument because the east coast and west coast would determine every election

  • bisquitnspanky Post author

    The early leaders of the USA were aristocrats who did not believe that ordinary people should be able to vote. The argument about less populace states being under represented was an excuse for the electoral college and was never the real reason.

  • McDonald's Big Mac Post author


  • Bunchoffuckingbullshit Post author

    DAMN 'BOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bunchoffuckingbullshit Post author

    PAY ATTENTION, PEOPLE!!! (Especially if you're a Republican!) How many times have YOU called for the Electoral College to be abolished? Or for term limits? Or for so many other "checks and balances"? I repeat, PAY ATTENTION!!! It is the DEMOCRATS who are trying to get this done, but it is the REPUBLICAN PARTY that wants to stop it from happening. (Still think you are being "represented"???)

  • Rikki Hoffecker Post author

    A tiny mind led around by a tiny dick.

  • Mandy B Post author

    Is there any way Trump can be forced to reopen government? If he's refusing to work, surely he should be sacked?

  • James Frank Post author

    You can't pardon in the advance of a crime and conviction.

  • Tommy Vasec Post author

    Trump the President will be impeached soon, then indicted, then sent to prison for life and the cell's bar rods will be coated with gold, and Mexico will gladly pay for it. ;')

  • Zombie Fool Post author

    Amendments? 😂🤣
    Eliminate the Electoral College and guarantee Civil War II. The purpose of the Electoral College is to insure the elected President has broad support, moron. Pick up a Civic 101 book.

  • Cue 1st Amend Post author

    One person- one vote or you don't have a democracy! America is the only " free country" where the candidate who wins the most votes, loses the election.

  • ryan mac Post author

    Cry babies ….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • M. Hall Post author

    Because there weren’t enough laws to stop this filthy criminal, and because the criminals before him walked on all their criminal acts. Thanks to the criminal government they led.

  • M. Mangredi Post author

    They should also put in this bill, Anyone running for public office is required to show the past seven yrs. of tax returns.

  • Patrick Roe Post author

    There are very few….and I mean few people on this site…….that are worth a fuck…..the rest are brain washed by MSM filth……I will be back to rip these asshole's a new one……everytime you post SHIT…..BUBBA!

  • margaret nocita Post author

    he want to take the the money from any project that has it ?????

  • Noah Vale Post author

    I have more in common with the east and west coast and have nothing in common with the rust and bible belt !

  • Violet Roy Post author

    No need–Democrats are looking good already. With heavyweights like Harris, Warren, Booker or Biden, Trump will be lucky to even win one state. Resist, not legislate. Screw constituents and their expectations.

  • Youdontneedto Seemyidentification Post author

    Sign the petition and pass it on. It's time for all American patriots to step up and support truth and justice. Remove Putin's despicable lying clown puppet before he can destroy America further! Your voice counts. Join the millions who have already signed:
    {(>>>>>> <<<<<<<)}

  • Dai Fox Post author

    Beautiful legislation! These are changes that we've needed forever. Also, it limits Republicans from cheating their ways into the office. Like Bush and Donald… if only there was a rule to make it so that if someone like Bernie has so many votes that he passes say… 4 billion more than the intended choice for the Democratic party. That or if someone is an independent they can garner enough support to not even need the democratic nomination. Because if the Dems try pushing Hilary back in… people should riot and hell even attack violently. Because at this point it'd probably save more lives than what Nancy and a lot of these stupid fucking corporate assholes want. They live on Easy Street with proper care and don't need to work much while the rest of us have to earn 401ks that can be affected by a shift in the economy.

  • Douglas Hogg Post author

    A constitution amendment? Do you know how hard that is? No way.

  • Conald-is-a Scourge-on-humanity Post author

    It's only fair since Tyrant has done nothing but attempt to cripple the US government.

  • Michigan usa Pontiac Post author

    Dems take care of everyone else not our own people

  • Kimberly Post author


  • John Whitney Post author

    Right left Republican Democrat it don't matter to me they're all liars

  • SpecialSP Post author

    Maybe . . . there is a God! @TheTweetOfGod

    * * * no more electoral college * * *
    * * * no tRump self-pardon * * *

  • Helmut Christian Tomas Post author

    Abolishing the electoral college would only have to be the first step; the electoral college mirrors the distribution of Senate seats; 16.2 % of the US population are represented by 50 Senators and the remaining 83.8% also have 50 senators.
    The power distribution favors the Bible Belt which soon will have 50+ senators with 40% of the US population. They can block any nomination of the President, as they did with Obama's choice for the supreme court and they can easily install any crook who commits perjury and lies as AG and Supreme Court justice.
    Barr will be confirmed as AG and nobody questions the acting AG in spite of their massive conflicts of interests after condemning the Mueller investigation beforehand – that is their qualification to be nominated.
    The senators who confirmed the criminal Kavanaugh represented 44% of the US population; he was involved in the illegal usage of stolen document of the Dems for the benefit of his own party and commited perjury in this context and was accused of sexual misdemeanor; the supposed victim has to hide for her safety and the felon is judge in the Supreme Court.
    The FBI was not allowed by the "sitting president" to investigate, because he said that a sitting president could neither be indicted nor impeached for whatever reason – that is his job qualification as was DeVos' and others' : corrupt and loyal to persons and disloyal to the constitution and the rule of law.
    If you do not disempower the Senate from some key rights every elected president other than a RipOfflican would be a "lame duck".
    Banning the president from pardoning himnself, his staffers and his family should cover "former presidents" who commit their crimes under the cover of their status and only resign if they are promised a pardon by their successor who is supposed to be a more or less an intimate friend and co-criminal in the same matter.

  • Daniel Hansen Post author

    This dumb ass must have been asleep in political Science and History class !! The Electro College was created to give a voice for a populations of the less populated areas through out the States. Other wise you may as well just allow voters to vote in large citys.that may lean one side or the other. As far as his comment on the reduction of power of the president again ""DUMB ASS" Those are legal laws that have been in place nearly the beginning of this Great America. I find it intresting this doesnt come up un less the "cummunist" "CRY BABY'S" dont like what a president doesn't like… all make me SICK!! I will see you mentally Ill Leftest cummunist (Domestic Enemys) on the " BATTLE FIELD" !! And its NOT coming fast enough !!

  • Leper Lord Post author

    None of these great things can pass without the (Rep controlled) senate ?

    Am i correct ?

    This Dem house is starting to look toothless the more i study things

    Ie Whittaker can squash the Muller report so it won`t see the light of day ?

    Whittaker can squash any subpoenas Dems try to produce ?

    Is that all true ?

    If so this Dem house seems a toothless entity

  • Wally Gumz Post author

    Holy shit, did we as a people finally grow a conscience?! True Democracy?! Could it be?! One can only hope. If these bills pass, watch Trump take credit for them. Insane in the membrane .

  • Losaiko Go Blue Post author

    Then why did Nixon reign. The man thinks he can pardon himself.

  • ss Post author

    One vote, one value. How hard can it be?

  • LF 3RD Post author

    The USA is not a Democracy.

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