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– So I just wanna spend a few more minutes with this absolutely
gorgeous monocled cobra before we move on to some other pretty deadly snakes, guys.
(music squeals) Hey, good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog. It is gonna be a fun and
adrenaline-filled morning so we’re gonna go on a
little adventure together. And by the way have an
absolutely amazing day. The reason I say that is because
I have a little goodie here that Bruce brought me. Remember that little tiny
cobra that we sexed awhile ago? That’s right, Bruce took
this little baby home. I swear to gosh, it was only like this big just like literally three months ago. Now look at how absolutely
amazingly large it is. And Bruce and Jessica
have been really working with some venomous animals
that are truly amazing but look at this leucistic monocled cobra. Whoo whoo doggie. That thing is absolutely wonderful. Again, it’s always a
pleasure when you’re holding something like this because
it’s just so absolutely adorable and you know I’ve told
people this all the time, you don’t want to keep venomous snakes because you’re cowboying it
up or you want to be macho or something like that. – Now I’m a jerk and everybody loves me. – But at the same time, you know, some people ride roller
coasters and jump out of planes and drive fast cars, for me, it’s something about messing
with a venomous snake that just it makes me feel
more alive than ever, right. And you got to be really careful though because getting bit by one of these guys, there’s no badge of honor, right. We want to be responsible as we can be. So, I’m always going to
take a lot of precaution. You know, I don’t ever really judge anyone for the things that they do but personally I don’t ever
want a free handle a cobra without using a snake hook and being is absolutely safe as possible because if I get bit that’s
not good for the reptile hobby, it’s not good for the animal, it’s not good for our image
or anything like that. Regardless, this guy can
pack a pretty good punch. I’m not gonna lie to you, right now. I mean you don’t want to get
bit by something like this mainly because not only is it pretty toxic but also the fact that
you really don’t know how your body is gonna react. If you have an allergy to venom and I’ve never been bitten
by a venomous snake, so I don’t know if I
have that allergy or not, so I don’t want to take any risk because, hey if you go into anaphylactic
shock with a cobra like this you’re definitely gonna be in trouble. I had a friend of mine, of
course, Ryan over in Africa, that died last year that was
unconscious within 30 second of just a nip from a black mamba. That’s right, now don’t get me wrong, black mambas are very, very venomous. It wasn’t the fact of the
toxicity of the venom, it was actually the
anaphylactic or allergic shock that actually killed my buddy. So, I don’t ever want to take that chance, so I always want to be
very precautious with this but cobras are amazing and
this one is so well-behaved. It barely even slightly
looks up from time to time. It is an absolutely
unbelievably docile animal but Bruce tells me that at home it doesn’t act quite this behaved
but I’m pretty lucky to have an opportunity to
handle something like this but he also brought me
a couple African vipers that I’m very excited about so I just want to spend a few more minutes with this absolutely
gorgeous monocled cobra before we move on to some other
pretty deadly snakes, guys. The thing I love about
monocled cobras is the fact that they’re so polymorphic
as far as color mutations, you know, because with
most venomous snakes it’s not a lot of captive
breeding for color mutations. It’s kind of the exception
with the monocled cobra. They actually come in a
bunch of different colors. Albinos, leucistic, purple ones, all kinds of different
stuff, Sunglows, oh my gosh. They are absolutely incredible. And this leucistic is an absolute beauty. I tell you what, that is a beautiful snake and I’m so lucky that
I had the opportunity to meet it today and I hope
that you guys enjoyed it. What do you say we move
on to some African vipers? Oh my gosh, take a look at this
little dude right here. Of course this is the African puff adder. These guys are incredible. I mean one of the coolest
little vipers out there for sure but unfortunately puff
adders are responsible for the most bites over in Africa as well as fatality as well. These guys are lightning quick. Really these and the death adders are considered the fastest
striking snake on the planet and they have quite a range. Believe it or not, it may seem that I’m a little bit
far away from this guy but it has such a strike range, I’m not getting any closer because they’re actually
like little springs. They’ll literally spring their body forward when they strike. So, a normal snake might
only be able to strike six or eight inches at this length. This guy could probably go
a foot or a foot and a half strike range because
they’re little springs. They just spring forward. Of course, they have
those hypodermic needles for teeth that inject the venom and again it’s a pretty dirty venom, you definitely don’t want to
get bit by something like that. And the reason there’s so many fatalities over in Africa from puff adders, it’s not the fact that
they’re unbelievably toxic which they are pretty nasty, but the truth is it’s
the treatment, right. That’s why the death
adders over in Australia which are very similar
there’s hardly any deaths from those guys because
the treatment in Australia is so much better than Africa and that’s certainly
something we have to work on in continents like Africa is to get a little bit better health care so that there’s less
fatalities from snakebites as well as just education on these guys. One of the things that you
have to be careful about with puff adders is the fact
that if you ever have to neck them for whatever reason they
can actually poke those fangs right through the bottom and bite you, so I tell you what, I know a lot
of people have been nipped by puff adders that way,
where one tooth just comes out and just nicks them from the behind. So, I don’t mess with these guys too much and one of the things
that I think puff adders are really known for is the
undulation when they crawl. They have that really
straight pattern undulation as opposed to a normal slither, but wow, what a gorgeous animal and what’s crazy about these guys, they’re live-barers. Believe it or not, there’s been reports of puff adders having over 100 babies. Could you imagine coming across an exhibit that has 100 little puff adders in it? Oh, I tell you what that’s
a lot of danger noodles. All right, next up, what I would think as the other two of the trifecta when it comes to amazing African vipers. Oh my gosh, whoo. That thing is ridiculous. Again, I’m going to keep
myself pretty far away. These guys are little
springs, but unbelievable. Take a look at that animal right there. Unreal, of course this is
the Gaboon viper from Africa. One of the coolest snakes
on the planet, I think. I think if you were to say
what is the prettiest snake that you’ve ever seen on the
planet that naturally occurs? I would say Gaboon vipers or Rhino vipers would definitely be that animal. I mean just look at the
cryptic color and patterning and that big head and these
guys have the longest teeth of any venomous snake
and adult Gaboon viper can literally have teeth up
to a inch and a half long. It’s crazy. Of course, they are short and stout. They’re kind of like a
blood Python in a way but in a viper body. Just take a look that thing. And again, much like the puff adder, these guys have an amazing strike range. So again, you may think that you’re fine and that you’re not in the danger area but they’ll just spring out
and shoot really quickly. You do not want to get tagged
by something like this. This is a pretty serious bite right here but nevertheless
unbelievably gorgeous animal. Again, there’s East and West Gaboon vipers and they’re just slightly different but unbelievably incredible
animals I tell you what. I’m just in awe every
time I see a Gaboon viper. I mean just look at that animal. – Would ya look at this? – That is ridiculous. I don’t even know what to
say other than the fact that I feel blown away about this thing. It’s crazy and I’ve seen
a lot of Gaboon vipers. This one is so clean and
so absolutely beautiful. Oh my gosh. Wow, guys, I’m just blown away, man. That thing is, that’s like
a dream animal right there. I one day have to own Gaboons
and Rhino vipers for sure because they are just a
dream, dream snake but again, (sighs) stay away from the pokey end, man ’cause that would be a bad, bad day to get hit by something like that but wow. Just take a look at that. – He probably had a look at
it and said look at this. – Wow, that thing is crazy. All right, the last of the trifecta. Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? Unbelievable, look at
that thing right there. Holy moly, now okay, I
just sat there and said how I thought that Gaboon viper
was the most beautiful thing, this is like, I thought it I’m in shock. Of course, this is a Rhino viper which is very closely
related to the gabonicus. It’s just the rhinoceros and but the color and the
crispness of the pattern is ridiculous, oh my gosh. I mean, just take a look at that thing. – Look at it.
– Yeah, well. – What the heck is that (laughs)? – I don’t even know what to say. I mean that is incredible
and again I think that when it comes to
the the vipers of Africa, certainly the Rhino,
the Gaboon, and the puff are the ones that are like the iconic, just like unbelievable animals and don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of amazing snakes in Africa
and venomous snakes as well but for me personally these
are the three that stand out as the unbelievable kinda
icons of that continent and I tell you what, this
Rhino viper is unbelievable. Just take a look at
that thing right there. – Yeah, look at that. – Whoo, that is unbelievable and of course you can certainly see where they get the Rhino name, right? They’ve got those appendages
that are incredible. I mean just look at the
head pattern on that thing, that just unbelievably
stark arrow and then that just crazy kinda
yellow-blue pattern around it. Wow, there’s no doubt, well I can understand how
people can be so fascinated with all of these animals, unbelievable. So, I tell you what guys, I hope that you enjoyed
the beginning of this vlog and playing with some deadly
animals of Bruce and Jessica’s. And I don’t have to tell you that they’re being
unbelievably responsible and cautious with these animals. They aren’t going to ever do anything that could potentially put
them or anyone else in harm and if you ever do decide
to keep venomous reptiles, you need to keep that in mind as well. Make sure that you’re responsible
not only for what you do but for the safety of people around you because we don’t need
someone doing something wrong but I tell you what, I
absolutely love venomous snakes, I think they’re incredible and I wish I could start
every day like this. Pretty excited, we’re actually heading off to Josh’s Frogs right now. I literally have been talking about launching the reptile prime
backdrops like the Reptarium, for like, I don’t know,
close to a year now. Well, guess what I’ve
ordered every size Zoo Med and every size of Exoterra tanks. I ordered from Josh’s
Frogs, they’re in today so I’m gonna go travel
about hour-and-a-half to Josh’s frogs, we’ll
pick up these tanks, we’ll look around and
see some frogs of course, head back to the Reptarium and
then we’ll even show you guys what I mean by these backdrops. I finally am getting this
going, I’m super excited. (techno music) And of course, I’m here at Josh’s Frogs just kind of getting the frog tour here. I’m gonna look at some really cool animals and then we’re gonna try to
load up all of the tanks. I hear that there’s so many tanks, we might not be able to fit
them all in the cargo van. My bad, I figured it was gonna be okay but hey the way it goes. So, just gonna look at some cool frogs and then we’ll try to see
if we can pack this stuff up get back to the Reptarium. Absolutely love the tadpole room. I mean it’s so crazy to see
all these tadpoles in here. There are literally 10s of 1,000s of little tadpoles in
here, unbelievably cool. I tell you what, I remember
coming to Josh’s Frogs when it was like just a
small amount of tadpoles, now it’s ridiculous. (techno music) Now this is company commitment right here. Josh himself is loading up my tanks, so we have to load all of
these tanks into that van and Josh is doing it
and me and Jay are going to get a beer right now, so thanks Josh. (laughing)
No, no, no, we’re gonna help. We’re gonna help them load up. (techno music) (door slams) I tell you what guys,
we have plenty of room, I was really stressing thinking
that it wouldn’t even fit but we could fit more, maybe
we should buy some more stuff. No, but let’s get back to the Reptarium. I can’t wait to see what we
have in store with these guys. It’s absolutely going to be amazing. Been wanting to launch these
backdrops for a long time so we’ll get these back in. We’ll do a vlog in the next couple days, showing you what the backdrops look like and hopefully they’ll be
available pretty soon. This was actually a Yellow-Bellied bred to a Bamboo Silver Streak Woma, so we have some really cool stuff here. I think we have just a
Pastel Yellow-Belly here, really pretty and that tells me that there was absolutely
Yellow-Bellied passing on. The problem is is that when you get into some of these animals like this looks like it’s probably just
a Pewter Yellow Belly which is just a pastel a
Cinnamon and a Yellow Belly. It looks like maybe this
animal here is, I don’t know, maybe just a Pastel Woma Yellow-Belly but it looks like, I’m not
exactly sure what this one is and that’s where it gets confusing. When you start really mixing
a bunch of genes together looks like we have another
Pastel Yellow-Belly here but then we get into the Bamboo stuff and the Bamboo stuff
is all over the place. I mean it’s really cool. These are definitely Bamboo Silver Streaks and it’s hard to say. I think this one is the Yellow-Belly because it has kind of those
crazy Granited-out sides and then this would be
the non-Yellow-Belly which is the Bamboo Silver
Streak possibly Woma and then we have these two here that look like the same thing. I’m pretty sure this would be a Bamboo Silver Streak Woma Yellow-Belly which is the all gene animal and then I think this one is just a Bamboo Silver Streak possible Woma and the last thing we have
in here is this little monkey which looks like a Silver Streak which is a Super Pastel
Cinnamon it doesn’t have, it might be Yellow-Belly,
it’s hard to really say but regardless, pretty crazy combination of animals in this clutch. If you guys enjoyed the
venomous snake handling at the beginning of this video, you might want to check
this video out right here or you can watch this playlist, I think you guys would enjoy it. Do me a favor and hit that subscribe button, post notification. Now be kind to someone today.
(techno music) And I promise I’ll see you guys tomorrow. ♪ I need you more ♪


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