David Lewis for Justice | Republican for the Texas 5th Court of Appeals

David Lewis for Justice | Republican for the Texas 5th Court of Appeals

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My name is David Lewis and I’m running for
justice on the Texas Fifth Court of Appeals. I’m a born and bred Texan. I got my undergraduate degree from the University
of Texas at Austin and my law degree from Baylor University where the faculty selected
me as the outstanding law student. Out of law school I was hired as an ADA by
the legendary Henry Wade. In record time Mr. Wade promoted me to Felony
Chief Prosecutor. I was a career criminal prosecutor and I was
the death penalty prosecutor. I continued my public service as an Assistant
United States Attorney. I was the Chief Assistant United States Attorney
in Austin. I went into private practice. I was called back to public service and I
had over 10,000 lawyers in Dallas County. I was asked to be its Deputy Special Prosecutor
of the Dallas Police Department fake drug scandal. Folks, I don’t think I’m qualified for this
job. I know I am. The vast majority of cases heard by the Fifth
Court of Appeals are criminal cases. Now there are 13 justices on the court, yet
only three have extensive criminal law experience. I will bring that needed experience to this
court. The most influential person in my life was
my mother, Catherine Lewis. Mom grew up during the Great Depression, and
she was the valedictorian of her high school class in Groesbeck Texas. She received a scholarship to any state college
in Texas. My grandmother pickled and canned everything
she could get her hands on and the entire family moved to Denton, Texas, so my mother
could get an education, become a teacher. My mother’s experience taught me the value
of family, hard work, education and faith. I truly believe our country needs to return
to those values. I’m asking for your vote as Justice on the
Texas Fifth Court of Appeals. Thank you very much.

One thought on “David Lewis for Justice | Republican for the Texas 5th Court of Appeals

  • Ronald Selleck Post author

    Proud to say he was my old high school pal.  If I lived in Texas I would vote for him without hesitation.  He is right about his mom – she was a very strong woman with amazing faith and perseverance.  David himself has overcome many obstacles.  He's a fine man.

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