Dan Liljenquist vs. Orrin Hatch

Dan Liljenquist vs. Orrin Hatch

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badam church we are now moving out on
the uh… i guess the day after the victory that richard murdoch had in
indiana over a seated senator richard lugar attention when you’re looking to
unseat uh… said uh… they read sort of entrenched senators our attention turns the state
of utah and we’re joined today by den william quist and is running against uh… senator orrin have sent you know a a household name
for anyone who follows politics and certainly uh… if anyone who follows anything in
utah everyone knows who warren hatches uh… dan thanks for the for coming on
the show you know i i i was what do you feel now
after seeing the success of richard murdoch had going you know i would say
it’s it’s in the blueprint is not exactly the same but uh… but the idea
is is is change in the ideas going after an incumbent who is who is uh… as i
said isn’t ranch but is is part of the political landscape resin part of both
the landscape now for the past couple of decades almost well it’s a big when in fact there’s a
lot of similarity between our race on the race in indiana and dick lugar has
been uh… their thirty six years that he was
elected the same day as orrin hatch they’ve been friends for many years and
really they they kinda grew up together in the senate and over the over the
years both of those uh… those gentleman has spent more more time going uh… see the last i guess more reading
canadair korar conservative roots and and i think that’s what people and you
tara just like indiana or saying it’s time for change is time for new
leadership so we’re excited i know richard murdoch he’s a good man that
we’ve ever spoke events together and see uh… might race uh… very similar to
his race and you know jenny it initiated and is there a lot of evil
in our group sit back and and and hear somebody say that that orrin hatch for example is gone to the
left right here in a little more with our i can see it a little more with rich
richard lugar but a lot of americans uh… uh… outside
of utah certainly outside of the conservative movement both independent
democratic american certainly would sit back and say and even republicans i
think is what you’re trying to at what has he really gone to the left
in what ways it is a warning that’s moving to the left well that’s a that’s a good question as
you look at it there are several things that i have a problem with center have
sort he’s a game and we’re going to get on
the table you can go down in history as one of our grades here in utah but there are few thing the really trouble me and that is you know here over the years has
advocated for the government takeover of a variety of things including health
care perry was orrin hatch who co-sponsored the
original individual mandate bill that was federal was orrin hatch and ted
kennedy the created national children’s health care ricky s chip program his
orange hats with the republicans while i was on the senate finance committee that expanded medicare uh… to the tune of sixteen trillion
dollars which we don’t have it’s fifteen or sixteen debt ceiling increase votes over the
years that everyone around us into and unsustainable level of debts and so when you look at senator hatch he
is not banned a fiscal conservative that people in utah thought he was he was all
these years and that in many ways they’re just being
that uh… reminded at his record over the last several years in those but gave
is not lost on me and a generation of people like me that we are the ones are
gonna have to pay for the profligate spending over the last you know thirty forty years and senator
hatch is like dick lugar has been in the middle of that yeah it listened to talk about that it
makes me you know uh… won the elections that happened before uh… lugar and when murdoch uh…
happen in france and happen in greece over the weekend
and austerity program so everyone in the finals thirty
programs and and i hear it and both in the way that you align yourself with the
the ideas that paul ryan has in the house of representatives in the way
you’re talking about um… as you turn a profit spending over the past thirty or
forty years and i i i appreciate that point of view but but austerity is not
internationally popular right now and at a time when jobs are scarce and it’s are you you know as aids as a hopeful senator
how do you work those two in at the same time well look it’s very tricky i mean what
what you’re seeing all over the country and all over the world we’ve had a generation of politicians
who’ve made commitments that they’ve had no way to pay for is seen entrance right now you have uh… huge pension benefits and the
ability to get on to uh… disability program and spend the rest your life receiving
payments uh… there’d been widespread fraud to
be use in france really all over the world with respect to these programs and when you have these programs get out
of control uh… you’ve got a rein them in i do not believe we are at the situation
in france is in the end of the country in their really dire straights as is
much of the european union so we have time to change these programs
that michael i’m all domestic that we can actually get things
done i’m running on a record in the state of
utah taking very difficult entitlement programs like medicaid which we have with my legislation last
year we the first day of the country to cap it at a case pending at the growth rate of our state budget now we did that unanimously in utah
michael with every democrat voting for that bill because the simple fact is we we can not
print money we cannot borrow way out of the problems we face with medicaid so we
rolled up our sleeves we went to war we figured out a solution that we can
live with and we got everybody on board uh…
that’s the kind of leadership we need in washington d_c_ you know we if we are
going to meet our commitments to our seniors and the people were on these
programs and we’ve got to look at them
differently and and chart a course two more sustainable uh… situation and that’s what i want
to do and has it been tricky running in store
in hatch in terms of that that day the though i’m sure first of all i’m
sure you’re as a youth on as a republican you’ve gone into the voting
booth and voted for orrin hatch in the past and just guessing that and uh…
you know that that it’s hard to imagine anyone of any age
in utah the republican has had some point voted for in house uh… the but
what i’m saying is it tricky to differentiate yourself from the senator from someone who is in
line with a lot of the way that you tons of have the you know voted and and practice politics for a
long time is that with what are some of the tricks that that that it would have
some of the robotic well you know and certainly name
recognition with a name like two million quest attitude nothing about it about that you know we’re actually finding out that
when people get to know me and my message you know i lost my career dane
consulting i i just spent my career turnaround of large
complex companies that issues that better really difficult the face it’s
what i’ve done and and that’s what i’ve done the state
legislature and so when we get out there people are looking at for leadership
they’re dying for leadership michael they want to have people who will step
up and take on the challenges of today headlong and that’s what i’ve done and i
i think they look as senator hatch insane you know he was good senate
freezes time but this new battles can acquire new
readers and people really with the skills to go and make it happen and and when i when i mention the work we’ve
done here in this state we are literally the first day in the country to address medicaid spending and kappa
we are literally the first day in the country to solve our long-term pension problems
for public way pensions iran both of those bills they were unprecedented and
and we did it by focusing on the data by building coalitions and getting them
done and and i think the people you tardy are dying for that kind of
leadership in washington and cheryl center has really on those
issues does not have much of a track record to
run up and uh… so we’re refining our message is resonating well you know that you know it does
interesting because wicked uh… people outside of you’d done from within the
diet is one of the more reliably red states in the country i i don’t think
it’s a place of prison obama will campaign for one day uh… it’s one of those write-off states
as there are for both candidates both romney and obama will write some states off uh… but very is an element of sort of a upheaval
in utah but robert bennett the senator was uh… unseated by mike lee in much
the same way that you’re trying to do it what is your allow alliance with the tea
party like i mean murdoch was with the got a lot of tea party backing mike lee
certainly dot t_ party backing what is that what is your relationship
would you consider yourself with tea party here has been a lot of her confusion arose
eighty party s if the team party is about solving our
long-term fiscal problems in this country about solving the debt and
deficit spending and absolutely i’m a tea party guy effigy party is spinning into social
issues are other things like consider myself a social security conservative uh… then they’re really the issue is the fiscal situation this country in the
past but the tea party movement is then i
consider myself to party i didn’t i’m ram on a platform when i ran for the state
senate but i would get in and tackled the
spending problems that nobody ones tackle and that’s exactly what i’ve done and really in in many ways in most ways
it parties embrace me because my work and so yeah i do believe at the tea party movement and the people
are concerned about the fiscal situation of this country that movement i still
like i’m a part of and and the leader in the in the fact that we are uh… we are dressing inria ways the
issues here in utah and that’s why i’m ready for the united states senate his senate is where our good ideas seem to go to die on fiscal
reforms and we need more people in the senator determinant changed span p you know it’s it’s the thought of that
then draw they get into the center one of the things that that i found notable
doubt what senator lugar said last night in conceding it made them this morning
that i read it uh… was talking about how it’s going
to be even more difficult now for uh… the further conservative that we
get a for people to meet in the middle and and talk at you i heard you allude to senator ted
kennedy ah… working with orrin hatch on the esther program you and whether
whatever you think of the policy itself you never hear that anymore coming out
of the senate you never hear of an orrin hatch in a ted kennedy like uh… alliance uh… for me in the
senate do you think that your candidacy the these sort of the insurgent candidacy is
the dean very conservative candidacies are going to make it more difficult for uh… a senator lugar’s to sit down with
harvey in a lab uh… lets a truck schumer and hammer out some kind of uh… middle ground because uh… that that
we’re getting farther and farther apart rather inflows from both of you esi michael i don’t buy that and here’s
why it but me if you notice the tone in tenor of my
race has been i will get in and and make the
difficult decisions and i’ll build coalitions i did then you’d stop by working with
every single democrat you do not pass unanimous legislation without working
hard to get people to come around here side but these are not partisan issues we
face their reality issues and so that that’s what i pride myself on doing
that this last year let me give you an example in twenty eleven i went to sixteen different states and
work with thirty nine states total on their pension reform issues i worked with treasure gina reminders
the democrat treasurer from rhode island who courageously push for pension reform
interstate she did that ban even though we don’t
see eye-to-eye on every issue art we helped uh… i helped direct that we lectured together harper these issues we face and financial issues in
particular not partisan issues they may not be your
part of partisan issues their reality issues and if you if you want to see it partisanship words goddesses got us at
this place and i think having new blood in
washington d_c_ people are just check determined define middle ground but to also face reality i think we can
find a way out of this thing i did you know i don’t believe in it’d
necessarily needs to be as partisan as it needs to be but we gotta focus people on reality and that’s what i do what i hope to do that what you did and uh… before i let
you know what i do want to ask you when you murdoch did say today also that the
idea point getting rid of partisanship means having people come over and and become more republican essentially more
conservative that will get rid of partisanship uh… which of course is a little bit
naive innovative you know if you ask me ever that that is what creates
partisanship that’s what partisanship exist that’s not really the key to
getting rid of it um… how do you address what he said
then again i was in the quote that was of the paraphrasing what he said that what what do you think is one that’s a dissenter low-interest on his
fingers first week in the senate uh… first day all have a lot want us
to go to the the first week um… what what would you what would be
one thing that you would want to do to reach out to a democratic colleague or
somebody uh… who is a different mind the view
tutors the star bridging that divide because all the things that you’re saying sound
fantastic wheat you even acknowledge that the
senate is in in gridlock right now so alleviating the gridlock would allow senator linguistic getting through but look at the former first reported on
the witness ron wyden around wyden has been working with paul
ryan he’s a man he’s looking at the data and sees that on these entitlement
programs we can not continue down the road were on michael best thing we’ve got going
forces the reality is not negotiable we can make it about partisanship all we
want but ultimately the facts of the facts and i’m confident there are people in
the united states senate on both sides of the aisle coming to look reality and face and figure out how to move forward i’m gonna find those people ivy great people like richard murdoch there is a fine man and as an objective
man is going to try to do that as well but these are not partisan issues their
reality issues on confident there just as many democrats are
determined to find to find the right path forward as there are
republicans on the work with them that doesn’t mean you sell you sell out your
principles that doesn’t mean you agreed to a nationalization of
health care worker i think uh… is the mistake that uh… that
center has paid with ted kennedy you can work together with people and
still not go all the way to uh… to create a new
federal programs but i think there’s a there there’s middle
ground there are people who are interested in moving forward and our has turned a fine then william christie an interesting
conversation we appreciate you coming out here fighting a difficult battle
when you come winter primary day when i wouldn’t see the full primary dixon of
the convention new usnokia nana right now the battles
of at hand all right with you know they spent six
million dollars to try to buy those delegates are thrilled to be at this
stage are our convention are our primary about always a perot studio jr twenty-six and uh… dotted and for you todd dot
com and and learn about our campaign work cited lvl that stand for you dot dot com we
appreciate your time and uh… wishes the best of uh… luck in your pursuits
family inputs from the state of utah and we will have more twenty twelve next
week uh… right here on the unprofor

22 thoughts on “Dan Liljenquist vs. Orrin Hatch

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    Ok I listened to this guy 12 minutes in before I stopped the video. Never heard more disingenuous crap in my life.

  • swagnarok Post author

    @whoo689 I would rather have him than Eric cantor's puppet

  • Cristobal Salvaje Post author

    At least we have Shure to ask questions that actually mean a shit rather than the BS you hear on the TV channels. Even Bob Schieffer my fellow Horned Frog softballs them out there.

  • Rune Munch Pedersen Post author

    He is talking out of his ass, relying on the viewers not to know anything about foreign countries. France and most of the rest of Europe is in no way in "dire straits", the countries basing their economics on Keynsian principles are comming out of the crisis in much, much, better shape than the United States, with lower unemployment, lower deficits and more economic progress.

  • Zyworski Post author

    Placing a cap on Medicaid by tying it to the state budget puts the fate of the medical establishment and the state in the same boat, and there is a lot to be said for that. As much as the providers complain about Medicaid/Medicare not paying enough the reality is that it is their bread and butter. However capping a program is not the most complicated piece of legislation and doesn't demonstrate any particular ability at statesmanship, just take it or leave it obstinate behavior.

  • Coos Oorlog Post author

    Well, he's a politician through and through, but I do appreciate the way he talks about senator Hatch with a degree of appreciation. I surely disagree with the guy on political issues, as most of the TYT audience, but that should not be surprising at all.

  • Sara Shaughnessy Post author

    so he worked for Romney at Bain? wtf. *facepalm*

  • 1noen1 Post author

    "Reality is not negotiable" – The problem is that you are an ignorant fuckstain living in a delusional fantasy world.

    If reality is not negotiable does that mean that global warming is not negotiable? I bet not because you believe climate change is a liberal lie you stupid fucking moron.

  • Sara Shaughnessy Post author

    Salt Lake City isnt Red, we voted for Rocky Anderson. Wish more of Utah was like SLC 🙁

  • Cristobal Salvaje Post author

    Indeed! He forgot to mention that Great Britain is in a double dip recession because of the strict austerity measures whereas France is not in a double dip recession and they have already raised taxes on their highest bread winners.

  • Jagos Post author

    Orrin Hatch – Man who wanted to blow up computers. Man who wanted to pass SOPA. Man who was involved with the Utah NSA center. Take him down!

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    How wonderful it would be if Salt Lake City were Red!

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    He's a dick

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    Very interesting video!

  • MB Post author

    A lot of haters posting here but I'm living in Utah and our economy is doing great because of the fiscal reforms Liljenquist made while in the legislature. Been to California lately???

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    Can you get Christie Vilsack on the show? She's a dem running against Steve King in US Representative District 4. Please, help us throw out King – he's Iowa's greatest embarrassment (more so than Branstad)!

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    Yeah he's definitely not interested in compromising it seems. And to say that anything in politics is a "reality issue" is ridiculous, especially tea party bs

  • Emmanuel Egwu Post author

    This guy is NOT subtle in his talking points

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    the tea party is for getting back to the constitution.!!!

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