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– I’ve got, whoa, oh my God
you’ve gotta be kidding me. What in the world? We hit two! Hey good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog. Lets go ahead and jump
into an egg gctting thing right off of the rip, it’s
actually a yellow belly female, which is of course a co-dominant mutation, bred to a dragonfly male, which is a pastel, a
fire, and a pinstripe. And could get some really cool stuff. That combination usually yields some really beautiful babies. So we’re gonna go ahead
and cut this first egg and get this unveiling started. Okay, right off the rip
we’ve got a yellow belly, just a single gene yellow belly, which is fine, this is just like the female
that produced this clutch. So not anything too spectacular, but still hey, listen, any
baby is amazing, right? Oop! Well what do we got here people? That’s right, we smashed
it on the second egg! This is the all gene am right here, this is a firefly yellow belly, which is a pastel, it’s a fire, it’s a pinstripe, and it’s a yellow belly, and oh man is that thing beautiful. That thing is gorgeous! I remember producing I think
what was the first one ever, gosh it was maybe like, 9 or 10 years ago, and I was blown away by it back then, and I’m still blown away now. So let’s just keep going, and let’s see what other combinations we might get from this clutch. I always love it when
you hit that combination right off the rip because then you know, it’s gonna be a great clutch. All right this is pretty cool, this is actually a firefly, looks like it’s a yellow belly too. The firefly yellow belly is just a pastel, it’s a fire and it’s a yellow belly. Really beautiful animals, again, pastel yellow
belly goes great together, fire yellow belly goes great together. I mean they all just go amazing together, so I’m super excited to see
what else we’re gonna produce. Looks like a fire, pinstripe,
possible yellow belly, it’s hard to say right now. Could even be possibly
pastel to be honest with you. So we’ll wait and see when
that one climbs out of the egg. Next up we have, we’re getting a lot of kind
of normally looking animals, this is really bizarre. This is legitimately a normal ball python, so no genes whatsoever, and I gotta tell you, that
hitting a no gene animal from this combination is probably like, a 1 in 100 chance, I’m
not even kidding you. I don’t know the exact odds
so that might be off but, my point is it’s definitely very rare. So, in a way we hit a
really amazing animal, it just happened to be a normal. And ooh, oh my God you
gotta be kidding me. What in the world? We hit two normals! Two normal ball pythons! I am telling you guys, I
should do the calculations, I seriously think it’s either a 1 in 64, or a 1 in 128 odds that we
hit a normal ball python, and we smashed it twice in this clutch. Which is really bizarre
because we could hit, you know, crazy gene animals the same way. Okay, this is really, I just love this combination, this is definitely just
a fire yellow belly. The blushing in that, look
just unbelievably gorgeous. I love that animal so much. Just a two gene animal,
but the right two genes can really be something else. We’ve definitely been missing on all like, the lemon blast stuff, and
lemon blast yellow bellies, this happens to be a
firefly yellow belly again, pastel, fire, yellow belly,
nothing too crazy there. All right we’re moving on,
we’ve got three eggs left, guys. You aren’t even gonna believe this. This is the third normal
ball python from this clutch. Three! Again, I’m not like bummed, I don’t get bummed out about this stuff, I just love hatching snakes, but it’s crazy to hit three of these. It would have probably be even easier to hit three of the all gene animals. So okay let’s keep going. What in the world, what if the last two were normals too? Okay, so this, oh this is
really another pretty animal. This is a fire, pinstripe, yellow belly. So this is everything minus the pastel. Really cool, I’m glad
that we hit one of these, because when this hatches
out and I show you guys, I think you’re gonna
really like that animal. Last egg, let’s end this
clutch on a good note. Oh man, what a crazy, crazy, crazy clutch. All right, it looks like
we just have another fire yellow belly here. So, we did hit the all gene
animal on the second egg, and then the rest of the clutch was a little bit kinda not great, but nevertheless, a bunch of beautiful baby ball pythons. Spending some time over
here at The Reptarium, doing my daily enrichment and kind of behavioral training
with a bunch of the animals. Right now of course I’m just messing with my boy Toothless here,
which is absolutely, just an insanely cool animal, and I’ve been working so hard on him with all kinds of different things, from ball training with the target, down to running around, to coming in the cage
when I open the cage. All kinds of stuff, and
he’s doing really well. And you might remember the other day I told you that my other
Asian water monitor, Elvis, who is absolutely my baby, had some issues with his back leg. I also updated to tell you
that a couple days later, after we let him swim around, it seemed like he was
using that leg again. I’ve given him the last
couple of days off, cause I didn’t want to mess with him. Today is the first day I’m gonna actually have him out of the cage and
see how that leg is working. So, I’m gonna go ahead
and put Toothless back up, and then lets go check on Elvis. (bluesy music) Elvis come on out bud,
come on out, come see me. I wanna see how you’re doing. Come on, come out for me, come on, come on baby. And again, I’ve been kinda
just observing him in his cage. A couple of days ago he
started using that leg a little bit more, a little bit more, and then yesterday and today I’ve been seeing him climbing, putting
all the weight back on it, so I really do think there’s a good chance that maybe he was impacted, and that maybe it was
like a pinched nerve, and that was causing his
leg to kinda have paralysis. But I haven’t had him out of his cage yet, so this is the very first
time that he’s coming out, so I can really see how he’s moving, not only when he’s climbing out, but also when he’s on the ground. Is he gonna put all the weight
on it and stuff like that. I’m telling you what
guys, I have had a lot of kinda stressful times when
it comes to keeping animals, over all the years I’ve been doing this, but this thing with Elvis was literally one of the most difficult
things I’ve went through. I mean, emotionally I was destroyed. I wanted to cry for like,
three days straight, because, I mean this is my pet dinosaur. Hey Elvis, hey buddy, how are you? I’m so glad that you’re
coming back out again. You okay baby? Are you feeling better today, honey? Aw, come on out and see me, okay? Come on, let’s come out. Let’s go, you can go walk around a little bit today for the first time. And he’s so used to
being out of his habitat, you know, walking around, I’m sure the last few days of
him being kinda in his cage, he’s probably like “What’s going on?”, so he’s finally coming out and again, you can see he’s using that leg, he’s climbing on the cage with that leg. It seems to be completely fine, I’m just gonna let him come down. Come on buddy! Come on baby, look at him, see that? Come on baby. Come on, come on down with me. See, he’s moving his leg
100 percent right now, he’s back to the Elvis, some
of you guys may not know this, but one of the reasons
we called him Elvis, is because of that hip swing. Because when he walks he kinda swings his hips back and forth. So, to be able to see that again after seeing him drag that leg, it was really difficult. Come on, what are you gonna do, buddy? What are you gonna do? He’s gonna plant the leg here, yup, look at that, like a normal walking. Hey bud, what are you doing? Hi sweetheart. Oh I’m so happy that Elvis looks like he’s almost 100 percent. Again I’m just gonna leave him out, just for a few minutes today, because I don’t want whatever what causing that leg to have an issue, for him to overwork it. But I wanted him to come out, just kinda see what was going on, and he’s so curious, I mean look at him. It’s crazy! I tell you what guys, I’m so happy right now,
I’m not even kidding. What are you doing Elvis? What are you doing silly? I am so happy right now, I tell you, I really thought there was
gonna be a major issue, wow. It’s like I almost wanna
cry ’cause I’m so happy. Look at him move! It’s completely normal. Oh my God you guys, so I
know that some of you guys were worried as well, so, great news, Elvis is on the mend, he’s back to go, we’ll just
slowly get him back to normal, within a few days we’ll let
him crawl around like normal, so, there you go guys, I’m sure you guys are as happy as I am. (deep bass music) And there goes Lorie again, spoiling the tortoises
with some strawberry, and it looks like Matilda
might have got some corn, because poor Steve is covered
in corn shrapnel over there, from Matilda, oh my God. I tell you what, the thing about Lorie, she loves coffee, her dogs,
the tortoises, and wine. I was really excited when
this clutch was actually laid, and now they’re hatching! Look at these things! Course these are tangerine
albino Honduran milk snakes. I mean these things
literally are like, glowing. I mean, these guys definitely
belong at a rave somewhere, I mean, look at that snake right there. And of course the albino Hondurans have kind of a special spot in my heart, because we actually had the first ones that came into the country, and produced them here, so, they really have been, just, kind of that major thing
I’ve mentioned before, this was my big break
when it came to reptiles, way back almost 30 years ago. And to still be producing them, oh my gosh, and look at, this one has the kinda orange bands, and then this is almost just bicolor. So the orange middle bands on this one actually turn into red bands on this one, absolutely incredible, and I think we have a few more
babies over here, and ooh, they’re fast little monkeys too. Let’s see what we’ve got. Oh, another little guy right there, another little guy right there, oh this one looks beautiful, take a look at the pattern on that one. I tell you what, that thing is crazy cool, look at this thing, wow, it’s got like, little circles on it and stuff like that. Absolutely adorable. Tell you what, these things are, oh, what’s the matter little monkey? That’s okay, oh my gosh, absolutely gorgeous little snakes. All right guys, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Look at that, wow! Okay, oh oh we’re in trouble. We’re in trouble now. Come on little guys, oh! It’s good, those are
absolutely little pistols but unbelievably gorgeous. After what seems like
months of preparation, tonight is the night! Snake yoga. – Yes. – [Brian] You excited about it? – Yeah, I’m pretty excited, we sold out, so all the spots are filled, and I know, Taylor, the yoga
instructor’s super excited, and I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun. – Okay so I guess I’m gonna be there, I’m not doing yoga tonight, but I’m gonna definitely
be there helping out, tormenting people, or something like that. We’ll let you guys see
that later in the vlog, how that turns out. But I don’t know, it ended up turning out to be a success so far. Hopefully tonight people
will be super happy, we’ll see how it goes. The one thing I know, being
up here from the North is that hey, we’re getting
towards the end of August now, and fall is coming on, so we’ve got these hoodies available, of course the merch shop
is going on right now, only a few days left, and I’m not gonna lie to you guys, it is about 90 degrees with humidity, so I don’t need a hoodie, but eventually, here
in another month or so, this hoodie’s gonna come in really handy. Go ahead,,
link in the description, gets yours before they’re done. You guys ready for a little
learning lesson here? The truth is, I just wanted
to tell you something. Have you ever wondered why a blue tongue skink has a blue tongue? Well nature is absolutely amazing, and of course this is an adaptation to kind of ward off potential predators. That’s right, the blue tongue isn’t really for much else than that. What happens, they use it as a defense, when something comes up that
might wanna actually eat it, it’ll stick that big blue tongue out, and of course often times in nature, blues and reds and yellows, and bright colors mean poisonous. So maybe that predator looks and goes, “Oh my gosh, that blue
tongue, that means that thing “is poisonous, so I better not eat it”, and now you know why blue
tongue skinks have blue tongues. Definitely a banger night
here at The Reptarium, you can see all the
yoga mats are coming in, yoga participants are coming. – Fantastic. (laughs) – So we’re just about fifteen minutes away from getting the first yoga night here at The Reptarium started, Lorie is excited. It’s gonna be a fun night,
let’s hope this works out. I’m not gonna lie, we’ve
done some crazy things, in my life as a vlogger, this one, this one’s, this
one’s just insane, I love it. Lorie, what have you got us into? – Me? – It’s gonna be awesome, people are just setting up
mats all over the place, and I guess snake yoga is about to happen. (bluesy music) Hey, look who is in
the house for the yoga, KB Reptiles, you guys, did you have fun? – It was so awesome. – [Brian] Was it good,
Lorie, did it go well? – I think it went good. – All right cool, well these guys are gonna be in town tomorrow, so we’re gonna have some fun with them, I’ll put a link in the
description to their stuff, go show them some love,
and tell them I sent you, yoga was a success. Always one of the most popular things we do on this vlog is cutting eggs, so if you enjoyed today’s
cutting egg video, here’s another, really cool,
where I hatch some twins. Or an entire playlist of cutting eggs. While you’re at it, can you go over here and smash that subscribe
button right over there, turn those post notifications on, be kind to someone, and I
promise I’ll see you tomorrow.


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