Criminals Gone Wild 2: Menace II Humanity (Full Documentary)

Criminals Gone Wild 2: Menace II Humanity (Full Documentary)

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This film contains graphic violence and disturbing material. Viewer discretion is
strongly advised. Plus, Movie Mayhem The shocking new video that shows real life felonies being committed, while the filmmaker says, “it’s educational”. Take the money in my wallet. Take the wallet, don’t shoot me, please. You’ve heard of “Girls Gone Wild”, but “Criminals Gone Wild”? So, is it for real? You decided. Coming up. It’s called “Criminals Gone Wild”, but did a documentary filmmaker in Brooklyn go too far? He shot a film showing criminals robbing at gunpoint. Stealing cars and also threatening lives. But he says he never asked them to do
a thing. If I see you somewhere that’s sweet… I don’t give a (bleep) if you’re
motherfucking (bleep) Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’m robbing you. Criminals admitting their crimes and shocking videos of felonies committed right in front of the camera. -Don’t shoot yo!
-What you got here? Take the wallet.
Don’t shoot me please. That’s the content of Criminals Gone Wild. A 90-minute documentary, shot on Brooklyn’s mean streets by
25-year-old, Ousala Aleem. We just came up with the idea to make a documentary about crime and the crime that goes on around the community and we just started to document some of our friends that happen to be criminals in our neighborhood and next thing I know, all hell broke loose. -Are you serious?
(gun cocks) Get on the floor. Crown Heights filmmaker says he never asked anyone to commit a crime, it just happened. We were doing the interviews, the next thing I know, crimes were being committed. Once word got around, Aleem says thugs started calling him. Sad to say, it made great footage but, I don’t condone any of the activity in
the movie. You have no duty to get involved in New York, if you see a crime. You don’t have to stop it. Crime expert Eugene O’Donnell says it’s not illegal to video tape or profit from criminal acts, unless you take part in them. The law says it has to be just a slight involvement. If he has a slight involvement, he could be seen as encouraging the crime, especially if he’s benefitting from the crime. Aleem has sold thousands of copies for $26.95 a piece. He says his film is educational and not criminal. I don’t believe that because with or without this movie, there would’ve been a whole lot of crimes going on. Aleem says he plans to make a Criminals Gone Wild 2. Brooklyn’s District Attorney is
investigating. One Crime Occurs Every 2 Seconds One Robbery Every 60 Seconds One Car Jacking Every 20 Seconds One Rape Every 2 Minutes One Murder Every 25 Seconds What the fuck. Let me show you some real shit right now nigga. Y’all niggas be fronting. Niggas be acting like niggas is gangster and shit. Cameraman: Hold on. Hold on. You ready? What’s popping my niggas? Yo, son what’s popping homey? Who the fuck is this nigga right here? (gun shots) Oh shit! Oh! (bystanders yelling) Yo nigga! You see that shit nigga? Shit is fucking real, my nigga. I don’t give a fuck blood. It is what it is my nigga. [grim hip hop music plays] Get the fuck out the way! CRIMINALS GONE WILD 2
The Aleem Brothers EYEWITNESS NEWS
CRIMINALS GONE WILD I’m Jeff Rossen in Brooklyn. You heard of the DVD “Girls Gone Wild” well, how about this one, Criminals Gone Wild. A look at violent crime, through the eyes of the criminals. We have your first look, coming up. Coming next, more internet chaos. This time, a guy actually photographs crime in progress. Violent crimes, after being tipped off. That man will be here. A Brooklyn filmmaker says he’s selling DVDs of violent crimes here in
New York City to anyone willing to pay. Ousala Aleem has made a DVD called Criminals Gone Wild. The recordings show apparent murders, armed robberies and car jackings. He’s selling the DVD for $27 dollars
each but the NYPD is questioning if the crimes are real and wonder if Aleem is more than just an observer. It’s a controversial DVD showing shootings, carjackings and even robberies. The question tonight, could the producers of this video be criminally charged? A couple guys got shot during the movie. There was plenty of robberies. A lot of expensive cars got stolen. There was a guy that got shot up. I don’t know if he was murdered or not. Ousala Aleem says he’s raking it in ever since his video “Criminals Gone Wild” went on sale for $27 bucks a pop. At least one of the criminals shown on the DVD, a thug with a blue bandana, brags about a gunpoint robbery in
Brooklyn. The victim of that very robbery saw the footage on YouTube, and remembers the cameraman running right behind the stick up guy. My name is Kevin Smith and the reason why I’m making this video is because I got robbed September of last year by some guys and they even taped it while they was robbing me. They took my personal things, they took my wallet, they took my cell phone, they even took my groceries. When they pulled the gun out on me I thought I was gonna die at that
very moment. I don’t know these guys. I don’t know nothing about them and people that I know, they’re saying that they saw me in this video that’s floating around and I don’t know nothing about this video and I don’t know these
guys. It’s making me embarrassed and the police need to do something about it. I even filed a police report and it’s right here. I have it to show as proof and the police ain’t doing nothing about it. Legal experts say, Aleem could actually face charges. THOMAS RUSKIN
CMP GROUP If he films it and knows a guy who may be committing a murder, prior to the murder being committed, this guy is an accessory before and after the fact. JEFF ROSSEN
EYEWITNESS NEWS And once again, the filmmakers say all of it, all of it is real. An interesting side note here, some of the victims in those crimes you saw on the DVD actually called the filmmakers because they heard about the movie and they’re trying to catch the suspects. And so the NYPD is now involved. Police told us today, they’re reviewing the tapes today, trying to figure out if the crimes are real. [music plays] I just want to be on film. I’ll do fucking anything for film. You already know. Back at it man. Man, I don’t give a fuck, man. Crown Heights
Brooklyn, NY I’ll rob fucking anyone. I’ll rob those fucking people over there. Actually, fuck it. Still doing what we do. Know what I mean? You know how we do. I’m still that nigga. Still that nigga with that big ass gun. [gun cocks] Channelwood Village
Akron, OH Yea, go straight man. Drive slow, there be a lot of fucking kids out here and shit. Word, make a left. See one of my homies and shit. Nigga owe me some mooga (money) son. Word. Let me tell you something you little fucking pricks out there. You think you’re fucking gangsters? I heard a couple of niggas out there trying to do what we do man. You can’t be us, man. Stay to yourself man. Be true to yourself. You can’t do what we do man. Crown Heights
Brooklyn, NY [smirks] Niggas think it’s a fucking game? Niggas run up in here… [laughs] Got some shit for your ass niggas. Get it fucking twisted homeboy. Niggas ain’t playing around here boy. Know what I mean? Got all types of shit in here b, know what I mean? Run up in here, I got some shit for you
homeboy. You already know. Sledgie don’t play that shit boy. Blow a nigga noodle right off his fucking head boy. Know what I mean? Shit is real homey. Am I a menace to humanity? Menace to humanity? Man, I gotta show you again man? You see what that is man? That’s that fucking menace to humanity right there man. 73rd & Ada Street
Chicago, IL AK today, nigga! Lay niggas down, Chi-Town shit nigga. Y’all know what the fuck it is
nigga. Don’t get it twisted out here man. Nigga, lay you bitch ass niggas down nigga. Where the other move (gun) at
nigga? “Club snub” You know? “Club snub”, bump a nigga in the
club. Get him out the way quick. You know. Something that will just pop a nigga. Club snub! Something that’ll rock a nigga! You feel me nigga? You niggas ain’t on shit nigga! Chi-Town status nigga! You didn’t even put all the shit on the first one man. What the fuck you want me to do more shit for? You know what I mean? So, you are known as FD, you’re a director, people in the World, as they say know you, so you’ll get an email saying “I’m gonna commit a crime, be here at a certain time”. Is that how it goes down? No. It didn’t start like that. CRIMINALS GONE WILD
OUSALA ALEEM It actually started out, I wanted to do a documentary about criminal psychology and the minds of the criminal and how the criminal thinks. As I was out shooting the criminals and taping the criminals and asking them the series of questions that I would ask them, as the days went by and I continued to follow up with them, crime just started to happen because they’re criminals. Some people wake up in the morning, they get dressed, they go to work, they go do their job. When I get up, I think about how I’m gonna get paid. Know what I mean? Grab the burner (gun), I’m in the office. I just want to do it for film. You know? I wanna help… I wanna get this, on film, right now. I’m just like the lawyer, I’m putting in overtime. Know what I mean? It could be 12 o’clock at night, 1 o’clock in the morning, 7 in the morning, 6 in the afternoon, know what I mean? It don’t matter. Know what I mean? Once I got this nigga, I’m working. I’m on the clock. [taps gun] Yo, we out here man. Crown Heights
Brooklyn, NY Niggas talking about recession man, all this fucking money out here man. It ain’t no fucking recession, when niggas got all this money out here man. If it’s money out here, I got money out here. You know I got that “dezzy” (Desert Eagle) on me. Me and my “dezzy” gotta eat. Know what I’m saying? We gotta eat man. This is some bullshit man. Niggas riding around in nice cars. All kind of fucking bullshit. Know what I’m saying? I just can’t take this shit man. Know what I’m saying? I really can’t take this shit. Know what I’m saying? Like, look at this funny nigga pulling up in a fucking Mercedes man. Look at this funny nigga. Funny money nigga man. Look at this bullshit, cmon, I can’t take this shit man. This is the shit I’m talking about. Yo son! Yo, your shit fucked up in the front
son! Word? Yea son! That shit looking crazy right now son! You must’ve hit a something yo! Damn son! Your shit really fucked up over here son! What the fuck you did over here? You hit a deer or something man? This shit is all fucked up over there man. What the fuck you did? Man, ain’t nothing wrong with my car man. You hit a deer or something man. You must’ve hit something son. What are you talking about man? I don’t see shit wrong with my car. Yo! What the fuck you doing boy? Yo! Is this your man? Yo! Yo! Yo! So criminals want you to go there and shoot the criminal activity, which is perverse in itself. Now… looked at some of your videos you actually get in the car, on a couple of occasions with carjackers, armed carjackers. So you’re there, these carjackers are taking somebodies
car, you’re in the car with the criminal. Get out the car man! Oh shit! Alright boy, you got it! Back the fuck up man! Son, back the fuck up man! Back the fuck up! [engine revs] The NYPD is currently doing an intense investigation as to who appears in these
DVDs. They’re looking for the complainants, witnesses as well as the perpetrators. If you’re one of the perpetrators, get ready, handcuffs are coming soon. What’s up homeboy? Where we at? ATL (Atlanta) Gwinnett dog, gangsters in Gwinnett. What you know? White boys can get ghetto too. You know what I’m talking about? Shit. You know what I’m saying? Gwinnett County (North Atlanta)
Norcross, GA It is what it is dog. You know what I’m saying? Just because I’m pretty, shit. I got that gear. You know what I’m saying? I be looking fresh out here too. We get gangster too. Just like over in the hood. It’s just the white hood. We get paper over here too. All these other niggas got these reality shows and shit. Why can’t I have my own? Know what I mean? Niggas is super stars and shit. Niggas got mad money. What you need to follow these niggas around for? I don’t need to see a nigga and how he spending his millions. Roll with a nigga whose broke. I’ll show you how we living out here. That’s “Survivor”, man. That shit you see on TV, that ain’t Survivor man. My favorite gun is a Mossberg. You know what I’m saying? That fully automatic pistol grip dog. Hold them nine shells. You pop that loud mother fucker off mother fuckers scatter dog. You know what I’m saying? I don’t like that 9mm shit because, it’s too much noise. You know what I’m saying? If you gotta pull a gun, You know what I’m saying? Out of defense, someone running up on you, or some crazy shit. You know what I’m saying? Usually, you buck my shit off one time dog, and mother fuckers run dog. Because when I hit something, it’s gonna split them bitches and take their legs off. You know what I’m saying? Got them black hollow point .410 shotgun shells. Cop killers, you know what I’m saying? What you got, a gun or something? Yea, I got two right here dog. Shit. Yea that’s right. I see you got the stroller. Hell yea, I got kids dog. Busting mother fuckers in the soccer mom van. You know what I’m saying? When I get to the house and I ain’t cruising in the van, this shit go in the motherfucking house
dog. What you know about that shit right there dog? What’s that right there? That’s that .410 dog. Shotgun, pistol grip, sawed-off dog. Gangster. Yall niggas crazy. Let’s go! Brower Park
Brooklyn, NY It’s nothing nigga. Hit a nigga in the head, homey. Hit a nigga in the head, You already know my nigga. Ceelo, fuck out of here. Y’all niggas know what it is. Pound son! -Bird ass niggas.
-Beat that nigga! Beat that nigga! Beat that nigga! What? You gotta roll again. Roll again. Roll that fucking dice! Fuck is you talking about man? Stop on 123rd and give me those fake
ass ups (shoes) nigga. Fuck out of here! You ain’t getting nothing son! Get that bullshit out of here! Fuck out of here! You ain’t getting shit son! Fuck out of here! [dice rolls] Ohhhh! Yeah! Yeah! Pay that fucking money! You gonna pay him son? Pay that fucking money son! Oh, he’s talking greasy. Bird ass nigga. Pay that fucking money dude! Son, that nigga talking greasy son! Bird ass nigga. Right here, make a right. Make a right.
My bad son. A nigga just got finished smoking
and shit. Wait here for a minute son. See if this nigga here and shit. [car door closes] As a filmmaker and cameraman, you know, good footage speaks for itself. Good footage though means
somebody is getting hurt or somebody might get killed. Is that worth it? No, it’s not worth it, but um, I didn’t plan any of that. If someone got hurt or got killed, that wasn’t in my plans. Like I said, I originally intended on… True, but… you are maybe encouraging it because they want you to be there with the camera that’s possible, it’s debatable, but it’s possible and the second thing is you could call the cops and say, “Hey, it’s coming.” Come on man, hurry up. Come on, come on, hurry up. We gotta get to the court yo. This beer cold as fuck, man. Yo Ty, get ready man! Niggas is getting dressed! Yo Mel! Get dressed man! Awww man… That shit over nigga! Fuck out of here man get that deuce man. Stop talking on my dice son for real son. Ain’t nobody talking on your dice. Hey hey, give up that money man! Fuck out of here. Fuck out of here? Pay up! Pay up son! -Pay that money!
-Pay that bread homey! What you mean? Fuck you mean, “what you mean”? Yo, son… [bottle busts on head] OHHHH!!! [bat hits head] Crown Heights living boy! Know what I’m saying, niggas come in looking, you want your shit back? Or you’re thinking you’re gangster. Oh you really want some? You don’t want none of this, man. You don’t want none of this. Trust me, you don’t want none of this,
man. See that hole nigga? [makes gun sound] Fuck out of here. How the bullets feel? How do the bullets feel? Hot? These shits hug a nigga. I think niggas chests love my slugs the way their chest hugs my slugs my nigga, you dig? So you don’t really want none of this
here. You know, extended clip for you dumb mother fuckers that don’t know what this shit is here man. I’m running around here on some Army Iraq shit nigga. Take that picture my nigga. Cameraman look. I’m on some Iraq shit and I hold it firm. See where my hand at? Always on the trigger mother fucker. I pull this shit one time nigga, it’s over for you homey! It’s over nigga! So how you get that? You was in the military or something? No nigga, this is called mother fucking the hood man. You can get anything in the hood nigga. You niggas buy crack, you buy weed, you buys guns. We got the little homey. Don’t get it twisted, I got a couple of his siblings around too. So come in here… he’s in training right now. That’s little Bruno right there. Bruno know what it is. Tsk, get ’em Bruno! [whistles to dog] Niggas don’t play homey. Got these hammers and we got these dogs nigga. Run up in here, there’s a couple more of them shits. Matter of fact, follow me my niggas. Follow me. This my spot, my nigga. You heard? We out. Come on Bruno, you can roll with me too. Come on boy. Look. See how my nigga control the grid. We on some mother fucking military shit. You dig? Yeah nigga. Know what I’m saying? Y’all niggas don’t want none of this. See, I gotta lead y’all out here. Cameraman, I don’t want y’all to get no… [opens window] Tsk, tsk, tsk, lunch time. [dogs bark] You don’t want none of that man! Lunch time! Lunch time! I’m not gonna sit here and say it’s morally ok, but… Do you think you’re doing anything wrong? That’s the question. No, I don’t think I’m doing anything
wrong. I don’t see myself any different than the
news. I’m reporting the news in my neighborhood. I’m reporting crime in my neighborhood. The news is after the fact. You’re during the fact. That’s the difference. Now, if somebody was gonna get hurt… now, people have been hurt because they’re stealing their stuff, they’re scaring these people, or whatever. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen anybody get hurt. Have you? Yes, I did. [knocks on door] I ain’t really been doing shit, man. Just been chilling and shit. I heard you good but, you know, I need that bread, nigga. [smacks teeth] Know what I mean? Yo son, what’s up… what’s up with this camera? Man, fuck the camera. We ain’t talking about the camera, we’re talking about money! Hold on, hold on. Put that camera… son… come inside. Put that camera down man. I got neighbors out here man. Son, why is you talking reckless for? It ain’t reckless nigga, you been ducking me for 3 months now man, come on homey! I need this man. Ain’t nobody been ducking you, man. I’ve just been in fucked up positions kid. I really ain’t got the money right now, that’s all. Money? My baby’s mom said you was in the club, last night, popping bottles. Come on son. You bought Queenie and all the bitches bottles. Come on man! You’re spending chub. I need my money, son! For real! -Come on son.
-I need my money son. Son, I ain’t got it right now, man. I said I’m going to get you your money. You act like I’m going somewhere. -Where am I going?
-Going somewhere? Come on! You just got a fucking Escalade for your kids! -Man, that’s a gift.
-A gift? Man, I ain’t come out my pocket. Nigga, I want a Escalade! I wanna drive around in a Escalade
nigga! Yo, again man, put that fucking camera down son! That shit is good man. What the fuck? We’re talking about money nigga, fuck… Like I said man… yo… My pockets just ain’t been right man. I know your baby’s mom told you
whatever… They seen you. It’s not just my baby’s mom nigga. It’s everybody nigga! Come on son. You know the streets talking. Niggas see you. I just need my money son. [mumbles “streets talking”] I know you got your tax return back nigga, I need my bread nigga. Alright, I’ll tell you what man… I told you I ain’t got the money, you still talking reckless so fuck that, nigga, I’ll give you the money when I get the money. Now what? Oh! You gonna pull a gun on me son? I just want my money nigga. Yo chill son! What the fuck you… [gun shots] Fuck that nigga, man. Say hello to my little friend. We did ask Aleem if his “ride alongs” with reported robbers and thugs, make him as guilty as the criminals. I can’t see how charge me with complicity to any crimes because, like I said, I didn’t tell anybody to go rob somebody. If this is taken in New York… We showed the violent DVD to Kevin Goering, a lawyer for
Sheppard Mullin. A firm that specializes in
First Amendment law. Kevin Goering
FREE SPEECH ATTORNEY The average citizen, I think would find this, from an ethical and moral standpoint, to be questionable. That doesn’t mean, from a legal standpoint, that anyone is exposed to liability. Goering says the DVD maker is on safe legal ground, as long as he didn’t help the criminals or pay them for the privilege to tape. Even when the camera man goes inside a private home to be burglarized, the photographer may have
First Amendment protection. We’re in a grey area there because I don’t think there was any actual breaking and entering by the producer. The breaking and entering was done by the criminal. “Yeah, I killed somebody.” Ousala Aleem insists he did not encourage the thugs on his DVD. He says they comitted the crimes to show how cold blooded they really are. We got this nigga that owe me some money. I’m about to go see this nigga. Might have to peel this nigga cap back or something. You know? I’m not really trying to do that shit on TV , you know? Fuck it. Man, the lawyer say we good, then we good nigga. Fuck it! [laughs] I’ll ride for this shit. Fuck! I need some money! Fuck! Park Slope
Brooklyn, NY Fuck! This fucking building! I’m ready to do this for film, man! I’ll do fucking anything for film! I’m gonna fuck this guy! Yo fuck! Give me your fucking money! Yo dude! Yo dude! You think I’m fucking playing with you? Look man, that’s all I got. Dude! You taping me and you robbing me man? -Get the fuck in here!
-Yo dude! -Get the fuck in here!
-Come on dude! Get the fuck in there! You robbing me and… Get in there! Get the fuck in there! Come on dude! You robbing me and you taping me? Get on your knees! You robbing me? Why are you doing this to me? Man, why? Look, he’s taping me! Get on your knees! You’re robbing me… Get on your knees! Come on man! Shut the fuck up! Come on man! Shut up! Shut up! Alright man! Get on your knees! I’m cool! Go down! Please don’t to this to me bro! Shut the fuck up! Ok? I’m shutting up! Please. Shutup! [gunshot] I don’t know if you’ve seen anybody get hurt. Have you? Yes, I did. You did? Yes. Would you intervene to stop that person from getting hurt? If somebody is about to shoot somebody and I’m sitting there and they’re about to shoot somebody, what can I say? What am I going to do? Hit them with your camera, so they don’t shoot them. No, my camera… You wouldn’t do that? No. So you wouldn’t save a live, put your own life in jeopardy to save a life? I never knew that anyone’s life was gonna be taken. I never went out saying, “we’re going to go kill someone tonight.” Here’s what I’m talking about, say you’re there and a guys beating up the person. You’ve seen that? Right? Yes. Would you say,
“stop beating that person up?” No. Flatbush
Brooklyn, NY He’s a bitch nigga. You see this? You ran on my nigga! Vandeveer! You ran on my nigga! I got stabbed up at Vandeveer. I don’t give a fuck about Vandeveer nigga! -You ran on my nigga!
-All day, every day son. Ran? [punch] Shut the fuck up! Put him to sleep? You ran on my nigga you bitch! What the fuck is wrong with you b? Still gotta breath my nigga. Shut the fuck up b! Chill Scrap. Fuck is wrong with you fam? He know he violated! [punch] You’ve actually shot video of people being murdered? Ousala Aleem
Videographer See, well the thing is… I was pretty much at the wrong place at the right time. If you want to put it like that. I was interviewing people and things just started happening. I make movies, so I just decided, why not document, some of the criminals… why not interview some of the criminals in my neighborhood and that’s pretty much how it started. Just started out as a documentary. However, the NYPD is looking into not only if these are real crimes on Aleem’s DVD, but whether his role is of just an
observer. Professor Eugene O’Donnell
John Jay College of Criminal Justice It’s one thing to happen upon a crime with a video and actually take a video of that crime. But separately from that is if you know that a crime is taking place and you ride along and you are in on the fact that the crime may take place, you might be exposing yourself then, to some criminal
liability. -Alright we’re rolling.
-Early. Crown Heights
Brooklyn, NY So, why do you live a life of crime? Ain’t nobody giving a nigga shit out here
man. Straight grime. Gotta do what you gotta do. Get yours. Eat food. Know what I mean? Niggas gonna eat your food. Why not? Know what I mean? Niggas caking, niggas looking like snacks. Looking like milk for niggas right here. Niggas is hungry. We don’t got shit. Know what I mean? So, that’s why we get niggas. Early. Take money, food, whatever. It’s all about survival man. Money out there man. Just gotta know how to get it. I know how to get it. You gotta know who got it though. Hey, it’s what pays the bills dog. It’s all I know. Everyday is a struggle. Feel me? Ain’t nobody giving a nigga shit. Gotta go out here and take that shit. Bushwick
Brooklyn, NY I was a thief. I was starting to really steal and really really do bad things to good people to support my habit and I ended up hitting the real bottom. Why did I live a life of crime? Harlem
New York, NY I mean, I lived a life of crime because that was the only means I had to feed
my family. I wasn’t a straight A student, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my
mouth and at the end of the day, my pops was a heroin addict, and I had to man up and be the man of the family and go out, put my pistol in a nigga face and eat. You know, I appreciate your honesty. Alright so, if you’re not gonna stop the beating, alright, and you’re gonna allow it to happen in front of you, you can understand why some people would say, “that’s immoral, that’s wrong”. You have an obligation, to try and stop the beating, try to mitigate the suffering of that person. You can understand that, correct? I totally agree with you and I think that it’s wrong. But, like I said, I’m a filmmaker and a cameraman and my objective was to show people, crime is real and to expose it, to the World. I wouldn’t do what you do. We’re two different people Bill. That’s true. Y’all niggas wanna go out with me? They ain’t gonna bite y’all, come on boy. Fall back!
Fall back! Come on cameraman. Fall back!
Come on. Come on Eddie. Yeah man, shit is real man.
Close the door. Don’t let them run in. Yeah man, you know.
They’re living lovely. Know what I’m saying? This is their little spot. I’m everywhere b. If a nigga get it twisted, yo, this called shit, nigga! Yo Hitler! [kisses at dog] This is called shit nigga. Run in my crib nigga. I got all types of shit for you niggas out here b. [smirks] I got mother fucking dogs and all that,
man. So, nigga run in here man, it’s either the gun or the dog. Which one do you niggas want b? The gun or the dog? [dogs bark] Shut the fuck up. [dogs continue to bark] Don’t worry, they’re good dogs. My niggas good, man! Cameraman, don’t move man! Chill, you good! Y’all niggas alright b! But anyway, know what I’m saying, come to the hood nigga, come through nigga, you know where I’m at b. So this is where I’m at b, you see I got all types of security, my nigga. Get a shot of them dogs man. Healthy! [elevator makes constant beep noise] [elevator bell rings] [elevator bell rings] [neighbors acknowledge one another] You know what this is nigga. Oh! Oh! Oh! Yo chill! Don’t make it a homicide nigga. Yo son! Where your money at son? Damn! Give me your money. Damn son. That’s all I got yo.
That’s all I got. Damn. Oh shit. You guys filming a video here
or something? What’s going on man. Yo, what’s going on in here? Oh! Oh shit! Yo man! What’s up? Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Alright, here! Yo! Yo! Come on man!
Peace! Peace! Peace! Come on, man! I know you got money! I got a few bucks! That’s it! That’s all I got. I got… that’s all I got. Chill son! Y’all don’t have no cell phones or
nothing, right? Don’t have no cell phones or
nothing, right? Give me that. That’s all I got brother! That’s all I got.
I swear to God. Come on man! You don’t even need to fucking
point that at me, b. Come on, just, just… -That’s all I got!
-You got it! -That’s all I got man!
-I don’t have anything else! Come on man, listen, -I got kids brother. I got kids.
-Word, son! I got kids brother. You got it!
You got it! Damn! Hey what’s happening, it’s your dog Mr. Too Official, Trust Nobody Ent, we out here “juug city” right now, ATL, y’all already know, Criminals Gone Wild, real goons, real shit. Nigga, we ain’t gonna take you
on the block, we ain’t gonna show you none of that
exclusive shit, we’re not gonna show you none of our criminals, but y’all know when y’all on this block, nigga, ain’t nothing but some “juuging” (hustling), ain’t nothing but some real polished shit going on. Fucking with real thug niggas. Hope we don’t take the camera but what it do? Criminal TV. What’s happening? So why do you live a life of crime? Hey man, really, I don’t live a life of crime no more. I ain’t gonna say that no more because, you know what I mean? We just live a life where a nigga just gotta get it how we live, because these crackers been running this shit for a long time, so ain’t no 9 to 5 out here. Ain’t nobody opening no jobs and there’s a lot of stores, but when we walk in
there, they’re gonna look at us like we a mother fucking criminal, so instead of purchasing with them, we might as well take the shit so what it do? That’s why we criminals. That’s why this shit is “Juug City”. Can I have your autograph Mr. Juug Man? This is my partner right here, real goon! You feel what I’m saying? Fuck with me! Y’all see the movement, Too Official. Trust Nobody, we in the building man! What’s happening? What else you gotta ask? What you think about the police? -Fuck the police!
-You already know, hold on! We ain’t even gonna say that, we just gonna show you right here! [TRUST NO BODY] This is what we think about the police out here. You feel what I’m saying? Trust nobody! We don’t trust no police. We don’t trust all that fake shit, man. We around nothing but Feds, nigga, GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation), everything around here and we still get our money nigga. We still do what we do man. Trust Nobody Ent man. You know we don’t give a fuck about
them. They know that. So we don’t gotta expose
that. You ever been a victim of crime? Well, I ain’t gonna tell you like that. A nigga ain’t got me! A nigga tried. Know what I’m saying? I’ve been shot out here and everything. So I guess that’s a victim of crime then. That’s what it is nigga. Juug City nigga. Bust on their block and everything. Nigga done did what he had to do on this block. So, whatever. You feel me? So, are you a menace to humanity? There goes the police coming up right now! They’re probably gonna say something but we’re gonna tell them right here on camera, fuck them. So when they tell us to move, we gonna say, “fuck them”. They’re gonna tell us to move, but fuck them! When they get out the car, we gonna let y’all know. Shit live and direct. Keep doing the interview nigga! We gonna stunt in front of them! Are you a menace to humanity? That’s a hard question. I’m gonna tell you no. Crown Heights
Brooklyn Now the producer says all of the criminals caught on tape are 100% real and these crimes are not staged. However the question remains, why would anyone allow their face to be caught on camera while committing
a felony? The NYPD is looking into it. We’re live in Crown Heights tonight. I’m Chris Glorioso, for the CW11 News
at 10. Back to you. My face can be on camera right now and all that other shit but at the end of the day, niggas don’t know what I do or how I do what I do, or when I’m gonna do what I do, or where I do it at. Think I’m on this shit because I wanna be on this shit? I’m on this shit for a couple of dollars. Man, you know? Alright, we’re rolling. Brownsville
Brooklyn, NY So being that you’re a thief, what kind of people do you rob? Soft niggas, man! Hard niggas! Don’t matter man! Where ever the bread at my nigga! It’s whatever! I don’t pick and choose. My jobs choose me. I don’t choose no job. So have you ever ran into a victim that you robbed? Like I said my nigga, niggas is soft. Know what I mean? Like, the way I do my thing, a nigga would never suspect it’s me anyway, so. It’s whatever. You do it the ski mask way? Or do you just straight up just… My nigga, I do it. Know what I’m saying? I just do it my nigga. Like, however,
whatever. You know? Like I said, I mastermind I plan first. I plan not to get caught. Know what I’m saying? So, it is what it is. So, have you ever been a victim of crime? I’ve been shot before. Been shot at. Know what I’m saying? Got shot, with a .32 punk shit. Niggas is faggots. Niggas got little guns. Soft niggas man. Know what I’m saying? I was out of the hospital a week later. Got hit in the groin. Bullet came out of my hip the next week. Do you know the person who shot you? No, I didn’t know them niggas, man. Niggas rolled on me on some sucker shit. Know what I mean? Got like 15 feet away. Actually, the nigga walked up on me like, he could’ve dumped right in front of me. Like, he could’ve dumped right here, know what I’m saying? Niggas was soft, man. Niggas be pussy, man. What kind of guns do you like? No comment, man. I never used a pistol. I never used a pistol. I like using quiet things. Uh, I like using a boning knife. I’ll show you what a boning knife looks
like. Here’s a boning knife. This is a boning knife. It’s quiet. I don’t give a fuck what… I don’t even have a favorite. Know what I’m saying? I use them all b. Like, whatever I can get my hands on, is my favorite gun. Any nigga that tell you, his favorite gun is a 9mm, or I like the .40 cal or whatever, nigga, you ain’t a real gun man, son. Any gun I can get my hands on, is my mother fucking favorite gun, b. I’ll tell you what else I like to use. Be able to, slip it around the neck, of someone and just sort of like, choke the life out of them and it’s quiet. And uh, these are bad things. FD, you’re gonna come through. You’re gonna come to the block in a
minute man. You gonna see the M14s, the 30 30s, know what I mean? The .357s we got everything man. AKs, ARs, whatever. See how that shit looks, almost homemade dog. That shit buck dog! Know what I’m saying? That hole right there dog, you know what I’m saying? Shit. Mother fuckers scatter dog. I get hand loaded shells, got the buck shot, with the .45 slug. You know what I’m saying? Got some where they sawed off, cut off all the damn buck out of it. Fill that bitch up with staples dog. Oh yea! That mother fucker sting a mother fucker down. Bitch gonna lay down. You know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying? All you gotta do is that one, that one, [shotgun barrel clicks in place] loud noise dude. You know what I’m saying? Strapped with the bullets, all that shit dog. That’s how we do it. Taking it to the shop. I ain’t trying to carry no bullets
right here. I got some boxes under the seat. You asked me my weapon of choice? Shit speak for itself. Know what I’m saying? This is straight, intimidation. This is straight, when I come in, niggas know I mean business, man. You feel me? -Niggas see this in his face,
-We mean business baby. he drops everything. It’s real. -You know what I’m saying?
-It’s real. Everything that we come in for, we want it! You see a nigga like me, you give it up! Because it ain’t worth it! It ain’t worth it! .50 calibers coming at you. With extra clips. We never lose. We don’t lose. Bottom line. We’re in our mid-thirties and we’re
still here baby. Alright? Everybody else around us, lose. Come on man. [guns tap] Extra clips for you bananas. Monkey ass niggas. Banana ass niggas, we got something special for you. Wanna be a fucking clown? We got something special for you. We got it! Alright? If you can handle the mother fucking heat, bring it. -Telling y’all niggas before,
-If you got money, we taking it. We plan it, we get away. R.I.P. my nigga Smitty. Lost but never forgotten my nigga. [laughs] You clowns ain’t never seen this before. E.N.Y (East New York), New Lots. The heat is on baby. That’s enough man. Y’all niggas know what time it is, man. If you don’t… we’ll teach you. Bottom line. This was used sometimes, this is a boning knife, here. Now, you take this, like, if we didn’t get a cut of our fucking money, that we should’ve got, you see this here? Resembles a thumb, right? Maybe if someone didn’t pay the first week, maybe we take off, fucking, like this. You know what I mean? Hey, we got a drumstick! We got a leg! We got an arm! Hey! We got a wing! [laughs] It’s straight. I’m sitting up there dog, you know what I’m saying? Mother fucker buck though, dog! See, white boys gangsters too, shit. You know what I’m saying? If it got worst then, let’s say this would be a hand. You know what I mean? A fucking palm of a hand. Like this. A few times like this, would get somebody’s attention. You know? Like that. Especially when it goes into their fucking tendons and then they have no use of their
fingers. You know? Sometimes that happened. But, we don’t like to get blood all over the place. That’s why, a lot of times, we’d use
the wire. You know what I’m saying? I’m just trying to be… you know what I’m saying? Get it worked on, you see, but don’t think that mother fucker aint bopping though! Blow the stop sign clean right off the got damn shit. Know what I’m saying? You shoot a car with this mother fucker right in the trunk, it’s gonna blow that bitch up! You know what I’m saying? For real dog! I ain’t out here to hurt nobody. I’m just trying to get paid. But you know what I’m saying? Fuck with me, I’ll fuck with you. Twice. And I’m clean too dog! I can drive out the parking… I can drive out the neighborhood like this. Yes sir, right on the… I don’t know where it happened. I heard a bunch of noise. A bunch of “riff raff”. Know what I’m saying, guy? [cameraman laughs] Sure… sure you can search the car. There ain’t nothing in here. Got my shit locked up in the safe right in the front, right there. Between the seat. I’ll show you that shit. Be easy son, that’s all I got, yo! Don’t make it a homicide nigga. Come on, I know y’all niggas got more money than this! I don’t have anything! I was just going to the store, I didn’t even have, that’s all I had! Yo, get down son! Don’t get up! Y’all got cell phones? Huh? Y’all got cell phones? -I don’t have my cell phone.
-I gave you mine! I don’t have one. I don’t want no change. Don’t try to fucking play me man! Not trying to fu… I’m sorry. What’s wrong with you? I’m not even looking at you, man. Don’t look at me. Damn, what’s that camera for? Don’t worry about it nigga. Criminals Gone Wild! This shit ain’t fucking funny yo! So, you got any battle wounds? Yeah dog. Been sliced right there. Broke my hand 6 times there. Teeth marks, got that pinky life Dr. Evil. You know what I’m saying? That finger right there. Shit. Been stabbed about 12, 13 times. Right there. Right there. Right there. Right there. Sliced right there. Sliced right here like this. Two across right there. Know what I’m saying? Stabbed right there. Shot, grazed with a 9mm, twice. That shit healed up. The scar went away. Know what I’m saying? Just a little bit. That shit burn like a mother fucker boy! That’s why them fools lay down dog! When you pull that chopper right there dog! Shit. Know what I’m saying? So you have been a victim of crime. You said you got shot, stabbed, you’ve been shot at. I wouldn’t consider it a victim of crime, it was more like a battle wound. Because they ain’t get me! Them mother fuckers laid sleeping. Ain’t never had my… my mamma is the only one who whooped my fucking ass. Got a couple little stitches. I’ve been hit in the head. Couple good times, but shit, I ain’t never been knocked out. Never had my ass whooped. Shit. Have you ever been a victim of crime? No man. Never got “juxed” (robbed), never got “clapped” (shot), nothing. Niggas respect me in the streets. You feel me? I just laid it down already. Know what I mean? Why I live a life… Fuck you mean, “Why I live a life of crime?” nigga, I ain’t got shit. Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn, NY Niggas ain’t got really, I really don’t have patience and time to just be sitting around not doing nothing like, I’m not really good at hustling, so you know, I don’t really wanna hustle. I just like, I’d rather rob a nigga. I’m good at robbing, I’m gonna rob
a nigga. I’m good at shooting niggas too! I’ll probably show y’all niggas a little of that later. But I’m gonna keep it real with you, when I was robbing people, I was real young, man. Like real young. Like in the early teens. And I caught a case for that. Know what I’m saying? I went up north (Upstate New York). I did a 1 to 3-4 years, for robbery. Know what I’m saying? But I was juvenile. So, they can’t use that record against me. It’s probably expunged off my record or something like that, but, after I got caught for that, I knew robbery wasn’t my thing. Know what I’m saying? Because, not that I couldn’t rob people
but, they wasn’t playing with robbery. Like the courts, like you know, when you do crimes, sometimes you think about, damn, if I get caught, how would this effect me? Alright, this ain’t nothing. I ain’t gonna get no time for this, So, that robbery, they don’t be playing. That’s a violent crime, I had weapons involved, so, after I came home from that, my whole life was drugs. Know what I’m saying? And it’s been drugs ever since. Don’t look at my face yo! That’s all I got brother. Don’t look at my face. That’s all I got. Damn yo. Don’t make it a homicide. You guys have a good day. Fuck! What do I think about police? I think all police officers ain’t bad. But I don’t respect the badge. I respect the person that’s behind
the badge. You understand what I’m saying? Because I got family members, that’s police. They’re not dick heads, know what I’m saying? So, know what I mean? It ain’t the police officer, it’s the badge. Fuck the badge. What do you think of the police? [laughs] Fuck the police! No… no… no… no… no… No comment, man. No comment. Fuck police nigga! That’s about it, man. Fuck, the police. LAPD, NYPD, PAPD, NCPD, I don’t give a fuck. Anything that end with PD, my nigga, fuck them! What do I think of snitches? Snitching and snitches… I think snitches, is the scum of the fucking Earth, man. You understand what I’m saying? Every snitch needs to get shot in his head, man. And then bring them back to life, then shoot them again. Them rat ass niggas, man. Fucking with the police. Everybody police, nowadays. Everybody man. Fuck around, you might be police,
nigga. Everybody police. Every snitch. I don’t condone that shit, whatsoever. Only people, see niggas got it fucked up. A nosy lady, looking out the window, telling on somebody, is not a snitch. Snitches don’t live our lifestyle. If you live this lifestyle, and you tell, you’s a fucking rat! But old ladies, pedestrians, citizens, people who do not live this lifestyle, they are not snitches if they see you in the streets, shooting somebody, and they tell. A nigga who playing by this game we playing by, and he tell on peoples, you’s a fucking rat! Police, they got the best jobs. They’re just like us, know what I’m saying? You know, I look at them niggas like another nigga I got beef with. Like these rocks here. I just gotta hurdle over them niggas. Because, it’s really not about nothing. They get to, run up on a nigga. Niggas be dirty and shit. You got them dirty ass cop ass niggas out there, know what I’m saying? You’re grinding, you on the grind, niggas will take your bread and shit. Take a little crack (cocaine) and
all that. They get money, so you know, fuck police really though. They don’t fuck with me, I don’t fuck with them. Them niggas stay out my way, I stay out their way. You dig? What do I think about jail or prison? I think, jail is a pretty fucked up place. But unfortunately, that’s the end of the road if you’re playing this game we’re playing. You feel me? I’m on parole still. And on PA (Pennsylvania) parole. So I’m in New York, but I’m on PA parole. So, no comment, man. So you been jail, you’ve been to prison. Of course, I’ve been to jail. I’ve been to prison man. I’ve been locked up a little bit. A little bullshit, know what I mean? They always catch me with bullshit. Beat a little, couple felonies, right now. Trying to give me probation. Know what I mean? I’m still here though. They can’t stop me. It’s a part of the game, and uh, I don’t wish that shit on nobody. If I wanted to kill you, if I had a enemy, I wouldn’t wish he go to jail, man. Word! Give me a chance to destroy him. I’m gonna have a shirt made up, “Pick Up Your Pants, I Don’t Want To
See Your Fucking Skidmarks” You know what I mean? It’s fucking disrespectful, to women, and to kids, to see your fucking ass hanging out. Oh, let me tell you how it started! Ok? Being a good jailbird that I fucking was, let me tell you, let me tell you how that ol’ pants shit happened, right? In jail, years and years ago, right, the guys that wanted to get fucked in the ass, lowered their uh, pants. Their sweatpants, in jail, alright? Because those were the guys that wanted to get fucked in the ass! That’s where that came from! Can’t be behind that cage though. That ain’t the life, man. [smirks] I ain’t promoting none of that G. 2 HOURS OF PRIME NEWS
with Erica Hill A New York filmmaker is making a pile of cash off the cities violent
crimes. Ousala Aleem filmed and got a hold of clips that show carjackings, shootings, robberies, assault. Well then he put them all together and now he’s selling that graphic footage for about $27 bucks. Aleem says in just a few weeks, he’s had plenty of takers. He’s made $300,000, he claims, from sales of “Criminals Gone Wild”. But is it legal to get rich off being a witness to crime? Attorney Mark Eiglarsh, joining us tonight from Miami. Mark if you look at this too, it is
sickening. This video that he is making money off of. We talked to him. He insists all of these crimes are real. He did nothing to help the victims,
though. Is that legal, Mark? MARK EIGLARSH
Attorney Yes. Unfortunately, for the many viewers, who have moral issues, with what he’s doing, legally, he’s doing nothing wrong. I’ll take it one step further, in this country, there is no
“good samaritan” rule. You can watch someone, push someone into a lake, know that they’re drowning before your eyes, and do nothing and not have to call police. He certainly can video tape it, as long as he plays no role in the participation of the crime. It just seems like this takes it one
step further though. It’s interesting to me because, he claims he has more footage. He admitted that to us and he said in one article, “I would turn it over to the police, but I’m worried someone will put a price on my head. I want to put it” out there. It’s good TV. It’s very violent and shocking. It’s sickening stuff.” He says, it’s good tv, he wants to make money off it, but oh, he’s afraid. I mean, is he afraid that he’s gonna have to snitch? Listen, he is afraid of a lot of things. But he loves the PR (press relations). And if he does anything like, “hey guys, go ahead and give me some
action”, if he does anything like that, he will be brought in, as a principle. All for one, and one for all, he’s part of the crime. But if he stays there and he videotapes, he has no obligation to anyone. But when you look at something like this, could this be perhaps the instance that may bring a change to those laws? It may, but Erica, this is an extreme
example, and yeah, it creates problems for me too but I don’t want a climate where you have to report a crime. Some people have the right to turn
away and want to turn away. They’ve been through the system, they don’t like how they’re treated
as witnesses. They just don’t want to have anything to do with it and that’s their right as Americans too. It is extreme, as you say. I need some fucking action. Fucking tired. Come on, let’s go. Yo man! You got the time, big man? Yo, you taping me, yo? -No, I’m not taping.
-I don’t want to be taped, man. Get that camera out of here, man. Yo, put your fucking hands up! You fucking think I’m crazy? What’s up with that? Give me your fucking wallet! I got wife and kids at home! That’s great. Give me your fucking wallet! Give me your fucking wallet ok! Take the damn wallet! Get the fuck back! What the hell man! Let’s go! [music plays] Footage From “Criminals Gone Wild” What do you mean “shhhhh”? Dude! What the fuck son! Oh! Yo, turn that off! Turn that off! Turn that off! Turn that off! We’re gonna make you turn this off. Get on the floor! Get on the floor! Are you serious? [gun cocks] Get on the floor! I ain’t even gonna speak upon that, too tough. Know what I’m saying? I ain’t one to be, talking about all that crazy, “ra ra”, “I do this”, “ra ra ra”, you know, I’m out here. That’s all you really need to know though. I’m out here! Ha! The man behind the mask, you heard? Where at? I see this black nigga Diddy bopping, son. [gun cocks] Son, word to my mother. Yo! Come here, faggot! [gunshot] [multiple gunshots] Fuck that nigga son! Some G shit man! [guns cock] I told him it wasn’t a game, son! He says he acted in the DVD, just for the experience. But when he heard people calling it
real, he had to speak up. As actors, our job was to try to make it look as real as possible. And the shocking DVD, “Criminals Gone Wild”, looks so real, even the NYPD is doing an intense investigation. Get out the car! But Alec O’Donohue says
“don’t believe it”. The college student and struggling actor came to us, to give us, the real deal. The people I was robbing, those are my friends. So you know, it’s they wasn’t real, real victims. [smirks] It wasn’t a real crime. Everything was, you know, a set up. It’s not what the director has to say about his film that’s making him some serious cash. He’s already sold thousands of DVDs at $27 dollars a pop. And he says, it’s all real. I was just out there and things just happened. I mean, if you’re dealing with criminals, they commit crime. So if you’re taping criminals, you’re gonna tape some crime. The DVD shows violent street crimes and shootings, as they happen and at least one thug has bragged about a so-called robbery in Brooklyn. I mean, what do you want me to do? Go mop somebody’s floor, for $5 an hour? This is what I do. I make movies and I sell my movies. But Alec says it’s all just a dangerous
game. A dangerous game, that should end. God forbid, I’m in school, doing my classwork or, or doing a presentation, and then five officers come to snatch me up for something that I know is totally
fake. CRIMES ON CAMERA And he says he just talked to the director and begged him to clear things up, before someone gets hurt. Look at this again. This is incredible to watch. When somebody brought this video to our attention, we found it unbelievable. We wanted to take another look at it. This is called “Criminals Gone Wild.” Yes, you’re watching tape of what is crime in progress, we are told. Really reality TV gone wild is maybe what we should call it. It’s billed as real video of real crime. It’s unbelievable. 25-year-old filmmaker Ousala Aleem says that he has sold, get this, 10,000 of these DVDs and made some $300,000. But it right to shoot real crimes,
if it’s real? And then if it’s not real, is that another problem, because now we’re being
deceitful? Now we’re lying. We’re going to try and get to the bottom
of this for you. Joining us now here is, first of all, the director, Ousala Aleem. Ousala, thanks so much for being with us. OUSALA ALEEM, CREATOR,
“CRIMINALS GONE WILD” Thank you. All right. Take us through it. What we’re looking at here looks incredible. That scene we saw just moments ago, it looks like someone is being, what, taken out of their car? Is it a holdup? What is it? It was a carjacking. That is a carjacking. Is it a real carjacking? It’s 100 percent real. Well, how were you able to get a camera next to somebody who is committing
a crime? I started out originally trying to do a documentary on criminal psychology. And the longer I hung out with the criminals and were in their proximity, crimes started to happen. And you just started witnessing it and then you took out a camera and you started shooting it? Yes. Isn’t your first obligation to stop the crime from happening? How could I stop it if I’m watching it? And I’m in awe. And I’m shocked that it’s happening. How can I stop it in the process of happening if I’m watching it happen? You know what I mean? I’m taping it. Well, here’s the question I think most people would have as they’re watching this, as we look at this video. Did you know that the crime was going
to be committed? No, not at all. Well, then how did you know to be there when it was taking place? Like I said, if you’re hanging
with criminals, you’re going see crime. And that’s all there is to it. If I hang out with a plumber, I’m going see him do some plumbing.
Simple as that. Well, if you hang out with a plumber, you know that he’s going to go and do the plumbing work and you pretty much get to know his schedule. Pretty much? If you hang out with a criminal, you pretty much know that he’s going commit crimes, and you know his schedule. So, doesn’t that answer the question I just asked you, that you kind of knew that the crime was going to take place? No, I don’t know anyone’s schedules. A criminal doesn’t have a set schedule. It’s not like you got to wake up at 8:00 and leave at 5:00 in the afternoon. A criminal doesn’t have a set schedule. If you’re going rob somebody at 3:00 a.m., you might rob somebody at 3:00. You’re going to rob somebody at 1:00 p.m. You know what I mean? I know you have got a creative process that you’re trying to do here. But my viewers are sitting at home right now and they’re listening to you say this, and they’re have having a tough time, Mr. Aleem, buying that you weren’t
on this. I don’t know what to tell them. They just have to see the DVD for
themselves. I know what I seen with my own two eyes. And I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s fake when I know what
I seen was real. Well, I didn’t say it was fake. Why did you say whether it’s fake or not? Because that’s what everyone is saying. I’m not saying it’s fake. I’m saying there’s a problem. Look, if it’s real, and you’re saying
it is real there’s a serious problem with you going along for the ride while someone is committing a crime and hurting other
people. What is this? Is this the victim of
a shooting? Yes. Well, if I was standing on a corner and a car accident occurred, and I just happened to be taping the car accident, was I the reason for the car accident? Not if there’s a predictable pattern of you always being there every time there’s a crime. Then you have got to start to ask questions, right? We’re dealing with different people. And there’s no particular pattern that’s
going on. You know, a lot of questions on
this thing. True crime stories or not? Once more, the question comes
down to this or at least part of it is this. Are we looking at real live criminals or actors who are acting as
criminals gone wild? And if they are real live criminals, then are we involved in perhaps
perpetrating the crime itself? We’re going to get into
all of these issues. Still with me is filmmaker Ousala Aleem. He’s good enough to be with us and take some of the heat on this. Also joining us is Alec O’Donoghue. He’s a senior at Medgar Evers College
in New York. He appears in “Criminals Gone Wild.” And he brought his professor with us, Winston Mitchell, who says his students are just actors and they’re not criminals. All right. Everybody is on board. Everybody is ready to go. I want to start with you, since you’re making the charge. You’re saying everything that Mr. Aleem just told me is not true? Well, I didn’t really hear exactly
what… All right, let me tell you what he said. He said these are all crimes, and they are happening for real. And he didn’t know they were going take place. But he happened to be there at the right time with a camera and he was able to take all those pictures. People were really shot.
People were really robbed. I want to know from you, is that true? Well, on behalf of what you seen me doing and the people that participated with me, everybody was family and friends. So all that was staged. Whatever else he did, I don’t know,
but I know… Hold on a minute. We have got some
video I want to show. Will, if you have got the video, the one that has Alex on it, let’s go ahead and roll that, so we can see that at home. I could call the dread right now. The guy with the dreads, I could call him
right now. Who’s that? Are you in there? He’s supposed to be the victim,
the victim, the so- called victim. Who are you on there? Oh, I’m the guy right there. That’s there, that’s you in the blue
jacket? Yes. And you have got a gun? Yes. And you’re supposed to be sticking
somebody up here? Yes. I’m supposed to be robbing a
so-called friend. Is your gun loaded? No. It was a fake gun that I obtained
from them. So, these people are not being robbed? No, they are not. Ousala, you have got some explaining
to do. Yes. And I just don’t understand how you could get on national TV and on CNN and just lie to the whole America that this
didn’t happen. Yes, that was your friend, but you still
robbed him. Look at the video. You said you knew him in it when we went in there. You knew the guy and you robbed the guy. And he didn’t call the cops because he was a
drug dealer. You know what I mean? So, I just don’t understand how you get on TV and lie to the whole America and say that that didn’t happen. Well, I hear what you’re saying. You really trying to go hard to sell more movies. I understand you’re trying to make some money. But I could call the guy right now. You want to speak
to him? -Speak to who?
-I could call… Speak to the guy you robbed? What are talking about? Hold on. You would bring the other guys that we just saw on tape here and they would tell us the same thing? Exactly. Go ahead, professor. Go ahead. We have a student right now sitting in your lobby who is also in the video,
Hakim. And he’s one of the people portrayed as a criminal. He’s here with me to prove that he wasn’t. He told me to be his spokesperson and tell that he didn’t commit the crime. Alex is one of my students at Medgar Evers College. He hasn’t committed a crime. Ousala, let me ask you a question. Why would he lie? Let me tell you something. I went to the Brooklyn streets and I asked everybody, who is the most notorious and ruthless thug in the hood? And all fingers pointed to J-Ryda. And I don’t know what y’all talking about Alec O’Donoghue. His name is J-Ryda. And if you ask anybody in the hood about him, he’s one of the most ruthless thugs
in the streets. I don’t mean to be snitching on TV. But you did this. You did this. Look, we are just trying to get to the bottom of this. And we thank you for sharing that opinion. But he says that your real name is J-Ryda and that you are a thug. But here’s the really most important question for us. We can only go by what not by what he says about past
accusations, what we’re looking at on that videotape. If what we’re looking at on that videotape is real, then you have committed a crime and the police would be waiting for you as you leave CNN. Now, tell me this. At the age I am, would you think I would do a crime and put it on TV? Does that make sense? Would somebody call somebody to… Let me ask you a question, because he said he just happened to be in the area when you guys were doing
this. Did you know he was going to have
a camera there? He lives in the area.
This is his profession. And he knows all these people? And he knows all these people. They’re calling you out Ousala, it sounds like they’re calling you out. And I know you… how much money have you made so far on these tapes that
you have gotten… That’s neither here nor there. But let me tell you something. I have this tape right here. And this will prove everything. This will totally smash your credibility. All right. What is it? Because this is a tape proving what I’m saying. I didn’t release this because I was in fear of my life.
I’m not even going to lie. I was in fear of my life. But, if I release this tape to the public,
this will provethat he is J-Ryda. Go ahead, professor. Wrap this up. I was in the car with Alex. And that producer called him,
and put it on the speakerphone. I heard him saying, yo, just chill out for about a couple of more months, so I can make money. I said that? Yes, you did. I heard you tell him that. That was me? You have a video of me saying that? That wasn’t me. The real criminal is the producer because he’s portraying more black-on-black crime in our community. Police are looking into this matter. We will certainly try and see if we can get to the bottom of it. We’re not going to judge either of you at this point.
But we will continue looking into it. And, as we get more
information, we will be sharing it with you. Meanwhile, there’s a legal side of this. If real, this is a question of
law-breaking, if not a question of lying. Joining us now is former prosecutor Remi Spencer, who is joining us
on this as well. How do you see this? Are you as confused as I am? I don’t know if it happened or didn’t happen, but either way there is
something wrong here, right? There’s absolutely something wrong. If these crimes actually occurred, and he knew about them beforehand, he is committing a crime. While there may not be any law on the books that says he has to pick up the phone and call the police… Right. we would think, as a society,
that he should, that it’s immoral that he wouldn’t. That being said, we have laws with respect to accomplice liability. We have laws with respect to conspiracy. If he’s participating in the crime,
if he is acting in some way to bring this crime about, and we know he has a financial motive in this crime taking place,
he can be a co-conspirator. Well, let me ask you this, then, because we have Alex here saying no crime took place. It’s just a bunch of guys pretending that crimes were taking place. Is there any liability on his part if
that took place? Absolutely. There are civil laws that are being
violated here, even if the crimes are not taking place. Personally, I think all of us would
like to believe that these crimes are not taking place, that we’re not observing victims being exploited by commercialism. That being said, privacy rights, if they are real victims, if they’re not real
victims, then the consumers of this product are being duped. They’re buying something with the understanding that it’s real. But it’s not, and it’s commercialism
gone amuck. Would you be willing to swear on the bible that this is not real? Why not? You would? Exactly. And you’d take a lie detector test
if you had to? Exactly. Ousala, let me, Ousala, let me ask you the same question. Ousala, would you be willing to swear on a stack of bibles that this is real and that you’re not deceiving us when you say it’s not or it is? Yes. Yes. Yes, I would be willing to swear on the bible that this is 100
percent real, and I would like to say God bless America, and God bless “Criminals Gone Wild.” See, that’s what he’s about. He’s about the money. So it doesn’t matter… What do you have in your hand, there? What are you showing us? Just a couple of stacks. -Right, a couple stacks.
-You know, a couple of bills. Probably $1 bills. One dollar bills? Aren’t those hundreds? But there’s a story that you’ve made hundreds of thousand of dollars on this. Aren’t those hundreds? Aren’t those more hundreds? This is about trying to get money off of other people’s downfall. and it doesn’t matter if he’s going ruin this person’s career because 10 years from now, when I Alex looks for a job, someone will Google this, see him as a criminal, and he won’t be able to
get a job. And in 10 years, he’ll say what happened
to my life? Why? Because this guy wants to make a dollar. CRIMINALS GONE WILD 2
Menace II Humanity Created by
The Aleem Brothers Dipset all day, Criminals Gone Wild, you already know what it is. We in the building. Executive Producers
Ali Aleem & Ousala Aleem Kingston & Bergen stand the fuck up. Y’all niggas know what it is man. Directed & Produced by
Ousala Aleem Shout out to my gangsters man, shout out to, know what I mean, all my niggas man, I don’t give a fuck if you Blood, Crip, Latin King, MS-13 nigga. If you bang a set, nigga, what up
with you? Ruga said what’s good! All my niggas in jail, I love y’all
niggas. Holler at me, Ruga. Music Composer
Jaime “JPrice” Price I knocked on his door, man I’m ready to run up in his crib his mom’s there. You already know. She know where it’s at! I’m ready to go get it. Know what I mean? The producers of this film must insist
that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any activity on this film. -Do I ever think I’ll stop, what?
-Living a life of crime. I’ll never stop living this life, man. Word man! At the end of the day, I ain’t gonna
never stop thuggin’, I ain’t gonna ever stop getting this money and I ain’t gonna never stop spinning niggas. At the end of the day, my nigga Meech from BMF
(Black Mafia Family) said one thing that stuck with me, “ain’t no armored trucks pulling up to
no funeral”, my nigga. You got money, blow money nigga. Ruga! CRIMINALS GONE WILD ©2007-2018 FD Entertainment
/ Prestley Snipes LLC All Rights Reserved.

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