Cornel West & Robert George: Integrity over politics | VIEWPOINT

Cornel West & Robert George: Integrity over politics | VIEWPOINT

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Cornel: You and I had no idea we would be living in the age of Trump. Robert: Yeah, that’s for sure. Cornel: No idea. And so, on the one hand, you figure, okay,
in the Republican party, you’ve got a number of candidates. And you make your choice as Democratic party,
you got a number of candidates, you make your choices. You and I chose candidates that didn’t win
in the primary, and then we had to choose are we going with the two candidates that
in our view, don’t meet the criteria of integrity? Robert: We were in the same position, because
the question was did Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, either one, reach the threshold of
decency and integrity required to be President of the United States. Cornel: Required for the office. Robert: I’m sure you were under the same pressure
that I was under. You as a former Bernie Sanders supporter,
me as a former Ted Cruz supporter. Cornel: That’s right. Robert: We were under the same pressure to
go along, to join the team, to conform, and we were under the same threats. If you don’t, you’ll be an outsider. If you don’t, you’re excommunicated from the
movement, from the club. And yet, I admire you. Cornel: I was not surprised. I was not surprised, and you stood your ground. Robert: Yeah, as you did as well. Cornel: You stood your ground. Robert: As you did as well. Of course, now, you’ve been doing it for years
as a critic from the left of the Obama administration. I know that you are under tremendous pressure
and criticism for not going along with Obama, for your willingness to criticize publicly
the first Black American president. But, you were willing to do it even though
you knew that it meant you weren’t gonna get invitations to the White House, you were not
going to be an insider, you weren’t going to have the status that you might otherwise
have enjoyed. You weren’t going to be on MSNBC every night
and all that stuff. Cornel: And you would have done the same thing
to the first president from West Virginia, first Catholic. Robert: I like to think I would have. Cornel: Whatever, you know what I mean? Because as a matter, we’re fallible and finite
and fall, so we fall on our faces. But we really tried to the best of our ability,
and this is when we help each other in this regard, to trying to sustain our quest for
integrity, honesty, and decency. It’s a precious quest, and it’s not pure. It’s not pristine, but it has much to do with
how we were raised. It has much to do with the choices we make
in terms of our religious Christian faith. It has something to do with the traditions
that we choose to be a part of, and also how we choose to die, that we intend to be faithful
unto death.

5 thoughts on “Cornel West & Robert George: Integrity over politics | VIEWPOINT

  • Consider This Post author

    A Ted Cruz supporter talking about integrity — it's my new example of an oxymoron.

  • Dan Troop Post author

    This election, like so many others, is not what or who we prefer but what or who is the least objectionable.

  • integrity matters Post author

    peace cornel i have always loved you please have an open mind and support our new president.

  • Calvin Smith Post author

    Well, they might both be stupid, but at least they bury their heads in the ground consistently.

  • LinkMEP Post author

    Really? Ted Cruz was the only one even worse than Trump. At least Trump never had a temper tantrum that shut down the whole government.

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