Conor McGregor – Is The Law of Attraction Real or Bullshit? Watch This And Decide For Yourself

Conor McGregor – Is The Law of Attraction Real or Bullshit? Watch This And Decide For Yourself

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You have a clear belief in that it will happen no matter what, then nothing can stop it, you know what I mean? it is destined to happen If you can see it here, and you have the courage enough to speak it It will happen It feels familiar. I saw it so clearly I swear to God I saw it so clearly so consistently until it’s here in reality I see it in my head and then it happens It’s crazy how things just form, how dreams just form into reality My dream is to be world champion in the UFC Have more money than I know what to do with. And have a great life for my kids, my grandkids Everyone in my family. I will, I will be where I want to be I’m a hundered percent confident that I will make it to the top. I have the skills, I have the dedication And it’s something I really really want. Words can’t even describe but, it will happen and I’ll let you know when it happens When I was a kid, I used to visualize stadiums visualizing a arena full of fans I realised like this is attainable, the dream. It’s there for the taking if I put the time in And then when I started getting that focus and realised you know, fuck, I’m gonna make this happen Now that has happened, I’m making it happen. And that alone… Spose me on even more In the struggle when things are going good you visualize these good things happen, you visualize more good things happen; that’s easy What’s not easy to do is, when things are going bad and you’re visualizing the good stuff I visualized I’m sitting here holding the steeringwheel visualizing a brand new car, visualizing good things in times of struggle, when you can do that I think that really makes that Law of Attraction work You know I’m actually good at this. It’s actually something I really enjoy doing, and now there’s nothing else that matters to me I don’t know about nothing else. It’s an addiction Something that I love can actually secure my family’s future and make us live a good life of the rest of our days You know what I mean, and it’s not work, I don’t work I live. And that is why I have this tunnel vision and that is why I’m willing to kill every single man in my path to get that belt. To secure, the future. For my family’s future I’m very confident in my abilities and what I’m predicting I’m gonna do And I back it up with work ethics, I gotta put up with hours upon hours of time and dedication. I never slip I never take a second off this game True wins, true losses, true life, true hours in the gym of preparation, I feel that I am untouchable right now You know I’d rather shoot and miss, than not shoot at all Make no mistake, I’m setting up to be the greatest of all time. I will go down as the greatest of all time I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk Every time I say, I’m going to do something, I go and do it When you say it to yourself and you look yourself in the eye and look at yourself in the mirror and truly truly believe that not a man alive can beat you And that is the way it is I’ll be immortalized after this If you have a clear believe in that, it will happen no matter what Then nothing can stop it, you know what I mean, it is destined to happen I’m just gonna conquer once again, the supposed unconquerable you

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