Confessions – gay short film

Confessions – gay short film

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100 thoughts on “Confessions – gay short film

  • nono la Post author

    C'est beau ❤

  • Donald Storm Post author

    The acting was good and you just didn't need words for this actions said everything the eyes say everything. Once again good acting all of you. DRS.

  • Ray Caputo Post author


  • Laphina Post author

    Wunderbar. Man braucht keine Wörter. ❤

  • M Lady M Post author

    I just want to tell a story. God Made Womans and mans. That's because a woman needs a man to get pregnant. I man can't become pregnant of another man so why should someone be gay? It's against the nature. You should read the story of lot….you can find it in the Qur'an….

  • Natasha Franske Post author

    This made me cry,.idk why ☺️

  • Jo Dlvx Post author

    I need the name of the main character & the soundtrack plsssssss

  • Vanessa K. Post author

    His hair looks so fluffy

  • Randy D. Post author

    So sad that life doesn't happen this way often enough.

  • Alicia Rodriquez Post author


  • Bertie C Post author

    Spreading such a positive response towards the lgbtq+ community is so so helpful for so many people. Not only does it help people understand, but it can also help people find themselves, and the find pride in who they are. It’s videos like this that inspire people to come out and learn to accept and appreciate themselves again.

  • bluejay • Post author


  • bluejay • Post author


  • peppy kaye Post author

    Very touching film.

  • jose maria garcia abellan Post author

    Un grano de arena mas en los derechos y la normalización de las personas lgtb.Dirigíos al islam y tendréis ese grano de arena en el ojo

  • Creighton Bonds Post author

    All these lgbtq+ short films need to be real movies l! There soo amazing!

  • MASH Post author


  • RaisedUP2 Post author

    you can thank all those hateful religious books for the ignorant hatred that all of the LGBT community has to endure.

  • Magical Demiguise Post author

    Die Kameraführung 😱😍😍 Ich bin in love 😍

  • Janina Schärer Post author

    Love is Love ❤🌈

  • Carla Dependahl Post author

    Gibt es Möglichkeiten, auch in einem eurer Filme mitzuwirken?

  • Domenik Wagner Post author

    I wish my that my familie and friends were so acception too. But I have not a familie and I am are not sure if I am gay.

  • nylanda Allen Post author

    Best six minutes of my life😂😘😂😘😂😘💖😍💖😍❤😘❤😘

  • Preston Garvey Post author

    When u read comments and u already know what is going to happen before the vid is over

  • _《Other Man》 _ Post author

    Sehr gute Quali, schön gemacht👍🏻

  • Randy D. Post author

    I had forgot that I had seen this before. It brought tears to my eyes both times, just because of the dad's smile, as he realized that his son trusted him enough, to tell him who he really is. Someday, hopefully letting our parents know who we are will not take a confession.

  • Raimundo Santos Post author


  • oliver _ Post author

    half of the comments are just people saying they need a boyfriend

  • Peter Talgaard65 Post author

    Mine picked tears away and immediately wanted to know who I knew in architecture and legal world..i studied and met many in the dad was in the same fields..and that was that..always stayed with me and boyfriend when in town

  • Xx_KingOfSinners_xX Post author

    I'm not the prettiest girl or the smartest I'm different and I need help to accept myself I can't accept myself anymore!!!!!!
    I need help…

  • Rachel Poland Post author

    Gay couples are so cute!

  • Felix Kraußer Post author

    ich wünschte ich hätte auch nen freund….:'c

  • RobboBobboMakeup Post author

    In the beginning he looks like the guy from /holding the man/

  • mihai alex Post author


  • ALASTAIR BERRY Post author

    POOR VIDEO – Makes out as if being GAY is a big deal ——– and starts in adult life —– lots of kids in my schools were gay much younger but perhaps not so obvious or active sexually 🙂

  • Domenico Steane Post author

    This Movie makes me write a new song "Angel of mine"…….

  • hawyee Post author


  • PiPi Post author

    Beautiful. Emotion. Encouraging.

  • Stéphan Durand Post author


  • Jiminfangirl 100 Post author

    It's okay to be Gay!😊❤️

  • Velvet Star Post author


  • Délivrance Post author

    Beurk !!

  • Hamza Hamza Post author




  • WeeWaa13 Post author

    I thought the whole time it was a suicide note and flashbacks of a romance that didn’t work out, was happy and pleasantly shocked at the end

  • jürg der Grosse Post author

    Herziger Schwurzfilm.

  • dbeat queen Post author

    im a genderfluid,pansexual,12 year old punk girl/boy(i was born as a girl)from austria and i really wanna ask my mum if she could buy me a binder,but im really scared of doing that.i dont think she will accept it 🙁

  • Aly Schroeder Post author

    But like the main guy was so hot. My heart fluttered when I first saw him lol

  • LancelotGraal Post author

    The smile of the father. <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Kevin Williams Post author

    Here’s a twist for you. I’m the parent, the dad actually, but it’s me that’s gay. I’m thankful that most of my family, except maybe one daughter, does accept me. I don’t think they were happy about me having a boyfriend, and neither was my ex-wife. So there are struggles, even when you’re the gay parent!

  • William Jeffrey Post author

    The way it should always be

  • WeeWaa13 Post author

    Am I the only one who absolutely hates sleeping in socks unless it’s camping in a tent when it’s cold out?

  • Michael Vinson Post author

    to all you beautiful people in or trying to come out,please dont let anyone define who or what you want to be

  • Tom Gray Post author

    Beautiful 😂😀

  • SummerTime TV. International. Subscribers Post author

    Thanks for the video Guys

  • Ziegler CADEAUX Post author

    Extraordinary being able to make this short film; it symbolizes the love of the soul for the precious, the body of flesh. It took billions of centuries to develop the union between the soul and the human body; between consciousness and spirit; between the correspondence of an immensely rich passive memory and an ignorant living memory of the essential. This love of the soul for the beauty of the physical body is like a symphony to the glory of human becoming. This authentic clarity, the presence, the echo to life, which is displayed on the mind and subjects the being to this moment of grace, to a pure and tender love, to the only witness of his gaze and capitulation to Silentious soufle, of a pleasure desires, of ephemeral well-being.

  • txnymoon Post author


  • Markus Schrank Post author

    Eine schoene liebesgeschichte wunderbar LG von Markus habe leider zur zeit kein freund schon lange single ich wuensche allen noch eine gute zeit 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Jose nuñez Post author

    Amar algo distinto no nos haces diferente. Somos y seremos los mismo, no se debe permitir esconder el amor.. Mostrase tal y como es sin importar lo que todos piensen.

  • Daubi Piccoli Post author

    Who's watching in 2018??? 😁🙈

  • Meep The sheep Post author

    That hair flip 👌

  • Timothy Robbins Post author

    Referring to the comment below — Yeah, me too. When I told my parents they smiled and my dad said, "We knew and we're happy you're finally ready to share this with us." Later my mom came and sat on the edge of my bed in the dark, kissed my cheek and said, "You feel better now, don't you?" I was never really in doubt about their reaction. I knew they would accept me as easily as I accepted myself. After all, I learned acceptance from them. And I should have known that they knew — my fourth grade fascination (this was back in the 70s) with Donny Osmond along with a hundred other signs must have clued them in. If you like gay shorts, you might also like gay poems. In which case I suggest clicking on the face of the man in the fedora.

  • Douglas Gonzalez Post author

    Sex hombres latinos

  • Die Motte Post author

    Man this one was beautiful 🙂

  • BatutaRamdon :U Post author

    K lendo :'D

  • BatutaRamdon :U Post author

    J'aime le video!

  • صلاح ال غربي Post author

    احب الحلوين أحب الحلوين أحب الحلوين أحب الحلوين أحب الحلوين أحب الحلوين أحب الحلوين أحب الحلوين أحب الحلوين أحب

  • love shadowhunters and teen wolf Post author

    400iem commentaire

  • Brian Keith Null Post author

    I always thought that my Father would really kill me if he found out. When it did all he and my Mother said was.
    "Yes, so what" they have always been very accepting of it no harsh words and treat my partner of now 22 years like he's just another one of the kids.
    They are great people. I know kids that have been put out and disowned. I'll never understand how a parent can just stop loving their children. I think they must not of cared for them much in the 1st place, just sad.

  • daniel souris Post author

    Il me manque dès que nous sommes séparés, son regard me perturbe, la douceur de sa voix me manque et chaque fois que je le vois torse-nu au boulot mon coeur bat la chamade, j’ai eu l’occasion de le voir complètement nu et depuis je revois son corps en m’imaginant avec lui dans les scènes les plus torrides.

    C'est un extrait que je vous livre, une histoire super que j'ai trouvée sur un site gratuit je vous la recommande ainsi que d'autres que j'ai adoré, si vous aimez les belles histoires gay vous allez vous délecter, n'hésitez pas c'est entièrement gratuit bonne lecture : @t

  • william g Post author


  • North Paw Post author

    I need to stop watching these gay short films they just show me a relationship that I will never have.

  • North Paw Post author

    Another thing I have watched probably 30-40 of your gay short films and most of the actors you chose are really HOT!

  • vivaciouscritic Post author

    Wait was that mama or papa opening the letter

  • TheWhore2culture Post author

    One day🙏💥👊💯👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍👏👏👏🙌👋💖✌

  • Chris h. Post author

    Why is there long, blond hair in the upper left @3:17? It's a blooper for sure.

  • Chris h. Post author

    Mediocre – not one for the ages.

  • الرجل الحنون Post author

    انا موجب الي سالب يجيني واتس 00967715062179

  • abd.almnan alatter Post author

    اتجاه الممثلين نحو الافلام القصيرة التي تحث على الفساد المحرم هي النهاية المحتومة للفساد والفاسدين

  • Hair Gfddssz Post author

    I need gay

  • Mark Zanghetti Post author

    Wonderful Film, I am surprised at how much you can convey with a short and silent film, well done!

  • Tina Kristensen Post author

    All the power to you all no matter age or the person you like. Bedre to know now then struggle with it when your are older. I am prude of all of you, to take a stand and stick to it ❤️

  • Artie Timmy Post author

    I'm bisexual and 18! I wish that my family was very accepting

  • Didier Bizimana Post author

    Merci de l'avoir partagé. C'est magnifique et ai repensé instantanément à la toute première fois que j'ai ressenti un sentiment amoureux fort pour un garçon

  • Chris h. Post author

    The father didn't have much choice but to accept his son's sexuality because someone has to be around to bring the dad all that food.

  • Vijay Shreyaash Rakshan Niranjan Post author

    I'm speechless. Wonderful movie. Bravos to the casts…

  • Last Girl Post author

    i felt most moved because he (the son) was strong enough to tell his parents at all
    and because he felt that they (the parents) had a right to know
    any other videos like this ?/

  • C Hickmet Post author


  • Ali Jj Post author


  • Marcos Campos Post author

    Da pra traduzir?

  • Marcos Campos Post author

    Alguém fala minha língua?

  • Def Post author

    Ich liebe glückliche Ausgänge. Aber in meiner gelebten Praxis scheint sowas nicht zu existieren. Warum? Weil ich nicht lieben kann? Ist es so?
    I like happy ends! But in my life there is no happy end. But why? Maybe, I can't love? Is it so?

  • DAKOTAH HANSEN Post author

    I am gay and I love watching lgbt videos. you got to be you and do not be what you are not.

  • grumpy_cat2007 Post author

    the kiss is my fav part😍❤️🌈

  • grumpy_cat2007 Post author

    yay i love the gay stories with happy endings, especially after crying from depressing gay short films the last two hours

  • grumpy_cat2007 Post author

    who else here is bi??

  • مرتضى نعيم Post author


  • Alessandro Carmonelli Post author

    Всегда и везде гомофобя и фашизм – это звенья одной цепи и путинский фашизм воровско-гомофобный против своего-же народа нищего при Путине с дорогой нефью тут не исключение! ((

  • Ayad Orator Post author


  • Goral XX-6 Post author

    That's so sweet… Very well made short film ♥

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