Cleveland Browns Head Coach Freddie Kitchens lays down the law: The Donovan Live Postgame Show

Cleveland Browns Head Coach Freddie Kitchens lays down the law: The Donovan Live Postgame Show

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keep fifth of the object of hope
of heart-to-five relocated for the
Donovan live postgame show why
this Monday night for the
devices masterpiece that felt
that the on your takeaways from your sit
down with john Dorsey to get a
chance for the Nikkei why see
dow, for let’s be clear on what
the recognizes they are to be
cutting as much as people say
I’m excited about that he got a
chance to see it down on
Saturday becaus I mean they look for it that I
think he’s also very pleased
with the training camp to
Freddie kitchens and running and
on and kn and Sunday and others I doubt
you know I don’t know yet
because the coach asked about
said how much the starters in a
play on th bomb as the Freddie kitchens at
a point about one to bring up
with you bomb the deputies and graveyard he
added everybody’s pleased many
were surprised and sold howls of
coffee and physical Freddie
kitche caught today he also did
something of a mean and again
Oates only prints a press
conference in its one sound but
whether but I m pretty convincingly to me that’s
looking out to ask about culture
yell something you hear about
spying on the balcony a straight the other out here and I thought
that was I thought that was
pretty upset something here,
first year coach very often in
to be b and express bets on he found out
that he was fired well it is in
the hospital unit Freddie said
today he visited bob and all sti when he had that the ankle and
leg injury on, I think that’s
the way he now I think that bob
was very very top coaches are
conne of Aidid say I’d really believe
that the browns quarterbacks
would tell you that the node I
don’t know what they would share
bob same PC had done all the work to
turn the offense around I just
think that the PRI had a great
relationship with Baker makeup
an I am I think I’m a class of two
women and stuck at some
fortunate and sometimes you
don’t know what motivations are
bright but I guiding of raid on a Friday and
Sunday he’s a bill Parcells, and
yet here he but he remains very
loyal bill Parcells and I just and the people who work with
those coordinators on those
units with the defense and
special teams and over on the
offensive side really highly regarded I restore
some really good thing so I
think Freddy Delphi pretty
Vanessa say that too was staffed
but it’ the most difficult thing for the
coach to do was not to blame
it’s to get good coaches to come
with him write write about
someth get higher than for a date was
when he became the offensive
coordinator he brought Brian
Lindley as to be the right back
to coac may kill has and can we touch on
this image of Dorsey interview
that have played a great support
system around Baker may feel th , you know they keep saying he’s
the Zoeller that is a 20 Sellers
in undying and he’s got great
support system here at last it b we had unbelievable bad luck he
made that they play against the
ravens in overtime that on a
third down an idealist third 12
whe on a lot of playing time from
that we got and sure enough the
couple days after that game when
they were preparing for their
nex he broke his collarbone so he
was out for the remainder the
year is an interesting times the
taller guy OK because you
remember jail and strong their bigger
receivers bigger targets jimmy’s
all expect so much fun Friday to
our right thing to offer

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