35 thoughts on “Civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis diagnosed with Stage IV cancer

  • Sergio Oliva Post author

    Go away John Lewis. Lying old geezer.

  • john folsom Post author

    He has spent his great life living off of taxpayers bye Felicia.

  • campbellscollision Post author

    Bye Felicha! Satan is waiting.

  • Operation Comprehension Post author

    Notice how the race pimps are dropping off? Jesse is next!
    They have ripped off taxpayers and caused havoc in all communities!
    Help, lead yourself! Stop looking for β€œleaders!”
    Obama set America back 100 years!

  • Operation Comprehension Post author


  • Kirby Little Post author

    This is GREAT news πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • RocketmanRockyMatrix Post author

    John Lewis is against reparations for ADOS. He is a sellout.

  • truth reveal Post author

    Nobody praying for him…all you ppl are lying .this bitch is a TRAITOROUS RAT..nobody will miss him..just like Cummings..good riddance!!!

  • truth reveal Post author

    To all the lying MSM..stop praising that worthless piece of TRAITOROUS shit

  • 20alphabet Post author

    Looks like Hell has another resident. 😈

  • Roger Williams Post author

    I am left with one confounding thought … question … as I alternate between Schiff's caricature ofΒ  a hearing and the degeneracy,Β  the filthy intent, the seditious deliberacy and the treasonous malice of the Mueller-weapon wielded against President Trump: Is there ANY Democrat whose heart is not corrupted … filled … with the fetid stench of deceit and ill will?

  • Roger Williams Post author

    To understand John Lewis' … and Barack Obama's … REAL sickness, you MUST listen to the YouTube video: "Sidney Powell Full Show: The Eric Metaxas Radio Show" (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MzWGBpQPjbg )

  • des beinke Post author

    So bitter at the impeachment trial,Trump is a great American and is probably praying him.

  • G M Post author

    I hope he lives long enough to witness 45 win re-election.

  • thehotsixer1 Post author

    Another evil doer will soon pass away, how can this man claim belief in God? He violates Gods laws and then invokes his name in prayer. Repent your sins before it’s too late Lewis.

  • Webfoot Trucker Post author

    Join Cummings. The sooner the better. The swamp is draining itself. Skeletor Pelosi and shiftie should join in. The penguin Nadler is next

  • #DeafTalent Post author

    Treasonous execution, much?

  • Yotsuba Koiwai Post author

    Wait, I thought he died already?

  • Jimbo Frentizi Post author

    TRUMP 2020

  • Handsome White Devil Post author

    He's had his run. The less race baiting democrats the better. This country needs to stop promoting victimhood and start encouraging personal responsibility, something democrats NEVER do.

  • LIGHT FALL Post author

    Praise be Allah the evil ones are going to dye πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œ may he die a suffering death this Louis is an evil God hater a trump hater a freedom hater and a racistπŸ˜€

  • Hal 9000 Post author


  • tom thorn Post author

    I hope his treatment goes well and he lives to see President Trump win by a landslide!

  • Neatness62 Post author

    Prayers up for Rep. John Lewis. Psalms 55:22

  • Buzz B Post author

    Civil WRONG Leader is more like it!!!!

  • Chris Ev Post author

    Bye Bye.

  • Chris Ev Post author

    He won't be remembered for his smile, that's for sure.

  • nicholas kolpack Post author

    that man is a trouble maker that disrespected our Beloved Mr Trump ,I dont feel bad for him at all !

  • john buck Post author

    Death can’t come soon enough for this old fraud

  • Kim Brown Post author

    Satan is cooking bacon and eggs for him.

  • David Stone Post author

    🌐 Democrat Atlanta congressman John Lewis gets some bad Christmas news with stage four pancreatic cancer. According to the American Cancer Society’s estimates for 2019, about 57,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 46,000 people are expected to die of it in 1 to 5 years depending on how soon it was diagnosed and treatment was given.

    The median survival rate for stage 4 pancreatic cancer is between two and six months. But keep in mind that an outlook for an individual depends on many factors. Your medical team can provide more accurate information based on your personal health.

    Older people are as likely to respond well to treatment as younger ones, though life expectancy among older people with stage 4 pancreatic cancer is shorter. This is especially true if a person’s health is further complicated by other conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure. Pray for all people that are suffering with cancer ✝️

  • Triumphus Here Post author

    Hes Been in the swamp way to long

  • nenanuka Post author

    He is just another corrupt politician

  • Kimberly Williams Post author

    This seems suspicious to me. This country can make murder look natural

  • gary leger Post author


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