Causatum | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 70

Causatum | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 70

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Hello everyone and welcome to tonight’s episode of Critical Role where we all sit around and play dungeons & dragons. Come on. Sorry. I was distracted by Sam. He’ll do that. So we have a Liam O’Brien on the internet connection as he’s out with his family. Hey. Yep. He lost his power tonight. What if he rolls. Then it will prove a lot of theories. Yes, welcome. Before we jump in – tonight’s game, we’re
– going through some quick announcements, including our fantastic sponsors for tonight. Quick for most of us. Beginning with our first sponsor d and b beyond. D and d beyond is now available to all dndbeyond subscribers. Check out the exciting updates including the officials monsters that have been added and now improved accessibilities. Check it out. The link in the chat. That’s actually really cool. Not to gloss over that. – It’s really cool and a
– helpful tool. I’ve used it. It’s been helpful. – Check it out.
– It’s awesome. And I’ve seen it for the first time. Is that a motherfucking fish bowl? Yes, lots of stuff, Liam. – What Matt said, that
– is important and vital. Any way. The bit. So we all got our start as voice-over actors, for this week’s dndbeyond ad, I want to bring us back to our old fashioned roots from the old fashioned radio apply. The shadow, mercury and the green hornet. And the classic was the sound effects. No, that’s mine. The CritRole players will take you back to the radio days with me providing sound effects. We now return to the adventures of Clint D McGuinty, private Dick. [ Knocking on Door ] Come on in. [footsteps] Where is the viv. Hold on, McGuinty, let me light another cigarette. [lighting of cigarette] You’re the best Dick I know. Well, if you’re going – to solve this case, you
– need all the Dicking I can give. We all will. The body is over here. [footsteps] Just past this carpet. [muffled footsteps] Should I follow you over this gravel area. Of course. [walking on gravel. [. Let’s stop here on this mound of silverware silverware. [met crunching] And push that vacuum cleaner aside. [suction of the vacuum player] And get rid of that pussy] Cry of a cat] I better get rid of it by touching it and squishing it around. [sound of liquid] Yes, interesting. Yes, of course, I–I think I know who committed this crime. How? There is blood spatter here on this Bell. [bell ringing] And here on this clock. [clock ringing] And here on this lightsaber. [strange noise] My goodness, you’re hurt. There is a reason why they call me the best goddamn Dick in LA. So who did it? We’re halfway done, guys. The only person who I know who can kill this quickly and efficiently, dndbeyond. Dndbeyond? In answer encounter, dnd beyond makes you much more efficient. [gas] Sorry, I had corn and men toes. I’ll just moon walk over here. [footsteps] As I said, the killer must have subscribe ed to dndbeyond. I forgot to tell you that I had fun I don’t–funyinos and dean dip. I can’t take the smell any more, I’ll just jump out of this window. [sound of falling body and splat] That is the adventure private McGuinty. Oh my gosh. I did it. Whatever Sam did, he did it. Should we clap? Very good. [weak applause] That is my dream come true. I’m so happy that we and your sponsors can facilitate your private dream, Sam. Great skies, that was real fun. Thank you, Sam. And thank you dndbeyond for your infinite patients. How did you rope dndbeyond cleverly. Our second wonderful sponsor our returning friends The Rook and The Raven. Check out the amaze the amazing bound campaign books as a dungeon master and player with the spiral notes that you can change out, character notes, details. And my last note before the break was fuckin’ Yasha, where you, too, can make very poignant notes like that. – For a very limited
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– on the merch side of things? – Yes, to
– commemorate–you mentioned this already. To commemorate the one-year anniversary. Mollymauk’s, we have this designed by our friend and artist camy cam demeanor i artist. It’s so beautiful. And you can see sparkles. It’s on pre-order in the – U.S. and U.K. at the
– same time. And then in addition to this we have our pride shirt still available. And that is in the U.K. shop now and so in addition to what we did here in America, in the U.K. for the month of July all profits are going to out right international. Yes, awesome. Super cool. And I want that shirt. I’m so conspiracied. There you go. Thank you. And before we get started on tonight’s game. I’ll take a moment to remind each one of you so love each other both online and off, as we love each of you. I feel like I did something wrong. It usually, but nevertheless, with all that being said let’s jump in to tonight’s episode. [sound effect] Of Critical Role. ♪ ♪ Critical Role ♪ ♪ Critical Role ♪ ♪ Critical Role ♪ ♪ the adventure begins ♪ ♪ they were always besides you ♪ ♪ your nerdy best friends and the dm to guide you ♪ ♪ and they rise from the flames for the battles ahead ♪ ♪ villains beware because you’re about to be dead ♪ ♪ they got magic and flayer ♪ ♪ they got cunning ♪ ♪ they can see there is a monster coming ♪ ♪ inspiration is waiting ♪ ♪ rise up, don’t think twice ♪ ♪ but take a chance, roll the dice ♪ ♪ roll the dice ♪ ♪ roll the dice ♪ ♪ roll the dice ♪ ♪ can you answer the call ♪ ♪ dig deep in your soul soul ♪ ♪ as the legend unfolds ♪ ♪ now it’s your turn ♪ ♪ your turn ♪ ♪ to roll ♪ And welcome back. The delay is not helping you. I timed that imprecisely. There you go. We’ll start that. Do you want us to just hum. No. I should check that out. [everybody humming] Last we left off two weeks ago after our break, the Mighty Nein after investigating a series of strange occurrences where portals and the abyss began to appear. And they were hunting down a meeting point which they fled northward to to a subterranean tomb known as the king’s cage. You went through all manner of dangerous traps, challenges and creatures, even reflections of yourselves, before eventually–I think I got it now. Before come fog–before come ing to a tomb, a star could have gas, and they began to read from this star could have gas, and it would unleash what you found to be the laughing hand. Be And then calling out Yasha began to be over taken. It was Mighty Nein versus Yasha and the – laughing hand.
– The battle began to turn rapidly. You all turned tail to flee with your lives. And through a series of very, very tight choices and tactical decisions, managed to all make it out alive. You see in the door behind you running through the remaining dangers that led you into this chamber, and considering leaving your friend behind, you had an evening’s rest to figure out what and where the Mighty Nein are to go and do. So as you all make your way, purchasing another night of rest at the top of the same shop saving for yourself particularly for this evening, what would you like to do? And it is even time? By the time you get here it will be. The sky is turning to purples and oranges, the dusk is down. You can hear the wind, and the sides of the store occasionally rattling. When we came in was there a military presence in town the – same as there was
– before? Yep. No increase or decrease? All seemingly geared towards the seal led doorway that Bazzoxan was built around, this temple range. We’re heading to the iron forge anvil. Iron anvil. What’s that? That’s the place you wanting to, the kiln. That’s where I think we should go next. You don’t have a specific reason. Just a feeling. I think a feeling is a very specific reason. Fair. Should we be warning people or cities about the impending doom? We were going to accepted a message. We should tell everyone, too. How do we send that message? We need to rest. Can you send tonight? No, not tonight. Hold on, are we speaking about speaking to her directly, like send in a rider? They should know sooner than later, don’t you think? Expedience. I can do it in the – morning.
– Sorry, I can’t do it today. It is a lot. I should also bring up the fact that I have this ─ I’ll take out the knife ─ this knife from the statue from inside the cavern that we were just were. This knife thing. The dagger? – Yes, I don’t know if
– they can trace this to us? Maybe it’s bad to have – this?
– Maybe it’s good to have this, I don’t know. – I’m just bringing it up.
– I think if you put this in the bag, it should be safe. Caleb, can you identify it, possibly? If there is anything to be found, yes. May I? Take it. It will take about ten minutes to see if there is anything to be found. It is magical. I would hand you the paper, but you’re not – here.
– I’ll take it. That’s fine. Sorry, that’s how it works out. The dagger of denial nor Liam’s edification. Oh, my God. Is this legit. It is super legit. Do a Caleb impression. I can’t do a German accent. I suck. This bears intricate grooves. You have the bonus to attack and damage made with this weapon. With this dagger you can place the point of the point into any keyhole and seal it shut. It can not be unlocked until the dagger is placed in the keyhole once more. It unseals any previously sealed key holes. That’s amazing. It’s super glue. Where did it come from? How great was it that we took it with us, you guys. Who knew such a thing? This is like a tiny ─ I could. Do you use any daggers? I have a short sort that I sometimes use, but it’s pretty weak sauce. I wouldn’t say no to it, but if somebody needs it more than I do. How much do you need right now. Do you get up close a lot? No. But if you do, it would be nice to have something, and it has such a wonderful use. Do you use pointy – things?
– I’m better with my fists. Yeah, you are. It’s not just considered a tool, you can fight with it. And lock locks and stuff. Very useful. I’ll hang on for it now. If one of you guys need it more, you can take it it. I’m assuming that it does more? A plus 2. Daggers are finesse weapons, yes. She’s looking to use it a little harder now. Maxize, Max, Max. Can I use finesse weapons. You can use for the attack. And you better ─ That’s the point. You better be efficient in your proficiency. Yes, exactly. I’m pretty sure. It’s good for multiple reasons because it’s a dagger. It’s also, I believe, considered a monk weapon. And people get right up on them what used to be three only seems to be two. This will be compensating a bit more. Yes, it will. Hey, Caduceus, this kiln you keep talking about, – how far is it from here,
– do you gather? I don’t know. I’ve never been there. – You’ve never been
– there? No. You’ve been talking about it this whole time like– He has been saying he has been searching for it. It’s some place I’m supposed to go. Do you know what it looks like if you see it? I think ─ I did this description earlier. I believe it’s north, northwest of us. Is it empire or is it house. – I don’t think it’s
– either. Between the two. We’re just going all off the map. It’s a mountain without snow. It’s one mountain without snow amongst others. So it’s a shorty. No, because of the heat. That makes more sense. Because it’s a kiln. – Yeah.
– So it’s hot. I mean, one would hope. I understand. So it’s a volcano. Maybe. It seems like we might need more info before we just start walking. Do you have any sense of how far it might be? No, I mean, I can meditate on these things. – I’ve been feeling like
– we’ve been going in the right direction. Are there any more cities north of here? I feel like we’re pretty far north as it is. I have no idea. I mean to, get more information, it can take a lot of time. I’ll meditate, and once I’ve done that. There is here and then fuckin’ water, a and then more fuckin’ water. What is this? A map. What do we know gigal. If you’re proficient in history, make a check. 18. Roll. 18, all you know of gigall is it remains–what did you get? 16? – Beau is the only one who
– has information on this one. What you know of it, it is a collection of smaller villages, sparkly goblin base, partially work base, competitive and a fishing community. A fishing village? That’s all you know. A goblin and orc village slightly competitive with mostly fishing establishments. I can hear God talking to us. [laughing] So Caduceus. But that’s not where we’re going. That’s just maybe on the way. Well, yeah. Well, we’re going to try to send a message in the morning. And then head out as – soon as possible.
– So perhaps she’ll have some opinion on the – matter as well.
– We’re going to tell her where we’re going? – I mean, yeah.
– What am I going to say? Like, o hey, we did this really bad thing, and we’re trying to fix it? I feel like maybe that’s taking responsibility for something that is not necessarily. But that’s really what happened when we were standing around. Well, we failed to – stop this really bad
– thing. We know more. There is something bigger than this ob a, n oh what he really is. This is sounding more than 25 words. We unleashed a terrible evil just west of Bazzoxan. We did not unleash it. Demon. Yep. Flying man. We were sent to track. An evil was unleashed. We didn’t unleash it. We were unable to prevent the unleashed. – We can call him the
– crawling king. Do we mention the fact that he took Yasha. I don’t think she’ll care. I think that’s– You don’t have that many words. How many times can you send? Well, I can send four times. That’s That’s a waste. Not necessarily, this is important. This thing has escaped. We should say that the mountain ridge west of Bazzoxan, a great – evil has emerged, the
– laughing hand. Maybe if we tell them – the name they can do
– some research, and figure out how to stop it. And I’m a big fan about being vague about ourselves in this scenario. – We’re going to try to
– find some remedy in the meantime. Maybe she’ll have thoughts about sending reinforcements while we thug out. Meanwhile, while we say nothing about deliberating with them. We think maybe there – is an answer stopping
– this thing further north. Better to return with a possible solution than nothing at all. And the amount of time to get back. We are already halfway there. I can get us back in an instant. But the queen does not need to know that. Well, just ─ You can take us to anywhere, really fast now, Caleb? Well, I can take you home through the the–anywhere there is a transportation circle? That’s correct. Any “F” I can see and study the circle, I can – bring us there.
– I can’t just go willy-nilly. But once we went in, we would be stuck. That’s right. Okay. Are you okay? Mm-hmm. I think I’m going to– Are there some words to offer and keeping it vague. Is it all right to tell them that we have a lead. – We’re just pursuing it,
– and they are to be prepared for something worse than the empire. Something different? War between demon and Angels? That’s what it’s certainly feels like. Who are the Angels scenario? I don’t know. We’re still going on very little information. There is celestial going on. We can alert the town. And if that thing is able to smash its way out, it will be able to find where it came from, trace back its origins – and then go to town.
– Before we leave this town, why don’t we call the home office first. She might say, don’t tell the people in town. I don’t know. We should ask her first. I don’t disagree. Well, I’m super tired and really bad. I’m really tired. I really need to take before bed to return to the feline form. We’ll mark off the materials for that. Are you okay? The reset. It’s like a big slap in the face. [laughing] Wow, that was a lot. So you guys go ahead and prepare yourself for an evening’s rest. The wind is still strong, and sleep isn’t the most easy to come to you with the sound of the windstorms blowing through, swelling and diminishing, swelling again, and the whistling, the battering, and the occasional bits of sand and dust get kicked up what you thought were mostly closed windows, not properly sealed. But eventually you find yourself through shear exhaustion and soreness, – finding rest.
– The room itself acts like a sauna in the morning, more so now because of your post post-battered experience, as you all come to consciousness the sweaty hot upper area of the ready room jolts you to consciousness. But you find yourself rested. How does the weather look? The dust storm is not as strong as it was yesterday. A slight breeze, cooler, which is nice. You can see blue and sun. Maybe we should move while the weather is clear. Let’s all gather in the room, shall we? Join up. In all one big chamber. Wait for everyone else to leave. Yes it’s all good. The ready room is like a hostel, . I’ll peek out the door and see if anyone is listening. Check. 16. Okay. You’re keeping watch. I’ll actually go go–will you be okay in here? Yeah, it’s the room. I’m going to head downstairs and keep an eye out in case our friend made it out and followed our tracks this way. I’m sure that’s not possible, but just to be safe. You mean, followed us here to kill us all? – Well, I mean, we did
– walk through the wasteland. I know it’s been windy so, hopefully the tracks are gone. She knows where we are, doesn’t she? Oh, fuck. She would know where to find us. Does this mean that we don’t have anything better to do. I’ll just keep a look out. You’re keeping an ear. You’re outside of the establishment. Are you fucking kidding me? Four. Four. You feel confident keeping a close watch. So while they’re keeping watch. It’s time to send some messages. Yes, of course. Do you know what you’re going to say? No. – Cool.
– Do you want a drink? No. I’ll have one. Okay. Literally just sitting at home. We’ll see how many messages this takes, first. Okay, I’m going to send a message to the queen. We tracked that guy. We followed him into a cave. A great evil was unleashed. The laughing hand, our friend was taken. West of Bazzoxan. The queen responds, there is a cryptic to your message, seemingly bad news where I had hoped to give you good. Where are you now? Are we going to tell her? Yes. We’re going to tell her where we are? No, no. Should I tell her where we are? Did you see ” “Terminator 2” and the pay phone? She probably has the – power to come here
– instantly. Why would we act like we did something wrong? We didn’t. How does it work? What did we do wrong? We promised we would – take care of business in
– her–in the capital. We failed, and we failed up here as well. We’re still empire – shit bags trying to
– prove ourselves. You’re right. We didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just the optics. We failed at what we promised. We’re trying to build a relationship with these people. Yes. And I think maybe honesty is the smarter play. I’ll accepted –send the message. This is the only time honesty will work, I think. We’re in Bazzoxan. We’re planning to head north. We think there might be a solution there. The laughing hand is really bad. I’m really sorry. There is more of a pause before the response to this. ♪ I would hope for more information on this. How soon can you return? This should be discussed in person. Technically, we could return instantly. Technically. What do we do? I don’t know. She’s expressed her request. Mm-hmm. I don’t think we have to answer. Either we come back or we don’t. She asked how soon we can come back. We should probably respond. If you want to offer a term, you have to tell her 24 hours. Because I did not – prepare it.
– It’s going to take some time. I’m going to say. It’s just going to take some time. And some patience. And at least a day. Maybe this is–I feel like we’ve been avoiding the inevitable not talking about the priorities, and we’re a group of ass holes who run from things. Am I tellering her this? No. Circle of trust. I don’t know. We really want to fix this, yeah? That’s our priority, yeah? We’re being offered opportunity to show faith. And to show trust. A woman who is building giant war machines to kill people in the empire. Try to convince her away from the route she’s on, and that’s not going to help our case. I want to go north so badly. I think if we go back, she’s going to put us in prison. I don’t think she’s going to. I don’t see anything on the dusty horizon. The occasional plumes of kicked up sand. The wandering soldiers keeping watch. Not showing much acknowledgment towards – you.
– It’s a hotter day, so most folks are going to – be keeping to the shade
– especially since most people around here are not fans of direct sunlight. But it’s a lazy day in Bazzoxan. And it’s far from anything like a lumbering linebacker heading our way? No. I’ll just go back inside and join you. Frumpkin has been going from the Mighty Nein. I don’t mean to raise my voice. [laughing] What did I walk into? Am I the only person here who doesn’t inconstantly assume that they’re a bad guy? That they? Us. Us. Is anybody else here actually had any experience being just trusted and doing the right thing? This is so alien? I mean,y, for a lot of us, Caduceus. We have to go back. I want to go north. We have to show faith. – The only reason to
– run is to never come back. – And we’re trying to
– building is here. We could never come back. Regardless, if you tell her, we can be back as early as tomorrow, that still gives us a – day to puts around here,
– warn some folks, and do some recon. Can we just game this out for one second. We go back and tell the queen while tracking someone for her, we helped to unleash a – great evil that might
– wipe out this entire continent. Then we’re going to be asked to go out for another lead that might help the situation? She’s going say yes, go for it, you’re not going to unleash demon presence number two? May I offer a slightly different perspective on this 24 – hours.
– We walked into something that we couldn’t possibly be prepared for for. It was far beyond us. If we had been tripled, we would have been hopelessly overwhelmed, – and witnessed something
– inevitable and giving them time to prepare for this thing that is coming with or without us. We gave them a lead, and we have another lead, and there is no sense at – this point of stopping
– anything that might save us. That is true. You know oban used us. How? – That last door
– doesn’t he get open without us. He waited for us. He baited us. Of course he did. We got used. Of course we were used. Why wouldn’t the last door without us? We defeated a lot of monsters. I think he would have done it by himself. – It’s not like he
– wasn’t super powerful on his own. He didn’t want to waste – the effort.
– I think he wanted to watch us do it because he enjoyed it. It doesn’t matter. He would have gone in, and there would have been nobody there to stop him. It sounds like a trial that we’ll have if – we go back.
– It’s all about the narrative. We told the queen that we have strong evidence that this spy was from the empire. That was true. – That was the information
– that we were working off of. We simply tell her that the case ended up being much worse and he was a spy of a different kind. We don’t have to mention anything about Yasha’s history. We don’t have to talk about her again. What if she asks? We lost her. All right. We lost her. And we’re the ones with the information. We’re the one who were able for suss this out. We were the one who is – found this man and
– witnessed what we witnessed, and knowing what we did. That’s how we played this. Not to be super selfish, but I do have a sneaky suspicion if we run, she might find and kill my husband. You’re right. If it’s what everybody wants to do. Prison is not what I’m worried about. – I’m sure we can get out
– in the first place. We’re talented individuals who can make do. The shred of guilt – that I feel in the last
– 24 hours is losing a friend. Everything else I know I did my best. I feel guilty about my ego. We thought we could beat it. Yasha knew she was going into something. She kept saying it. It’s terrible. Message her back and say tomorrow. And ask if we should warn the town about what happened. Who should we warn in town? That would give us more concrete direction. It’s going to be okay. Mm-hmm. Our main goal is to convince her that this – is bigger than the war
– she’s currently obsessed with. If we keep that as our main prerogative, we don’t have to make it personal. I’m sending the message. Yeah, fire it up. Sorry that took awhile. We can be there as soon as tomorrow. Yes, there is a lot to talk about in person. Should we tell anyone here, and who? One day is sufficient. Don’t warn anyone yet. We need to insure this information is framed correctly. To avoid hysteria. I look forward to your return. She said don’t tell anyone. She said don’t tell anyone. Last thing, and then I’ll truly put it to bed. Does that not freak – anyone else out just a
– little bit? Just a little bit. There is a little bit that freaks me out. We’ve been talking about subterfuge, spies, and maybe trying to incite a war. I’m not the smartest man around, but that wreaks of terrible. To not even send an armed guard, an perimeter investigation to check it out? What if she doesn’t trust anybody in the city? Maybe there is someone here who she thinks is alive with the evil forces. We’re close to this – weird temple gate thing,
– right? And maybe she’s wondering who she can – trust.
– And one day that creature can go any direction and cover any amount of distance. I feel like if it goes too far out of its cave, that rock is going to find it. And it’s still looking for a meal. I forgot about the rock. Not the bird, the actual performer. Dwayne “The rock.” I think it is a gamble. It is unreasonable. What do we do for 23 and a half hours now? Should we walk around and look at all the people who might die tomorrow? Do we obey here? Or do we maybe just speak a little loudly, a little more loudly than we should at the pub tonight. I’m a fan of educating these innocent individuals who may be incurring the wrath of a giant laughing death machine if we don’t give them a heads up, and not go out and take a look. We don’t have to say the laughing hand, but maybe something may be coming, hide your kids. Even though we don’t trust her, we’re going to do something that she specifically said not to do. How about we walk – around and get a lay of
– the land. Maybe these people aren’t worth saving. We haven’t met them yet. They could be ass holes. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck who we’re – with.
– I don’t care if it’s the empire. I don’t care if it’s your house. What does matter? These men have families. They’re in dangerous. What if what we say can help? What if we don’t fully understand what is going on? Well, I would be willing to lay money down on that one. Let’s not go off half cocked. Half cocked, I like that. Caduceus. Yes? You’re a good guy. Thanks. What would a good guy do? I’m so tired right – now.
– We just woke up. Oh, yeah. It’s been a long day. You said you don’t feel like a bad guy. I don’t. You didn’t do anything wrong. – We didn’t do anything
– wrong. We didn’t. Is a good guy loyal to a queen? Or is a good guy loyal to protecting citizens? Should I pray on Yasha? That’s a question. – We’re going to be
– hanging around for the rest of the day. What if she’s still in the cave? What if her and the laughing hasn’t haven’t even gotten out, and we don’t have to warn anyone. What if they see you. – Can they do that?
– Of course they can do that. Well then she’ll know that she’s not alone there, and it’s okay. I don’t know if it’s entirely her right now. Sometimes it’s okay to not know what’s happening. When you don’t know what’s happening, it’s all right to sometimes submit to somebody with a higher perspective. And I follow a higher perspective as often as I can. Right now it would be an – offer to slightly more
– mortal, higher perspective. If we had information that contradicted it, if we had other ideas, that would be one thing. But simply deciding that authority should be disavowed because it’s authority seems–seems reckless. I think that’s the only problem that anyone has with her at this point. – I think you’re right.
– Having information would help. I think it would be okay with you checking in on Yasha. – Yeah.
– I’ll try it. Okay. So you go ahead and check in on Yasha. Okay. Your neck still has a crick in it because of the way you slept on it the night before. You are in the warm interior in the elevated, almost attic space. You feel a cool breeze pass over your shoulders as that familiar sense of the traveler with you. You feel hands go over the eyes. A peakaboo-type sensation as the fingers pull back. You’re now looking within a darker cavern. You can see Yasha sitting on her knees, eyes closed, meditating. You wonder, you watch her quietly for a few minutes. There is a light under her chin. There is a fire light that flickers lighter and brighter, and you try and glance out of the periphery of the scope of the scribe position. You can see that flame pleasure blurred before growing brighter and brighter before there is a flash. Yasha opens her eyes, and you can see the dead stare, intense, the clenched jaw turns into agrin. You can see red-skin hands that comes out from where the flame was, and touches her – shoulder.
– The voice says, very good. Thank you for your patience. Now this has been one fine reunion. Let’s go see if we can find the others. He turns around and begins to walk away. She stands up and begins to follow. As the end of the scry spell begins to Peter out, you can hear looming footsteps of the laughing hand. At which point the fingers curl once more around your eyes, and you feel them pulled back. Then you feel once more within the elevated floor. The traveler pulling away distantly whispering, we should talk. Did you see where she was? I didn’t see where she was. What if she was bad, you guys. What if she was bad the whole time? [sobbing] I mean, she wasn’t. I’m not sure. I am. She brought him back. That guy, he’s back. And they’re going to find their friends or something. It might be just her outcome. We don’t know. There is just too much we don’t know. We did not know her entirely. Maybe she’s beyond saving. We just don’t know. Are you sure he’s back? He’s back. I saw him. He came out of a fire. I don’t know. The reading about the history, would Caleb know if a fellow like that would be able to respond? I would say from your experience and studies, , and actually, you having some religious studies as well at that time, sure. I have. Certain fiends with certain powers, whether it be abyss, the nine hells, or have become bound to it strongly can only be killed on their moment plane. Otherwise their death is a temporary convenience. They have to be killed on their home plane and depending on their capabilities, they’re able to return fairly quickly. And so based on the lost suit, we actually didn’t kill them. Did you see any details of where she was? Like in the cave? It was dark. It was dark. There weren’t any – defining characteristics
– of it. It looked familiar similar to the location you have been trudging through. – From what you can tell,
– because it looked more earthen and open, it was not part of the Kings cage intearier itself. So they’ve traveled nearer to the entrance. Oh. They’re still in the cave. Oh. But they’re coming here. No, he said they’re going to get the others. He was going to get their friends. They’re coming here. What do you feel about that now? Now we have information. – I’ve never been one
– to respect the perspective of authority. I’ve always trusted my own perspective. Which is why I compliment you on distrusting my perspective on the matter. I am trying. The mountains are some sort of temple. On the mountain rage here these are the umber gates. It was an old temple that was discovered it’s deep interior still had connections to the deep abyss. So probably going there. So the main door is – how far away from us
– right now? From where we are right now in the ready room? I would say about close to a thousand feet, if not more. – Why don’t we go there
– and check it out. But the door that is about to crack open when this thing comes out of it? No, no, what thing. That’s where they’re heading. Where they’re going to is a thousand feet from us. Yes, let’s go there and see how well secured it is. I’m on board. I’m down. I want to tell people and leave, to be honest. We haven’t seen it. We didn’t. We saw it from a distance. We don’t know what it is. – There is bad shit
– under there, big bad shit. It will be any minute. – It will take a hot
– second for them to get here. They’ve been traveling. No, they’re still in the cave. They’re five miles away. No, no, the cave probably connects the whole way. That’s still– They’ve been walking. Okay. I thought it had caved in on one side, near the entrance. It had caved in, and – the other seemed to
– trail off to an extensive slope. We didn’t go that way. No, because it – seeming to beyond the
– 45-degree angle. So Caduceus, you’re saying that this thing might come out of this cavern, and you think we should runaway before it – does?
– I think it is going to come out of this cavern. – And you don’t want to
– warn anyone? I’m happy to warn people. You just want to run away. What do you want to do? I want to see what it is. I want to see what it portal is. It could be heavily fortified. It is heavily fortified. We did not puncture the laughing hand. Realistically none of these people should fight oban and the laughing hand. They should just let them go. We also don’t want to send warning saying shit is coming, and then send a bunch of soldiers to their death who are under prepared. This oban, over the years, has been a – significant power, and
– has been able to return immediately almost. This is beyond these people’s dealing. The queen and the upper echelon should be focusing on this. I know it feels wrong to keep these people in the dark. But both our relationship with her and our ability to address this situation can be compromised in ways that cannot be predict First Degree we set this place abuzz. Just show of hands, obey the bright queen, yes or no? No means we go check out the gate. We go to the kiln. We do anything but go back. Do we obey the bright queen? Raise your hand. Yes. The majority wins. – We’re going back.
– We still have a day. We can walk over to the gate and look at it. – We can walk over and
– look at it, but I would like to get out of town real quick. The gate is right here in the city. It’s a thousand feet away. I thought you meant see where it goes. – No, the gate that
– opens up on the city where they’ll probably exit and kill everyone. Let’s do it. All right, you guys gather your things. – You exit the ready room
– and head out in the warm–you’ve been sweating a bit even this early morning. It’s uncomfortable. You walk out and you can see some of the guards. They’re jumping from awning to awning to stay out of the light as much as possible. – You do notice there is
– guard presence increasing. There are soldiers who are working towards the perimeter of the city. You do see there seems to be more liveliness – based on the lazier
– morning that you first had been keeping an eye on, Fjord. As you approach, you do see the gargantuanen gargantuan black doors. They’re closed, seemingly sealed. The barricade of rigging that is bolted across the entry way in a crisscross. A smaller temporary entrance is closely – guarded to the right of
– this massive Gateway. You can see right now it looks to be close to three dozen soldiers are currently stationed – directly around the gate
– in that smaller entrance way. You can see there are numerous bridges that are eventually climb up other very shear sheer stairways that meet the base of other portions – of the stone and rock
– that then transform into smaller towers, portions of this ancient temple that is built within the side of the mountain. As you approach, you see soldiers arming up, taking a perimeter around the gate as well. As you begin to walk, you can see one of them is a hefty bug bear wearing a breast plate. Adorn similarly to the general queen armor designs that you’re used to seeing. He approaches and says, sorry, no one close to – the gate today.
– What is happening at the gate today? We got word from the bright queen to keep an eye. ,there we go. Oh, okay. Because of danger? No specifics, but we were notified of possible flareups and incursions. When was the last incursion? Well, the incursions happen almost weekly here. When did the queen send word? I’m uncertain specifically. I got my orders maybe a half hour ago. Okay, okay, okay. Excuse me. I have a question for you. Can you make yourself known, Caleb? I’m pulling off the necklace as I say that. The bug bear goes in defensive stance and looks at you with a glare and looks at the symbol that you hold – out, and still remains
– defensive and untrusting, but doesn’t make any aggressive – action.
– Yes, slightly odd. This happens a lot. Quick question, and then we’ll be out of your hair. I imagine people are able to travel quickly if need be. Do you know of–can you send anyone to inquire after a transportation circle here. Does one exist? Not in Bazzoxan, no. Those are usually relegated to the bigger city. We’re just an outpost these days. My apologies. He just keeps staring at you, and what the hell is a woman human with that accent holding the symbol of the bright queen doing right out here. I’ll say we’re here to assist her in these efforts. – We’re not normally
– welcomed, but we mean well. All right. We have to go about our business. If there is anything–if – you see anything funny
– just make sure to tell one of the soldiers nearby. Okay. You have magical defenses against anything that comes out of there? Or just armed guards. No, we have different defenses, and you can see areas where these ladders have been situated and bolted in the cliff faces. You can see soldiers with large intricate ballista as far as the weaponry and how it’s designed. It’s not standard ballista. But it’s a bluish crystalline tube, and they are assemble ing something that you don’t recognize. Does it look like a design. Are from what you have seen, that could be the case. How many men have – been stationed.
– Since you’ve come there are now 40 soldiers outside of the gate, 30 in front and ten up on the front of the main gate. You don’t know how many are on the cliff gate 5:00 there are others around the city and a secondary force behind in front line. Are we good here? Yes. I guess we’ll just go get a drinks and wait out the next 22 hours. I will like to get on – the road.
– I think we’re teleporting. I don’t know if I want to spend a day here. What if they come out and we die any way? If we come out, Yasha would be with them and I – would like to be here.
– If they come out, we’ll fight with them more. If they come out, they come out of the doorway. Of course they’ll come out of the doorway. And we’ll kick their ask. We can grab Yasha and run. She’s not Yasha. We have to stop refer referring to her like she has not become something else. Do you think getting her back will be more – than just grabbing her.
– Right now she’s definitely the orphan maker. Right now it’s just– just–it’s just the deathtrap. We’ve got to leap. If we have any hope of saving them, we have to leave. We can’t get there any faster. Caleb you can’t do your thing until tomorrow. No, I need to study. I’m sorry. No, no. I think if we’re here they’re going to attack. They’re going to see us, – and we’ll become the
– target. We should just significant the bagger in the doorway and we can leave. – Sure, but there is
– more than one door, right? There is the big door and the small door? The small door is more like an entry way. You’re not sure if there – is one further in.
– It’s mostly blocked off from what you can see in this distance. And the larger door, two heavy doors I would say close to 30 feet tall, bottom to stop. There is detailing on the sculptures. You can see the scenes with shapes with bones and faces and ranging in forms of human and animal all twisted across the surface. It looks like a large church has been left abandoned partially. Anything in imagery? We can do a check. Ten. One. 15. What did you get to, Caleb? 25. – Fjord and Caleb.
– Well. You guys recognize the depiction of this door represents a demon Lord, specifically the mass-steeled body of the horned king. And he’s seen walking along the. Land. And boards the doors just above a 15-foot section. No. No fucking shit. Do we know any more detail on what connects? Other than faster forward who this is? As one. Of the the master of beasts and beast-formed demons, I can give you a much more detail led. And you can get more of a run down on that. Can I propose something? Yes. If we can’t teleport until tomorrow, and as much as we would like to get on the road, it’s not gas to close the distance that much more. If these four fucks are going to be on that side of the door when this shit comes through, I would like to be able to tell them to run. Maybe nothing happens. Maybe we stay and we see what pulls out until we’re ready to go in the if it comes through, we can save. Moment Being able to slip in disguised as one of the guards in what passes as a town here. And you spread the rumor that this is the big one. The worst that you heard of, and that way it just starts the soldiers of you. I would be okay. I’ll which ister a campaign. Orc, latter time. Everything time it has always worked. I probably whereas, I just don’t remember. You said there were ghosts on the beer. I’d be fine with that. I missed it. Is there a tavern around? There. Is yeah I feel like– Thests the the better police for food is the ready room other than the barracks. This city, the worth worth–three viewers in bright who went to the restaurant. It’s a terrible feeling. And you want him to. Yes, that will help me to meet you back in the read room. I think we would love to stay around here in case we see am. So you’re taking a day just keeping an eye on the only and the whole little el pom –what do you think? Do you want to ask around? Well, sure, should I be a soldier too? Okay. I’ll find a place to hide as I turn from a soldier. I’m going to look for bolts because I have eight. So taking this in order. You’re going for in search of stealth bulbs. Make a stealth Czech. Whoa. That’s character development. I apologize for assume ing. I would steal them but I don’t even know. I’m going to steam the upper Moore comes in. And it’s like a warehouse surprised with whatever you need we avenue got it type of feel. From have “R” very. I’ll go buy some. Okay. Hello. That’s the sound he makes, just in case. Just a little faster. Boots. I have five left. I’m going say for the sake of–I found it. For 20, it’s two gold. 80. That’s right. It’s a Ruddy poon now. I changed the name on the sign. Yep, I don’t think anybody has noticed or taken the time to care. [laughing] All right. Perception check for you. Perception check. Yes. Almost 11. You’re keeping watch on the weather and the gate. What are you doing? I’m going to look like–there are no goblins here. It’s to mostly dry and wet. They are present but now primary. I’m going to turn myself into a drought. – Have I seen any female
– soldiers? Yes. I’ll stay, and I’ll have the regular armor on like a couple of–i’ll braid my hair, and it’s going to be white. I’m going to where the ballast thing is. There is two soldiers flanking the sides of the ladder. I’m going to walk up to them. Okay. Oh, hello I see we have our pistols ready. We have them prepared, yes. From good ol’ wako. They kind of look at each other. And you are? Um,… As their eyes narrow in your direction. Alrighty. [laughing] Nancy Mcfancy pants. Mm-hmm. Ms. Mcfancy pants. My family came from the far east. And where do you hold your positions in this soldiers brigade? Oh, I just transfer transferred here. That’s surprisingly good. 21. Really. [laughing] They both seem less on guard and more like confused and probably a little bit sad that your name happens to be what it is. A pathetic brow furrow comes your way. What did they do again? I don’t know anything. As far as I know they–they’re partially constructed from something recovered up north. Hmm, that’s a pretty pretty–that’s a pretty magical place. Yes. It provides it’s own ammunition. She’s really smart. That’s what they tell me. I have not met her in – person.
– I have. Interesting. So can we help you? Yes, I was supposed to operate it. But if you don’t want me to, I would understand. We’ll make another perception check. You tried to fly the jet. Eight. A. Well, I appreciate your enthusiasm. We have been assigned to handle this particular ballasta. But the word is to keep an eye on the perimeter, – so maybe you’re better
– used on the eastern bank. You’ve got it. Of course, Ms. Mcfancy pants. And the battle that will soon be coming. Be careful because it can be kind of bad and – stuff.
– Of course, it always is. All right. Don’t shoot anything with a bunch of mouths. Okay, goodbye. As you leave they turn around and say, who the if you can was that? I don’t know, but I’m far too sober for this. I learned so much. Alrighty. Do you see anything? Yeah, I’m doing a couple of things. I’m actually, while I’ve got a minute, I’m going to cast legend lor. On what? That ridiculous two pieces of sword that I have. All right, do you have that? – I do.
– Lots of weird ivory. I need my notes on this one. Ivory, and weird bits that I have for that. Where do you find this? I’ll go back in the room, set up, and take this in front of me, and hopefully get a glimpse of what I’m supposed to – do next.
– I have some theories, and I want to see that I’m on the right track. You get partway through it. – You’re climbing up the
– ladder that leads to the second point. You see this middle-aged middle-aged, bushy orc that comes up. You look like you’re in the middle of something. You just turn and see the blackest eyes. I’ll just leave it to you. Slowly leaves the chambers. Closes the doors. The hatch slaps over. All right. As you complete the ritual, the smell of the incense mingling with – the sweat-dried wood
– around you on the floor here. It fills your nose. Your eyes sting, and the warmth over takes you. Not the heat but the warmth, a familiar comfort. At which point you don’t hear a voice, but a series of images and emotions convey what almost seems like a montage of moments through time. Through history. And the best that you can–your brain and mind can interpret of these images, say that this blade was once known as swift Volunteer. Write it down. A weapon forged through a union of two during the age of Arkhan in a. It carries the blessing of the fiercest full moon. Recovered by the elve es and dwarfs, it was recovered as relics, trading hands through traveling merchants and smugglers and then lost two times. At that point the vision subsides. We’re going to the kiln. We’re going to the kiln. This is the forest in which you grew up. It’s meant for you. I don’t think it’s meant for me. It’s maybe meant for somebody else. Dwueth’var because that’s you have elv. LAURA: Sh works. Dwueth’var. V as in Victor. I’m still spelling it around. Dwueth’var, the star razor. That was an expensive thing, but it was worth it. Did you just use your fifth level? Yep, that was my fifth level. – I’ll make my way back
– to Beau. Okay. Beau. What happened? I did such a bad job. I learned that thing was okay. And it uses magical ammunition, and they have got supplies from the north, which I think it’s interesting because that’s where we want to go for the kiln. It’s some place that is super magical. But the elves live there. Maybe it’s elven or something. What did you do that was bad? – Like, I don’t know.
– I was all over the place. Fjord would have been so – disappointed in me.
– Like I could see it in their face. Then I almost said my name was drowel Mcfancy pants. But I knew I should not say that, so I said Nancy. Instead of drollly. You were fancy Mcfancy pants. It’s so much better when you say it. Mcfancy pants was the bad part? I thought Nancy was. Is there a long lineage of Mcfancy pants in the region? I don’t know. I felt I should go to that one. I had a clown come to my birthday that was something Mcfancy pants. So it’s been said before. By no one taken seriously. Oh. But it has been like a long week. It has. And you shouldn’t be hard on yourself. And you especially should not be hard on yourself for not doing accents like Fjord’s thing. Accents. They are. You have amazing other qualities to your voice that are very unique. Thank you. Mm-hmm. You did fine. Also, you know you don’t don’t–you don’t need Fjord’s approval to be amazing, right? You know you’re great, right? Do you need his validation? Well, no, no. It’s just, you know, it’s like if I punched somebody, and I did a really good job, I would look at you and I would want you to think that it was good. Sure. Or if I really did a bad job I would hope that you didn’t see because you’re really – good at punching people.
– Yeah. You’re good at other things. – Sure.
– You’re like really good. I’m super proud that punching things is pretty much my best asset, yeah. No, that was a deep compliment, thank you. The reason why our group works is because we’re really good at different things. Caduceus is the only one good at being good. So that’s his thing he’s good at. He’s really good at it. Yeah. I don’t know if I – agree with his views on
– on authority. Really? I know. I know. Thanks. Hey, I know you’re taking this Yasha thing hard. The truth is, I am, too. You’re better at hiding it. Well, I’m sure it will come out in a terrible way here later on. Dress issues, abandonment, it all taps into so many of my issues. Yes, yes. Anyway, it’s not a sandstorm yet. The wind is windy. I have this–last night when the storm was kicking up, it was like I was only half sleeping because I kept waiting for lightening. Like something would– Lightsaber. Yeah. Yeah. What if we can, like, find a way to talk to him or something. Then he can break through. He’s more powerful than anything, right? Do you remember that fight she had with that thing? That lightening thing on the boat. Yeah, yeah. I don’t know. Maybe you’re right. Maybe there is something to that. I’ll talk to the traveler, and see if he’s got any advice. When were you supposed to connect with him again? That’s the thing that is – happening, right?
– Mm-hmm, yes. Days blur target. It’s coming up. I need to talk to him. Have you not talked to him in a while? I mean, no, no, I’ve talked to him some. Maybe not just as much as I have in the past. I should go talk to him. I’m going to wander away. While this is transpiring, Caleb, anything you want to handle? Or just? – I was just he
– eavesdropping on all of that. I didn’t go anywhere. I was just standing there. It makes sense. He’s going by the name of Sara Mcshiney shorts. In fact, after just walking away, Beauregard Beauregard. I forgot you were standing there, sorry. Yes, that happens. Caduceus is not the only one who is good. Are you talking about me? Yes, I am. I’ve seen you do good there. Well, old opinions diehard, I guess. That’s what they say, right? Whatever. There are a lot of bolts and dreams, and the faster-moving current right now. I really want this group to hold. And I have to thank you and Fjord. Very good at holding the group together. You know, when my father wanted me to take over the business, he was a piece of shit, but something that he said has been kind of sticking out in my head here lately. I don’t know if he ever followed his own advice, but he said try and hire people who don’t agree with you all the time. Surround yourself with people with differing opinions. I think, I think I would be concerned if everyone agreed with Fjord and I. And I would be concerned if everyone agreed with Caduceus. – Well, I argue with
– you all the time. And at least that means that we’re strong in our thoughts and opinions, not easily swayed. I worry that Yasha will fashion a hole, and I think we need to try to find a way to meet everyone’s needs. This kiln. We have to travel to safety and make sure that his mother is safe, and Fjord is okay, I guess. We have all this coming up very fast. You are good at being good. Thanks, Caleb. You’re not too bad yourself. Like most of the time. Well at least 10%. It’s debatable. The 10% is doing well. Don’t read too much into it. They just stopped talking. All right. While that’s transpiring, Fjord, what are you doing? I find my way in a dark corner, shadow, behind a building. In all the time we’ve been in in the Dynasty, different plumage and decorations of the soldiers. Correct. Is there any way to differentiate what might constitute an officer and what might constitute a sergeant, more of an enlisted man. A full Kraut. No, officers tend to have a cape over one’s shoulder. Not over the shoulder but one part of the shoulder will carry like a capelet that bends behind. Generally in purples, blues, you’re not sure – what the positioning is.
– You don’t have enough knowledge about the Dynasty to know what different designs and shapes and positions. But you have seen those speak with authorities, and they’re the heads of groups of soldiers both in the field and in Bazzoxan, they have this capelet over one arm and shoulder. If I have seen couriers or message carriers of this service, not that they would be wearing the same full plate or armor of someone in an infantry position, but lightly armored to carry a message or… I would say make a perception check. Okay. 16. 16. You’ve been keeping watch for a good part of the day, you have seen what essentially are – informationnal runners,
– especially in this time where everybody is starting to gear up for the bright queens seeming warning. You have you’ve seen troop to troop around the city. What looks to be a circlet head frame as opposed to an actual helmet. I’ll use a mask of many faces to disguise myself more of a courier type. Is there anyone outside of the barracks standing guard? – There are a handful
– of barracks keeping watch around there, – there are a few that are
– pretty well guarded. It looks like some buildings have been retrofitted, and there are some that are – currently being expanded
– and constructed as soldiers are sent over time to Bazzoxan. You do finder now and then there is a heard of time that nobody is directly at the front. Okay, I will try to locate someone standing guard at the barracks not wearing the plumage of the officer. You’ll walk out and find someone. I’ll walk up and say, can I have your ear for a moment, please? As you approach the one that you see here, an armored ogre, who has this large great club that is fixed with a leather to the side, and he’s just resting it there on the side. A big giant kind of quadruple chin that removes any semblance of a neck. Like its resting on two shoulders, arms. I’m sorry, I’ve been traveling all day. Is there someone in these barracks that speaks for the men? Not an officer, but someone who looks out for the new and inexperienced? Yeah, that could be me. Yes, great. I come with a message from the bright queen. Bright queen, Oh, Oh, Oh, right. I work for the security detail. I bring an urgent message of danger out here. I deliver it to the gate, but as it was being read, it sounded sounded–it sounded most dangerous, indeed. All right. I worry that it’s words might not find the right ears had is a great danger coming this way. A creature. It carries a blade on its arm. And if engaged will–are you getting all much this? It’s got a blade in its arming. And it’s coming this way. Got it. If you could spread word to the word that further damage to this creature further it’s power, and it can drive men mad, make them flee. Spreadin’ the word, making men mad. I feel much better knowing that this message has reached sound and responsible ears. Don’t worry, little fuzz ball, I got it. I will will get a drink. I bid you good day. Good day. [laughing] And I start walking off. As you walk off, you hear him lumbering into the barracks. Bright queen says there is a mad guy comin’. Danger, holdin’ a blade. [laughing] It’s gonna make you mad. [chuckling] He was tired, the little one. And the last thing you hear as he continues to walk inside. Shit, fuck. Well done. I’ll keep moving towards the gate. You can hear other people interrogating what the fuck he’s talking about. Shit. As I head towards the gate. Anyone Anyone with the plumage of the officer? I think better of it as I go into the ready room. All right. So you guys have regathered. Let’s say a day spent keeping watch going about your business, and preparing for the next leg of your journey. Is there anything else you wish to discuss? Whoa. Is there anything that you want to do during the day? I guess not. I mean, I know where we are. But is there any sign of foliage or is it all wasteland. On this end you can see scrub brush. It’s not as bad as the barbed fields were, but there are areas of some very Hardy plant life that seems to exist around the vicinity. Do you have any more sending ability today? I have one more that I can do. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check in on either my hubby or perhaps Shakäste? Which one do you want? Oh, boy, that’s a tough choice. What’s that? Getting ready to send send. Oh, I thought you were going to punch me in the face. Message sent. I don’t think hubby is endangered yet. Maybe? It’s up to you. When we go back, it’s hard to predict what will happen. We could be sent off somewhere else. Do you know in chance what you want to do? Your husband, when we get there, tell him to stay put? I want him to be safe, but I don’t know anyone who can take care of him in Rosanna. Maybe Beauregard’s friend? Er. You had plans to meet up in Rosohna that we can trust. I could reach out with a message to her. Ask her if she has gotten to my son yet. Okay. Sending a message. Hey, have you got to Luke yet? Whoo, things are crazy. Let me know where you guys are. Not really wondering, thank you. Nice, good. Hey, don’t you worry. Just finished dropping that boy and that old lady off down in the Nick drowns, and I’m making my way back north. I got you. I’m assuming I told you everything. You just blurted it out. That was so much faster. Any other details? He called me baby. Oh, you think? No. No. I think he just calls – everybody baby.
– I don’t think I’m his type. I don’t know. Maybe I am. I don’t know. What do you think his type is? Who would be Shakäste’s type. Someone really cool. Well, you’re cool. Yeah, but someone like someone chill and cool. You’re not chill? No. [laughing] You know who is chill? Yasha. Yasha was kind of chill, before she tried to kill us all. She didn’t try to kill all of us. Just Fjord. And me. And you. She would have killed you, too. She was chill but not cool. I don’t know if we’ll have the ability of the time, but we could–I have already voiced my reservations about everything. We could bring your husband to your child. Well, if my child is in Nicodranas, that’s what exactly what you – would like to do.
– We can use this talent if we’re granted the time. – That would be
– incredible. That would be great. If we’re lucky enough for free that long. We’ll find out tomorrow. Everybody sleep well. All right, so you guys finish out the day. All right. Yes. As you are resting. Are we taking shifts? No. Oh, shit, what is happening? Caduceus brought a slide whistle from the ready room. I thought we should do the shift thing as well. She’ll take first watch. I’ll start by throwing in my journal, I’ll draw just Yasha’s eyes. I’ll try to get them how they used to be, and then how they looked in the scrye, the difference. Then I’ll just say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I haven’t talked to you as much. I don’t know what’s going on. I feel kind of lost. Are you there? Warm humid interior. From your friends sleeping nearby. Near a colder sensation. Out of the periphery of your eye you see the cloak whips. As you’re sitting there, you sense the presence of the traveler sitting there next to you. The hood leaning into the other side of your periphery. It’s all right. An An amazely couple of months from now you’ll meet the rest of your – family.
– A couple of months, huh? Do you have a location yet? That’s actually why I wanted to talk to you. Kind of draws back in his sitting position. Considering where to hold the grand gathering. I was thinking maybe the island off the coast. Do you have any suggestions? Have I heard that have place before? You have heard it, but you’ve never been there. What is special about Humble cusp. I don’t know. It’s remote, and I’ve never been. Well, if it’s pretty and tropical, you know, that would be nice. I mean, anywhere close to Nick Nicodranas, you know it’s going to be pretty. Do you have any suggestions yourself? Probably not anywhere in the empire or probably not anywhere anywhere–there is crazy stuff going on here, you know. So I’ve been hearing. I mean, if you–well, I guess if it’s a couple of months away, I was going to say I hear that the north is pretty cool right now. There’s like a volcano or something that is supposed to be pretty popular. But… Are you pushing for a volcano suggestion? [laughing] That would be crazy to have a bunch of people gathered at the cool vain know. This could end so well. That’s certainly unique. A journey would be challenging, but with enough warning. Your followers were were–but you know, if you want to hold it somewhere that’s way prettier, I understand. That’s a really good option, too. I trust your option, Chester. A volcano will be – interesting.
– I can check it out beforehand if you want, and then lest you know. Certainly. But I have to know soon. Right. I have to send out the the invitations. Right. Were you there in the cave? I’m never far. It’s really hard. I know. – There are so many
– things in the world. I thought it would be really cool to see it all. And some of it is really pretty, you know, like we saw a cavern that was full of crystals. You would actually really like that. Maybe we should have the convention there, I’m not sure. You tell me. But a lot of it is just really sad, and a lot of people getting hurt. Maybe just forward his fingers brush a little bit of hair off your face. It’s a very beautiful world. And it’s a very sad world. But there is beauty in sadness, too. Yeah? Without those moments it’s hard to appreciate beauty. That’s true. I didn’t know how wonderful home was, and how wonderful really my mama is until I saw a lot of other people out there. You’ll be sad again. To live is to be sad time and time again. But you also get to be happy. And to be mischievous. Yes. Just remember wherever you are, I’m not far. And also know you’re not the only one being watched over in your merry band. There are many voices. Yes. Many eyes upon you. Do you ever talk to the other guards? There isn’t much of a line of communication, if that’s what you’re asking. Oh, I didn’t know. But wherever your friend Yasha is, I’m sure there are some very powerful eyes on her that never left. Really? Good ones? Helpful ones? Well, I’ve seen the storm myself. After all, without faith what am I? Really cool. A volcano? Interesting. I like it. [wind blowing lightly] And just dissipates into the wind. Jester versus the volcano. I heard that. Oh, my God. The memes will only get worse from here. I’m sorry. Well, at the end of your watch, as you’re all sleeping, Jester nods off in the comfort of the traveler’s presence. I toss and turn hoping to hear thunder again. Understood. Roll a perception check. Is it cocked? It’s kind of leaning. But is it cocked. 11. You think you hear the rolling sound of thunder. But listening there is no follow-up. It might have been in your head. Fjord’s stomach. Probably. But the evening goes by without issue. We’ll pick up here after the break for the morning and whatever your next stage is going to be. I’m going to throw up seriously. That was a check-in at the beginning there. Yes. We fought a lot. Yes, it needed to – happen.
– There is a load to unpack. So, before we go to our break we’ll Bruce you to our give away of the evening. The Wyrmwood pride vault vault. Very pretty. The dice of many colors. – This will go to one
– lucky winner in the chat. The code word tonight is “Escalation.” It’s “Escalation.” Remember to enter once. Only once. If more than you’ll be disqualified. We’ll be back with the winner in just a few moments. [ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ And welcome back. So, we have a winner of, and the winner is drucifer 333. We’ll get that to you asap. So, you all are rested, familiar, warm senses have taken in the chamber, not as hot as the day before. It’s a bit musty in the scent department, for sure. Fjord has been finding the broccoli. The food out here doesn’t agree with me. Okay, that got tense. So, what would you like to do, guys? Well, it’s time to vamp home. We should check and – make sure that nothing
– happened outside of the room. Check, check. See if there are any obvious commotions. Go up on the roof before we head down. Sure, make a perception check–no, you’re fine. The streets look the – same as they were when
– you went to sleep. Different troops, of course, under their various watches. But there is a happy perimeter. There doesn’t appear to be any issues or raised intensity. No bodies lining the streets. – All right.
– Caleb, how does this work? Well, I have some–I cannot do this constantly unless I have a steady supply, but I can do this today. What kind of gem stones do you need? I have one piece of jade left. Anything anyone wants to contribute? Jade is about 100th of gold. Let me see what I have. Didn’t we pick up some. I have some jade, also. I have a pearl necklace. I have a pocket full of crystals. I place my one piece of jade on the ground, start tracing the circle, and thinking about Rosohna. Okay, so. The way he draws these circles full of arcane symbols, intersecting, overlapping and he begins to fill in, it spirals outward as he fills in the equation. You’ve watched the surrounding exterior begin to glowel almost like an echo afterwards. He draws in a particular emblem, and places the jade onto it. As it does, the jade shatters, and the entire circle flares up brightly beneath. But you only have but a moment, Caleb. There is enough for one round. You got to go. Pulling and shoving people. Watch where you’re pulling them. One after another you feel pushed into the circle. – And there is a breathe
– streak of light and dark and suddenly you’re standing in a familiar subterranean kind of graphite looking chamber. You look around and – recall when you first
– arrived from your journey. You now stand within the under arches of the lucid bastian. You see armored soldiers looking over in your direction, and briefly take a step in your way a bit aggressively, but recognizes you as you approach. Really cool, Caleb, really cool. Do you think that the moorbounders will be okay? They’ll be fine–maybe. Let’s stay on task. Is anyone waiting for us. Is there anyone in – the chamber?
– Not immediately. There was no notification of how you’re arriving. – There is not a party
– awaiting you here in the under arches. Do we know where it will go? Not at the moment. – You know the path you
– took previously, so you can just try to trace your steps. We should. In a short time you’re brought before the bright queen’s throne chamber. You only have to wait 15 or so minutes before the door open. If you want to take a moment before you gather your thoughts. – Who is doing the
– talking? I vote it should be me and Jester, but I could be overruled. I’ll be happy to speak. You’re so truthful. What about Fjord and Caduceus. They learned to say – very different things,
– and it will get us in trouble. I appreciate you came back after me. I’m here because of you guys. I’m just going to lie to – her, honestly.
– If you think being honest with her is what we’re doing trying to establish some truth and transparency, either Caleb and Caduceus should talk. You well, let’s do it together. If you think you can help. Just remember, we don’t need to make it personal. Just don’t say that – it is our fault, okay?
– Start with the compliment. Ladies like it when you notice their hair or – their shoes.
– So lead with that. I’ll compliment, and then you can take over. That’s a great idea. Ladies like it when a fellow compliments. I’ll be fashionable. But he’s’ tall, dark, handsome guy over there. More like light, pastel. Extremely pale, even by my family’s standards. Literally pink. Practically translucent. Yeah, all right. Forget it, then. It’s like built in – highlights.
– They look really nice. I always liked to think so. Are you guys comfortable. We’re ready. I’m going to cast on to Caduceus. What will that do? To make sure he’s convincing. So it’s a possibility. 15, 20 minutes pass. the doors of the ancient chambers open. The over head lit of the bright queen. You can hear the bustling. It is more active than the last time you are – here.
– You can see all seats are filled. Both on two opposing house sides as well as the central chairs that flank the bright queen’s throne itself. As you’re stepping out, you see a troop of four individuals, you can see part of a table is visible, and it’s a long table. Make a perception check. May I. Yes, you may. 19. 18. – Okay then.
– There you go. Getting a glance at t you make out that it seems to be a map of probably jor house. But the length of the table means it will lead quite deeply into the empire. Okay. That’s ushered past. There is conversation and whispering and discussion in the distance, echoing in the chamber. This single white orb is hung, affixed to the center, the chains dangle ing in this dull gray quarts-like material. As you step forward, the voices hush. The soldiers flank the – steps as you ascend.
– As you begin to approach the bright queen stands from her throne. Her violet eyes shining from the light above. Her head piece, the three horns curling behind, holding her – staff, and she looks
– down upon you. As you begin to make your way towards the center of the raised section of the chamber, she puts her hand out. Welcome, Mighty Nein. You must first give our thanks in your aid in warning the Dynasty of the imperial assault. Many lives were saved thanks to your deed. And the Garrison remains in our control. As you would also noted, a series of strategic assassination attempts did also occur shortly after the assault. Now here no lives were lost. You have all proven worthy of the award you were given. Thank you. You’re welcome. You look very ravishing today. Yes, your eyes twinkle, wouldn’t you say, Caduceus. Um, sure. Your highness, we bring you unfortunate soon. I already told her. More specifically going into more detail, I suppose, we were woefully unprepared with what we found up north. And we stumble ed into a creature, an infernal creature summoning. The goblin who sits next to the queen says, so it has been said the laughing hand that you referred to. It is loose. Such an entity was – supposedly destroyed in
– the calamity or the years that followed. It was contained, not destroyed. If what you say is true, this is, indeed, an additional thorn in the Dynasty side. This thing may be more than a thorn. This is the beginning, I brief, of something dreadful, terrible, that threatens everybody. Resources are necessary to combat this. We did not all make it back. The bright queen nods, acknowledging this. Tis a very unfortunate circumstance, how you describe it. You’ve done what you could. We shall take it from here. There are numerous historical specialists and researchers, since you gave us this message, they’re looking into all facets of this creature’s nature, and suss out the means of which it can be destroyed. It is the follower of the angel of ian’s. I’m unfamiliar with that one. This should also be placed on the research. And they’re gathering others. We must reinforce the guards to Bazzoxan. But we have many things we’re also achieving at this moment. We may have a special request, if that would please you. We would like to be kept in the information loop on this creature as it has done personal damage to us, and we believe that we have an avenue of possible victory. I feel like there might be an answer in how to defeat this creature in the north. I was hoping for a little faith and civil support in an expeditious journey up north to see if there is a weapon against this creature can be found. Make a persuasion check. This is going great. 20. I will admit there is trepidation from members of this Court due to the circumstances of your less than–how do I put it? Less than successful journey northward. However, if you feel you can do this without us expending more resources with you going in this direction you’re traveling, you may go. Just safe travel? Perhaps you may need some form of expeditious travel on top of everything else, but not a lot is necessary? Perhaps. And permission to cross the northern border at some point, and we may have to put a few affairs in order. Take your time and – rest.
– I can see on all of your faces that you’ve been through quite a bit. Would you care to see this laughing hand? If you have a means of presenting it’s visage. I’ll use my hands and create it. And I’ll go in front of it and cower in fear. As it’s looming form appears, the cloak swaying, the open gashes crosses body. The teeth chuckling silently. The room begins to fill with whispers. You can hear the members of this Court leaning in to each other, and they’re looking curious and worried. The more they heard, the louder it got. And I go over and slice it with my dagger. – And it just goes
– right through it. Each cut. And you can change it? No. Yes, it can. What are you doing, man? It’s a type of resource. In the effort of sharing information, perhaps it will help your history check. We really wish the severity of this does not go understated. Oh, it is not understated, believe you me. We know very well about infernal or ancient threats. We live in the land where they still curse much of what we live upon. But there are many things to worry. – We cannot divert more
– than what we have currently holding the Garrison for now. We have plans. Things are turning in our favor in this struggle. You said that you had some successes while we were away? Yes. You captured an assailant? Yes, we do. We have a scourger for interrogation and execution. Also with our position amongst the guard and the current–the current scenario in which the military finds itself, we grow closer to our goal in retrieving what they’ve taken. There were a handful of assassins, as you said. But no lives were lost on our side at least. Who, who, what–was it a monster? Or a person? It was a woman, human. What Caleb was training to be. A human woman? What is your interest? It sounds so scary. More like a myth – does.
– We never encountered one. You said that you were closer to getting back with the em emempire stole. Did they steal more. They still have one Beacon. That cannot be allowed. To evade the trust we would continue to aid more knowledge and more understanding will help. Of course. – We’ll share what we can
– as it comes. He wants to get into your library. I was going to request–the training, and also there is some knowledge of this scourger. You have already intimated a little bit of my past, and now there are dealings of the same. If this is a person I’ve had dealings with. Make a persuasion check. 16. 16, we are willing to share information however, it is very apparent that the beginnings of this conflict stems from the human zemnian thirst for the secrets of our arcane practices. Given that as it may, and there is trust here it is a carefully guarded aspect of our culture. And you’ve already been rewarded for the deeds you’ve done. Should you continue on this path, then I’m very certain we could share many more with you. But there must be more. Seeing from you, and the steps you take before we can open such a lineage of research to you. I hope you understand. Well, I do. I’m too pre-sumptuous. My request, instead, settle upon knowing this person’s. That can be facilitated, if you would like. We’ll have you he is courted–ex-Courted to the dungeon. You’re lucky to have come so early. Is there anything else? I don’t suppose any information of the burning lodge, the kiln. I do not know what you speak, unfortunately. We are heading north, so we’re looking for maps. Anything that can guide our way further north. Describe in order. There are many norths in this land. We seek a mountain amongst snow-capped mountains, where there is no snow. In front of white, salt and sand and it stands alone. A temple. The quiet room and consideration from the bright queen before they step forward. A mountain with there is no snow. There is such a place in the gray wild lands. I would have to look into this entity. That would be what I seek. The fastest, safest way to travel there. You look over and you can see across the way, Essek is sitting down. Well, f a safe, quick transportation is required, that would probably be my specialty. – Are you going with
– us? Or are you going to be sending us? Well, I have to go – with you first, and I’ll
– be returning there after. That’s cool. – Maybe you won’t be,
– though. Maybe you’ll like us to much that you’ll want to hang out. There is a lot of business that I must attend to, and a lot of things are moving and my – interests lie elsewhere
– beyond the kiln. Indeed, we appreciate – your help.
– We’ll let you return to your pressing matters at hand. One last thing, is it possible to send word to the people in–where were we? Bazzoxan. – In Bazzoxan?
– Because we left moorbounders there because we were in such a hurry to get here. And I’m afraid that they’re going to starve to death. The little death Panthers will be fine. The bright queen smiles. Your beasts are from these lands and will be fine. Although they may be free to pursue their interests elsewhere. – Should you require more,
– we can provide them. Okay. Thank you. It’s at this point that Miriam goes, cravar cravarrod. That’s the mountain you speak. The call The volcano, it’s northwest of here. Quite a journey. Yes. My hunch was right. Sure. Her body much smaller than the chair behind her. This was a great meeting. Thank you so much, and so quickly. – Now we’ll go down to
– the dungeons. We’re going down to the dungeons now? Will somebody escort us. Yes, two guards step forward and kind of put their feet together, assert themselves as the ones who will escort you. After you. Can I keep my eyes open, looking out? Whatever, as we’re walking. Kind of on the council and the guards. If I see a drawel that looks like– Perception check. 16. So you’re keeping – your eye out.
– And did we get a feel–did I get a feel during that meeting if the bride queen was still looking at us in the same way as before, or if she seemed for suspicious of us now. Do a check. The bright queen has lived several life times and having done so, she has perfected, she has masked her intent beyond the positive presentation she has – given you this day.
– Beyond that you have not been able to read – anything.
– All right. What kind of dress was she in today? What kind of dress was it? Did she look dope? She always looks dope. Dope queen. Was it a pantsuit? It was a variation on the first outfit that you saw her in. This one was more battle ready, if that makes sense. It seems like as things progress in this conflict, and based on what was exiting the chamber there is a general, air of riding high on recent victory, and because of that she’s dressed accordingly. Can we commission an artist to make her entire wardrobe just like in a catalog or something? Sure. The shop exists. We’ve been there. I think Vanessa makes that. Creature of habit. So, you guys are escorted out of the chamber, outside, back below the shadow shire that rests beneath the city. There you briskly walk past the strange blowing fields of luminescent crops that line the floor and the cavern, and the familiar gate. You’re about to approach the two guards flanking, who are both wearing elaborate captain capelets on the left arm. That stands out immediately. Doesn’t get a word out. Opens the door. You guys are led in down four levels of this dungeon with each growing progressively darker, and more heinous heinous. Mass security? Are we getting snowed this time or altered the way we were the first – time we were brought
– down here? Right. As you go gutter further and further down within the chambers, there is kind of a loose sense of nausea that overcomes you, like your equilibrium is slightly off. Essek is not with us this time. Right. – The further down you go,
– it’s a sick feeling in your stomach that seems to grow. You much, but the stairway seems to shift, and the entry way seems to not foul follow familiar gravity. You seem to recall directly how you entered, and the elements of this prison are designed to aid people and prevent them from escaping. What level are they on? Between the first and – second level.
– On the cusp of that area. He’s dangerous. He’s a flight risk. Of course, a level two. – No, no, he’s not.
– They took all sharp objects from him. He wasn’t wearing shoelaces. They don’t know what he’s capable of. – He didn’t have shoes.
– Because he’s not crazy. He could kill are his – shoe.
– Yeah, crazy boring. You’re boring. Your face is boring. Shut up. Thank you. As you are led into this fourth and deeper floor of the dungeon penance. You can see heavily guarded–six guards sitting outside of this single ten-foot wide wall. There is a doorway that has a 6 x 2-inch slot on the top of it. The two guards leading you through stop and give acknowledgment to those keeping guard. There were some words exchanged, but none of you understand. The guards step out and you’re given a position to look in. But it’s dark in there? There is no light in the interior. I’ll step up. There is no light. Humans need to see what is in there? Why didn’t Caleb just send in some light? I will burn some transmutation magic– magic–maybe I did this already. It doesn’t matter. Okay. So, who approaches? Apparently I don’t. We can see it’s a chamber. There is a single chair in the very center. And you can see a humanoid female form sitting in the chair faced in the side in a way, arms down behind in shackles, and then follow the chain down to the bottom of the chair, you can see how changes have if a a lock tight to this chair. The chair is bolts to the floor. It is a stationeriy affixed chair. There is no other faint smell of urine, and from what you can see, she’s badly beaten. That’s about as much as you can make out. Clothes? Leather armor, but many of it has been torn off, why from. I’ll pivot and turn around. Caleb. Well, she has had the shit kicked out of her. She doesn’t look very comfy. My hands go to the holder, and I look in. You see the same thing that Fjord has seen? Which is the hair. It looks probably about just most of it is kind of tosselled, and. Foxily. May I. One gestures to go ahead. You can see a we have a very faint physical reaction to the light and faint. Where you wait. No response. Wake up. You’re in a bad place. I need you to talk to me. You hear her glory. Bread. Your lives are feeling very short by now. If you want to keep it, I need you to talk to me. The hear this really. This is sent back to you. It is what it is back to do. Am. SAM: Make a perception check. Am. Oh, you’re not sure. It sounds like the individual hats taken quite a few hits to play in the authority and chest. And the process of speaking an apacksing. Am. You look at me, who asks, what do you want? You hear me talking to you in this language, in this place do you want and you aid. Magic can do many things. My life is already forfeit. Dry what you want, do you am. What did you say? You heard me. Look me in the eye. Who are you? I don’t have time for that. Your life hangs by a thread. Look who I am. Who do I have to trust? Who is this who knows astran. If I try to put my hat in that room, am I an aid to them? I think probably can. I put it on the inside of the room. Alrighty. And I send him out. Okay. Make a perception check for Frumpkin. 10. Okay. You see the hair in front of the face. You see a lot of blood and a swollen chin and a lip. You do see in the light here in the circumstance there are scars across the forearm, familiar scars, as to those that you carry. There is no way that they’re opening this door for us. If they’ll open it? Yes. What is the sign next to it? I’m sorry, that cannot be done. Oh, it’s so tempting. Perhaps do you mind if I put the prisoner to answer questions. They’ve been roughed up a bit. Do you know Aldrek. Very well. Who was he? I don’t know. Is he you? The figure turns and looks in your direction. You see the hair pushed to one side of the face. The hair is dark, not brown. And the face is unfamiliar to you. This is not Astrid. But the face is looking right at you with a smile. Find them both. And kill them. I’ve heard things about you. Welcome back. I’m curious. I’ll sit here long enough. So tell me, and then start hyper vent lating against the wall. Caleb, is everything all right? You don’t seem as well. You can see very pale white skin, white hair that is covering most side of the face, and the single eye that is peeking up with a smile. She’s looking up at you, with blood coming out of the nose and the mouth. Do we know this person? She’s a murderer. She’s one of my own. She’s me if I had gone back. Do you know her personally? No. No. She’s one of many. Are we done here? I guess so. Is there any other information we can get from her? Ask her about any of the people you used to know? This is your chance. Magic worked here. Yes. Just Frumpkin? Just Frumpkin and the lights you put in there, yes. Walking over to the door. From what I understand your time is limited, very limited. Will you contribute to the conversation? Not particularly. I’m just waiting for my sentences. I will say that it fascinating to see who is now working with the other side. Does that mean that there are multiple? She’s talking about Caleb. I know. Some of us get tired of macabre fairy tales, so you enjoy your mouth full of lies. Nice to meet you. Thank you, guards. They acknowledge and then get back in their positions. You and Frumpkin are with me. Boy, that was–I think we asked for some expeditious travel up north. I think a day at home, get ready, and get some preparations. I would love to–maybe the mountains or the breach. You could, you know– To take my husband back to good ol’ safety. Caleb, is that something that we can do. – Teleport him there.
– I’m sorry. You can’t teleport today, I know. But in the morning could you maybe teleport Yasha to Nicodranas? Yes. Yes? Yes, yes. Are we all going? I would want to go to make sure that he gets – there safely.
– I don’t know if Justin wants to go. I know we’ve got pressing matters ahead. You guys could go on without me, and I could probably catch up. If you needed to. Please don’t leave us. I’m not leaving you. I’m just saying we can catch up later. There is a lot of travel. Just sending somebody through and then getting confirmed that they’re fine is doable. They don’t have to all necessarily have to go, and then all will have to come back. I should stay and prepare a little bit more. I should get in contact with Dairon, so I don’t get the reserve. Maybe Caleb could come and then we could come back the next day or something. I also wouldn’t remind checking with wacko. I also want to find. For his pay less sometime before we leave. Yes, we have to wait until tomorrow, yeah, you’ve got time. I’m sorry, I need to clear my head. Let get back back to the trade house. I’m getting back to the zor house. The zor house, yes. You guys are escorted through the shadow shire back to the surface and the eternally midnight sky. You’ve been granted the tree crept well and the lights above the neighborhood. Caleb, are you with them or moving on? I’m just wandering with that medallan, if you don’t get beat. Up. I started to up Squire who they might be. Okay. You make your return. You open up the inside. Candles lit. The splays is pick and span. It is cleaned. The furniture has been slightly rearranged, and there is something that when it falls pierces the pan. With the apron on, you see it– We’re back. We’re back. She just grabs, picks her up. Did you hear we were coming? There was a chime on the door. He didn’t have time to light all the candles – that quickly.
– For ambiance, I kept it good for myself. I’ve been here a loan for a few days. Anything weird happen while we were gone?>I think occasionally they think he’s . I found out that the little garden upstairs has great form of he tea leaves that is specifically shaved. Is there a way to drink ways where is Caleb and yes or noy. Poem. Yasha was fan. She loved us. They poem. Dehe try to kill people? Not yet Yes. Well, ape way, let me get that poach. Who is taking care of this place in your absents how much. I’m going to take wood from the tree, and I’m going to start facing Faulk I’m going to remember porn I’ll sit down and do that for a bit. He’s “E” he has faced go through a past week ing with. I put son Powell. That’s easy for you to say. Yeah, just dump all my shit. The fatigue moves in quickly. And on the enough, foreking TV forearm. So you guys have some good encourage. I’ve made arrangements for Nick and we have a way to get there, movie. Are there who there post. I like bath Moe. But, we might even able funny. Sure. Any time. We’ll do that Tom, then. We love to left our Just a little prom. He can hang out on the boat. He’s just he. Oh, you double are doable. Both of you make persuasion checks. Beauregard with this 16. 7. Maybe one day I’ll check out the pow pore. It they like it. J just. He’s very well connected. Yeah, you now. I’ll follow you halfway. I appreciate that. Snow. Is Caleb back yet. So you’ring movie. He was in the bastion to where he was tape by the stealth hopefully. You’re definitely held from entering the bastian. The guards saying you’ve had up audience and thief what you’ve been looking for. And emerges with a smile. Hello, I heard you’re looking for me. The moment I can spare you. What do you recall? I’m embarrassed, I just come from all prisons. The queen rounded us in the ability to straight this not along Keith. I’m sorry, what was that? Execution. I saw film. I think they’ll go into further swear gradual Ohio. I am just hoping that you can stick to that pf pf. That was as Howell when you have some idea of my past mis. A fraction, maybe. I was opposite the paths of being one of these. There was a couldn’t find a fast Foyle. I thought that this would be something that I came up with in the am. All my dealings for your keep, and I was you caught me off guard. I would like to speak to them further, but I have an error to one. And I don’t want to miss my shouts in order, and sometimes they would like to have north. Pom. So you suggest that we do not as quickly sell rate this timetable? Um– I would better like to see you throw good exertel I am. I appreciate your help. Of course. I have to get book business, if you dopped otherwise she leans towards the use ♪ after that, just off watch they realized lop You increase. Up powerful he can bake ic basic mass time. Have you decided what you’re he “E.” I’m going to fuck. And return to it, the document foamed Stoll. I’m going over no the wall imfowl. The fall navel I’m going to have faith in you, Yasha. And I hope that this ♪ this is who Ur. That’s oil . Yesterday, I’m going to pull out a sword that is in front of me. Yesterday, I stopped a sword E womb by the way, you have the note. The notes are always hidden. To eltn guard. I think this is a woman that co-use him I think perhaps they can reforge it. There is probably. Have I never explained? No, I if I cans of acts l in this matter ♪ — The day after the rave. Queen ascended, three of her champions were give the task of dealing with one of the heroes of the war and his body could not be maintained within the city for reasons that are lost. He had to be vanished. And these three heroes were named clay, stone and dusk. They argued for three days. And stone aid said they could get to the air. Clay said it should go to the earth to be a monument to the glory. And dust said we should give them to the fire of the ashes and from that fire great works would arise. They prayed to the raven queen for guidance in these early days. – And the Raven queen
– eventually answered. She said she had already taken what belonged to her, and that we were to these three were to filed find the Wildmother and ask. Finally they found her. She turned to stone and said, walk the plains until he finds an oasis of a red and gold cave. That he would feed the beasts who would water there. The nature would be a gift from the Wildmother Wildmother. To clay to go into the forest to become spring with water surrounded by crystaline stone. And upon that side will be a garden whose Flora will be a gift to remind her that nature is beautiful. And to dust, took all that was left and walked to the mountains to the north. In a cave of black he was told to burn what remained. The ashes would be mixed into the brick, ink, steel, everything that is made there will hold that hero’s mark, and this kiln will the creations as a gift to remind him that nature is the origin of material. And these three families have guarded and accepted the dead all this time. Each of us on occasion but very rarely. Somewhere there is dust to the north. Ancient. No, no. The blood is ancient. That was awhile ago. There are things that are older. How old are you? There are things older. Say Say that? 2,000 years old. Fuck you. That is really cool. Been inside that temple since the maiden queen ascended in search of the Wildmother. Who is the Raven queen. Nature, does no one learn their–well, there are many gods. She’s one of the gods. She’s one of the gods. Okay, okay, okay. As much as the Stormlord is one of the gods. You know a lot about the gods. Another God. You can see her stone is there. Thank you, Caduceus did that fast. There is dust still in the kiln. I imagine. And they can help us make this weapon? Maybe. And this hero of the raven queen? In the graveyard? This hero is long gone. This is a story. That’s what they say. It’s already gone. Just another flower in the garden. Wow. We have one more dot – on our side.
– We have storm and lightening bolt. I’ll pull out my spirals spirals. So we have the Stormlord and we have the Raven queen here? – The Raven queen is
– everywhere. Should we have a little thing for her? She doesn’t really – need it.
– I don’t think any of us really– I’m good. We have the travelers here. I have a little thing for that. Thank you. And I have a pool for you, although I’m leaving it. You built us a pool? Jacuzzi. It’s a stone with a tiny bird bath. Just basic enough to drawn yourself if you were in the mood. Just. There is a liquor cabinet downstairs. That’s me. Is there a God of alcohol? The moon weaver. There are a few cross overs there. There are lots of gods. And there is a point for the Stormlord right there, waiting for her. Good. You guys, I’m feeling very exhausted. We’ve traveled far. Met a queen, the scourger. Let’s hit the hay. In the morning. We’ll head somewhere else. Can you still send a message? Yes, I can. Am I sending something? What should I say? You’re charming. Do the Jester thing. Hey, diamond, just wanted to let you know. Oh my gosh. I’ve been around her so much. I don’t know, just, hello. We’re find. Let us know if you need us. But don’t contact us if you need anything. Should we tell them where we live? If she’s smart enough she’ll figure it out. We do have a big tree tree. It’s pretty and ostentatious. I’m going to send a message. What are you sending? Hey, it’s me Jester. She isn’t sorry she has not hit you up,–she’s sorry she has not hit you up, but we’re here. They said you were here. You took long enough. If you could give me any inclination of where to find you, things are difficult. That’s it. She sounded like she really wanted to talk to you, and it sounded kind – of dangerous, and she
– doesn’t know where we are. She’s supposed to be – an investigator.
– Maybe she showed up after we already left, you know. Maybe we went up north. Did she sound okay? She sounded intense, but I wasn’t sure if that was normal. That is normal. Should we send her another message? You can’t be accountable for everybody who rings the Bell. She’s my mentor. I’m going to send another message. What are we going to say. We’re at dejour house. There is a tree house and we’re super integrate ed. Be sneaky if you come and say hi. We’re going to leave tomorrow. Wow. There is no response. Oh my gosh, she’s probably just going to show up. Caleb. You think she’s in a situation? Maybe she’s walking here right now, Beau. And I’m thinking that everyone is in the house. Are we going to figure thing else tomorrow. We’re going to go to sleep, and travel some in the morning. Do you feel good? Is this a positive direction for your husband? Your child? There outside of the room with a platter of cakes he’s made. I’m ready whenever. He does not want to be here any more, and I don’t blame him because this place is crawling with monsters and bad guys. And the duel. Yes, yes, we’ll deal with that tomorrow, yes. There is some left over tea, Caleb. Go grab some. I’ll heat it up. Ice tea is fine. Do we have ice? I don’t think we have ice. We’re going to head to our rooms. Yes, sleep. Everyone needs to sleep. We have a lot of toot – tomorrow.
– We need to be on the ball. Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. Maybe you should sleep on the balcony. What if she comes and brings trouble? There is a Bell on the door, guys. She’s probably not going to use it. She’s a spy. A simple investment in in a hammock will be so much better. You’re talking so loud. – You’re talking loud
– enough for me to hear you. What is this? You said you were being sneaky. No, we said we’re sleepy. There is no privacy in this house. Stupid group. Leave me alone. Okay, maybe just for – a couple of hours, and
– if she doesn’t show up we’ll see. You know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll sleep down front so she doesn’t ring the Bell. I’ll sleep on the balcony. Where? On the front stoop. Really, behind a wall, we’re gated. It’s not a wall, no. There is maybe a small fence. Does anybody come up? You know, we had a fight or something. Yes Yes, I passed out outside. And you’re super drunk. Yes, it’s cooler, the air. When Caduceus comes back on the steps, Caleb is tacking out his bottle of whiskey and finding three glasses in its place. Yes, there is still upstairs the tea. They left. I’m still here. These glasses, they were drinking tea. I’m not drinking tea. We’re drinking tea. He comes out with steaming tea. He pulls out a few glasses and fills them for everybody. And a shot of whiskey for my own. I put the bottle down in the middle of the table. Oh, just one drink for anyone who wants to join. Boys? Would you want some boy time? We can go downstairs and start cleaning up. Yes, all sorts of things to make sure triple packed. If he wants to. You want me to stay or not. I think everybody can stay, who wants to stay. I’m going to get a drink, but I just need to settle my nose before – tomorrow because we’re
– jumping a very far distance. I’m still getting the hang of this, and there is still a lot going on. Sure, sure, sure. I just want everyone – to be on the same page.
– Caleb is getting to be that guy. You guys are not – leaving.
– I’m just having a drink. We’ll all sit around you drinking tea while you get drunk. I’m not going to get drunk. I’ll have a shot to calm my nerves. It seems to be working. [laughing] Have you tried this? Or have you only had tea. You only drank tea. I only drink tea. You only ─ Well, I drink other things, but my brief experimentation with spirits has not gone well. Hmm, well, I’m glad that you’re all here. You? Yes. Are you going to kill us already? [laughing] Yes, I’m going to kill all of you. Well, I’ll drink to that. [laughing] To underdogs. To wonder dogs. To wonder bread. To wonder dogs. All right. Let’s go to sleep. Oh, yeah. All right. You guys finish your drinks. Some tea. Some tea plus. Heading to your respected chambers. Except you’re staying on the stoop, you say? I’m keeping an eye out for my friend. I’m sleeping on the balcony. And I’m fervently looking for her. Are you on the roof of the balcony? Or the balcony. Just the balcony. I think I want to be under the tree a little bit. I’ll stay for an hour writing in the other book before I turn in. As you all scatter to your respected positions, keeping watch, looking out, Beau, make a check, please. Whoo. Okay, okay. 24. 19. 19. 16. 19. You, from the balcony standpoint, glance off to the side, and you see a figure leap and lands very quietly touches the edge of the balcony railing. The balcony railing where I am? Yes. Like five feet from you. Five? You see slowly a head look up towards you. You recognize it as the drow of Dairon. Where is she. He She does a cartwheel before landing on the tip of her toes. You are so sneaky. Come inside and have a cup of tea. We have much to discuss. It was on the balcony balcony. Thwarted again. No, come on. It’s almost 11:00. I’m in trouble. Yes. I’m in trouble. I can just feel it. Did you the way she asked for me. ♪ you’re gonna be in trouble ♪ ♪ hey your girlfriend’s back ♪ That whistle is gone forever. I’m throwing it out. All right. That was really, that was an emotional recovery episode from the past few weeks. All right. Yes. Well, there are some elements of recovery and tension rising and puckering. Puckering. Puckered. What rises and puckers. No, anyway, any way. We’re back here next Thursday to pick up from here to see what Dairon has to say as well as these chuckle heads figuring out their next steps and path to take. In the meantime, you guys have a wonderful week. Love you very much, and is it Thursday yet? Good night.

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    "How old are you?"
    "Old enough."

    That's literally my answer whenever someone asks me! Old enough! Because I'm old enough (in the US) to drink, marry, drive, vote, fight, smoke, rent a car, etc. I don't do hardly any of those things, but I'm old enough!

  • Ricky Ward Post author

    Well, it seems to me, Abyssal Forces are performing a classic, 'divide and conquer' tactic. They are doing things, getting each side to blame the other, whilst obviously a larger plan is at play. No one in the party seems to have guessed at that though. Most likely wrong, but they are too focused on how they look to the factions, and very much held back by indecisiveness.

  • Storm Belladonna Post author

    Sam picked the perfect couple for all the dick jokes

  • Point Of View Post author

    A natural 20 on convincing a God to hold a party in a volcano. Very dnd

  • Riesenfriese Post author

    3:45:56 "Nott, I thought all the ladies left" Well, Nott may be a woman, but she is certainly no lady.

  • Simon Crafter Post author

    sams radio play was amazing

  • pallenda Post author

    I listened to most of this episode in podcast form. The head into the intro 10:42 was even better when I couldn't see what Sam was up to. 😀

  • Papa Beard Post author

    hee hee

  • MKD Gaming Post author

    I can't wait till she again notates fucking yasha but in a whole new context

  • Kyle Rayburn Post author

    Firefest 2019

  • Bob Motster Post author

    Diablo's soundtrack fits so well with this part of the campaign!

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