Can’t Wear a Seatbelt, The Judge is Never Wrong, Liberian Pride

Can’t Wear a Seatbelt, The Judge is Never Wrong, Liberian Pride

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(funky upbeat music) Stacey Dandy. Good morning, Stacey.
Good morning. How are you this morning? Fine, thank you, how are you? Oh, thank you for asking. How do I look, okay?
Good, you look great. People ask me how you’re doing, you know, I think maybe something’s wrong, alright. You’re not trying to butter me up now, are you? No. Sometimes it helps. It’s not helping you though, because you already made a deal with the city solicitor, okay. You were charged with not having your seat belt on, now why didn’t you have the seat belt on, tell me? It’s very difficult for me to get in and out of the seat belt, ’cause I have really bad degenerative arthritis in my neck and my arm and also my hands are really bad. So you have a medical reason not wearing a seat belt? Yes, sir. Are you telling me the truth? Yes, sir. You can see ’em. Patrolman Hastings, do you believe her? Your Honor, I do believe her. You believe her?
I do. Hm, Inspector Quinn, you believe her? I have no reason to doubt it, your Honor. I’m sure it was it was clicking and ticking enforcement. We’re gonna revisit this now, okay. Okay. So you met with the city solicitor and the Patrolman, who is supporting you actually, even though he just made a recommendation, that you pay a $40 fine, right, so you agreed to pay a $40 fine, right? Yes. Did you agree to that?
Yes. Patrolman agreed to that, okay. However, I’m not gonna do that. According to your testimony, you have a medical reason and the medical reason I think is sufficient and Patrolman agrees with you, that you may have this medical condition. Inspector Quinn says he has no reason not to believe you and I believe you, because you seem to be pretty forthcoming, it has nothing to do with you trying to butter me up incidentally, you understand that? Yes. You think it helped that you gave me a compliment? No, because I know you would see right through that, if I was lying. Alright. Actually it’s obvious, you do have somewhat of a medical condition, if that’s the reason, both the police officer and the prosecutor said they believe you, so if they believe you, I believe you as well, you present well and so even though you made a recommendation, there was a recommendation from the solicitor to charge you $40, I’m gonna override that and I’m gonna dismiss it. Do you agree with that? Sure, thank you.
Okay. Excuse me, your Honor, the court would just like to tell the motorist, that if for some reason, you can get a note from your doctor explaining the circumstances, it would avoid the officer and you from having to come to court in future. Thank you. Now I don’t wanna see you here every week on this, right, you hear what Inspector Quinn said? Okay, good luck.
Thank you. Judith Ingham. Good morning.
Good morning, Judith, what terrible thing did you do, you wanna confess? I would love to confess. Alright, well, this is not a confessional, but nevertheless we do have some unsolved crimes upstairs and if you wanna confess to those. Well, hopefully we can figure this one out together. Okay, let’s figure it out. The major offense that you are charged with is parking overnight.
Yes. Okay, what do you wanna tell me? In front of my house.
Oh, it’s even worse. I know, I have an overnight pass, Oh.
that actually expires today, which is actually very ironic. That has nothing to do with the violation. So I was parked outside of my house, I have the sticker displayed on the rear driver’s side of my car in the window and I got a ticket. So Inspector Quinn, you wanna be heard on this? Your Honor, I would have to check, excuse me, I’d have to check the computer to see if that is correct.
And I have a receipt. I have no reason to doubt the motorist, but we have to double check. You know what happened? I don’t know who designed the stickers, right, they have a dark blue sticker, that parking enforcement officers there at night, they don’t see it.
It’s dark. I explained that to ’em in the beginning, I would have made ’em all neon orange or whatever, so it would show up at night, but. How do you feel about this, is Judith telling the truth? Yeah, I have no reason not to believe her, but I could verify it through the computer. Inspector Quinn, you know that I never make a mistake? That’s correct.
Alright. That is correct. Judith, I’m telling ya, I’m testing him now, right and if I’m ever wrong, you’re gonna get this as your punishment, right? Ooh!
I’m telling you right now. I’m dismissing this,
Thank you. outright.
Thank you. Good luck to you. (funky upbeat music) Anthony Karfair, you are charged with blocking an intersection on Westminster and Snow Streets. Is there anything you wanna tell me about this? Yes, it was during the night and I was driving, I was doing a Uber, so when I got there, the people, my client, I stopped for five seconds, ’cause I gotta stop recording, so when I stop and I try to call them, that I’m here, so they can come down and they told me that they was coming, I see them coming and the other guy that was behind me was so rude about this. At the time I start, he started beeping the horn and other guy, the puffer, then all of them start beeping their horn. Did you get a tip from your client? Did he feel bad for you? A tip?
Yeah, after you’ve drove them, they give you extra money. No, they didn’t give me no tip. Oh, no tip? Well, you know what a tip is, you know. Yeah, I know a tip, but they didn’t give me no tip. Oh, no tip.
It’s optional, you don’t ask it. You got a ticket and no tip? Yeah, I got ticket, yeah. I see that you’re a world traveler here, you got the shirt on that says New York, Los Angeles. That’s my tailor.
Paris, right, have you been to those places? Yeah.
Yeah, you’ve been to Paris? No, not Paris, but New York. You can’t, that’s false advertising, you’re saying you went to all these places. Okay, now I see that medallion around your neck, right. That’s my country’s seal, Liberia. You familiar with that, Inspector Quinn? No, your Honor, I’m looking at the medallion now, I thought it was a badge or something, but apparently he’s stating it’s, I guess a coat of arms or something from Liberia. Well, if you’re proud of your native country, then we wanna congratulate you, because you should be. You know, we all have pride in where we come from, we all have, you know, love for, me, I was born here, I love this country and we all, you know, we love the flag and what it stands for, democracy and so forth, so you should be proud of your country too. I’m glad to see that you–
Yeah, I am proud of my country, yeah. That you proudly wear that. So I’m not gonna fine him, I’m not gonna do that, I’m gonna give you a break on it, I think you’re entitled to a break, you’re a hardworking guy, you’re proud of your country, you come here, you make a nice impression. Thank you very much, sir. Good luck to you. Thank you. All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases, you be the judge, subscribe now.

100 thoughts on “Can’t Wear a Seatbelt, The Judge is Never Wrong, Liberian Pride

  • Bart Duynstee Post author

    the reason not to wear it is bullshit. if she cannot wear one, all she needs to do is get a medical statement, agreed to by the state, which excludes her from having to wear one. she did not do that, so she cannot come up with that reason now.

  • Random Acts of Video Post author

    She should have to wear a seatbelt, if she is a passenger then the driver is responsible for making sure she is wearing a seatbelt.

  • Frank Molina Post author

    If she cant wear a seatbelt she shouldn't drive

  • ENJOY LIFE Post author

    the first lady looks like Beavis,,, jajajajaj

  • Zues Toots Post author

    This lady shouldnt drive

  • DMC200 Post author

    this is all fake right?

  • DMC200 Post author

    you can tell this is a set with no ceiling on a sound stage….its like first week of film school

  • Linoge Z Post author

    She could stop driving a car you know.

  • Ashik Jonathan Post author

    Judge causes millions in state coffers. But million hearts have been brightened up

  • fungidungie Johnson Post author

    Courts of equity. Not supposed to be the law of the land, but with moral people, they work.

  • Kali Shell Track Post author

    She didnt even provide medical documents, they just looked at her for a second and "ya she probably got arthritis" I'm 27 and have really bad rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, can I not wear a seatbelt? Lol

  • Paul Grimes Post author

    What a good man, his humanity, makes me want to be a better person!

  • Paul Grimes Post author

    Also, my checkered past, has me moving from Florida to Providence, I need a break!

  • Chris Nunya Post author

    He's definitely a fair judge and has compassion for others I wish more judges were like him. May God continue blessing this man.

  • Tshwarelo Hendrietha Post author

    Does this judge ever charge anyone??

  • Miguel Fernandez Post author


  • Tay Marshall Post author

    That cop was a hunk

  • Dan Cottrell Post author

    Hes Mr. Rogers best friend

  • Raymond Bates Post author

    Is this from a tv show?

  • Timothy Bostic Post author

    Best judge in the country

  • Crush Theknight Post author

    Coolest judge ever

  • Mountain Crest Farm Post author

    I don't even subscribe to this channel, but run across this judge often, and ALWAYS like the outcomes.

  • avowilor Post author


  • Jesus Flores Post author

    I want this judge on my DUI

  • HX Post author

    Why did this have 1.4m views?

  • Chris Thomson Post author

    bullshit medical excuse. if you can't put on your seatbelt you shouldn't be driving

  • GD Blackthorn Post author

    Liberia, the country where ex-slaves from the United States started their own country!

  • GD Blackthorn Post author

    Does this judge let everyone off?

  • Xx xX Post author

    Loves Liberia…. doesn't want to live there. Fantastic!!!!

  • abhijeet basu Post author

    Pride in where you come from and where you come to. Thank you.

  • Kenneth Desmond Mosley Post author

    I would love to see him with the cases that push back I bet he’s amazing with them

  • T R Post author

    Where does their city get all their money from. All i see is dismissed cases. Hes a great judge though. Only courtroom ive seen where everyone is smiling.

  • Teacher's Daily Post author

    Which state is this

  • Trillock 1945 Post author

    That first woman should be made to give up driving, as she is a danger to herself and others.

  • Louis Edwards Post author

    Their once was a judge in my hometown ,he was just like that , and he was doing his job very well,RR NC , Roanoke Rapids North Carolina THANKS

  • jamie bell Post author

    Do you think other judges are jealous of him because everyone loves him? Im just imagining them all trying to make jokes and be like him so they can get the loving too

  • Sacred Sun Post author

    I'm legally allowed to run over pedestrians because it helps with my anxiety. I have a note from my doctor.

  • SM Music Plus Post author

    Due to the safety of the driver and others, the first lady may not be fit to drive anymore. I do not wish the loss of that privilege upon her but there is a deeper concern.

  • Colonial Roofing of North Carolina Post author

    It's a tyrannical law anyway, we pay taxes on our vehicles when we buy it, and property tax as well as insurance and a standard with an inspection that we have to meet as well as working hard to pay for and maintain our own vehicles, then the government comes along and tells us a sound minded grown up to put own the seatbelt or else. We're not children, we're held responsible for our vehicles and then they impose that we have to by law put it on. I'm not against seatbelts, it probably is safer in most situations but its tyrannical to make grown ups put it own if they don't want and the first person that comes along and abolishes this law, I don't care of its hitlers son I'm voting for him or her

  • NOURADINE JMOULA Post author

    ستبقى راسخة في دهون العقلاء امريكا قوية وستبقى كذلك لأنها سلطة قضائية مستقلة .يستمع الطرفين لاتحاول القانون .كما أنه سلطة العفو ويستعمل نفوذه .وفي بعض الحالات يشتكي المخالف وعن معاناته ومشاكلها النفسية والاجتماعية فلايقمعه ولايستفيذون بل يتركه يعبر .كما يستقبل حتى أطفال المخالفين ويطلب رأيه والله لن تجد فوق الأرض في الوقت الراهن واحد مثله وفقه الله وشرح صدره للإسلام. .

  • Just saying my peace Post author

    You love the judge cause he lets just about everyone off the hook, what if he didn’t do that, would you still love the judge? I actually wouldn’t let those many off the hook. The judge believes just about every story out there. I mean anyone can walk in there make up a story, and the judge would probably believe it. The judge is cool, but too easy.

  • DEADisBEAUTIFUL Post author

    What an inspirational human being this man is. It’s so rare to see people who listen to others these days. He speaks with the people standing before him. He doesn’t just speak AT them. He actually makes them feel comfortable with being in a courtroom.

    I worked as a manager of a small loan company. I regularly had to take my customers who didn’t pay to court. The very first time I’d ever been in a courtroom I asked the manager from the sister office of my company to stand with me so that I’d feel more at ease. The judge was rude and made fun of me for feeling as though I needed someone beside me. (I quit the job because of the terrible tactics that they expected us to use in order to get money from people. STAY AWAY FROM SMALL LOAN COMPANIES!!! They are almost always a trap and end up taking so much more money from you than you ever receive from them in the first place.) I was nervous and was made to feel that I was the person who was in the wrong. It was hideous.

    It’s a beautiful thing to see judges like Judge Caprio and Judge Cicconetti on the bench.

  • MJOSEPHINE FONZO Post author


  • Angela G Post author

    I have severe degenerative disc disease in my neck and spine, plus RA and at 47 I’ve had to stop driving. Seatbelts are hard for me so I tend to just stay home 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Clifford Webber Post author

    wowww this judge and judge judy could sort out the whole world amazing pair of dedicated judges

  • Randy Prevette Post author

    Then she shouldn't be able to drive! If she can't buckel and unbukel a seat belt how can she hold a steering wheel? Total BS!

  • Tommy Huff Post author

    Awesome Judge !! Judge Judy needs to take a few lessons from him !

  • Victoria Mickley Post author

    Wow, We Need More Judges like this Judge, He is very professional and kind and humorous, a wonderful MAN!!
    Thank you Sir, Judge, U are great, Thank you!
    God bless you and ur 👪 always and through, Jesus Christ name I pray for you and your 👪 always and if it be, Our Fathers, will, Amen, Amen, 😍 👵 grandma Victoria Mickley, PA.

  • JUNIOR RODRIGUEZ Post author

    Dude that's an Excellent example of a judge who cares about persons in justifiable and humble way

  • Miguel Maldonado Post author

    But she can handle the wheel

  • Linda Thrall Post author

    Medical papiers always trump wearing a seatbelt

  • scottyboylucky7 Post author

    Human compassion. It's a foreign thing these days. what a blessing of a judge you are. You give us all a breath of hope. Kindness. Thank you your honor.

  • Rhonda Ivory Post author

    I believe in following the law and I feel your the fairest judge I've ever experienced. But nobody is always right.

  • This Guy Post author


  • dino leo Post author

    This judge is an angle.

  • John Patteson Post author

    I love this judge

  • Gemini Girl Post author

    If all the judge is like Judge Caprio …we would have been living in peace

  • Ashley Bracken Post author

    A seatbelt is self retractable and needs 1 button to undo. I mean, it's only a matter of time where the lack of a seatbelt takes her life and/or makes her unable to ever get in a car agaim

  • Nityanand Saswade Post author

    Why do you even bring that women at courts who have serious medical condition.
    Feels totally made up.

  • tanveer alam Post author

    A patriot always respects a patriot of another country…it's good to see he gave the guy from Liberia a break.

  • Danny Day Post author

    That judge is a classy guy

  • Mustachio Gamer Post author

    You'r court is amazing ur always happy with the people walking in you'r a great person judge caprio

  • bill cearley Post author

    I love the judge but the woman who couldn't put on her seatbelt should have her license revoked or suspended until she is able to put on her seatbelt. The judge should have told her that

  • NatsumeMizu Post author

    Back in the days they had some cars with auto seat belt that puts it on and moves away when you open the door.

  • Raj Gusai Post author

    Well i could sit there in court whole day watching this case.

  • Eric Martin Post author

    What a awesome judge

  • Red X Post author

    Anyone else judged and thought she was Laing?

  • asim riaz Post author

    You have read many books but have you read The Quran once in your life!….

  • Info Nation Post author

    I Love This JUDGE

  • newman andres Post author

    All three of you standing with the judge u guys are awesome. Lots of love to you guys

  • gary meschede Post author

    You make me believe in the justice system again your Honor!

  • Robert O Post author

    I think I've seen her in a horror movie.Just looking at her is scaring the crap out of me.Btw if you can were a seat belt don't be in a car.Ride the bus.

  • Little Gyaan Post author

    This seatbelt lady, is she not a regular visitor…have seen her for red light breach case as well

  • Dannielle Forsyth Post author

    Should have banned her from driving. If she doesn't wear a seat belt and she has a crash, she could possibly be killed.

  • Hello There Post author

    Last guy got off easy…

  • Tenielle Ellis Post author


  • Maxine AyodeleR Post author

    This one brought tears to my eyes!

  • Oz+ Post author

    May God save you Sir

  • Lourdes baby Post author

    Trump should be made watch this wonderful man in action! The compassion and respect he has for immigrants is heartwarming.

  • Gary Perkins Post author

    Best most considerate and fair Judge of all time!!!

  • Gary Perkins Post author

    The only court room in the world with ALL people smiling.

  • David S. Post author

    Why can’t we have more judges like this? Perhaps the judge needs to have his name changed to Solomon?

  • Bill Zussman Post author

    4:41 Are we all ignoring the size of that judges gavel? Jesus mary mother of gavels.

  • Dot Matrix Post author

    Arthritis that severe—is it safe for her to operate the vehicle?

  • Poor Redneck World Post author

    The seat belt excuse won't work Hear. The police and judge will say…. If your so bad you cannot use a seat belt… That means you cannot operate a car!!!!!

  • tirken eowin Post author

    i wouldn't exactly call Uber driving "hard working.." but okay.

  • Darrian Dicicco Post author

    I don't know why for the life of me you're not on primetime you're my better than Judge Judy God bless you judge thank you for helping these people out like I said I still think and I wish you were my judge

  • therockkkkher Post author

    Not really judge, we should all be Americans. If we love where we came from, why did we leave it ?

  • E hhh Post author

    WHAT?? and, the judge believed that last guy?? If he love his native country, what is he doing driving and doing violations in America??

  • RGB LOK Post author

    He needs to run for president!

  • Bearded Bro Post author

    You have to have a sticker to park overnight at your house? That's a liberal law right there

  • Mr. Zinki vlogs Post author

    Criminals will be excited when they are taken to this court room.

  • Hannah Pascua Post author

    I hope all the judge like jugde Carpio… He asked person nicely and sometimes not terrifying.. he understand situation all the time..

  • Jesus Moreno Post author

    This is a true judge a true rolemodel

  • william62922 Post author

    Judge should be like this…..

  • william62922 Post author

    One of the best person.. I have ever seen

  • Ronald Albert Post author

    I am from India. Very happy to watch the jurisdiction from a judge. Really touched my heart. Would like to meet such a wonderful and kind hearted person. God bless u Frank.

  • EricG99 Post author

    2:04: This lady looks like Butthead of Beavis and Butthead fame.

  • davinamotd Post author

    I wanna be on that show

  • Edgar Martirosyan Post author

    Don’t drive

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