Can You Daily Drive a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS? | Miracle Whips

Can You Daily Drive a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS? | Miracle Whips

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– What if you had to drive one car? One for the rest of your
life. What would it be? (engine roaring) Would it be a 1969 Chevrolet
Camaro SS? Let’s find out. This is Miracle Whips. (Hip-Hop music) ♪ Lift off. We have a lift off. ♪ When I first walked through
the door, I was like oh! – Byron liked the Lincoln. He thought it was cool, but
it wasn’t his miracle whip. Back on DriveShare, which is
basically AirBNB for cars. The speed and power of the Skyline, and the vintage feel of
the Lincoln, ’69 Camaro SS. – The Chevy Camaro is an American classic. Came out in 1967 to compete
with Ford’s lil’ prize pony (neighing) The Mustang. This when men
was men. Broad shoulders. Girls would skate up with
drink orders and stuff like, “You want some food?”. They’d be like, “Yeah, hold on…” Now the ’67 version was good,
but we all can agree that that 1969 incarnation was the magnum opus. That’s Latin. That mean dope as (bleep). That iconic front end
with that aggressiveness. That rumble in the motor turned people into Chevrolet fans for life! Looking at the color, if somebody
was to write this on paper is like driving down the
street in a Cheetos bag. In person, this is sexy
man. Wow. I like Cheetos. Look at ya boy. Do it
got that old car smell? Oh, it do. Oh, look how assembled the
dash is. Everything is here. First thing I noticed when I walked in was that blower sticking out of the hood. Can air even get in this
car? Look at this right here. Dope. Big, beautiful blower, too with the American flag going through it. It’s just the air intake. I don’t know how to feel about that. This when I say, “I love my job.” I’ma act like it’s mine. Try to reserve everything
and be a classy car owner. Yooooo! Yoooooo! I’ma try. I see it. I can feel it. I’m alive. I was tired when I got in this car, but it’s something about
it that gives you energy. Gettin’ in this car is like
sittin’ on a trampoline. You feel the bounce on here?
That’s the old school feel. You gon’ bounce in this car. I’m feelin’ it so far,
man. I’m havin’ a ball. That smell and the way
it moves and sounds, makes me think about my grandfather’s car. Grandaddy! I almost cried.
I ain’t gonna even front. Man… I wanna lay into it so bad,
but I just can’t. I need room. This car goes zero to 60 in five seconds, but then goes from 60 to
zero in three minutes. You gotta brake a whole football field, for you to stop when you
wanna stop in this car. When I was driving I noticed
the radio didn’t work, but I didn’t need a radio. The motor do all the talkin’, ya know? Any song I wanna sing, I can sing it, just from pressing the gas. Vroom, vroom. You don’t
even know what song that is. It’s Beethoven. She get a little choked
up on me sometimes. We can’t be havin’ that. The choking is a concern for me, cause when the car choke, I choke. (coughing) What? She sick? I’m feelin’ the car pulsate.
I’m feelin’ the car vibrate. (car screeching) Wait. What is that noise?
Oh, that’s this car. That’s a weird Migos noise. I’m concerned. I’m thinking I’ma break down. When you nervous and you need
to let your car cool off, the best place to take a hot
car, is to the cool beach. (Hip Hop Music) I had a moment where I almost
start cryin’, but I didn’t. You don’t cry in a muscle car. My favorite thing about the
car is the way it sounds. (making car engine sounds) Good love makin’! This car sounds amazing. A few things threw me off, though. First off, it’s a lap belt. I heard this car was wrecked twice. Don’t see the people
who wrecked it, do you? Second thing threw me off. No cupholder. This car’ll get your adrenaline up. You see I’m drivin’ this
monster! You tend to get thirsty. Third thing. You forget
how old school cars make weird noises. That noise is a concern
of mine and the choking. Are they related? Fourth thing, every time you come to the stop, you gotta check her gauges. It’s like datin’ in a way. You gotta always check in
and see where here levels is. Fifth thing. The brakes are
manual. It’s not automatic. You need a football field length to stop. That’s what I have so far.
Other than that, it’s good. Do you really need to
feel safe all the time when you in an orange car? Nope, you goin’ for it. Let the car cool off for a lil’ while. Now, it’s back to drivin’. We doin’ Chevy’s, baby. Classic. In the Ford and Chevy
rivalry today, Chevy wins. Now, Here’s the thing with this car. Just off the sound alone,
it’s gonna turn heads, and people are gonna hear it coming, and they gonna get afraid. (engine roaring) What’s going on? They know what it is. Dogs are gon’ look up
and wanna chase the car. (barking) Man, this car make you wanna sing. ♪Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da ♪ ♪ America! ♪ ’69, I see why people was
all about love back in ’60s. This car makes you wanna love somebody. Remember Boyz in the Hood?
Ricky got shot from a Jetta. This is a free love car.
It’s the ’60s, baby. Woo-hoo! I feel like greaser. I think of Grease 2 when I’m in this car. Who want’s some? Meet me at the light? I need me a leather jacket
with T-birds on the back. You think you tough? We
gon’ see how tough you are. Meet me at the light. Miracle whips. This might be the one. That automatic shifter dope
’cause you can just grab it. You in neutral and just
revvin’ the motor just wow, you can bing throw it in 3rd. (engine roaring) It’ll snap your neck back. They should call this
car the chiropractor. My adrenaline shot up through the roof. I had to let off of her. I really like this car.
I mean, really like it. I feel like one wrong move,
ahh, I could just take off. That’s what life’s about.
It’s a good feelin’. It’s a good nostalgic feeling in this car. Something about it just
makes you present, you know? So, is the 1969 Chevy
Camaro SS my miracle whip? Nah! I’ma have to pass. God dang it. This is somebody miracle
whip just not mine. Don’t fit my lifestyle. As much as it can get me, it
needs that attention in return. It’s not fair for the
car to be sittin’ at home on the weekends waitin’ on me. So, Sorry, Chevy. Chevrolet Camaro. Iconic.
Keys on the seat. I’m done. I know what you wonderin’. How the hell can I drive
as many cool cars as Byron? Well, the guys from Donut can’t afford to buy these cars either so they use DriveShare from Hagerty. With DriveShare, you try the
vehicle you always dreamed of. Yeah, it’s other ways you can
get cars blah, blah, blah, but nobody has as many dope
ass cars as DriveShare. None of em are backed
by Hagerty’s insurance. Maybe using DriveShare can help
you find your miracle whip. DriveShare’s free to join. You hear that? Free with no membership fees. Visit today and sign up. Thanks for watching Miracle Whips. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure you check out the
Skyline episode R32, hear? Also, make sure hit that fat ass subscribe button right here. Thank you.

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