Calling All Cars: True Confessions / The Criminal Returns / One Pound Note

Calling All Cars: True Confessions / The Criminal Returns / One Pound Note

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pauline wolff pauline the copyrighted
program created by rio grande biblical north korean personal corroded
one hundred ninety but im that body reporting report the extreme maybe a minute capsule lululu mines have changed and grand all of the
board we used to want more mild kuwait mom
depending on the pump model in the afternoon read about updates for doing highly
robert on talk back men dream of the day when he couldn’t
help but what bold part of the member of the volunteer fire department full-day they’re gone forever well we all know nowadays criminal
involved with a new kind of lost power and fire engines speed wired with above
the din geared to the demands of the modernity they must got balanced budget and it
sure of the wing the palms of the minute movers intake and that’s why i thought might be
important to build more of the followed with an up to the minute you will barbed wire we’ll run the backdrop of
the end of the specified favorite in more than thirty leading cities and
counties accountable explains why the a random act carried
gathering for more police card fire engine and than other emergency
equipment wherever it is old than any other brand it’s because of politics founded this
prove it to the rear view www the second starting like enlightening
toleration economical miami on the all-important leader holland speed with
they demand and get in rio grande dame cracked me up to me and thought you want police proper
format for your call and who doesn’t we limit the personal brandy station in
cuba we’d work mobile it will give you what your apartment
longer-run or your money we are happy to again pretend chief of
police james lee david good evening friends your police department are going to
hollywood only to the extent that they are now
utilizing the sound camera for the purposes of recording evidence it is the practice of skilled
investigators to reenact the scenes of major crime often enactment is but dissipated in by
the defendant in the case frequently the defendant not denies his
actions and statements in court with the sound down the road the prosecution is in a position to
refute such denials and present to the court and jury actual
photographs and recorded statements made by the defendant during the
investigation such evidences of material value in
securing the conviction of persons who mother actions help prove themselves menaces to society you the citizens of california may take pride in the progress of your
department lisa repeater to experiment with and he proved successful modern means of
police technique project mcmanus babylon all-consuming
brightened money the grave money because it would pay
property and twisted would probably have big out of the eighteen mine when you have money he bought with
company frank that didn’t work out about the man who predicted and one of the way it will become more
his wife to give them for property above what it would be in know what a ride with him bola most up to his wife and about
poverty way probably most garter he must keep them away antique mall seventy mug innkeepers if mourning competitive nation wasn’t seem from emergency for we have here here
here here here here ten warheads involvement and i think other living
here they’ve been hearing if they’ve been in the secretly carpenters guests like here you them and not know mainland caspian
then if you get oakley using the internet and
the lottery but every time you know if you don’t mind picking it loan or
known of course i don’t mind worry here when it was gone really or you know poornima landing live coverage of the better it no no it’s not that you know it’s not
ready and chatted is don’t know that after me uh… began began known doing what they
are at nobody’s going to maybe there are plenty of other you’ve been thinking
about idea identity a little bit w champion at the start it you within infantry retracted them and in return i’m katherine i dont market or don’t tell me what to
do right now to do jumping tonight and just jump in and
jump in here that that real debate at the one that and youth is just an orphan
women highlighted that’s in my program and independent renewed and indicating
the pending the independent in his eyes i dreamed up and i’m not going to win
through the window with thirty and won’t be able to get the proper you
know reminded me mine heat that at that and keep the weight and where did they did it ever get a
standard that him it infuriated it did related to the cannon disparity on our property and money in case of
ardent bitten it but it does appear that matters reform and i’ve been here tomorrow night
robert your money ended by patrick mcmanus but first are
the property at the time to write one women within and then uh… shave in it
and he regained my don’t you like an adventure that your
money heard that it’s not that the other hand
and and there has not can but i don’t have the money i don’t care issue or
dedicated that indictment it wouldn’t matter if research and i
said not to watch spent explain it to my henry regedit entities now we go to bed now will go you might
want to read awareness and ordinary people radio incident in the eighteen allele
you did with michael reinvent creative financing unity v now either in how you are right
now beyond idea non do if they hadn’t taken
my other premiere of their current warriors here here here here the
correction i miss going out like i used to when i had the other cricket flattened
think the power to go dont is listed as did the neither what did you think they
ought not to know what i think i think that they could have done if but but but but but but would not want
them but bob that in the plane was beating on a mobile but but but but but
but don’t look good union being thinking language management and
budget but and what that but but but but but they want to have warned that it may
be acting package invite part heat-driven prescient hang and i decided
that the state at least the picketing palms of islamic beers but
that would ban the considered between they plan now for the crumbling record of his mind
build barriers rounded calling high hopes for the magic potential and so i
thank you back at the end not the intended and do it tonight like
might be on the morning of the rectum biking
predictable at different times cold like affirmative back in israel and
but kempton excited but the drugstore fifth and by the streets good morning mister mcmanus and why
what’s wrong and my wife rank years she’s been walked years she’s
been when it happened during the night and they don’t open up refundable corporal that we’ve got a
call the police scrutiny as order pretty soon or northern another paper northern
africa number to give gifts and they can call the police that later known or nor
does no need to come for the for the no you know she was a little of course
uh… would have you any preferences to direct them you know know know know
anyone riddled with george who was uh… here’s one that was just a moment
pearson federal specialty eighty-four this much of the upset with it emphatic influx was thank-you letters
for i’m calling for an estimate managed it
quite as to my last night at uh… what you’re definitely mentally and a third
of a that uh… if not before age sixty because at eight thirty four pieces i
think that kevin thuggery the simplifying powerful agree upon
repeating the overpowering here at the pentagon is being back in order to be a
sport about digging to find through his own
home over the door picked up the stairs and stop coming up i didn’t we haven’t right here and they won’t get you know they won’t get
the money the money money she’s she’s probably won’t hancock unhappy the looked up the like the violent the mortician consistent recoiled in
pollard would like to do with them in the form of up to the ground it could lead to some of the police yes sir and brokers was at winter when incidents
and want you to mean sony disney there and canada britain and recording program
order all there was a case of really the best of
your i’m not sure knows her knowledge of it but then don’t get it kind of thing
understand your wife passed away willingness to force or celebrities
forty years old couple makes respite and in windows and thirty people
were tossed hit with a quick forgot const three years she had been able to walk or
destroys not her daughter crutches in herndon that blacks subsequently then
they could at least for them restore cryptography one of them insisted that the other one i think i’m
gonna when it when the man come back anong rhythm and let’s get this straight
wendy kaminer in-store croats a kitchen from one of the letter to the vote six
weeks ago it was you get into the house with um… we’re not about a meeting through the than any other time well
last night he got uh… purvey dot on the money how much was about to preserve
the fifteen members are on a head i’m moving from stirred up linden was about eight o’clock a peek at work
and then i decided that that they needed a we’ve had to cover the creature
tribunal and i went down to the drugs trying to get the a popular bedroom will
have the money with him it would be a team in a trade agreement and up so uh… to the middle of the
related reverberation where they said order sitting there didn’t uh… your ticket review when any
elective windowsill heavily because i i thought maybe who wanted to be played
out it’s going to go back to remember them your that it rhetorical restore which it was in there
on the remove this room here it’s right on the cocaine jews to with it when i came and she said so excited to see what have you heard of
that or reasonable so i’ll let you know to them we’ve got to know it worked out what nick untimely got connected him
remember that a lot of show both loaded and we didn’t have much
at said this man uh… thus burglar the mister weitzman at work or should we
asked he he it talk to you by both a is a democrat
rino notion being kept in sentencing when we computing house and right it pocket the government and the promise of a car never been in jail over a million dollars norwood more
neighbors ever them that wasn’t the reason for that report no steps two
three four los angeles orchestrated repair now after what to do these men or this
man interrupt that in the money what did you do land i
i don’t pretend as if they could be a friend of money but but when they couldn’t do that uh… duncan retakes the company for
away from the clinton and uh… you know brokering will normally would repeating them one knoll role review when respected and work i think i can read and read the paper
do-gooder bitburg with uh… nor directly to their cars one reporter with the about fifteen minutes one for them but you were saying look at
what she said she didn’t feel good about the that you sent via which have been
going to cut some of the night and warden or don’t want to return seems to
be that you want to put myself instead with her crotch i believe you said the other one was
stolen goods about how long ago what one six three leader of the dream of the world a pragmatic and out of it uh… they were wrong about this and i
think i’m never going on here at the bottom of
the relevant where there were of no i had uh… decide what you have no
profiting from project at the drugstore iran where did you get that thank you
sir you’ll be read somebody broken well you know to tell you the truth sometimes when we come immediately p on changes whatever you call this a m she would imagine and for now that i don’t know wider eyes blackened broke two ribs on
the bench opening the envelope did you just tell me that the mandate
are up manager i thought that’s what she told
me i saw how much they kept up so they get back to what are you saying to them and with that nine-thirty surrounded in rebut restaurant this time right here on time that uh… if you get it i do want to bet did anything unusual
happen landed on about midnight and i was a
week and then they wait on on the president i got couple and they switched on the
night which uh… would not that i could see i picked it up tonight databases to again try to go for a
doctor and she said no to adopt and acted restaurant when in committed than anything else happened that night
but was last night but we did that and i think
you said along about dot on the spot let’s look at it again them rotated i got a banana clip of activity and i i swear to god and god to give the
fact that i felt answers and i think it would not have to be allright once your
own when i don’t think you’ve got to get that i mean did you drew the blood when you
put her back a bit rhino normal and open it up don’t you think they particularly that you heard of him anyway i think i could see let’s take a look at a better thank dr
kick in and i i put it that under the if you look at that time i think they’re
such a wooden door opening them to do but the best yesterday didn’t and i went
to sleep in redirect them when it comes to a vote seven thirty eight o’clock of everything
wrong then way back i said to my way predicted and they’re not identified and then the the top of the market with iraq you
know whichever one of the great support and she didn’t say a thing but what they have never children and
she was born when without more forward and i can talk to them and their
workforce like the part of an american reporting reboot your group one except on the path and i look at the
drugstore a report of the worst answered the phone
from the body for the parade yeah i didn’t know partners to do redevelop what they did not pick one
from the undertaker need a big part of the department mcmanus obviously pretty good i mean uh… uh… beer at the time of her might cure
or what there’s no ordinary unite briefly for the nature but what i’m interested in the lobby and the other would that be i forgot to get the fabric just under a
closed rule and reported by the koran way short of our database the of the
product yeah uh… one bitter standalone uh… film can remove the port for the
month of the for the poor for limited uh… rebeca artifact event grogram prep take a look of this meeting unsecured headed for an
update federal proof he couldn’t do it uh… somebody didn’t that martin morning you telling me uh… found that the loop around the
other hand four-day there burger around for a cardboard orders
surround sound and report it for granted the contest that one orders story report before it does come
through and then historical with my macbook but equally convinced that would pound
dot the verdict of the compound plastic directly opposite the aspect of the
crime investigation laboratory preparations were made to photograph i’m
recording found the story of puppet no list mcmanus i’d like to ask you a few questions more
about your wife but i can’t say route you say she was moving at will to
walk without crutches for five years in tibet on the steps that should be in well i i didn’t see but one crutch
throughout the house where the other one their storage them for the broken or six weeks ago that you’re right we will most with
little kid did that libor kinda wind i left everything i had
a parent connect our coverage of eighteen if he
died for and you expected that person what yet so
yes indeed i see it how old where these will animated back
unanimously through through thick and thin the nineteen thirty three it but i think
it was than ever before remain with the victim well then she was in the list online who
were no when there’s an image interesting test did your wife right these willed herself
no no no he couldn’t write i say she wasn’t able to pay for them
date five years now uh… promised have lived in your
bedroom the wonder will report that i can tell
that yet that there were two that you use it much whenver yes all
right up there but many doctors right in the lately for years in the early years sir that they should go to a friend and i
want mister mcmanus just chile will rip less than a week ago
four years i wonder if you mind telling us your
story again i worker yesterday you told us out of pure out i wouldn’t make a
chinatown as i said that we’re talking about it about the kind of told his story again
problems all of them but would not build a bigger go it was recorded in
photograph or a comparable to reintroduce importantly for them an incumbent raping her mother crime
laboratory background and on the bottom uh… you share your man to his wife just as sure as i am i’m standing in the
body figure he told us he went to the bookstore last
night came back here father’s wife beaten up
by bird yet are doing everything but dancing
reporter with the better maybe stories true didn’t do the coroner’s report delivered
it ordinary autopsy certain mcmanus
government time management plan jersey that the record being offered to die the
slower that at least richards outnumbered
withdrawal for it becky vigor from other different or i
suppose i uh… twiddle my thumbs in order to monitor of marion whip expect about a lecture all lecture it wanted if you don’t believe the rough accurate time your amaze me with your
process productive gore vidal herrera and what you expect
to find the at night hooked up to you make ill like baker’s at them the they look at this lecture area bola denied certain organs and ever them stuffed up on top of the lead back to
the poor tears in the next room the typewriter that human blood replied it looks like
it’s not sitting lay down the wrong place looks like it’ll be the chemist or no as copy of the evening news hard to find a second i’d watch them former their writer per them there this smear on the bacteria looks like
blood and said one of the blood recover you’re making a
better-than-expected packaging as limited as i have what what the problem is the statement
would be cautious too repairable burger anchored getting but nevertheless this
is blood and the paper is david beard and is the paper mcmanus anyone reading now that the surgeons the uh… requirements were carol on the
about the kind of that with minister work the restriction for free john got a bit this morning ran down the
drugstore and had the drug is called the undertaker at about eight thirty the matter of fact and they have to get them out and report
on form and we got there call at one twenty looks like that man has the story
is or wrote that word so it will really help me will reflect
and let’s see what behind it that uh… of fear that other crutches than it looks
great them in the bed provokes anger last
summer mister rogers you problem rule and say something about the couch expected that up right that’s what the job was there let’s take a look at the rest of this
place we’re cool raleigh rooms up here rolled furnished but haven’t been occupied iran bump more
reflected at the same as the upstairs portion underground ronan not all empty ghost writer for the first ears and his other footprints in the
dust and the kinds of shows off a gambler’s fallacy when you are being withheld that some of
the data to do that here’s does she hit with a doctor or what you find
one ten dollar bill and apply that’s your money mcmanus is simple loss that bright rolex wend our way way back to the
headquarters and the last order this for deferment bumbling ridiculed and but but but none
of the book but what about but bowel movement of compassion and
commitment by living at home who called about
buying that unfocused so i wanted to literature found out the new
investigated further in this case your plan and it looks great beside the but and bad we found several art stands on the coast
of florida that where missus mcmanus was on the
attack occurred answer house article on the improper first of
all there were out of the bungalow after it repairman eighteen on fixed rate for primary girder well i don’t but i think that on the morning of the
mind your revenue and when it was personal but don’t expect well armenia time with it yourself with tea and i checked out what do you mean curator well in the first place it was good lots and i think are you sure about that when i got the bundling now have one right to the politically richard isn’t
tied to my department or if you do it sweetness who’s in the stands i suppose either that or somebody else
mister she couldn’t do it next in line with the manager and i suppose he didn’t
have anybody that they could yeltsin well and i think it we found out the bundle had been put in
this not eka sixty agency at about eleven o’clock on the night of the any
checks you’ve got a problem on your mind interrupt monitoring with it particularly in the wake of the nosair
nine i think that was yesterday morning ok banks your suspicion that been
extremely valuable uh… make test of the program either but i got from the longer ratio of blood reaction now they’ve been
washed before being taken to the laundry some of them have been working from
chemical remove a blood river with them before to repair ventura
solar panel at our place ladies and gentlemen the jury will retire well-groomed with mcmanus is insane same that guy so crazy he couldn’t quarter of
a book with the directions on my field would you believe it the last time i saw
and he said that the spokesman is that the in the case of the best dot uh… there’s a pretty to convene katie
and she had geometric accepted my brother in j callers may head with a frightened
practice is pretty cool influences on the one crutch captured the attention mathematics
evander moc markedly we’ll get down there that and night well-known rhyme have been paraphrase
read something like that its easy enough the book but then when life rolls along like a song what the oil worthwhile that they will
dickens miles and everything will that goal some over a little bit of the flight
from human who may know always funding and forcing the girlfriend along
with your money left about the boeing that little pup and all of them do their share but without sumitomo royals are more than fair
weather friend there on the double the time no adverse conditions are able to weaken
their resistance we haven’t there searing hot weather means nothing althought finn parallels and where other imperial oil grown and
complain of high rate of speed didn’t travel the road block at all and come through with flying colors they do not break down onto the stress
of great igor high-speed because only they are conditioned four-foot ruling
test by a patented since their profit which
completely remove petroleum gillian welch so it’s quite natural that millions of
motorists well forty five nations of the work of sport allegiance to this never say
die in the book convey what role does have the exclusive
friendship of eight major airline one hundred and fifty railroad and pizza
ship that three of the often stormy sea you to made joined that automotive
league of nations didn’t allies for safety the deal with them on the twenty five th
of the poor of improperly receivable mature nearest rio grande a
station where you also sign up or police car performance with real
blended fact company ghassan at least going all cars
enthralled by the cancellation broadcast one hundred ninety five px regarding a
merger at eight three four use sixty that his gaze is sent to the members in
the hospital that’s old soldiers at that point continue but not or real bandi all man lol com properly by the program created
by real brandy now that he believes growing old and i
didn’t know you don’t get one hundred ninety c warm in the government granted
americans moved even bribing seven injured one in the morning
recently have been a movie or men brighten the day nuptials brokerage pollen court doctors lies at
the very real of every solve crime chapter of every criminal did you ever
heard portrayed on each calling all cars program we all know the officers involved
whatever unwittingly contributed never to be removed and their boat ride
bravery under fire likewise we didn’t know who live in the
bottom of the real brenda cracked gasoline had been chosen to roll with
these officers on every has a discriminate against crime in fact real brenda cracked powers more
policemen why are indians ambulances and other emerging your government forever
this minor fuel is holding than any other brampton more than thirty
meeting cities and counties in california’s specified fuel and last year powered exclusively with
this qualified forty million people derek mcginty equipment spent over more
than fifty five million miles of california highway collectively around the clock governing
we called the amount of the best of all the bollywood which they demanded all
rolled into one vigor like starting machine-gun
acceleration long-range economical myron a wealth of reserve power and greater
speak and or a police car performance in your
own crockpot normal drive into your nearest real branded either tomorrow
morning if you’re trying to aid to reach near the role will in tonight in philly
come up with real brenda cracked i’m taking my call from now on at the gap
between the ruling favor about those who live alone developer mission i to present chief ph
kelly of the part of the no police department keith kelly nine-story in london school of the great
deal of comment and as a matter of fact pray that
question in my mind of some written that the weather the opportunity for just
above the neck and which they took subsequent revelations however and the
complete identification of the suspect in the case prove conclusively that he had
determined the repeated crime within his own mind he had successfully consummated irrespective of his mental attitude the
man who contemplated that crime which we hear dramatized tonight certainly have found that it did not pay
some additional facts i would work for you at the end of the program near non-conforming got to pay its bills money money money
look forward to hear from you what you’re doing a negative the money
you give me simply being here the amount of money
you’ve given me as being too small to keep track of all rights not an argument
let the neighbors in on it you know i can jump down my throat in
the past that didn’t come down your throat you know i have any money to give you but given the money every day this week
barely enough to buy food every day how do you think i might gain him and
and again fill in the light bill and all the rest of how do i know pay in the
same way you used to used to have enough money for whatever
we want them did you stop ego cool gamble right
brought up to me robert gambling as much for your status
online after all i know my meter however i don’t know we’d lose money i tell you the proposition one d any
good no with nothing to me you know too much you had to sell the property and by
orange season all right how in the wide would you ever figured
that i’ve been with a better place to raise i’m giving californian on and i
can see hotel occupancy among other things you can see that you’re driving in a
discussion with your eternal nagging about money about the old auto industry all right i made a mistake a lost fifty thousand dollars so a lot wants to be done about it now nothing to be done about that but you’re going have to do something
about the rent here’s five dollars but forgot to do with it who can do you have to have lunch money remind about me i get along ulead oranges or having why are we doing this what do you think adding not troubled by
tightening it was my idea from sunday we seem to stop thing but i mean fell
one and i know what giving it easy for me sitting here day
after day watching what little we have dwindle away some interest one thing to
remember militant defeat on homesickness jumping up and up and i know it will yes the find some way to get work and you
can count only status with in the meantime whether a use for food going to be not but i’ve got my health
and strength i won’t do it but i haven’t had of a man of done a lot of things but
wanted to get them over the one i remember one really that
domain cults pride had a bad i’m not going to ask you about it meantime but we do what i don’t know i’ve tried everything i know when i i’ve seen everybody i know nothing seems
to be opened on on the line of business i don’t
really see it is all i know and sometimes i doubt if i know too much
about that that puts us right back where we started
from the practically have you been seems to be that they’ve
been half a dozen times over the same answer no security we still have the trees on the argument
that the bank doesn’t consider them work anytime besides what if we did get a
room how’d we repay it went on the get working something has to ten a m forget these are the right there in the
window but many won’t do any good molina but i’m going to get money enough to
live on the steve with your help all we needed to have you in jail at
least abnormal actually was coming from exactly things were i’d come in on that uh… gag and on and on time for a while anyplace in particular i don’t know maybe i can find somebody i haven’t
borrowed money from when we come and put it on a job on might be appropriate reforming from about that come up with anything comments that’s what estimate muttering
mandatory stahlman we’ve both been up to the market will
hang on after all that it doesn’t do any good to go along with
your inside showing sort of that this depression into town
and you know you must not be easier said than done wine knowledge that you want to make we withstood not something that would
probably means was to independent up more abundant life that mom brothers olympic games that it wouldn’t it would be written hound development cold morning in marking on a new york
diplomatic double to colorado member branch of the bible memory and probably
not returned with the orange county felt
looking into the middle of an automatic pistol held in the kind of a cold
calculating must bandit let’s keep going where you were and you won’t get hurt be careful with that the michael not much of her to come in what are you going to do reply or group
that picture like wouldn’t you like to know regional jo pretty well almost as well as i do you do it one get one which is ok might get uh… unit wires
to trying to get used to it program reminder i seen you somewhere before wouldn’t be
surprised i’ve been there who must have been q one of those the program’s implemented were you you and your desk the most original
question is that the stick up covered your deficit well you’ve got to go in and i was again
if you don’t rehearsal but then behind her lots of type we’re doing this yup about what’s going on base that’s
alright you won’t be here on you’re not going to miss you never can tell might get nervous i said if you don’t the couple myself house into a new pair thinking of going to work yes just as soon as i get your keys and
get into that bold the alarm goes off by now comes to the server coming franchise
we’ll get to this money business i don’t know who you awful what i a
little by little again receiver that too i’ll be back someday and i’ll call the
copper giggle there wouldn’t want major had a cop for job that you’re a bit farmland abundant scooped up some four
thousand dollars mobile ignoring the larger and recorded
nominations as well as we go to a long he replied the manager and smiling
broadly slaughtered over the bank reverend boys in the bank arriving for
the day’s work discover the first manager uncovered bundy telephone call the police
investigators of the bank salem and was in the bank when you came
in this morning and she was standing right in general how do you think you got it and uh…
you got me there look for a look that surrounds it that that they’re
missing or that lead to mister deflate the
repeal the act member the roof that’s it martin let’s work backwards you with us baby
came from elan around here you will need one the stairway in the back of the bill the potluck little at the key ordnance well that’s beginning up there then a longtime who’s in a living up here
looks to me like somebody was over last night and i mean the anybody connected
with the bank bailey on that can happen here which applies like martin mccaw that’s a
good place for it when its usual developing a coat pocket there’s something on the floor over
there or even replied below those of the
cigarettes outcome of the glove that alexander competition right and i think anaesthesia exciting and i think people are not
liable years and explode instead hill crawl all uh… reptile how to be able to get nothing defense
out this stuff whatever vocal group of voters in the
record headley got into that helps cover from
the roof that i look around at that unit abaixo and setting no set enactment well reducing comment came from about money he came across some at two-story
building over there looks like you’re going to call it a
little window espy awards from here are the firewall that’s what friends wool border zero shift that’s a cigar store down there he he
wasn’t trying to break in their party account for that skylight being broken something on the floor down there looks like a pencil goldman news was apparent to see it just over the role of boxes and we have to get up when we go down school well that was wrong providing we can do what catwalk on this
firewall holo participated i can’t wait till i still don’t like the
idea falling through that skylight come on this cardinal either come in okay so you do it autostart or clark or about me rolled a little protein that women see
what’s inside were pure gotta kept like disposition
this morning is probably a mile weakened suiting instincts if any here’s a footprint on the windowsill undoubtedly our photographer whether
spiritually starts in on this case and if you keep putting your big and all
over every available print broken jimbo strikes me that a good idea but it get
that pen and pencil to a cigar store downstairs and about the headquarters of
the loop checking on fingerprints and such things that idea let’s do it well what’s seven and a findings today and
relish the task of as one crowbar obviously a cheap one one hammer on tim smith squabble wiling the rope gold pen and pencil in the broken
d’amato whether stefano through stamps on it board of equalization two six two three
six and rubber stamps c three hundred which means less than letting them a
thunderstorm watch let’s check in with the board by the way here’s a list of the money that they
haven’t gotten the back and see four thousand dollars well-known twenty dollar bill with to
hold constant such as surge and sick left let’s stop wasting time had a lady
start tracking leads to start of the placement of stores first a look at these numbers on the gin
bottle and try to find out where was sold you do that i’ve got a hunch we’ll find a way to
describe what sears roebuck i bought one there like that once which
case let’s check their first good morning try to find out if you add all this type
of khobar that’s it yes we have it did add rock right now this one is new looks like it was bought only a few days
ago is there a better chance you’d remember
you know it’s just a coincidence of course but i happen to remember that particular
bar your show that why yes you see there’s a slight make right here weird
with later decide intending to send it back to the factory but a man came in in on the by sharp
robot and they had through like the one he wanted so i got one of the rack and showed it
to it what’s it like this one from noah he asked me about some gloves and we
went over to the comet over there where the work of the displayed and he laid down the bar city by any gloves on maui he didn’t
like the ones we had done here really came over the coming year i notice that he left the probe on the
other cobb was going over to get it but he said the
other balls alright that mister smart but yes uh… the one with the naked you can call these attention to the neck
well no it he said it was all right so i sold it to him we found this body at ekkuva bank that
just been held up they want to show you some pictures of
robbery suspects to see if you can identify the man i’m sure i could have i
saw an he was about forty five or fifty years old and how just take a look at
these pictures and cds among them wrong not that one that looks a little i guess it doesn’t i don’t think any of those pictures look
like in i’m sorry that at all right you’re a member of this man bought
anything else while he was here ramasamy didn’t has a piece of wire you’re stuck
in there like that no we don’t however i think montgomery
ward panels lilac that eleven eleven i used to work for it speculative is tim smith they sell those two i’m pretty sure they don’t well it’s worth looking into other work made better take around over there somebody there might have a better time we’re looking for a piece of wire like
this new parents yester right up until a bland with just one of
milk you remember selling anywhere within the last two or three days later
from that a look back on the field them now i felt five hundred feet up monday
sleepy don’t tuesday frequent but the tuesday afternoon forty
people in the end of the mind of this forget about the whole thing home you don’t happen to remember anybody who
bought any of those wired to carlo eat also much but i just compact remember that the committee i
shouldn’t have mentioned partly this forget all about women say are we going to trades over back
today that try to find out a lot of people while some king’s mechanisms that
are necessary to find out a better description of his brand of revocable
movement of the bank that’s how do you think you’re going to get that
description several as well find some other remember saying it where sex dot amavilla constable funded a corporate
apartment and which has been delayed a stacked deck
backed off the bat you know that mister mixed up this is the place to stop first there’s one right here good morning miss olympic we’ll tell me
if you’re so it’s kind of role from estonia said i’ve been reading relatives care that counted out today at by comparing the final at who worked
at the moment i’ll be right back so far net result nothing or stop
grumbling rome wasn’t built in the day you know
and were not investigating that job recommended that isn’t known as home
types of at least coastline capital-intensive bundle that’s about twenty five b_-two you
wouldn’t remember selling any of it wouldn’t notice wiki that out of my department well thanks for the information in it without them waktu now let’s go back to see if
there’s any mou was from sacramento on those license that members of the jimbo has a message what luck says here that the board of equalization
member can be traced the smaller number of the c_ three
hundred as a liquor distributor laws on about beating up the pineapple he sells
to pasadena were former start all over again trying to give them a bit of a
case of uh… works for throwing in a room call
up the district of at me got four four five six assuming that we get an identification
of this man how do you propose to find it from president should raise a hog
land itself i have a hunch about this job matters i
have a hunch that it’s going temporarily into the on the salt five over my dead
body effectively dot org far nevermind us the pasadena police
department on private race with a step that i
understand that society our firm if c_e_o_’s and cat three hundred kasi revolt after the for the book find out who had
electrified i would turn out to be somewhere in
south korea safety drug company two hundred north lake street pasadena
banks well that’s a break anyway seems like a
good time because of the drugstore like st with the police department but kinda tracer weber staff c three hundred that’s the number on it jim shipman for
tackling hanson and we always have a murder invoices and from the state licensed and two now i realize it’s asking a lot but having so many of the slash shipment
all anyone in particular that you remember we remember all of them zero resort about ever does a lot of a
particular lab there’s a picture two suspects in that
bank robbery java met her in colorado mean recognize any of them reasoning moreno rewire is on him and are you sure
me i’m pretty sure and we think about it the only man
anything remember with mister linden using a difficult road west nine you me
and i have a little who used to be present the realty borden’s right at the
moon irons into quite a long time i became rambo marlon james invigorated
but kinda cigarettes wing that they can influence how well that doesn’t matter could have been harry let me know held
up the bank collectible citizens like if he is would
be mixed up in a thing like that and i know that just happens that he’s the
only one i remember because i hadn’t seen ron long time understand is delivered up around santa
barbara somewhere the negro to oregon here’s a local absa fellow fought a large crawled up there in doing so well and moved back down to
santa barbara we still living up that now i think he
had a woman in his car in a week ago winners today an important from families wipers mother maybe she lives
close fire somewhere and there’s another suspect gone nobody could ever call harry a suspect
not guess not uh… thanks ralph home and planting we look at someone else’s looks like your unsolved crimes was
right bob told the case of the bank robbery of a
brunch banca never in colorado and opening of a place
to be on fall file occasionally as the middle of it is by
perfect dub problems questioned them regarding the
bank probably without result time after time articles found at the
scene of the crime replacing unsuspecting mobile some thank y recognition would enable me over
the remains of organization dusted off in the end of the returnable
bottles dylan use as evidence innumerable tech were made a big urban
maybe collect when compared with those on the back the one ruminal again bottle always with the same result the case
remained uncalled did you ever see that robotic for all
your help provide god not come open the penitential ever see it before five
thousand outline of the characters playing all rage is what you think of
that you’re talking to me makala care you mean by any chance that that’s
funnier and i got your supper the gin bottle macbeth from not competition out
there want to show your maybe i didn’t know what i think that’s why we’re
talking about that estimator he says the panel held up your bank last
martin and i don’t think so long all sure he’s not man manish orders listed pat bloody occupied
open identified not you know one chris bury in january of months up
for the holdup a customer and of the cleaning shop next
door to the bank well everybody got a lot out of address
in a rocket by at myself reading it there are just as president talked a lot
of a change in earlier about a little ex-girlfriend product that i want to add
a lot better quality clay whatever dot dot been hanging around ever couple of days
look suspicious to me offered by the guys you know i hadn’t heard about it i get that that it’s driving by in an
old car and then you walk past year not by the bank if we’re going to the bank
windows about my views that debt held up the bag
like here all packed that has never come back to extract duplicate it backfired not that i heard graham
took over traffic dot madrigal blood and i don’t know what welcome back to the backlog right along
for you next week nobody would be so i had a whole lot
lately roll like a lot of i think too much time or the police department right
agenda for the last minute we had here they are just awkward regression next
door even what about that all set up in the
current fitted around here for a day or two ago there right there at the start that left
window alternate uh… outside to adapt to that man that’s him that’s going to help us out altman’s watch telnet of let me outta here i don’t want to be
here figurative don’t usually inside that may be shooting you might see you
anyway always or involved by accident you want
that you’re disgusted at nothing to do maybe will come in before the police get
like him a long time to get here what do you expect them to build lie and
i hope they don’t come true and that’s hiring might scare morning girl i’d just
doesn’t happen jason somewhere else the perfect honduras say it it and it doesn’t seem to mind siren looked
to see the car stopped right in front of him finally got to start shooting up whether to yell at the top keith i
thought that but haha with uh… ties that it’s harry lenten hair how did you travel to the scene of your
vacation by radio by boat or by airplane well no matter which it was the chances
are you arrive at your destination safely and functionally because you’re
traveling companion listened to their motorola yes it’s true no less than one hundred fifty airline
flying fields an airplane manufac fleet of ships and fifty-two railway
systems have fought be assigned to the really superior lubricant the vitally important beauty of getting
there on time with a minimum of web unfair on the
respective more official of these companies have
selected simpler more royals after putting into every conceivable tests a terrific heat and continuously
high-speed for hours on end under which ordinary oil give up the
bill these final brick do not break down in carmel royals are refined by
attacking the person their profit which eliminates those two highway robbers of
motor efficiency petroleum jelly and left if your vacation is still in the often or you’re planning a weekend don’t in
your car you will of course in paralyzed for
safety before meeting that the experience of airlines deanship
railroad executive together with millions of motorists in
forty five nations of the we would be your gut before you set up about the case
increased your more that will be phillips internal footing the bill is
twenty five th of support the same rio grande a dealer who gives
your automobile police car performance with the rio grande a cracked got legal
since arriving for safety with a crank case full of the smoother
couple royal that everyone is talking about now again we hear a cheap c_h_ kelly of
opposing the police department that’s been run of pasadena respected
former citizen late death at the hands of a plea self seeking torres and identify the bank banda and death which is going to do it found
to be justifiable homicide letters from home of that money in the
deal that will lead planned to commit suicide whether he had intended doing this if
his plan holed up failed or whether he could feel to it in the
carrying out his scheme no one will ever know it is sufficient to know that his crime
did not page by kyoki telling and nen passing the police car or
because reginald by the japanese abroad as one of the ninety-six regarding a
bank robbery beggars keisha more options while resisting arrest nigel but none of it at that little endless fitting you good night all rio grande balmain all part of the copyrighted
program created by real bambi of a movies on local and regional guard
on gate one hundred ninety seven one of the gulf of maine new issued by
the bank of england mr one found no political remained
managerial ability of rental security first middleman eight thirty in the state no harm in very good nestle groovy are already in maryland return
illuminate lee weekly follow-up breakthrough discovered by now writing to apply in a reliable
logarithmic hearing from the lord would like to live in a respected it is the same fundamental printable
education his desire to profit by the experience of other within the guiding light of the business
world be guided them by the significant back
door of the official delivered a leading cities and counties throughout
california abducted by the exclusive use of a certain products but more police caught fire engines and
into the other special equipment are powered by real bramley cracked up i
mean where everyone is old than any other brand reinvited is going to defend
very truthfully or sell condemned profiting by the recipient of others
applied to the life of your own mort give your audible the police proper
format the deserved by consistently using rio grande equipment the
experience of those who buy the milk in the end of the people who were trying to
prevent applicable modern machine-gunned along mileage abundant reserve
politicking speed which police demanding their emergency dr last year your california emergency
equipment ruled over fifty five million miles and the greatest group of
governing very only have remained collectible by your gasoline intelligent logic a police car performance were your
cardinal greater boston when you pull into your real bambi dealers tomorrow
morning guide regarding the case you were here tonight were taken in the main from the
confidential files of the police department we have not for us happens to be home acting might chief of police to prepare a report for our program abhinav good evening friends bank robbery is that once the most
dangerous and the most lucrative criminal activity criminal strikes with suddenness and his apprehension is one of the most
difficult task facing a peace talks only on rare occasions for police
informed public contemplated bank robbery in time to prevent its consummation iran’s however one fundamental black that sooner or later love may be months
for years every criminal is eventually brought the
daughters made to realize that however were pretty
appears crime appeared to be at the time it nevertheless failed to play a few facts proving this point will be
reserved for the end of the program no some beginning to lead me on the they
provided baldwin all been published along with your move on to member of the privacy and climbing
into the apparently and become bolt the door uh… electrical simon subcontinent
highway unit had to tell you what you look like always cool with you know my
introduction and i think if you were included people anybody come to the
split this early writers who were here to find out much
too dark to see much we can show you when anybody who’s insurance you know there are many people were
company what do you think i think that this into a pool we’re going to change his joint to
return and we weren’t getting than when we find that out want to take you promise to be better than that worked in
various places moon is when you have had it been awful lot don’t worry it’s girouard it goes into making a difference here she’s going to write will put a british government and when she that that will be heard in
the yet cautiously big national training politics over much about this morning employees almost nine a partner rejecting benin uh… five minutes about and consumer news pasted you know it uh… well you know i never see him when i went and met
there had been cheating i know i know when and allocated and increase to put their many people feel
lots of them incomes two men at the dining johnson on the right i don’t know the other one curator’s jeremy’s easy he said a word
doc of pipe all you do is solved when he comes in again that she ate three manually and leaves
another mana public bank rate don’t like the way could you have like this where
these danish never can tell when with into an
approach and at time of the time it i think it’d be a good idea for you to
get it you know when the principles of
listening to the guys with which is we couldn’t figure out the first time
locate welcome back about no i’ll find out from the following to talk
to with don’t lose their suspicions in don’t worry about that angle richmond welcome back to award ham caesar it to get up to seventeen year to
the someday you’re going to be where you
have to do that united so scared to do this job wish he had been missing for going on
and win an award stick around you learn it did you get that list yet right here we’re going to worked on the panel when these guys get
torn or cheap for a trip up on an armored truck and it gets here on the
fourteenth in the unit and we get in on the thirty first said
it eucharistic next monday period to the moon yellow stuff ready
unit soonish what put it to you and once we get the mick jagger
constructed he picked me i’ll never forget it basically pick that
car away from the munich picnic we’ll probably never forget you lose maneuvers
that there is a good job he didn’t say much women are pledged to continue as was too somebody’s going to recognize you showed
a heartache element he may be warning about this but it was nineteen
thirty one little bit walking along a little mystery nuclear boulevard one would not be really between two
buildings in picking you some arson totaling eleven on the floor cardamom
one going home yeah law that limits bill
million kronos uh… and you sent them out come on back there but witness to the site hongkong track and that handwashing idea when it looked like it you seem to have to wait until then all came back and i’ve got to get that
wausau if you are but builders are you going to work in her hometown tidal wave hugs whom she is i like it come on you’re gone inside pessimistic i want to get mixed up and as you might
make stuff i’m not when i tell you about that they weren’t uh… right amont did ponder this one wall follow up that that will call you hectic but there’s a little bit online
in india and it was just like you would have to wait for that one issue and talks about you would be better off too i still don’t see why we couldn’t stick
to start up in a day and age i should go if we can get more usually whatever that and more than i but i just uh… right get away from there you know how could
you want a republican to be pushing me on not who’s going to say it wishing
your manager actually it was actually a list of squat and perfect netbanking changing anything he still had an argument through quite
to sap office to get the lowdown on that job
uh… understood pretty it was it to him we cannot global restrict fishing bookman will be able to see a lot of them had u this is the bank you’re going to go along with that where
you don’t seen any wrote r_u_ what do you think i think you are rank kind of jim swim at their worst www committed you look at that time yeah compete quite interesting to me that she
if you know what you but yet deep stuff daschle time up looking at wiped out them hold boarded a jet or what not wages were here late june and we start entertainment your six and woman ought to get in a minute so would you prefer to work on the scene it’s again it’s a sweltry here doing me a god take a look at that olpc a lady just come on and on
nightline life what do you think well you’re and send them a lot of
stacked up and none of your business dot uh… and i want to do it act like nothing was wrong to see
anybody comes you keep quiet my health is coming back in and if you
look seeking help me determine alleged
cumberland you’re trying to punish tough election
outcome how do i feel anything and where you are it yet manner with you uh… apne you can make you happy you’ve been that course catapult inside that food outlook you’ll dependency and don’t be yelling out help
again well we love it the dot seats that i’m him up way that got settled on sister as a whole lot c ought to be quiet we gotta tell ya yet
at that time the apt i’m really late and i think attracting a
lot of jack understand exactly planned at the white you can talk to me that
life that’s what you think you’re going to like guilt i’m talking about devastating ecological activity to get started playing on him uh… but like jim london u maggots nappy well yet what uh… it and when he said was a minute orchid wishing you stick around might as well
so that is within which he we’re staying in the magic of show just
left one-by-one the employees in the banking
to work the one and only with a little early
resolutely wrinkles and was taken to a vote in the rear of the nine hundred
women monthly monitor the mainland or near so what is your dinner and
orders you know raid allegedly needs to be happy among the you’re doing business labor camelback pictures correct i can’t explain it this in luke
perry whitehall women expectancy once you come in his weight by fiercely
and open up more then you you can get away with this and it’s a matter of a
pen if you just open it will we didn’t know we were very well known
the wait a minute money for the month tested on well with the whole did not at all the stand outside is that we and she
liked it alternatives to it too uh… in right deplored he’s right that great like document when you get an
open them uh… others it would be open in a
moment really uh… nolan open up their money bush’s i can’t i have intimate relations do not mean it animal prevented too dickey’s he can play in the senate was
good to keep each unit has his own equal g started and painful ho wanted to know responses in indiana carson yes nitish matic well liked it but in the post to watch ipl just itself good morning voiceless work back and maybe hitting and not your partners is going to take a look at kicking off people initiation fish reacted langlois prepares cheapo especially in staten island ekeus and jim managing implemented which had all of the lord uh… called world championship that insect or kolkata color uh… juggling act so what uh… you the europe history i can become the leading man for to have it you know here if i put together a quick research
looking well you can’t we’re lucky and you have got a key
question what’s going on tremon tolsey mike when will be polite get caught up
on your technique i’ll send somebody over lecture ruler
don’t bother doing breakout there it it the alma plant police and you don’t have it began
arriving to the problem every relevant blockaded a manhunt the bond mother wires and other type of the
burned graham highway patrolman fact poppycock license plate from every phone call the
police record protecting and promoting a ban the car no place to the compound and awake on the phone funding evident a planet but problem and no
fingerprint of the matter while the telecom predicting a reason to
believe quietly for a number of disconnect
abundant non-committal and one day in the opposite look a
little lovely failed girl outside one week ago flatter pat buchanan concept of market mcniel alright bread
and butter now that i talked about that girl cameras at work at it this is a within a month
acted in let it develop the data then alright
surround would like to ask you a few questions
about some of your assorted yet many things on the outlets not began on that
key we know what we’ve got on you but we are more interested in what we’ve
got on some of the people you know rosenberg anhydride willfully could get
their audit still don’t know i’m don’t know him if i
could be the period and i don’t tell anybody say you’re going to be a little
difficult uh… may be affected you if you think
you’ll feel different we’ll get back to miami card i was a good thought i was giving me the runaround i do something about it but have gotten aluminum run you would be interested in winning you don’t know you know the people
involved the park and almost so why waste time in the waste of time one way or could it
be why should i pick up mike i’m telling
you what i know about britain’s chiseling if you don’t even know the guy
who said the student i do i don’t know that you’ve been spending
money like aka consider or a girl and it is and you if i thought you were
telling the truth i feel a lot now what i do know about him or so you do not read it and say that who happen to know what i got that money
gotobg net market method which outlets made in the market messenger tax breaks i think it’s not that bad yet and that nothing should anybody got
the big bluff he got that money for that don’t have
gotten bank hold-up last week off if that happened bank and let them dry again you’re quite
welcome and for that job lancer beck cover up on the left stick to that but do all the time
rocking in folsom like target you’ve got the bank and spent the don’t
mother day you can’t do that we’ve got enough to think about the cup let me out here in also he would have
many dead anything that i can your shows i decided that i can that we have to be a labor goodness dr i’ll show you how to find that money
tucker at these and graham element meet me at the l_a_ stockyards
uh… at them on rock about five feet long molina manderson to bring the car out because got out there and see if she is
telling the truth why uh… thanks i hear are how could
anybody hot money on the street right isn’t keeping here dramatic parked when it got me out here when we come here a lot about two minutes and came back to the handful of yeah which way do they go when the nephew
downtrodden riverbed ingraham picked the abroad and start out on the left their as but
some doubt on everest puppets and other pre-summit did you find that money improper work straight ahead here but
that’s about it the right side i don’t pass up a stock market i don’t think that yeah i i think
fucking i thought about you i think so by myself opinion i think we’ve been getting a bum
steer answer i’m pretty sure this is it proxmire together subject parameters on it alumina especially the last at the same kind of where we found in
that bag and unlike other than it used were uh… looks like the group review
mister right jobs i didn’t agree with that much money
in the world are still don’t believe there is a mature river at least twenty thousand
reimer the road work together and give it to parker reading a more about that denigrating the burger with a turnaround
wilson program reportedly karen anyway we’re going to try it out right
now at the grocery store waiting for him you won’t go far too that exactly i don’t know i had a hard time catching
on the first place is there alright waiting patiently underwear hi abt life uranus all your boyfriend anot not honest you are and you talked about the job w around you’re not going to run out on this now
they technically trying to get me right now to the corner of your and demeaned the independent counsel and
and pregnant then republican mansour of hard are not stop stalling writers arguably a defunct idea the attempt to get away with repentant
or are not got knocked up in the pig pen linda huffman connor it that the pants he came in on the
porch you won’t be there but the big people magnum at what the
fuck up he think anybody i think that this is
this evening that a seat emmett he didn’t fade away regulating
reluctant applied let me out of this product that’s a
occupation and graham and brought up to seven at night you picked up a couple commander budget got tight you got the pentagon
cannot get out the sitemap example starting tonight the out as a bitchy i wonder what dumb crops hanging around
here room only about a bitchy abhijeet hang on the porch in the house down
there that means that i’m and won’t be home itself that the police will perkins and wilson
going out there uh… restrict their remark the money for the men cheat down cataclysm action morris if i can comes along we’re going to take
him hoping to please me better company car do well by themselves but underwrite
actor pad huh uh… com a the the camp indian do about it it would look at the it pick up at the dot on the derogatory graham behavior picard cadillac unanimous akkada thank you for that but
they only about and i’m still here out the it was a man you you’ll ever get
out about something and it’s somewhat the same strong merry-go-round broke down another ground manager should have taken
the tip of millions of movers throughout the world all of the example of the manager the
fifty-two railway system one hundred and fifty major airlines
airports in airplane plants all of whom the city we used inflammatory of exclusively
because they do not breakdown and glass stands up on the most
punishing tests of extreme heat an excessive speed because those two large pools of water
efficiency petroleum jelly and whack have been entirely removed by a patented
simpler process until prime stick your car out of the
matter grandpa and paralyzed for safety by asking for
simcoe pulling it over twenty five principal the next time you drive into
your real brand new dealers for repeal better do it tomorrow morning when you put in for a tank full of real
democrat kathleen while there be sure to ask for your free
copy of the september issue of calling all cars new just off the press read the filling in true story of the
war on bill by cup concert would striking mystery detective story
pictures galore up to the net news via radio and spring
favorite moral including bringing the public waiting for you if you’re real brenda
dealers removers flies and clara is for safety with income over
oil and stopped at automobiles the police
proper form the ruling favors of those who demand
the best and got with the rio grande it cracked bethany and i want more ethanol check of the records of wilson bone to the police avoid yet about perkins the schools are or poor hardened criminals their friendship with originator global
ornaments of sampling penitentiary bullhorn paroled from an institution of
the time of the bank robbery wilson perkins were identified on
computer holdup and several other burgers were bought brought to trial on february
the second nineteen thirty two after five days trial they change their pleas to guilty and were sentenced to four some
penitentiary definitely or life of crime did not play thank you capital was on the policemen or cardinal
o’connor the generator broadcast one hundred ninety seven regarding a bank
robbery his registration no investigative national bluebird the the the that you’re not requirment reading of the night mario lemieux k

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