Bypassing the Law of Attraction

Bypassing the Law of Attraction

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[Music] how to ask the universe to get what you want regardless of what you are matched to I may find some loophole for you I may have me that I found a loophole in the law of attraction um yeah that a question is sort of like how do I get what I want without doing the work I will I’m gonna tell you something those of us who have been playing with this time-space reality for long enough or sort of sick of it there’s a collective movement within consciousness itself much as human consciousness but consciousness itself it’s kind of done with the law of attraction we’re done with mirrors so there’s actually a new time-space reality that is in the baby processes of being designed just like the beginning of this time-space reality by the way in this universe there are multiple universes this universe you’re living in operates according to the law of attraction there is another universe that is currently being designed at this moment that is based on desire meaning that if you desire that’s what reflects it’s still a reflective type of time-space reality but it will only reflect desire and nothing else so that’s in the process and I’m pretty much planning on going there myself after this because I’m searched down with this but yeah I I’m gonna have to let you debate let me to be whether or not I want to share what I discovered in terms of the loophole for law of attraction because it has massive implications having any aspect of yourself that could potentially be out of the law of attraction has massive implications for the planet itself and so I allow me to debate whether or not I want to teach that in general but look at the aspects of yourself that’s being a little bit lazy about shadow work right now and not wanting to actually find or change the aspects of yourself that are a match to certain things so that the reflection of the mirror changes because the question you’re asking is sort of like how do I stand in front of a mirror and make the reflection be different than the reality that’s basically the question you’re asking and the universe itself would be like why the hell you try to do that [Music]

100 thoughts on “Bypassing the Law of Attraction

  • John Cronin Post author

    That's like asking how can I jump off a 20 story building and land safely on the ground. Awful question really!!!

  • The_Jedi_ Priestess Post author

    I just thought of Rumpel Stiltskin when he said “magic always comes with a price dearie” I’m still really intrigued about the loop hole though. I wanna know 😭

  • earth life Post author

    by living out of other dimensions
    whichyou can do already

  • Ben Harrison Post author

    I love her reaction to the question

  • Wanderer Post author

    omg got so excited when I heard you say there could be a loop hole! but when you said it could have a big impact on the world i got a glimpse into what you meant. interesting to see where this goes..

  • The Messy Messenger - Teddi Post author

    LOA is merely the training wheels to hold us into an empowered position of (past tense) knowing our own dynamic vantage point… next go round we dont need to be held in any empowered position in order to manifest because the practice was the essence of the gift. To teach the knowledge of the mainfestival, the outcome of its practice is of little need once the practice is mastered. It was a great lesson. Get focus shifting to relieve us of the programmed belief system about the work… by leading us to new ideas of our own so the work is no longer connected to the outcome therefore shifting the perspective of the whole template away from the insanity loop we culturally ran with for centuries.

  • imkakar1 Post author

    So…can any pawn become the Queen?

  • Job Stoit Post author

    Lol, bypassing it is like getting the stuff only to find you didn't want it but you wanted/needed the process of getting it

  • Stellar Fervour Post author

    Change the time and you change the space, change the time and you change the state, change the time you change the potential.
    But when you change the space you master the time. When you understand the timespace, you understand the timelines, and you have full access to all worlds and their respective laws.

    It's right underneath your nose and desire is the curse of the ego akin to a blind person smelling food around them yet not being able to touch anything to eat. A cannibalism of consciousness, clinging to the idea of losing fruits from your tree of knowledge, the worldly desires manifest in your branches but your spirituality is birthed through your roots.

    This 21st century postmodern world has lied to you about merits of desire. It's not desire that shaped our expansion but curiosity.

    I don't know what world your going to but in this world the personification of self centred desire is satan.

  • Stephanie Post author

    What a tease! So the answer is to ask our selfish side why we need to bypass at all and skip the shadow work. Or we can use law of attraction to manifest the loophole if we desire it and become a match. But if ur good enough at that, then I feel like u don’t need a loophole to begin with. A real catch 22🤔

  • Manos Ischakis Post author

    Awesome video, keep them coming. If you are interested in the law of attraction feel free to take a peek at the videos on my channel as well.

  • Dakini Marina Post author

    The loophole is magnetic energy.

  • LiL_qt_V3rt Post author

    Though sharing this loophole may be a detriment to people's self awareness.

    It can also do tremendous good for people who's backs are against the wall and only destined to get worse if not for what you have to share.

    I think that pros outweigh the cons here. Please consider it teal

  • Aangele Darryanani Post author

    When teal? I’m done with this reality .. it’s fucked up

  • Vega Belle Post author

    Can we have a full ask teal episode on this please?? 💛💛💛✨

  • Silke Dewulf Post author

    I wonder what it would be like to live in a desire-based reality. Obviously manifesting would go a lot quicker but what if your neighbour really pisses you off because – i don't know … he leaves trash in front of your house (hmm maybe that's not the best example but rolling with it) and you have the fleeting desire to turn him into trash. Would that actually happen? I mean trolls would have a blast in that reality right? 😂🙈

  • Serenity Vocalized Post author

    LOVE <3

  • Brent McClung Post author

    I haven't seen anything by Teal video's ext In awhile and so last night I had a long ass of dream of her.

  • Neo universe Post author

    I have mixed feelings on this one, personally I enjoy shadow work, discovering new truths and more about who or what I am and what I am not is enlightening, as previously stated, fragmentation is a worldwide disease, so if everyone were to do shadow work, we would become a planet of sharing, caring, compassionate, healthy race etc etc, but that's not going to happen anytime soon, if at all for some, most if not all that are aware or not aware of LOA focus on one main thing and that is money, but behind that it is really freedom of choice we seek and we see money as the way to get that, we could say that shadow work is the only way to discover ourself, so by avoiding it is avoiding yourself and the truth and to me we already live in a world of desire it's just most People's desire is attached to trauma, I love teal and her knowledge is way above most on YouTube and this vid certainly has opened up the mind to many a query, which is shadow work yet again lol.

  • Bunny McBunnyBun Post author

    I wonder who’s the best spiritual teacher – Teal or Teal’s face. 😂

  • Eloïse Angelina Post author

    I'm excited.

  • Steve Legend Post author

    Teach us the bypass. Rip the system!

  • Niva-Or Ruvio Post author

    So interesting , thank you always xoxo

  • Graham Loines Post author

    What do you want?

  • Mooneken Post author

    I don't know why you keep looking at me, woman – I'm just a grumpy old man eating ice-cream, nothing to see here 😛

  • Neo universe Post author

    The way I understand it is that the programming and we chose to experience from age 0-8 has made us who we are today, the trauma's are the tools to which to intergrate and become our true nature, it is only when we try to change or judge this devine process that resistance turns into frustration etc, this is why I think we have defense mechanisms to prevent us from thinking or trying to manifest something we are not or ready to experience or be, the problems arise from not looking to the school of shadows and allowing the mind to convince us it knows better, we often see trauma as a bad thing but the lessons if learnt are golden, therefore there is no such thing as good or bad it is only judgement or lack of understanding that makes it appear so, your higher state has the road map and it's knows the best way, it planned it all before this body so trust and let is show you the way, it has given you all the tools you need, except all that you are and use them to find your way home, enjoy the process don't waste time trying to become or manifest something or someone you are not ready to have or be.

  • HH Lim Post author

    I feel the same, so bored of earth n life.

  • Broxx Ironsmith Post author

    I just ask for it. Then I see its not what I needed. What you want is not always what you need.

  • Jared Ratliff Post author

    I am attracting LoA out of existence, along with the other programming errors of this reality. Join me.

  • Tim Porter Post author

    I think you need a spanking

  • fiftyfifty Post author

    Begins with the best faces ever.

  • 3333333 7777777 Post author

    Why did u put this video out there ? To make us curious? Now that we know there is another way what now? R u going to read the energetic response to this video and go from there?

  • Buysome Bitcoin Post author

    I most certainly absolutely want to go to the universe of desire. This one sucks rotten eggs. Slave planet, bye bye!

  • Dedale Sigma Post author

    Seems like a lot of work. I see it like migrating from Windows to Arch Linux (you get to design your interface exactly as you want but you have to spend hours coding to enable basic functionalities). I better go through the pain in the a** that is the LOA than beginning from scratch without access to elaborate thought patterns as reference for my work. Also I would need a better understanding of desire as a coding language to ever participate. Might consider joining if LOA goes wild and the new system reaches maturity so to be accessible to newbies, also retro-compatibility with LAO patterns would be nice ( I would rather not have to re-invent the wheel ).

  • soundseeker63 Post author

    Yes Teal! I too am sick of the many flaws and pitfalls of this reality and would like to join you in this new one in my next incarnation. Hopefully not as a human. I'm kinda done with humans too.

  • Syana Post author

    I know! I am so sick of the mirroring! It is not a good learning tool especially since LOA is not taught worldwide!!!!! It's shitty and I hate it!

  • celark Post author

    I can't help but think that the hidden "powers that be" probably already know about this loophole and exploit it. Explains how they can get away with so much. I guess the question is, would revealing this loophole benefit mankind as a whole or would it be a risk?

  • Michael Lebrun Post author

    The asking of that question is the indication she's pushing against the absence of her desire. Which is why she's not a match to it.

  • Dragon Star Alchemy Post author

    Awesome, sounds like the end goal of the true magick practitioner and or the purpose of witchcraft. On the path towards apotheosis one will eventually be able to bend reality towards their will on a whim…

  • J Dawes Post author

    Yay Teal ! Here’s my 2cents……the subconscious mind and the beliefs therein are what constitute the shadow and simultaneously create the law of attraction everyday.
    Only when the shadow is fully integrated and remembered as a vital necessary element of our being will we then be able to substitute a new desire and create a new point of attraction.

    I just made all that up , I’m still figuring it all out ….

    Keep working on the shadow and bring a flashlight cause it’s dark in there

  • White light Post author

    Of course she won’t tell us what will end our need for her… 🙄 why even put up a video ?

  • Robyn Masters Post author

    Teal. I'm part of that collective movement of consciousness and I actually know of the new time space reality to which you refer. Just wanted to say, see you on the flip side. lol

  • Psychic Franziska Post author

    Wonderful. I feel it but can't describe it or get clear on it. But it's there and ready. I will keep an eye on channel. See if you can fill in the gaps

  • Kierian Post author

  • Ana Beatriz Guerra Post author

    Please share.

  • Juan P Vazquez Post author

    Do it Teal, share to the humankind what belongs to them. Don't worry about the implications. Yo soy la resureccion y la vida. Yo soy amor. Yo soy luz. Yo soy el todo y la nada. Don't be afraid. Mucho amor! De mi ser a tu ser.

  • Del Azais Post author

    A loophole could be grounding a lucid dream enough for it to become fully solid.

  • Storm Post author

    If you're lying, i'm lying.

  • Tawnya Krick Post author


  • Yumiko Bamba Post author

    Sure, I can totally be in that baby stage time space reality. So sick of doing shadow work all the time. I totally welcome this new frontier!

  • michael scordato Post author

    So glad to hear this. So sick of this LOA that has no empathy.

  • C Post author


  • okay okay Post author

    When you come to the netherlands?

  • Mandi Geary Post author

    because people are asking for this to be EASIER!!!!! Law of Attraction is not HARD. It is fun, joyous…. doing the shadow work does not have to be HARD! these are belief systems. The belief that manifesting or doing shadow work or working the Laws is hard and arduous and tedious and any other feeling you may want to add here is the very belief you need to excavate and replace in order for it to feel easy Cos if its easy then you wouldn't need to ask the question how do I get what I want even if my vibration is not a match…. make it easy – see it as easy and fun and doing the shadow work is easy and can be fun! Seriously – think cosmic joke 😀

  • Illuminated Life Post author

    Soooo why do we need to create anything differently than what already is?

  • John West Post author

    Spill the beans baby

  • Tom Hedgehog Post author

    My thoughts after watching this video : Was this a cry for help ? If this is so, let's never forget we are also human. Escaping to another reality (or universe), is still an attempt to escape. Watch your own video's (if necessary), make a change for yourself, travel, talk, dance, come and visit me in Europe, 🙂 whatever it takes to accept …
    Just my thoughts. love your teachings in any way <3

  • One Post author

    Two ways I considered to do it.
    Friends – Manifesting for each other. Very common.
    Being a Loophole – Reflecting a Loophole. Harder, as thinking about this can tie you in knots.

    Done both of them in my time for different reasons.

  • Amol pant Post author

    The consequence of the satisfaction of desire is further desire, contrary to what we expect. What we expect out of the fulfilment of a desire is satisfaction, but what really happens is further desire for the same satisfaction to be repeated endlessly. Where is the satisfaction if the craving is never going to come to an end? This is the reason why we cannot satisfy them permanently. What the senses seek is a permanency in their joy, but like the depths of the ocean which we can never reach, the senses cannot reach the depths of desire. Final fulfilment is impossible to achieve because of the playing out of these desires in the context of the diversity of things in space and time. The infinitude of urge is because of the universal divine reality that is at the background of all things—that is pressing the urge forward. The propelling force is the universal within us, but when it is manifested through the mental and the sensory level, it becomes a channel which is scattered in different directions.

  • David Post author

    I think meditation is the loophole

  • TheABCD3912 Post author

    Speaking from a perspective of someone that's extremely deep in the mud and every move he makes towards healing makes him go twice as deep and the only thing keeping him alive is numb-ness to said pain , i urge you to tell us about this. honestly i couldn't give a fuck about shadow work and recovery and all that. i just want out of this. right now.

    and seeing that i can't even go forward there isn't even a delayed gratification. So if you please.

  • Bernard Bujard Post author

    The strength of the spirit is made up of faculties, passions, and appetites. All this strength is ruled by the will or desires. When the desires direct these faculties, passions, and appetites toward Source, turning away from all that is not Source, the spirit preserves its strength for Source, and comes to love Source with all its might. Love is the key to the "Law of Attraction" or "Law of Desire". Love will correct any negativity and inordinate desires and direct those desires back to Source. Universe cannot exist without Source. Once can call it "Law of Source Desire".

  • Johann Elkhart Post author

    A universe is basically a rule. Each and everything both gross and subtle within a universe can be derived with that rule from which that particular universe was created. It is more difficult to grasp that rule than to escape law of attraction.

  • Johann Elkhart Post author

    You need three things to grasp any secret of this universe or any other. First you should not have a fixed mental attitude or disposition. Second you should not have ill intentions. Third is like consistency but not consistency because with consistency the possibility of developing a fixed mental attitude is high. It is something you have to learn from your own experience. All these three things have been derived from the highest reality or rule one can possibly ever grasp. The base rule of the universe is not the highest reality. Once you have these three things, even by simply paying attention to your breath you can know the secrets.

  • Marija Zgombic Post author

    The Law of Desire is great, I have been working with it for sometime now. Its a much better law.

  • Kayo Yuuki-sama Post author

    Where do I put my wig?

  • Space Sorceress Post author

    Teal please tell us more about the other universes!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Jessica Morgan Post author

    If they don’t have the willingness or drive to face their shadow, they’re probably not going to have the drive to put into practice whatever loophole you share either.

  • Chameleon Calebaza Post author

    Well it's obvious. A world based on actual worth rather than frivolous moneys is the only sustainable one for the Highest. Lowest common denominator diminishes all in the long run. Earth or Elysium, limitlessness is earned by merit.

  • DEVARMONT7 Post author

    I DESIRE TO BE A FLYING UNICORN THAT EATS BURRITOS GROWING FROM TREES!!! so I'm also heading to that universe with you Teal <3

  • Office Work Post author

    Hey, thoughtful question great answer, and pretty nice comments. People are having success in spirituality new age and alternative beliefs with this

  • CH7 Post author

    Good answer. You feel you're own universe within (desires, subconscious) buckling and as attempting to merge with the law of attraction outside (if I have this correct.) I think is called frustration: it's there, it's right in front of you. You can almost taste in; but you can't because it's not there.

  • imissu4886 Post author

    Oh wow. That's how I've manifested things before knowing and understanding LOA

  • Aamer Zaido Post author

    Teal is the most spiritually advanced human in the world. Love you sister!

  • Beans Post author

    I suppose whether you share this or not will be powered by how much we desire it. I imagine it's not so much as a loophole, but a deep knowing and commitment. A burning of will, a knowing. It's a choice we currently have, but are too frightened to believe in.

  • Maddie Khara Post author

    Been wanting this for a long time. Just thought i was entitled

  • Missgreeneyes X Post author

    Hey Teal can you do a video on the new universe which instead of dealing with reflection deals with desire?

  • Laura Iskindadead Post author

    I feel like that universe would be like a life tome sized lucid dream

  • Miranda Nwakah Post author

    So happy I stumbled across this channel, it’s so eye opening. Also doesn’t she look just like Meagan fox??

  • MadnZz Post author

    Desire based universe. Interesting. Yet… Somehow pretty destructive if this applied to our reality.

  • ashish sharma Post author

    I saw your youtube channel. I want to publish our videos of spirituality on your channel. Can you upload our videos on your channel. If you can than tell me costing. Waiting for your reply
    My email – [email protected]

  • The Glitter Mermaid Post author

    But doesn't the universe (multiverse) as a whole work based on the Law of Attraction? The law of attraction is the only law that really makes sense to me: If everything is in fact one, and you in human form looked at the world around you which is also you, of course it would then mirror you. So I don't really understand how this other reality in which desire only reflects could exist. How would people living there know what shadows to work on if they don't manifest externally? Or would you only be a match to this reality if you're at Spirituality 3.0 and don't have shadows to work on anymore? And even then, wouldn't the Law of Attraction still apply because once you hit Spirituality 3.0 there is nothing to reflect but desire?

  • ReconciledToGod🙌 Post author

    I love Teal’s mannerisms and idiosyncrasies! Who else can spot them?

  • Angel Wings Post author

    Although I like the idea of bypassing the LOA, doesn't that sort of diminish the journey of spiritual growth? It's like handing a child everything they ever wanted vs having them work for it. I don't live in the mindset that hardwork is necessarily important, because why? But I do think LOA works in a world filled with insane human beings who would desire some horrible things, and if those things just came, it could be dangerous and horrible. Somehow the elitist seen to have already figured this out (or they're just amazing at LOA, ha?) and look at thr twilight zone existence we live in because of it. Maybe in another universe or dimension with different beings, the law of desire makes more sense, but human are way to unstable for it.

  • Ba Dao Lord Post author

    How can I go to that new Dimension

  • EbonyAbraxas Post author

    You look like a young Esther Hicks

  • Leslie Holcomb Post author

    Because it only takes a little self-doubt to undercut a massive attraction.
    Because you can screw yourself out of your path by simply changing your mind too late. Right now I am currently jobless with chronic pain simply because I was thinking about one path and changed my mind to another. I acted on the second path only to get caught with my pants down by the universe putting to first choice in motion. How is it good for me to become an invalid invading my parents life and being stuck in a position of uselessness.
    Why? Why would anyone want to the subvert the law?
    Because so many of us are not functioning in this invironment!
    I vote to nook the whole damn thing, but what do I know, I'm just a loser.

  • Michael Wallmann Post author

    I love it and wanted to like the video buut since I didnt get to hear the secret I hesitated 😉 haha But i liked it anyway! lol Love all the wisdom you share with us! Thank you for everything you do Teal! <3

  • FeyCopse Post author

    I've always felt like I'm sick of this reality on some level and have never heard another put that feeling into words

  • Rana NI Post author

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool… thxi

  • mesley raves Post author

    So in this universe of desire everyone is going to be rich, sexy AF, and have amazing partners. Sounds good… almost. I feel like there is a catch. Maybe nothing will be beautiful because everything will be beautiful.

  • Gabriel Prado Post author

    Dare I say it: once you realize you are the energy at work, in the work, any law is bypassable. We are the rules being carried out. Do you feel me?

  • dhsarah Post author

    sometimes you come off as if you've done too many shrooms

  • Mambo Mike Wellness Coach Post author

    Good one Teal!

  • stella technology Post author

    it has something to do with 2D, within earth, short story if you think of the core (earth) as 1d and the middle layer is 2d and the Surface is 3D where we are, so I won’t tell you how to contact the 2d spirits or whatever they called, if you contact or be aligned with them that’s how you be bypassing law of attraction without the work or experience.
    But by doing this you are kinda ‘destroying ‘ earth in some way. That’s why she doesn’t want to tell you. Listen from here as she mentions the earth 1:58. It’s not worth it believe ME👍🏻

  • Leeanne Vavra Post author

    can you say FULL OF IT?

  • Dia Ina Post author

    I believe you should decide to share this bypassing. Indeed there are many souls sick and tired of this type of reality (LOA+resonance type) , including me (it's my first life here, and coming from superior dimensions, this feels so limiting and depressing). I came to this family with huuuuuge limiting beliefs and negative programming and low vibrational feelings and I'm just wondering when will transmuting all of this end…? It's like I can't get to the bottom of them (core beliefs) and set myself free. So, yes, for us, you should share the method that you found.

  • Cas_FM Post author

    Wait…. What?

  • George Potter Post author

    If you want a better world, be a better person! If you want more love be more loving. If you want more respect, be more respectful. If you want more peace, be more peaceful. The law of attraction doesn't say we get what we want, it says we get what we are. If you want a better life, be a better person. Be blessed, be a blessing.

  • Olympian Timothy Mitchell Post author

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