Buttering Up The Judge, The Dunkn’ Drive Through, and Mistaken Identity

Buttering Up The Judge, The Dunkn’ Drive Through, and Mistaken Identity

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(light music) Amy Johnson. Good morning Amy.
Good morning. What are you so happy about? I’m so happy because you are such an incredible person. I’ve been sitting there just watching you, you so good, I’m telling you. Yeah, you have a good spirit. You’re buttering me up pretty good. Yeah, you’re so good, I’m telling you, you’re so good. (laughs) It’s gonna be tough for me to take a, it’s gonna be tough for me to fine this woman, but– I’ll do it for you your honor. I’ve been having a tough couple of days. Is there anything else you wanna tell me to make me feel good? Yeah, you such a, and the wisdom, the wisdom you have, I pray that all judges to have that wisdom, I’m telling you. Anyone like that in here? Even if you’re worried, when I sees you and the way you do, everything just– Beautiful.
Thank you. Okay, Amy, you’re charged with parking in a prohibited area. I didn’t even park, I stopped, I were in the car trying to pickup something and this man just walked to me, you know, walking with me and was just pressing something and he hand me a ticket, and I thought, oh my God. Inspector Carrigan, she telling the truth? Yes, I believe she was stopped. Okay, well, I have to make a decision. The threshold question that I have to decide in my mind is whether or not you’re telling the truth. If I come to the conclusion that you’re telling the truth, I’m gonna dismiss the case. Okay.
I believe you anyway. Thank you.
After all you said about me, I believe you, you were in the car and he tagged you. Yeah. Didn’t ask you to move the car. The matter is dismissed, good luck to you. Thank you sir, thank you. (light music) It’s the million dollar question, does buttering up Judge Caprio help? And you’re more charming in person than you are on TV. You’re so sweet. I’m actually, I find your demeanor pleasant. The short answer, sometimes. I’m gonna dismiss the case. We’re gonna dismiss it. Then again, sometimes not. Time out, time out, you argument makes no sense. The bottom line, it’s always a good idea to come to court with a good attitude, but it’s even more important to come to court with a good excuse. Noel Johnson. Good morning.
Mr. Johnson, you’re charged with operating a motor vehicle under conditions that would require reduced speed. Let’s see, this was on Board and Sommerset Streets and two o’clock in the afternoon. AM sir, and it was–
I beg your pardon. It was in the AM. Oh yeah 2:15, yeah it was 2:15 a.m. I beg your pardon. And it wasn’t on, it was not Sommerset, they were at Portland, so I don’t know why he wrote Sommerset. Tell me what you think the circumstances of the stop were. I believed that they didn’t have anything else to do, they was already stopping someone else and when I went by them, for some reason than not, I’m in the Dunkin’ Donut line ordering a hot tea and I’m being pulled over while I’m in the drive through. You were in the drive through? That’s correct sir. You didn’t already get your coffee? I already sir. You did get it or you did not? I did get it and after I got my tea. Oh, you didn’t get any for the police officer? Well maybe that’s why they weren’t too happy, I don’t know what the problem was– I felt it was gonna go down this road Your Honor, so I’ve been trying to stay out of it. (audience laughing) I’m amused, you know, two o’clock in the morning and police officers are working all night and you didn’t buy them coffee and donuts? I don’t think that was really the reason. It wasn’t a good night sir. You’re in the line at two o’clock in the morning, you get your coffee, and they give you a summons for conditions requiring reduced speed. I’m having trouble with this. Inspector Quinn, I don’t think there’s a police report on this. Your Honor, the only time I can determine, I mean it doesn’t help Prosecution’s case but I do believe the motorist that he said it was Portland, and the officer wrote Sommerset. This is Sommerset. He stated that right away Your Honor on the ticket, and I tend to believe the motorist because I know Portland and Hayward is where the nightclub establishment is, it’s not at Sommerset. Sommerset’s the street. I understand what you’re saying sir, but there was nothing out there, there was just some other poor guy that was being pulled over. Well, I’m trying to be fair, so just take a deep breath and relax okay. Yes.
It would be very easy for me to say, you know what, if you plead not guilty, come back, have you get up early in the morning again, we’ll continue with, you come back, the police officer will be here, you would be here and hear the testimony. I understand. I’m trying to avoid that.
Yes sir. I’m trying to be fair with everybody, I don’t think one side or the other. I don’t automatically say you’re guilty because there’s a ticket, okay? Yes sir. So, as soon as I see conditions requiring reduced speed, I know there are certain standards in the statute that the city must prove, and I frankly don’t see them being able to prove that, and I’m not gonna force you to come back. Thank you sir. I’m gonna dismiss it.
Thank you. I just want you to feel that you’re getting a fair shake.
I do now sir. (light music) Robyn Carroll. Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning. We’ve got pictures and all that. Take you hands out of your pockets sir. Okay. All right now, who was driving the car? We’ve got the, can I bring this forward? Speak into the mic please. Can I bring this forward to you. We have our own pictures and video. Okay, this would say everything. All right, hold on for a minute. Who was driving the car? Neither one of us. Neither one of you, oh okay. Neither one of us.
All right. Well what is it you wanna tell me about the picture? What you’re gonna show, and what we have the pictures here. We see’d the number plate, but it’s now our truck, it wasn’t us that went through the red light. We got the pictures to show what his truck looks like. We are gonna get this solved right away. Okay.
All right. The light is yellow, it’s red, and the truck went through the light. Now can we agree, that the vehicle in the video went through the light? We all agree on that?
Yes. Okay now your contention is, it wasn’t your truck? Not our truck. All right, what kind of a vehicle do you have? The same truck in color but in the pictures in which I took of his truck and everything, details and the license plate, what his license plate looks like and the details, this is not his truck, we weren’t in that area. Do you have your registration with you? He left it in the truck but he got the bill of sale and this. Where’s the pictures?
Right here. It will show you that I can tell you details in that truck and in those pictures which it’s not his. You got a real heavy burden of proof here. Yes I do.
Okay. Inspector Carrigan.
Yes Your Honor. What make is the truck? This truck is a Ford Your Honor. That’s the truck that’s in the video, a Ford? Yes it is Your Honor. Yeah.
Let’s– It’s the same plate, but the one in the video looks like it’s a combination, that it is a commercial Your Honor, it is not the same vehicle. The same make, but it is not the same vehicle. Same plate, but it’s a commercial not a combination. Okay, now did you hear what Inspector Carrigan said? Yeah.
What do you think he said? Did he say it was you or did he say it wasn’t you? The plate isn’t ours. No the plate, (laughs) It’s commercial and everything else, and I know whatever he said, I just know that that’s not our truck who went through the red light. He might have the same number plate, but it’s not his white car plate, it’s his plate. But you believe him right?
Oh yeah. I gonna tell you something. You are 100% right. You’ve been vindicated. You know why? Unfortunately, and we have several designations of license plates. We have so many different plates and unfortunately they have the same numbers on these different designations. So for example, they have combination and they have commercial. So your truck registration is not combination. The one in the video is a combination. Yours is commercial. The similarity is so unusual because they’re both Fords, and I must confess to you that at the beginning I was very skeptical, I said how could it be they’re both Fords, you know, what’s the, and here we go commercial and combination with the same numbers and the same maker pickup truck. When he received that, I figured the op, somebody pulled a scam on us. Yeah.
Because you can do a lot on computer and everything else. So if this guy goes through another red light and everything else, we’re gonna be sitting back in the courtroom. Yeah, maybe if you go through if you go through a light he may be sitting in the courtroom, maybe they make a mistake the other way. (audience laughing) Yeah, I hear ya. Don’t get any ideas. (laughs) You’re 100% right, the matter is dismissed. Thank you.
All right good luck to you. All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge, subscribe now.

100 thoughts on “Buttering Up The Judge, The Dunkn’ Drive Through, and Mistaken Identity

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    A week later, I was pulled over. The reason? The plate had been reported stolen. The officer ran the VIN and saw that this plate was registered to my car. He gave me a warning that if a plate gets stolen, to never get the same plate again in case it was ever used in a robbery or worse.

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