Business Laws : How to Become a Corporate Lawyer

Business Laws : How to Become a Corporate Lawyer

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If you have been watching the news lately
and it appears to you that being a corporate lawyer might lead to an exciting life. Hello
I’m Robert Todd and I’m here to answer the question how do I become a corporate lawyer.
Well the first thing you have to do is obtain an undergraduate degree from an accredited
institution. The next step is to take a law school admission test, sometimes abbreviated
as the LSAT and of course make a satisfactory enough grade to be admitted into the best
law school that you can attend. Once you attend law school it’s three years and while you
are in law school you should try to concentrate on the corporate law courses that are offered
you by the law school that you are attending. Also while you are in law school if you can,
during the summers, or part time during the regular school year, see if you can get involved
in a clerkship with a law firm that is engaging in the practice of corporate law. This will
give you some experience that is above and beyond that which is taught you by the law
school. And then upon graduation from law school you have to pass the bar exam that
is administered in the state in which you tend to practice and of course pass. And in
addition to passing the bar exam you have to pass a background check and then of course
look for a law firm that practices in corporate law. I’m Robert Todd and thank you for watching.

24 thoughts on “Business Laws : How to Become a Corporate Lawyer

  • Alexx POWERS Post author

    what do corporate lawyers do?

  • MJ Post author


  • Met Kalfou Post author

    Join the band wagon. 😉 And GO U of T!

  • Prodigies Post author

    Gee, tell me something I didn't already know!

  • jack Post author

    I'm going to law school for free suckas

  • Jax Teller Post author

    Well…how? lol im gonna need a loan most likely

  • Muffinfordinner Post author

    What if I want to become an ambulance chaser?

  • DEVIL COMMANDER Post author

    corporate lawyers! protectors of bloodsuckers.

  • pplayer666 Post author

    @theEBKman "job for me" – position of the President of the United States of America would rather suite you better.

  • Alexandre Matta Post author

    @4VENG3R777 i`m thinking to go into law. how do you like it ?

  • Roger Allingham Post author

    @xouxou35 Well I just graduated actually with: llb (hons) / bbus (management)
    I really enjoyed my studies and my current work in a large corporate firm, but it is not for everyone. To be honest, I think a law degree is one of the best that can be done both in terms of knowledge and opening doors. Even if you don't like it, you can always change. If you do like it but not as a career, a law degree opens more doors than most others. If you are interested, by all means go for it!

  • Daniel Parkes Post author

    So much easier in Austrtalia, there are actual commercial law courses, don;t have to do all this undergraduate law shit

  • afg96 Post author

    Well that is why your country is behind! Idiot.

  • review4u88 Post author

    True man . My dream is to become a corporate lawyer because i think ill enjoy it , not because they make x amount of dollars a year

  • Steinger, Greene & Feiner Post author

    Basically, the difference between other lawyer specializations, one should follow the classes, such as business classes, and then follow the corporate ladder.

  • David Katz Post author

    Notice the amount of planning that's involved in becoming a corporate lawyer. Although the same degree of planning should be taken by anyone who wants to be an attorney, if you know the career path you want to take, then you can take those steps necessary to take you to your goal.

  • Michael Post author

    I am going to study law here in my country. It takes 5 years but it is paid by the government because of our excellent (highly taxed) socialistic system.

  • Chad W Post author

    only complete unethical and retarded people would spend their time learning the laws of corporations….. seriously…. get a real fucking job. 

  • Cam Post author

    9/10 energy, would bring to parties

  • Danny Bustos Post author

    This is the most self-explanatory and least insightful video I've ever watched

  • nguyen nguyen Post author

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  • Zkream Post author

    My grampa took it and failed once then pass the next one he became one of the few biggest lawyers in America

  • Life’sAdrag Post author

    What’s the best undergraduate degree to have before going to law school to be a corporate lawyer ?

  • Jacob Garcia Post author

    You did an okay job in explaining I was looking for a bit more detail.

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