Britney Spears Best Judges Reactions! | X Factor Global

Britney Spears Best Judges Reactions! | X Factor Global

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who let you onstage I feel uncomfortable with you even
staring it I have turned away way too hard for this is to throw me off that
that easily I just find it offensive came in and it wasn’t very it wasn’t
very nice you need a new teacher to teach you how
to say I felt like I was listening to alvin and the chipmunks I think you’re like vanilla ice meets
Borneo meets West Side Story that was not a great time for you to
sing if those song was just a move on key you’re really off-key just not song
on key I don’t think you have that wow factor I think you’re confused with your
direction they don’t have to say them and everybody thinks I’m the mean one you’re my favorite easy-breezy yes your
voices are magical when we sing you have a really nice soothing sound and I wish
you could wake me up in the morning awkward Simon well you think that like
in the lava flow we’d like two children to be like human along their rate their
song on the radio and they can plate me up escorting why have you done right yes I’m really excited actually to be in the
South I’m from Louisiana so being here in the south is just refreshing and
amazing like even the weather feels like it does at home so I feel I’m kind of
really biased here Oh Naomi I’m gonna reward this to the biggest
princess of today based on behavior – so far I’d like to reward it tell me who
your inspirations are my inspiration is sitting right there Britney Spears is my
biggest inspiration good luck I’m 13 I just don’t think singing is for you I
think you should probably start dancing or something like a breathing tube and a pillow for
my boyfriend so funny – I would he drive konnichiwa can’t believe a meeting
Britney Spears miss Fang you are a little diva that’s still painful to watch I don’t like it she’s crying
she smells food I don’t want to cry I said it’s a Britney and now she’s my
wife Randy I love you honey I love you
Britney beautiful Britney he loves you did you love him
I’m scared of her later to you Orson my island warrior princess grooving
tropical armor I feel like it’s gonna knock you out you’re like Britney when she didn’t hit
me baby one more time aren’t you happy birthday to why you don’t like me
actually vision and you’re going home sweetie thank you I have a one word for your performance
hot hot last night I thought you had like an
identity crisis I felt like you were trying to be like Keesha or something
but tonight you’ve completely pulled through it was a total it’s a very
powerful performance was very impaired you know that but so you know it’s some
choice you know for some reason Britney isn’t quite getting the right songs for
you I when Simon she has more talent in her pinky than you do in your father I think your performance was incredibly
special it was beautiful and your tone I agree with the me such a soulful tone
for such a young age it was amazing sorry I just don’t get it say something a pretty nobody tells got
so much lips it’s not written so let’s go to the beautiful Britney Spears
Britney now get ready to be amazed all over again this is Aaron ray no it’s not
Aaron ray it’s Carly rose singing somewhere over the rainbow and I love
you so much graduation why would you like to say to Britney Crowley anything
thank you for being the best mentor ever and I we came here for the first time yeah you
don’t have to get it perfectly now I’ll just follow along with them right now
any time you have someone playing the piano and singing at the same time it
can be a little tricky I feel like that song alone is worth
five million bucks so you should get out your checkbook sign love that own it

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