Bridging Visa E – It’s tricky – Brisbane Migration Lawyer explains

Bridging Visa E – It’s tricky – Brisbane Migration Lawyer explains

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In this video I’ll be giving you two tips in relation to bridging visa ease and make sure you stick around until the end because I actually also have a Bonus tip if you’re new to this channel, my name is Oszkar Denes I am an immigration lawyer practicing here in Queensland, Australia And if you’re interested in Australian immigration law If you want to be kept updated in relation to the most recent changes or developments in the law I would encourage you to consider subscribing to this channel because I regularly upload videos just like this one now Usually I do these videos about once a week, and I usually shoot them In the office today is a bit of an exception. It’s the weekend haven’t had time during the week and so I thought Today is the perfect opportunity in the evening to just come out to the balcony and quickly shoot a video I know it’s a little bit unprofessional but hey, the content is real and and that’s what matters so bridging visa is first of all, what are they well It’s really a visa of last resort you Get this visa If you don’t have any other substantive visas or on any other bridging visas, and you can’t leave Australia for some reason Let’s say you can only leave in two three weeks time. And so the Immigration Department will say that for that to three weeks They’ll give you a bridging visa II so that you are not illegally in the country similarly if you have any other immigration related Outstanding matter say for example, you’re waiting for a ministerial intervention Outcome while you’re waiting for that immigration will give you a bridging visa so that you’re not Illegally in the country they don’t come these visas. Don’t come don’t come with a lot of rights But as I said, at least that the point is you’re not staying illegally You have a visa and the first tip in relation to bridging visa ease is that if you go on what if you get one then You will be subject to a three year Re-entry band. So if you leave Australia on a bridging visa II you will not be able to come back for three years and so I would suggest that you carefully consider whether it is worthwhile for you to Stay for a a bit longer in Australia on the bridging II Versus you go home And at least that way you can apply for another visa and come back to Australia and don’t have to wait for three years So that’s the first thing there’s a reentry ban for three years So remember that the second thing is bridging visa is don’t actually come with automatic work, right? So can’t just go to the Immigration Department and say hey I want the bridging visa ii and by the way, I need to work It doesn’t work like that. If you want work rights, then you have to show them evidence basically you have to show them your reasonable expenses and you have to show your level of savings and you have to prove that your savings and There’s no way that your savings cover your expenses so somehow You have to make a living here. You have to earn some income to be able to Cover your expenses now If you can’t show this Then so if you can’t show that you’re suffering from financial hardship, then they will give you a bridging visa But they will not give you a right to work so if you’ve got to think about this because if you’re going to be staying in this country for another couple of months waiting for a ministerial intervention outcome But if you don’t work if you can’t work During that time period well then that will put you in a pretty difficult position. So Number two bridging visa a bridging visa e’s don’t come with work rights not at least not automatically now the third thing that I wanted to tell you is that You can’t just go to the immigration Department and say while you still have a visa and say hey I want from now on. I want a bridging visa e They will wait they will make you wait until your current visa expires So let’s say you’ve got a bridging visa a you go into the immigration department. They’ll say come back the day after Your current bridging visa expires. We’ll schedule an interview with you. Let’s say for 9:00 a.m The next day you have to go in to the immigration departments office on that day at the scheduled time an immigration officer Will interview you they will find out what your intentions are in terms of. When do you want to leave the country? Why do you want to still? Why do you want to stay here? What is the immigration manner that requires? finalization, so they will interview you interview you thoroughly to determine if you are eligible for a bridging visa and if you are then they Will give you a bridging visa II on the spot. But remember you can’t just get a visa like that They will make you wait until your current visa expires and only if you no longer hold a visa Can you go in there and say okay now? I want the bridging II and in that case they will interview you and if you’re eligible, you will get this visa Now I hope this video has been helpful If you have any questions in relation to bridging visas bridging visa these or any other types of visas any immigration related issues Please feel free to get in touch with me I’ve included my email address as well as my phone number in the description field. We look field below. So check that out also if you have any other questions Or if you have any comments suggestions in relation to topics you want to hear about in future videos please feel free to use the comment section below and I will be Sure to check those out and get in touch with you and otherwise and thanks very much for watching and I’ll see you next time

11 thoughts on “Bridging Visa E – It’s tricky – Brisbane Migration Lawyer explains

  • talwinder dhillon Post author

    Hello sir, if suppose i am on a tourist visa can i convert it to bridging visa

  • Rabilove miss Post author

    How much do I need in my bank account for a bridging visa E.

  • Cecilia Yau Post author

    Hi Oscar,
    I am apply the Partner Visa in the Immiaccount last month, according to the message that shown on my record, it will take around 14 to 16 months to process. I am apply offshore Partner Visa (in Hong Kong) as both my partner (Husband) and I are living here at this moment. Both my daughters are holders of Australian passport. Elder one aged 16 is studying and living with our relatives in Sydney now. We are planning to move there next Jan 2019, Should I get ETA to arrive Sydney or get a bridging Visa here or in Sydney??? Please advise what type of visa should I get to live legally in Sydney, not necessary to start working yet.

  • christmas tree Katherine Post author

    If I am holding a visa a, can I apply for visa b to go out n come back to Australia, tq

  • S Singh Post author

    Sir after completion study On bridging visa will immigration send back the student to their country?

  • naaz bgm Post author

    Hello sir my 457 visa refused and I come to my country again I eww ant to visit Australia which visa is good for me

  • Tanishq Coins Post author

    Mate I need ur help but I don't have that much funds u asking for as a fees. I'm in India right now I emailed u as well. Can u pls help me. But I will pay u later once I reach there and meet u personally. [email protected]

  • karan peer Post author

    Hi sir, I am at bridging visa E now. But I just got married last month. My wife is a permanent resident. What I have to do to change my visa and what visa I need to apply to change it ? Thanks

  • seong leng Lim Post author

    Hi , Can I ask , I was take bridging visa e to come back to my own country ( Malaysia ) before 7 month ago , so I still can go back to Australia ? Tq for your answer

  • Yang Qin Post author

    Hi Sir, may I ask will I still be re-entry ban even if I apply BVE within 28 days?

  • Fahmida Rumman Post author

    Hello Sir,
    First of all I would like to Thank you for ur videos. It’s really helpful. Sir I would like to marry some one who is holding bridging visa E. I am Austrslian citizen. Would he be able to apply for the partner visa and get the work rights after we get married? Thanks in advance.

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