Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as newest justice on Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as newest justice on Supreme Court

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with today’s historic moment Judge Brent Cavanaugh has been sworn in as the newest justice on the bench of the US Supreme Court it was quite a battle leading up to today’s confirmation vote 50 senators voting for the appointment sparking I mean harsh reaction and protest Washington DC bureau chief Ross Palumbo live on Capitol Hill with today’s top story well after nearly 90 days of controversy Brett Kavanaugh not only confirmed here on Capitol Hill but already sworn in is the newest justice on the US Supreme Court Republicans tonight are celebrating the president already vilifying Democrats in defeat I stand before you today on the heels of a tremendous victory for our nation our people and our Constitution the president claiming victory tonight and blaming Democrats for the 88 days of controversy leading up to today’s confirmation of his Supreme Court nominee Trump taking issue with hundreds of protesters storming the Supreme Court stairs screaming outside as Judge Brett Kavanaugh was voicing his judicial oath inside they began early this morning [Applause] shouting from the Capitol steps the sergeant-at-arms will restore order in the gallery even inside the Senate chamber Rivia there Senator Marco Rubio voting yay Nelson and Senator Bill Nelson voting nay confirming Cavanaugh by just two votes the eyes are 50 the nays are 48 it is the closest confirmation in history all after sex assault allegations from dr. Christine Blasi Ford in others culminating in a week-long FBI investigation I always thought landslides were kind of boring anyway Republicans immediately claiming victory we stood up for the presumption of innocence senator Susan Collins clearly exhausted after initially committing to the deciding vote only saying I think we need to restore civility to the process Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein speaking of the divisive nature of this dramatic moment I think to a great extent the choice and division in this country and the need for a healing moment and a bringing together of people instead of pulling them apart well again Brett Cavanaugh has already been sworn in as the newest justice on the US Supreme Court but there is going to be a ceremonial swearing-in coming up at the White House on Monday and his first day on the bench is going to be after the holiday coming up on Tuesday Thank You Ross

87 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh sworn in as newest justice on Supreme Court

  • Cavelle Nelson Post author

    Victory of the lightπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • Tom n Post author

    Make no mistake: The resistance to Justice Kavanaugh was because of his stance on Constitutionalism and the Second Amendment. Feinstein is totally anti gun and totally pro abortion rights. The extreme left's behavior on this issue was right out of Karl Marx's teachings in "The Communist Manifesto"

  • Good Palmer Post author

    Sad Day for America.

  • Wilhelm Geisler Post author


  • Cora M Post author

    This is a BIG WIN for America, we now have another fair jurist in the Supreme who will apply the constitution and not make laws on the bench. Congratulations Pres. Trump, this is a Winner!

  • vastili 168 Post author

    Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said that Kavanaugh's "performance at confirmation hearings should disqualify him" and that "The Senators should pay attention to this." (WHAT A BLACK DAY FOR AMERICA AND IT'S JUSTICE SYSTEM).

  • akash pothan Post author

    Good for America. Moving on the right path. Always good wins. Love from India.

  • Jay ervin Post author

    Worst day in America

  • BC Stud Post author

    after all these attacks – Justice and the Truth Won – Judge Brett Kavanaugh will serve America well for the next 25 years or more !

  • the power Post author

    Bravo! BRETT he's now comfirm!!! Cool….Now women you need to go back in your kitchen and takeare the kids and SHUT'UP!!!!

  • boh7em Post author

    This sworn in ceremony brought to you by Budweiser.

  • dn08Hf1xK0q1 Post author

    Plot twist : The Republicans geniusly hired Ford to show up as a CNN liberal worshipper and miserably lose the accusation circus, to result in triple votes for the mid term ?

  • Mt. Zion Post author

    Thank you Lord Jesus!!!!

  • Karen Tamminen Post author

    Praise God that this ugly democrat circus has come to an end!! Justice and truth prevail!! These screaming protesters are pathetic and ridiculous!!!

  • Mary Lem Post author

    Congratulations to the Judge and his family, God's justice always supersedes, man's injustice. The truth wins, and deception was revealed.

  • Joseph Burton Post author


  • Mary Wilson Post author

    This might be a dumb question, but if you're a registered independent can you still vote in November

  • Vernice Womack Post author


  • kulas jennerman Post author

    The thing is these people protesting doesn't represent the people, just a bunch of indoctrinated uninformed young sheep mentality, πŸ˜‘

  • Alan Gould Post author

    I'm English and I love seeing Democrats beaten
    again and again and to see the Trump train keep winning.
    Must be even better for all you American patriots?
    (and KAVANAUGH).

  • Pat Walker Post author

    Could Brett's 'alleged' perversion stem from the unnatural gender segregation imposed on him by attending one of these single-sex religious institutions? What century is this again?

  • lee lee Post author

    who in the hell does these demonscrats thinks is causing the division in this Country?!!!! IMHO

  • Surfishy888 Post author

    …it "shoes"??? Who is typing these video captions? SHOWS, NOT SHOES. SHOES are those things you wear (yes wear, not ware) on your (yes your, not you're) feet (yes feet, not feat). Get it right (yes right, not rite or wright) or stay off the keyboard (yes keyboard). Have I bored you enough?


    LOL … Wasn't that cute – Feinstein speaking in her little voice – hiding her bully Zionist self. One wonders did she get hypnosis lessons on how to create artificial situations from her
    girlfriend the quack Ford. Can't imaging paying tuition to have the idiot Ford hack into my child's mind.

  • Nick Rose Post author

    Now when the old bat Ginsberg retires or croaks the RIGHT will own the SCOTUS forever!

  • Yurit Cardenas Post author

    Marco rubio voting NO he lost my vote FOREVER

  • Munki Post author


  • P e a c e Post author


  • Joanne Davis Post author

    We will win America! This is just the beginning. Vote Republican in midterms and crush these leftist lunatics.

  • Joanne Davis Post author

    Feinstein statement that β€œpeople need to come together”!!! Oh that’s rich coming from her!!

  • King Midas Post author

    Pervert pResident
    Pervert sUpreme court
    Pervert sEnate
    America has now been preverted!

  • Josh Pecker Post author

    Celebration Time come on

  • Bernadita Lemond Post author

    Madam Frankenstein needs to be investigated. Out with schumer, booker, others. JAIL, hang, shooting squad for traitors osama obama hussein berry soetero kenyan born, hillary for murder benghazi Americans, russian uranium 1. EVIL, EVIL, EVIL SATAN'S seeds.😎😎😎

  • Lil- -Mo Post author

    Get out and vote RED straight up and down!

  • Miguel195211 Post author

    Congratulations to Judge Kavanaugh! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • King Midas Post author

    Republican the party of Perverts!

  • monkeygraborange Post author

    Paying losers to make scenes for the TV cameras is not "protest." Kill George $oro$.

  • Travis Moore Post author

    God bless Judge Kavanaugh and his family! They have been through hell. This is a big win for all of us. I hope that his victory over such false accusations will set a new tone moving forward and protect all young men who are falsely accused. There has to be consequences for those who make false claims. The innocent must be protected. Their good names must be protected from false and evil allegations.

  • Michael McFeely Post author

    How can it be that allegations without evidence, without corroboration, and without a police report are given the light of day? We have reached the point where those who are dishonest and/or delusional are able to twist the U.S. Senate and the rest of the country.

  • Dios67 Post author

    So many brainwashed people… and I don't mean the conservatives. Don't let facts get in the way of your protesting.

  • Chad Paul Armijo Post author


  • dee doo Post author

    He is now the JUDGE but his reputation destroyed.

  • Eliusalmo1 Post author

    Demoncrats have become wicked and impious.. They will do everything, EVERYTHING to achieve their goal and achieve their agenda.. If they have to give their soul to the devil, they will do that.. Very dangerous precedent..

  • Politically Incorrect Post author

    Best day In America since Trump won in 2016.

  • Richard Marden Post author

    These liberal Dems all should be made to pay for this mockery of lies pertaining to the Judge …..Β  Suite should follow as well jail for all Dems.

  • Janet Hutcheson Post author

    Congratulations for the Judge and his family. Really sad how he and his family have been made a spectacle because of lies. If Dr. Ford was sexually assaulted, she should have identified the real person who did that to her and not allow herself to be used by the democrats, very embarrassing for her and her family. It has also caused other women to hate the judge who after over 7 investigations and an impeccable career over the past 3 decades to have this hanging over his head. Also, his wife and children as they move about will be harassed , may God keep them and surround them and may he serve with continued excellence and fairness.

  • J W Post author

    Not since 1934 has there been a Conservative swift in the SCOTUS.

  • De'Narde English Post author

    Dear Republicans and President Trump,

    UP YOURS!!!!!!!!

  • Zooba57 Post author

    Dang Feinstein sounds like she's going to drop at any moment. Time to retire and go home to bed lady.

  • susan jackson Post author

    I am glad trump didn’t forsake Kavanaugh. That’s all I will say.

  • Leticia Bankston Post author


  • MLLG49 Post author


  • Melvin Tindal Post author

    Go Kav.

  • Daniel Carlson Post author

    2:27 …….it 'shoes'

  • David Stars Post author

    Congratulations and ✌ victory .Comunist ,liberals = Falsed .

  • David Chapman Post author

    Arrest them all,Soro paid them.πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  • David Chapman Post author

    Who pulled who apart Feinstein? You did your best to wreck a great man chosen by the Highest in the country,you should be jailed with all your conspirators.πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

  • MG W Post author


  • Haha Hehe Post author

    Leftists just automatically does projecting their own wrongdoing on to others and the Moral high ground. DF and Mob you re the Divisive GANGSTERS AND BULLIES. It’ has become so annoying to hear it. Conservatives and republicans STOP being too destructively soft. Learn from Trump s decisive toughness. SUE THEM. CALL FOR INVESTIGATION. Libel has to be ENFORCED. Deliberate planned Defamation IS NOT FREE SPEECH.

  • elysium76 Post author

    Congrats Justice Kavanaugh, I am toasting a beer for you dear sir

  • Anni L Post author

    Hell yea judge K….. November baby

  • vin 950 Post author

    Thank god for this. Presumption of innocence is still alive… for now. Who knows what disgusting tactic democrats will sink to the next time they don't get their way.

  • Murphy Tsun Post author

    die feinstein is so ridiculous.. saying we need civility because of division..she is the one who is causing the division with the political ploy and lie @ any cause to have power

  • Nadette Fadio Post author


  • So Vu Post author

    May God bless and protect BOTH OF THEM in the love of God.

  • Yola Montalvan Post author

    What does the US stand for? Trump has given new definition of the word LIAR.
    For the first time in our history we have a Sexual predator president and another BOOFER SEXUALLY DEVIANT PERVERT SUPREME COURT JUDGE. Shame on the Republicans and Evangelists.

  • Randall Lilley Post author

    Alot of babies will be saved because of this. Satan has got his hands on the Democratic party.

  • double1935 Post author

    Liberals and every member of their family were watching and cheering kavanaugh’s swearing in today in record numbers and record approval reported Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. Cris Mathews, Lawrence O’Donnell and reverend al sharpton were cheering and saying kavanaugh could go down as best Supreme Court Justice of all time!

  • Honest Man Post author

    Brett is sworn, he will be best chief Justice ever.. bit^& Ford is raped over again and again by Democrates and media in DC.. I mean her character assassination was well on display… Avanati-the pimp is back to business looking for porn clients again… hollywood is back to booze, sex and pedophilia.. that's how it ends every time left tries under Maxine goes on..hahaha

  • Miles C. Anthony Post author


  • Mr. Nick Post author

    The protestors are all young college kids who we’ve all seen videos of being taught lies by democratic professors!

  • casinofox54 Post author

    Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh!! We won the battle for what's right for our Great Country!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Michael Barletto Song Writer Post author

    I threw an Ice Cube across the room in his honor. Congrats !

  • Paul Miller Post author

    I hope Ruth Bader Ginsburg falls to old age in time for Trump to replace her (and for Sotomayor's diabetes to catch up with her)

  • bigbaba1111 Post author

    Great man. God bless him.

  • Tapia Corazon Post author

    Soros, Obama, and the Clintons are behind all these. Paying the protestors is not going to get you anywhere because everything that you do is evil. God put Trump in office. You three are just a dust compared to God. You cannot win by paying people to protest against good. May God wipe out all of you evils so that we will have peace in our country.

  • Lilly trust Post author

    Ohhh diane you and the rest of democrats are the reason i thought as ppl grow older they become wiser bunch of…….

  • maribel estanislao Post author

    Sen.Frankenstein don't blame anybodyof your mistakes "YOU "yhe Democrats are pushing and creating "division"in America Se. Collins is tight I wonder at your age together with Schumer ,Peolosi ,Maxine the "dummy" refuse to bring "Civility" to this generation instead your toperating "evil"deeds to progress I wonder what happen to your brains including Gropecous and KamalaYour live only once "DO THE RIGHT THING"!!!MAGA!!!✊✊✊

  • Dick Chappy Post author

    Suck it commies

  • Larry Betancourt Post author

    Now sexual predators are in the Supreme Court just like the White House has sexual predator Donald Trump

  • N P Post author

    Hard working American Women Love and Respect Brett Kavanaugh!!! Always!!! Ford is a pathological Liar!!! Poor thing she is going through a mid life crisis, she should go to a gynecologist he will fix her problem!!

  • 17 76 Post author


  • Leelin R Post author

    It is a Great Day for America
    And I thank GOD so much for protecting Judge Kavanaugh
    and his family and my prayer
    Is that GOD will bless you
    Every day that you serve on the HIGHEST COURT in America.


  • colby turner Post author

    Still hope for AMERICA.well I must rest this winnihg is wearing me out .GO RED WAVE.

  • J Kay Post author

    The best defense Republicans have against angry Dems is president Trump. Dems just can't get past him. Hahaha…….it hurt them so bad.

  • Ai Doan Post author

    never gave power to the evil one . congratulations to Judge Kavanaugh !!! you deserve it ! God Bless you and your family Judge Kavanaugh and God Bless America !

  • davescotts Post author

    We are in trouble now. This man hatred for democrats and women will begin to show up almost immediately.

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