Breaking Silly Chicago Laws

Breaking Silly Chicago Laws

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When Chicago was first incorporated as a
city in 1837 we enacted a first city charter which brought about a bunch of
laws. Since then the city and Municipal Code has grown substantially during
which they added quite a few laws that were very relevant to the time and today
would seem quite silly to be laws So, during the 1980s a lot of aldermen
campaigned to remove a lot of the outdated laws from the municipal code
however there are still quite a few questionable ones that remained So I decided to ask my friend Rob Scallon if he would like to come along and break
some of Chicago’s silliest laws It’s forbidden to throw stones in any Park,
Playground, Beach or Airport No person should perform or put on a
show in a window that abuts a public way You may not keep any objects on window
sills or railings unless they’re secured in such a way that they won’t fall off it is forbidden to ride a skateboard on
a sidewalk or roadway in any business district it is against the law to tell
one’s fortune in a park in Chicago you’re screwed Sale of spray-paint in the city of
Chicago is illegal and we couldn’t actually find a business that was
willing to sell it to us and break the law Possession of spray paint in the
city of Chicago is also illegal if you’re on someone else’s property Rob: Which were not If you’re in a public building or a public facility Rob: Which we’re not Or you have the intent to deface No cannon or artillery shall be fired in
the city of Chicago without the express permission of City Council *Boom* Between the month of May and October it is illegal to wash the pavement between 7:00 a.m.
and 7:00 p.m. And those are just some of many laws
that you can break in Chicago if you liked this video give it a like and
consider subscribing check out my channel with other Chicago History
videos and thank you Rob for breaking the law with me man Rob: You can follow my
channel feel like I make music Links are in the description Rob: Cool thanks
for watching

100 thoughts on “Breaking Silly Chicago Laws

  • Sean Lynch Post author

    More like white privilege in Chicago 不不不不不

  • Jim Will Post author

    Ive contacted the police good luck

  • Strong Black Panther Post author

    Welcome to Chicago. The city is mainly interested in tickets that are going to get big money.

  • DondeQ2 Post author

    I know what's still legal in Chicago: getting faded! Makes me miss the barbers, nice video.

  • Peter Buckley Post author

    The best one I know is in Toronto Canada. You can't drag a dead horse on Yonge St on a Sunday. You could just wait until Monday or use another street around the block… Lol

  • Kylee Frantik Post author

    I miss Chicago… Been gone for 5 years and always think about returning.

  • Shayman Plays Post author

    Rob is hella fat

  • bill52600 Post author

    Tom Scott vibes

  • Display Name Post author

    Why should an Aussie care about Chicago?

  • Kevin Howard Post author

    In PA: Any motorist driving along a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, and continue.

  • Michael Powell Post author

    It is against the law to murder or shoot people in Chicago but blacks do it at astronomical rates.

  • May S Post author

    its crazy seeing YouTube videos that were recorded in my neighborhood

  • Salvadore Andretti Post author

    Who the hell was going around shooting cannons

  • Chris P Post author

    Clicked on video because I saw Rob in the thumbnail

  • Roslynd Antinori Post author

    Did you research on the reason why they have been made into laws?

  • CHICAGO EBKK Post author

    You should go to lil village on 26st on the small streets and learn more about their culture their

  • Claude Smoot Post author

    Breaking the Law Breaking the Law!

  • tina andersen Post author

    What are the rules

  • Fatal Error Post author

    Thats it I'm calling the cops

  • Jose Velazquez Post author

    Some of these make sense…

  • Ironheade Post author

    Breaking the law, breaking the law

  • MLK MG Post author

    Brilliant, Chicago Aussie, say hi to my hometown. I miss ya.

  • Chauncey J. Brandom Post author

    DUDE! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I moved to chicago in October and it's really awesome to hear all this I fo and whatnot! Keep making videos!

  • peabnuts123 Post author

    Damn, you can't buy spray paint like, at all? What do you do if you're like, a maker?

  • Rolando Lopez Post author

    Take a trip to South America and see by yourself the results when people decided to break the laws

  • Kristian Altuve Post author

    1:28 haha no way i wonder the history behind this one

  • anyjen Post author

    The windowsill one makes sense. People have died through having stuff fall on their head.

  • ICGames Post author

    Next video you can do a video where you go the every statue in Chicago the big ones that are humans not the animal statues

  • monk3ification Post author

    This is how you get deported.

  • Anton.d09 Post author

    Last one makes sense, actually. My city has a similar rule and it's meant to conserve water, since much of it will evaporate during hot days.

  • AlexBricker Post author

    love the content! keep it up. i wish i could live in chicago not gonna lie. im outside of chicago by like 2 hours

  • colourmyearth Post author

    不 love it

  • PB&J Post author

    your friend has a chicago accent.

  • Jurassicgodzillachannel 250 Post author

    How did u know everything about Chicago your smart

  • Cup Cake Post author

    Thug life.

  • JBC Parkward Post author

    I visited Chicago this summer

  • LizzyFay Post author

    Awesome video! I just found your channel thanks to that email about the Top 40 YouTube Channels in Chicago.

  • Dekimate Post author

    Objects not falling off high places where they could injure someone how strange.

  • m7sz Post author

    Officer: Your underarrest buddy
    You: What for officer?
    Officer: Spraying water on the sidewalks.

  • sabremarky15 Post author

    You should do the history of Malort. I will drink it for you. No joke.

  • Cowboy Frank's Personal Videos Post author

    In the late 1960s in Northern Virginia, while a neighbor was researching laws to deal with rock concerts being held in our sub division across our street at a swimming pool he came across an old Virginia law that is still on the books. All railroad crossing gates must be painted black and white because those are the colors best seen by horses. In the early 70's, the railroad changed their gates to black and orange to be seen easier by humans. The state made them change back to black and white as they still are.

  • NorthernChev Post author

    Just discovered this channel. Fantastic! I subb'd.

  • Zoot Zoot Post author

    Joliet niggas be like lmao

  • Mike Penn Post author

    And to this day we still wonder if he is in jail or in hiding

  • VINCEVAZ27 Post author

    Im a Chicagoan and just discovered your channel. Hows the first dibs day of the season?

  • Niko MIDI Post author

    i thought you were going to say putting ketchup on hotdogs

  • 1UpsForLife Post author

    I was not expecting to see Rob at all, haha. great video.

  • Alastair Drong Post author

    I'd love to see a video about the train station that used to be where Ogilvie is now. I've only seen one or two historic photos, but what I've seen of it was super impressive.

  • suMnailimixaM Post author

    Took a trip to Chicago with my band classmates, and I really enjoy learning more about Chicago. I love these videos!

  • mikaila c Post author

    whered u go

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    Great !!!

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    Me and My roomate are Chicago natives and love this amazing city. We want to create content like you. We would like to collab and know how you been learning so much since you've been here for only 2 years. Wow props to you my friend. #LoveChicago

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    You should do a video on the "Chicago Railroad Viaducts." They are a huge part of Chicago's landscape! There are thousands of them.×1536

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    Im triggered on how I just discovered this channel considering that Im from Chi-Town儭不

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    No wonder why he has stopped posting videos.

  • allabout meaning Post author

    Bro, I watch this….. Why you stop?

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    Wait, is Rob out here in Chicago? That was a fun video haha, thanks.

  • Raquel Lee Post author

    Guess Ive been breaking the laws then

  • N/A Post author


  • KaiserKermit Post author

    You forgot to fish on the neck of a giraffe in a body of water in the city limits!

  • Garrett O Post author


  • granskare Post author

    township laws are a problem – if they plow snow, that is ok, but if in a city, what do they do?

  • duerandaggi Post author

    Hey, it's the WINDY city, it makes perfect sense to secure anything on window sills!
    Heck, Chicago winds can pick up a chair on your balcony and throw it God knows where.

  • Christian Post author

    HOLY CRAP ROB SCALLON. I was not expecting that

  • A Bacon Post author

    Are you American Tom Scott?

  • Zantrop64 Post author

    That is weird
    I came here because I saw Baumgartner restauration's last video, and before, I saw Rob scallon 2's last video

  • Frank Winkhorst Post author

    The window sill one actually makes a lot of sense, especially if it's over a pedestrian walkway. What surprises me is that there is no law against placing an unsecured piano on a ledge….

  • Nicholas Joseph Post author

    Came here because of baumgartner restoration, stayed for Rob

  • hifijohn Post author

    Not all of these are silly, who want a potted plant to come crashing on your head from 3 stories, and many cities have skateboard laws.

  • Nathan Hartanto Post author

    We flew a kite on a public place…. oh wrong video sorry

  • Benny Hill Post author

    robs hat should be illegal

  • Danny Oviedo Alem Post author

    Some of those laws were not stupid, it is actually dangerous to leave anything on a window if you cannot ensure that is not going to fall, it can actually fall down and kill or injure somebody depending on how tall the building is. The same goes for skating and washing the pavement (it can cause someone to slip and get hurt) there have been instances where that happens particularly with elderly people and that's why they established that in the hours with more pedestrians of the day it will be illegal to wash it

  • Tech Bites Post author

    Your video deserve atleat 1million views I am going to share it with my friends

  • TearsofRainbow01 Post author

    The second and third actually make sense. The second can cause large crowd and cause disruption and the third can actually hurt or kill people if not followed the law仄領儭

  • Jaydyn M Post author

    Why are you in here?
    I robbed a bank and murdered dozens of people, you?
    I washed my pavement at 1:30 pm

  • Hannah Randolph Post author

    Next time I go there which will be soon I will attempt this

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    Hello fello Aussie person

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    Rob showing up out of nowhere made this 10x better

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    I got through half the video until I realized it was rob scallon

  • scott giberson Post author

    all the dislikes are from Chicago police who watched this video.

  • Matt Animations Post author

    You should see Englands like no walking around with a salmon looking suspicious

  • Captain Skippa Post author

    Im glad I found somebody who lives in Chicago

  • justaperson Post author

    The objects on a window sill law is not silly at all. If the building is tall enough and an object like a potted plant falls it can kill someone or seriously hurt them.

  • Iron TNT Post author

    In Illinois it is illegal to walk your giraffe on a Tuesday

  • Mervyn M Post author

  • MelonWater217 nworah Post author

    Some of the dumb laws seem reasonable if you consider safety precautions. But the the dumb laws in the UK are just stupid and clearly made by someone who was easily triggered.

  • Neto Hikari Post author

    What about the disturbing literature law I was treated with jail time when I was in high school. I'm glad I'm out. I wish my mental scar would heal. I can finally finish my book…

  • reasons unknown Post author

    #3 makes sense. I wouldn't want anything falling on my head.

  • Subtopewdiepie Now Post author

    watering sidewalk

  • vertex_kubota Post author

    I live in Chicago

  • ina martina Post author

    All dint break all of the laws

  • scuttle06 Post author

    Inmate: Why are you here?

    Me: I place my objects on unsecured sills and railing

    Inmate: *sits further*

  • OscarTheAmazing Post author

    I like how "You can't throw rocks" is in the firearms and missile section.

  • ctOS 2.0 Post author

    FBI Wants To Know Your Location

  • Sunny Kay Post author

    Wtf is that Rob?

  • BaconizedTinny O Post author

    Cleaners : *cleans pavement in 12 noon
    Law : Im gonna end this mans whole career

  • n w Post author

    wait till you suffer permanent brain damage (or death) by being struck on the head by a bonsai in a sturdy stoneware pot falling from the 10th floor and try calling that law silly…i actually had a plant on my window sill on the 10th story, one day i looked and it was missing. the shame of going down to clean the brown explosion on the pavement and knowing i could have caused someones death…also perhaps like in my city they are trying to conserve water by restricting washing of the pavements with water. sounds sensible to me.

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