Biden: no ordinary American cares about his constitutional rights

Biden: no ordinary American cares about his constitutional rights

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should all know the American people are with us they should know you all should know there’s a moral price to be paid for inaction and ladies and gentlemen the organized opposition the same opposition that I’ve been involved with for 40 years of my career and my law enforcement friends have been as well they throw up they’ve thrown up question after question not because they’re looking for answers but because they are not because they’re driven by facts not because they’re looking for a way forward because they’re looking for roadblocks so every one of these chats I do on the internet every one of these things I do on Facebook it’s amazing some of the questions that seep in they say all you’re going to do Biden you and the president going to lie law abiding citizens their rights under the Second Amendment not true they say assault weapons they say it’s all ones like ar-15 are needed for self-protection and recreation they are not there’s plenty of ways you can protect yourself and recreation a ar-15 they say it isn’t about guns they’re wrong it is about guns let me say at the outset to all the press No law-abiding citizen in the United States of America has any fear that their constitutional rights will be infringed in any way none zero

89 thoughts on “Biden: no ordinary American cares about his constitutional rights

  • FĻäîĻèŔ~ Post author

    He never says no one cares about their rights so WTF?

  • Chris Murphy Post author

    Joe is a fucking moron.

  • Tony Littles Post author

    See… It fits the narrative of the gun crazy! Obama administration is going to take their guns… LOL. Well he's got about 9 months to do it.. Gun loving idiots!

  • Julie McKenzie Post author

    Who are the idiots clapping for the ilegalization of AR 15s???

  • Julie McKenzie Post author

    We do need AR 15s for Self defence! Part of the self defence described in the second admendment is the defence against a tyrannical government, and the RIGHT to overthrow said government, if needed. Any politician Who wants to limit gun rights wants to limit you self defence rights. An unarmed or under armed populous is easier to control.

  • Charles Stevenson Post author

    You delusional fuck. We all know you and Obama are taking our rights away from us. Hell Obama is using the constitution as toilet paper. I'll be so happy when Trump is in office

  • Dean Fouquet Post author

    Does he have armed body guards? Is this the same guy who talked about the Germans attacking Pearl Harbor?

  • Dean Fouquet Post author

    I think this is the same speech Hitler and Pol Pot made. It says a great deal about the IQ level to folks in Delaware that they kept sending him to Washington….I was it that by sending Biden to Washington, the median intelligence level of people in Delaware rose significantly

  • James Gilmer Post author


  • Jake Wright Post author

    Lol….Everybody on this channel spat on joe biden with their comment…lol…

  • oranironheart Post author

    Well this was worthless

  • Mike H Post author

    Why Obamanation must be stopped. It's thought that if Killary gets indicted and can't can't become the nominee, that Biden will be put in her place (Since the DNC dislikes Bernie as much or more than the RNC dislike trump). Regardless if Killery or Biden are elected the gun control plan will continue in a direction that will take us towards protecting ourselves with slingshots and peashooters.

    "No law abiding citizen in the United States of America has any fear that their constitutional rights will be infringed in any way, NONE, ZERO !"
    Well dip shit, if that's actually true then why do you have to make this speech? Maybe MOST American Citizens are VERY concerned !
    That may not be what the intended posting of this video was for, it was to dispel a meme about a phrase taken out of context. STILL it is a VERY TROUBLESOME STATEMENT in the way it was used. To think they actually BELIEVE what they are saying.
    Well Mr. Biden, if AR-15's aren't needed for protection, then you must include the police and military in that ban as well, because if "they aren't needed, THEY AREN'T NEEDED".

    When you limit the security forces and the criminals to a 6 round pistol, I'll limit MYSELF to one.

  • Art Nickel Post author

    What he actually says is more damning than the misquote that Snopes and others like to cite.
    I'm a "law abiding citizen of the United States of America" and I have many fears about losing my rights under the 1st Amendment (US Atty Gen "I will arrest anyone who speaks against Muslims" and my right to display the Ten Commandments and my right to pray in school, and when people with concerns about Obamacare were shut out of the Townhall Meetings); the 2nd Amendment (anti-gun groups, including Biden, Carter, both Clintons, Obama, want to take away my right to defend myself against a rogue government); the 4th, 5th, & 6th Amendments (the Patriot Act)…
    Well, Snopes and all you Libtards, what is your response to this law abiding citizen of the United States of America?

  • Damian Lamb Post author

    Fuck you dumbass…

  • Jeffrey Anderson Post author

    Get fuc*ed Biden!!!! We don't care what u think, what about your family, do they care, probably not because use are evil!!!!

  • Terri Raye Post author

    Didn't he accidentally shoot himself??? Lololololol. He's nuts!!

  • Steven Lissner Post author

    What c u n t

  • John Yeghoian Post author

    Is this Governments excuse to ignore us and line their pockets?

  • Julie McKenzie Post author

    A well regulated militia being nessessary to the security of a free state, THE GOVERNMENT SHALL NOT INFRINGE UPON THE PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!!
    Shall not infringe.

  • a rod Post author

    I agree with Biden ordinary American wouldn't but there's quite a few others that are not ordinary and we do care about our constitutional rights

  • David Gearhart Post author

    His comments are worse than Dan Quayle's, but the liberal media does not make fun of his stupidity. Is this why Obama was never impeached?

  • dana cayton Post author

    Really I'm an ordinary citizen, and I care deeply about my rights, along with my family, my friends, our troops, our country and our flag. I believe you biden on the other hand along with barry obama, his shehe wife, the clintons and a few others do not give a rats ass for any of the above mentioned. So as in Michelle obamas quote "the people named and mentioned above are whats wrong with this country" so put that in your pipe and smoke it and if that taste bad to you well then just shove it up your ass or any of the other four you like so much.

  • when i own u Post author

    He can go straight to hell..

  • when i own u Post author

    The 2nd amendment isn't about sports, hunting, or self defense dipshit.. it's about defending the rights of the people from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC!!!!So fuck yourself and your tyrannical friends.

  • Russell Parker Post author

    that's right aren't you glad they outlawed crack aren't you glad they outlawed heroin and crystal meth because if they wouldn't have outlawed it then everybody would have it oh wait a second all the drug addicts that want it they still get it don't they okay so if you make guns illegal the only thing that's going to happen is they won't be sold in stores and I know you claim you're just going after assault rifles yeah I call bull crap on that I know better once you take one type of firearm then you'll go after another and then another and another and another you're not wanting a safer country you're wanting a defenseless people you want all of the people that don't agree with what you want them to do to be defenseless you're no different than Adolf Hitler that's the first thing Adolf Hitler did was start outlawing guns and collect them and look what he did you are a tyrannical Leader daycares nothing for the people of this country all you care about is being in control and having power over defenseless people well I'm going to tell you the American people are not going to be stupid enough to go along with you and just lay down and be a bunch of defenseless sheep .

  • Chris Lemaux Post author

    He's so full of shit……..moron!

  • MelviTech64 Post author

    If Biden had any sort of intelligence, he would know that an AR-15 is not an assault rifle: it's a semi-automatic.

    You might as well use a pistol as to use an AR-15 if you're concerned about firing speed.

  • TheJASM4collection Post author

    When the President and Vice President say you don't need a gun, you're gonna need a gun

  • Crazy Craig Post author

    Stupid ass people talking guns who know nothing about them…..Look up the definition of assult weapon!An AR-15 is not an assult weapon! The the definition of assault weapon is the weapon must have selective fire that's a button that switches it between semi automatic burst fire or automatic fire in an AR-15 is not allowed by law to have such a button on it neither is any other weapon available to civilians unless you have very special licensing from the federal government which the average person could not afford even if they wanted one nor could they afford an automatic weapon because they are hugely expensive.

  • Patty Smith Post author

    Violating his oath of office. He must be impeached!

  • Shirley Webler Post author

    Yeah, and Mr. Joe Biden YOUR THE ONE WHO SAID… "[if] you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door. AND "if there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house."

  • Joann Holmes Post author

    Biden is a total loss of humanity.

  • POTUS TRUMP is THE MAN #MAGA Post author

    how bout these politicians just give up their secret services guns and just get followed around with the butt paddles our parents used on us. see how safe they feel.

  • James Bradley Post author

    That Mr Biden is why no person in their right mind believes you're administration, nothing true has come from the mouths of it for 7+ years. Give up my rights because you say we won't loose them? I think Hitler said about the same as you did. Our forefathers already knew about your kind of government ruling and added the 2nd ammendment for our protection against you and your form of tyranny.

  • Donald Taylor Post author

    your ass is sucking canal water

  • wayne teeters Post author

    Biden. The guy who said he goes to a cafe for coffee every morning even though the cafe has been closed for ten years. Ya Joe keep talking, ya moron.

  • Greshman Post author

    These people are the enemy

  • Nathan Hunter Post author

    He's so full of shit i can smell him from here.

  • jeanne buckingham Post author

    You say we don't need big guns. Yet you put drones over our houses, you arm the police like they are getting ready for WW3 build for profit prisons. You have yourself to blame. Tell me why living in a rural area, that you know well, Lake Ariel Pa. we need Troopers in Dunmore, Lake Ariel and comestibles as well as gated communities and every 3 blocks a different township with full and part time cops? Tell me why your cops sell more drugs than the dope dealers. Open your eyes, I'm sure you have good health care coverage. By the way how does Cheney or vice president Satan get a new heart when the rules are that new hearts go to those 65 and under. The more you arm America the more the citizens arm themselves and with good reason. About the constitution well corporations are people and you don't bitch about the armies they maintain.

  • Ben Richardson Post author

    Biden, Biden, Biden… the AR in AR-15 stands for Armalite Rifle, not Assault Rifle…

  • Jeanette & D Humans Post author

    If it's about guns, why have I never ever never seen a gun get out of the gun case, wall, holster, or where guns are kept start shooting??? He is an idiot of all idiots.

  • staff0flag Post author

    Notice that Biden didn't actually say what the headline claims.

  • Harry Sax Post author

    Okay… How is telling me that I can't have a specific type of firearm NOT infringing?

    Biden doesn't know what I fucking need.

  • lisa fleming Post author

    So, who are you to say what we do and don't need for home protection?

  • Jim Dole Post author

    Hey Biden you dumb ass….I am an ordinary person and I care about my rights

  • Gabby Mouse Post author

    The entire point that the left misses on gun rights is that it's simply none of their damned business what kind of guns a law abiding citizen has. How is it anyone's business what kind of guns I have as long as I'm not a felon, which I'm not.

  • yokeddruid1 Post author

    Why is it when the GOVERNMENT has a so called assault rifle it is called a PERSONAL PROTECTION DEVICE. When an AMERICAN CITIZEN has it suddenly becomes an assault weapon.

  • yokeddruid1 Post author

    Dear Gentlemen, If you have signed up for the Selective Service . YOU ARE PART of A WELL REGULATED MILITIA. As such it is your DUTY as an AMERICAN CITIZEN to be well armed and trained.You can't be either if you don't own or know how to use a gun.

  • yokeddruid1 Post author

    What this IDIOT fails to understand is that the 2nd Amendment is not there so we can do recreation shooting, hunting or even protection. The 2nd Amendment was written by our founding fathers so that the AMERICAN PEOPLE would have the ABILITY TO KILL TYRANTS. The ONLY REASON FOR THE 2ND AMENDMENT IS TO KILL TYRANTS! That is what TRULY scares the DEMOCRATS.

  • yokeddruid1 Post author

    People what you all have been brainwashed into believing is that the Constitution GIVES YOU YOUR RIGHTS! IT DOES NOT ! You are BORN with THESE RIGHTS! If the Government or a piece of paper can give you your rights they can be taken away.

  • Rick Mellum Post author

    It's pretty obvious no one watched the video.

    Biden never said "no ordinary American cares about his constitutional rights."  Biden says at 1:26 – "No law abiding citizen in the United States of America has any fear that their constitutional rights will be infringed in any way.  None.  Zero."

  • Melissa Jane Post author

    The point that is strategically absent from gun control dialogue is that guns (particularly assault rifles) are not essential in a common citizens defense against another citizen, but THE DEFENSE OF THE PEOPLE FROM A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT SUCH AS A MILITARIZED POLICE FORCE ENFORCING OBSCENELY CORRUPT LAWS NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE. THEY HAVE FUCKING TANKS.

  • Jane Goodwin Post author

    WRONG!!! Yes, Joe, we do care and you, and Nancy, and Obama, and Hillary and some of our own GOP are the reason we are concerned.

  • Janie Bondhus Post author

    Every real American Cares About His Constitutional Rights. Joe Biden is nothing but a CLOWN.

  • elicia huff Post author

    Biden is a fn idiot

  • D. Allen Martin Post author

    If he thinks the government can simply tell us that we CAN'T HAVE a particular rifle because it looks scary, which is the only truthful reason to ban a semi-auto AR-15, how the hell does he think that is NOT an infringement on our constitutional rights? Hell, the REAL reason the 2nd amendment EXISTS is to ensure that the government is not better armed than the people, and to ensure that the power in this country STAY with the people instead of the government, because historically when the government has the power and the people are prevented from having the physical means to resist that power when it is abused, the people rights eventually get walked all over and you get tyranny! This idiot simple doesn't GET IT!! It's supposed to be the people telling the government what they can or cannot do, NOT the other way around!! By all rights, we SHOULD be able to have the same weaponry the military has, for the sake of a well organized militia, since this country was not intended to have a standing army according to the founders!

  • Robert Smith Post author

    Who is the idiot that posted this? "no ordinary American cares about his constitutional rights" Oh i get it, he wanted to prove that this is a complete misquote.

  • Brian Madison Post author

    This guy is such an asshole. Think about this for a minute, he is assuming every policeman is law abiding. Let's say a policeman doesn't like you much and decides to pull you over. The policeman also has a bag of weed from the last guy he pulled over that he knows will not be able to pay fines. The policeman asks to search your car because he asks. You are a law abiding citizen and you understand the 4th amendment to the Bill of Rights, but you have nothing to hid. You agree to let him search and he finds a bag of weed, now what. You are going to prison and paying fines. The left is a bunch of idiots who don't understand the Bill of Rights.

  • Rick Labus Post author

    Misleading title. That is NOT what he said.

  • woolfeeeee Post author

    NWO scumbag traitor. PS and AR-15 isn't an assault rifle asshat and yes plenty of Americans worry about power hungry nut jobs that feel kiddies up and say the dumbest things ever- baffles me how this idiot ever got where he is.

  • Merp Post author

    This guy is a moron, people online do not say its not about guns, and they DO NOT use the world assault weapon. Hes putting words in our mouths, I am extremely worried my rights will be infringed, just this video itself intends to promote doing so.

  • Cynthia Hatcher Post author

    bull Shit. Not every American understands their rights.

  • city girl Post author

    Go home old man!

  • Michael Eisenhart Post author

    he says that they are not infringing on the 2nd amendment but when he says you don't need this or that to protect yourself, that would be infringing.

  • Pamela White Post author

    Please understand that I am just stating my opinion…Joe Biden has to be an idiot!

  • SKennedy Post author

    Wow, HOW does the left not get this shi7 in their head???

  • Rob Corn Post author

    Wait, did he just say I don't care about my rights being infringed upon by the federal government? If our founding fathers heard this from the vice president, they would fall over dead. This is insane.

  • J Smith Post author

    Bullshit. That I fear losing Constitutional rights if this guy were in power. He's an idiot and a child molester.

  • verfed Post author

    Piece of shit tyrant wannabe. Democrat.

  • Fred C Post author

    No, we need a whole lot more than just an AR 15 to match the threats we face

  • Shoottothrill Customs Post author

    Why do law enforcement use AR15's to protect themselves?

  • Joseph Torres Post author

    Hate to say it but your headline is click baiting bullshit.

  • Andy Reddson Post author

    Wait, ¿which is it Joe? ¿Are you going after AR-15's (instead of assault weapons) or are you NOT infringing on the people's rights? Pick a story, one or the other.

  • Invidian Post author

    The title isn't what he said, and that's a good thing. No doubt this video was created to educate people coming here swearing up and down the statement in the title was his actual words when it wasn't. And when they got pissed off because they couldn't use to to slander Joe Biden anymore, they downvoted.

  • Duolingo Owl Post author


  • Andrew J Post author

    Crazy to see such a loon openly admit to being opposed to the 2nd Amendment then say they will protect it. This is the kind of stupidity Americans want in the White House, no wonder things are this bad by 2018

  • Linda Kloss Post author

    Videos like this should be taken off the internet as fake

  • Rafael Ortiz-Vazquez Post author

    He is so full of crap!! The 2nd Amendment is not about selfdefense. It is about having the ability to defend the Constitution, to fight against Tyranny (should our Government turn against the People), to fight foreign government on our soil. The 2nd Amendment gives us the Right to have the same weapon as the military. Our Forefathers knew of advancement on weapons and the ability of the citizens own the same as the military. Joe Biden should know that the 2nd Amendment is to fight against people like him should he decide, along with others in Government, to throw out the Constitution and take away our Bill Of Rights. The 2nd Amendment was well written, leave it alone!!

  • Ryan Dill Post author

    It’s kinda what he said. He is certainly completely full of shit. I kinda liked him till o heard this speech. He obviously doesn’t know shit about guns or 2nd amendment rights. Go be creepy toward some more little girls you old perv.

  • jeremy bilbrey Post author

    Biden, you sir are an uneducated asshat…an AR 15 is not an assault weapon.

  • Robert Paulson Post author

    00:00 Band Wagon fallacy, right from the start. They keep doing that, and we can be certain if they're using logical fallacies to support a political movement or an idea, it's probably a non-starter and they know it.

  • tubez4321 Post author

    It's true Democrats don't want to infringe on the 2nd Amendment. They want a full repeal of it.

  • Fire&Ice909 Post author

    Is Biden really this misinformed? What a dumbass.

  • Grandpow Post author

    Joe Biden likes to drink the blood of children. Hes evil.

  • Blaze Duskdreamer Post author

    Wrong! I'm a law-abiding citizen and I definitely fear my rights being infringed, Creepy Uncle Joe.

  • Mike Jones Post author

    He's a liar. What was Obamacare? It's not the government's job to penalize me for not having health insurance.

  • Travis Freeman Post author

    this guy is full of SHIT

  • Chad Summerlin Post author

    The word “need” is NOT found in the Second Amendment.

  • Dragon Lord Post author

    Did he really say that the 2nd amendment is not about protecting yourself…..what is it for? Taking down houses? The second amendment was created by our founding fathers for if the government tried to take control. They made it so the people were in control. So the right to bear arms is for protecting ourselves from the government.

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