Best Film on Newton’s Third Law. Ever.

Best Film on Newton’s Third Law. Ever.

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There are a lot of misconceptions out there and this a video about one of the most common ones. So I went around asking people ‘what makes the Moon go around the Earth?’ and they told me.. The Earth puts a gravitational force on the moon
But does the moon put a gravitational pull on the Earth? Pull on the Earth yes. It does hence we have tides ETc the moon falls on the earth, [too] it affects like the tides and women and yes It [does] very powerful does the moon pull on the Earth probably that as well Yeah So what I want to know is How does that force that the moon exerts on the Earth how does that compare in terms of size? To the Force the Earth exerts on the moon Well… No scientist, but I think that one would be more powerful than that one It’s got a greater force coming from the Earth because it’s greater mass is the Earth has more Mass [cuz] it’s a bigger mess. I thought greater mass is more [equals] more force [guys] Does the moon pull on the earth? Yes But a lot less Yeah, not as much as the Earth pulls on the moon. Yeah Yeah, but a little bit not [very] strongly. Yes But much much much much smaller because if it’s mass [less], [not] size Because it’s smaller. It’s much smaller than [that] than the Earth because it’s smaller. This is small Allow me to let you in on a little secret Everyone got it wrong The Force that attracts the moon to the Earth is exactly the same size as the force that attracts the Earth to the moon So what’s going on here? Why did everyone get it wrong? Well, I think it comes down to cause and effect The effect of the force on the moon is quite clear the moon goes in circles around the Earth but the effect of that force on the Earth is basically negligible; the Earth barely wobbles at all So people interpret this Negligible effect as Indicating there’s very little force affecting the Earth But that is forgetting the third key piece of the puzzle which is inertia Inertia is the tendency of Mass to Maintain State of motion Since the Earth has a greater, mass It has a greater, inertia and so even with the same amount of force on it It doesn’t accelerate that much now the funny thing [is] many of the [people] I interviewed Could state Newton’s third law which is every [force] has not equal and opposite reaction Something about Newton’s law doesn’t seem to fit into that [just] yet. You’re good at this wait Which Newton’s law are we talking about the whole equal and opposite force thing? Yeah, that one. So tell me what you’re thinking man [ah] well Did one would think that if you’re into putting a force on me I would be putting an equal Force upon it So why didn’t they apply it to this problem? Well, I think they may have memorized the words, but not really [believed] Newton’s third law in their core Did they really feel it in their spleen [I]? Don’t think they did so Allow me to try to convince you, all of you spleen included, that Newton’s third law really is true Let’s consider two objects Initially they have the same Mass 1 kilogram each So obviously the gravitational force of attraction must be the same on both of the objects Now let’s add a second kilogram to the first object The Force on the second object will now be twice as great because that 1 kilogram is attracted equally to each of the kilograms in the first object But what is often forgotten is that new kilogram is also attracted to the second object meaning that the total force on each object is still the same they’re attracted to each other with an equal and opposite Force We could add a third kilogram And we would find the same thing the force on both objects is still the same Even though the object on the left has [3] times the mass of the object on the right? So we can see that no matter what the mass, any two objects will have the same gravitational force towards each other. Can you feel Newton’s third law in your spleen now? It should settle inside you and become a part of you

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  • BlacKNyT Post author

    Lol. You know why ?

  • rakhi mondal Post author

    That's what I learnt in class 9
    Huh that's easy…

    India dude….

  • Muri Rokcs Post author

    wow wtf its a baby

  • haloboy777 Post author

    Why I am here?

  • Bob Bobson Post author

    What if I don’t have a spleen?

  • S.Vidhyardh Singh Post author

    You’re looking cooler than but sound more kid-ish 😄

  • Pepe - Post author

    If you're looking for good physics explanations, search for a channel "Flipping Physics" probably the best educational channel I have ever found on YouTube tbh.

  • Asad Butt Post author

    it can also be explained by
    LAW OF UNIVERSAL GRAVITATION (something like that?) According to which
    Force is. directly proportional to product of two masses and inversely to square of distance b%w them.
    so incase of moon and Earth both masses and distance remain same so fotce is same.
    (sorry for the bad English)

  • Julia Talavia Post author

    i’m that weirdo that watches a video in science class then looks it up after school just to watch it again.

  • Julia Talavia Post author

    Very impressive quality for 2011. I’m surprised.

  • Julia Talavia Post author

    0:32 lmao that period joke . . . we stan an outspoken sister

  • John Newman Post author

    Well done. Newton is good for stuck pistons and hammer heads too

  • the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide Post author


  • HIMESH VIEWS Post author

    Best film on shaved.

  • Sansar Sah Post author

    what if i try to separate those 3 kg and 1 kg do i neeed same amount of force to separate one of them that is f=Gm1*m2/r^2

  • NAMAN GOYAL Post author

    Why don't dust particles rotate around us

  • Gui Silva Post author

    And then come Interstellar

  • Omar El-Nemr Post author

    So why do not we also turn in the orbit with the ground?

  • Bryanna Strauser Post author

    the speed limit said it was c then it should it was 25

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  • Cat Guy Post author

    Omg who is this kid

  • Seal School Post author

    General Relaitivity left the chat

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  • Knowledge Flux Post author

    👍 .

  • bazoo513 Post author

    An excellent film, indeed, except that I prefer not to feel anything in my spleen :o)

  • ntt Post author

    he shaved didn't he

  • Adi Tya Post author

    speed limit of the road is c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JAD Q Post author

    Speed limit C

  • PC PastaFace Post author

    Maybe should have talked about how the acceleration and mass alternates accordingly. Object with greater mass has less (not noticeable) acceleration whereas object with less has significantly more acceleration to make sure the formula F=ma still generates the same force.

  • Christian Gingras Post author

    The 3 mass of 1 kg attracts the lonely 1 kg with 3 times the force. If we attach the 3 and allow the lonely to move, it will start moving 3 times faster.

  • stefan sauvageon Post author

    That’s why the difference between force and mass is important !

  • Xolani Ndaba Post author

    Spleen is like… A shortcut for split screen right…? Like we playing multi-player games on a spleen…?

  • Isaac Newton Post author

    I'm gonna copystrike u bc u should've linked to my principia

  • Pedro Victor Brito Cordeiro Post author

    man you look SO handsome here I can't help it

  • Utkarsh Singh Post author

    I like to think myself as a smart guy but in this way.

  • Hari Kishore Post author

    Acc to Einstein moon actually following straight path in space but more massive object.. here in case with earth bends the space-time so moon just following the space. And same with planets revolving around the sun.

  • Red-Velvet Cake Post author

    This video is being a little pedantic isnt it?

  • Just another poor guy Post author

    Nobody :

    YouTube : yeah boi, this video got 8 years old let's recommend this to everyone

  • Ultimate Asshole Post author

    Flattards cannot wrap this inside their tiny brain.

  • Shahidullah Mian Post author

    You are shaved

  • agerven Post author

    Ahh, um Right yes. Totally right. Must be.
    Although I can't agree that everyone in the video said things that were wrong.
    What complicates this, with the tides and all, is that gravitational force is not the full story, is it? Moon and Earth also rotate around each other, the common center of rotation being located AlMost at the Earths center. And the rotational force, working outwards keeps them in that orbit. Of course Newtons 3rd law applies to the rotational force as well.

  • med K2 Post author

    Alright i'm dumb ….you happy?? 😂😂😂

  • Surya Vikaas Post author

    3:15– speed limit "C" LOL

  • Ruban SriramBabu Post author

    Fun fact : both the earth and the moon revolve around each other about their centre of mass, which revolves around the sun, and the sun revolves around the centre of mass of the solar system which revolves around in the Milky way galaxy, which revolves around the centre of mass of the cluster, which revolves around the centre of mass of superclusters.

  • I AM A TECHY GUY Post author

    Lol I don't know how you get across such fool people. Many of them seem to be high school passouts still they don't know about Newton's Third law of motion and Gravitational laws

  • pgibsonorg Post author

    Acceleration is what they visualized. Nobody has an innate understanding of forces. Modeling acceleration and mass is possible but not so for force directly.

  • Raiha Sohail Post author

    So basically if an asteroid falls on to the earth , the attraction between earth and moon gets closer?

  • krishnaa balaji Post author

    Really? F=G.m1m2/r^2 . There's no F1 or F2. If the earth pulled more then moon and earth would be one celestial body by now.

  • Aditya Raj Post author


  • Marc Martin Paul Rivera Solayao Post author

    holy f- that made a lot of sense

  • RAJ SINGH Post author

    Force will be same but as mass increases, acceleration would decrease in the object having greater mass. In this case, earth and moon are acting same force upon another one. But earth will be accelerated slowly than of moon because it has greater mass.

  • Trent Pettyjohn Post author

    How you gunna just cut out on us like that? I assume someone has been influenced by a particular professor of physics I assume… but I will leave that for you to explore on your own.

  • Alex Zheng Post author

    At the end i just noticed the speed limit of the sun, c u later, light

  • Amogh Kulkarni Post author

    When did the Veritasium guy have a son

  • Ezequias Lopes Post author

    Time happened to him.

  • BuddhaBebop Post author

    but not really believed in newtons third law. aha! science is a religion. checkmate atheists!

  • Abhay Mehta Post author


  • Hrithik Jain Post author

    I still don't get it.What if I throw a rubber ball and a ball made of cloth on a wall with same force? As per F=ma ball of cloth must have greater acceleration as it is light than rubber but in reality the rubber ball returns back faster…..??

  • Katie Giles Post author

    Really? This was the best video EVER? Do you truly feel that in your SPLEEN Derek?…I think not.

  • Gurjeet Singh Post author

    Gravity between earth n moon is equal n opposite yet on moon s surface we weigh 1/6 of earth. confused. guess forgot college books content lol

  • Michael Espeland Post author

    Speed limit: c … that's clever

  • Zen = Yen 🔴 Post author

    brilliant.. i love the path taken and technique that u have used to hit the nail on the head.
    and the simplicity of it all is the work of a genius.
    giving u a standing ovation…

  • Roshan Aware Post author

    Im in 2019

  • Yeshua is Lord. Post author

    You are so young.

  • Akanksha Sarda Post author

    Even a 10th grade kid in India can tell that both the forces are equal!

  • Mauricio Cordeiro Post author

    Man, look how young you look there. That makes me feel old too.

  • raghu mahi Post author

    Spot the difference:


  • suraj sudhera Post author

    what about black holes …. it has greater gravitational pull and defy this principle ?

  • tali lkr Post author

    speed limit is "c"
    where c=3*10^8 m/s^2
    (c->speed of light)

  • Canis Poetam Post author

    everyone simply interpreted the question
    through the prism of relativity . . .


  • Dante DeMello Post author

    Bruh even I knew that

  • Rohit Tandulwadkar Post author

    There is no core…
    The core has exploded…!

  • abhibhav sharma Post author

    Hey Derek .
    What about the gravitational interaction between the each of the masses 🤔 . That is also accountable for the system you explained .

  • sutil Al Post author

    so the observable effect is that the earth exerts more, in lay men term, why they try to make people look stupid, that attiude, you do not see expert other branch of knowledge brag and enjoy finding error in semantic question, only in science and especially if they are atheists and student who play to be scientest when they are learning.. lol

  • Ritu Chandra Post author

    speed limit C… i see whay you did there XD

  • Shin JunYoung Post author

    Wow, very young version of you!

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  • Kislay Tiwari Post author

    Did anyone notice the speed limit on board behind Derek while he was explaining.
    After 0:18 it was "c"

  • Stexo Post author

    Omg. Speed limit c. Very nice!!

  • amir hosein kargar Post author

    Goood. Thank u

  • Shubham Semwal Post author

    You should have expalined in here, why the objects do not meet. Like inertia thing in detail

  • Burak Anıl İnce Post author

    I didnt get it

  • José Barría Post author

    How time flies.. literally

  • E.F. kotlinski Post author

    Well… No. It's a good video but, THE best… No

  • w0ttheh3ll Post author

    where did you find all these more-or-less physics-educated people to interview? is that on a campus?

  • MadScientist512 Post author

    I immediately saw the trick in the question so apparently I need a Newtondectomy, luckily my balls aren't massive enough for Cavendish to experiment with. Ed: Good luck trying to catch anyone going over that limit!

  • Pubudu Weerakoon Post author

    Explanations are very simple and clear. Thanks.

  • Najeem Shaik Post author

    Wait but what about Einsteins theory on how gravity works, as objects with more mass bend spacetime which attracts objects with less mass

  • Captain Oates Post author

    Derek. Please don't mock the afflicted. Most of your videos seem to go by a similar theme The viewers of your channel have to be a bit more intelligent than your interviewees. Maybe not going by some of the comments.

  • Making Learning Fun Post author

    We know

  • Nilaksh Singh Post author

    It's really sad that people can't get basic science right.

  • ActionSpace Gaming Post author

    If c was the speed limit then photons can go !!!!!!!!

  • Jayesh Dharade Post author

    Lets replace it with magnets. Magnet A and Magnet B. Magnet A is 4 times bigger than B. Fasten both magnets using thread and hang it on the air near to each other. Similar situation like earth and moon. I believe Magnet B will be more tilt towards than A.

  • Ona sehume Post author

    Young Derek

  • Autotrope Post author

    Who is this young boy whoa it's like a journey through time

  • SK9 Post author

    Speed Limit C lmao
    also known as:
    thee shan't break Einstein's theory of relativity

  • Adil Mhaisker Post author

    Hey Veritasium, your son looks just like you… Oh! wait…

  • sign543 Post author

    Richard Dawkins and others have addressed this. It’s because our brains are evolved to simplify problems and observations…so that what appears to be is usually what we think is reality. It’s why people thought the sun revolved around the earth. Somebody asked, “Why did people think the sun revolved around the earth?” And the answer was, “Because that’s the way it appears,” to which another question was asked, “What it would it look like the other way?” That’s pretty powerful. It would look the same. So why do we conclude the former? Because of our perspective…and this is a reasonable conclusion (unless we are taught differently), because our eyes are designed to not fool us. In cases like the sun and earth, this evolutionary characteristic works against us, but this is mostly not the case.

  • jonahansen Post author

    You're right. Best clip on the third law. Ever. Thanks! Damn – Newton was insightful…

  • powersliding Post author

    best film but discard of the moons circular motion and velocity having an effect, the curve it makes is a result of energy as well. if we wereto take in whats been said, the moon would be crashing into the earth

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