Benson and Stone Break Tony – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

Benson and Stone Break Tony – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

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Look, Carol swears
that she went to the prom with someone else. Okay, she snubbed him, and he’s been fantasizing
about her for ten years. – Fantasy isn’t corroboration. – But it’s motive. – Sorry. Three lonely, sick guys
cook up this elaborate plan. Two of them execute it
perfectly, but Tony, probably the smartest
of the three, screwed up? – That’s what criminals do. – Or maybe he didn’t. The others attack strangers
who wronged their buddy, but Tony raped the woman
who hurt him in high school. – So in the heat of the moment, he wanted Carol to know
that it was him. – Some lawyers might consider
this harassment. – In case your client
is interested, Riley Porter took a deal
for ten years. Chris Carnasis took 12. – No comment. – Defense exhibit A.
The perfect client. Okay, so this has been fun. But unless you have
corroboration, then you’re wasting our time. – I’d like Tony
to meet someone. [door rattles] ♪ Say hello, Tony. – I don’t know her. – It’s Carol Solomon. You two went to high school
together. – There are a lot of people
in the school. – Remind him, Carol.
Remind him of the good times. – I can’t. I’m sorry. I’ve never seen him before
in my life. – Well, that’s–that’s not
what your mom said, Tony. You mom told us that Carol
was all you talked about. In fact, she said that you two
went to prom together. – No.
– You’re all the same. – Hey, sit down, Tony.
– That is it! I don’t know what you guys
are trying to pull here, but we’re done.
Let’s go. – Who are you? ♪ Why did you do this to me? ♪ – Because you’re ignorant,
and shallow, and you throw yourself
at worthless men like John Quinn. – I loved John!
– No, no, no. You’re not entitled to love. You’re not entitled
to anything. – But you are.
– You’re damn right I am! ♪ Chad and Stacey,
Stacey and Chad. Winners of the genetic lottery
flaunting it to the rest of us. – What, losers?
– Look at you. All of you! You’re all too obtuse
to see what’s going on! You have no idea. Perfect people running around
Central Park, picnics in Sheep’s Meadow. Always flaunting, always having a wonderful time
while I was alone. It’s time you all learned
your lesson! – It’s time we what, Tony?
– Do not answer that, Tony. – Do what, Tony? ♪ – You don’t know who I am!
– Hey, step back. Step back.
Don’t do that again. – Well, I know you, Carol. I know you used to live at
617 East 63rd, apartment 23B. You and your perfect
mom and dad. I know you love Frozen
Hot Chocolate from Serendipity and Sesame Chicken
from Shun Lee. Your favorite movie is–
– Make him stop! – I’m not done!
I’m not done! – All right,
up against the wall now. Don’t make me say that again. – [laughs] I know your old cell phone
number was 555-0179. – What? – Yeah. You know how I know that?
You know how I know that? Because I called it and left a message
asking you to prom! But I guess
your inner bitch took over! You didn’t even have
the decency to call me back! – Is that why you killed John? – Why should he have a life
when I had nothing? – So you raped Carol. – I took what was mine. – Turn around. Put your hands
behind your back. [cuffs rattle] – We should talk. ♪ – Let’s go. – You bastard! ♪ I never got your voice mail. ♪ Because that was never
my phone number. ♪ You called somebody else. ♪ You stupid, evil bastard! ♪ – Let’s go. ♪ [sobbing]

100 thoughts on “Benson and Stone Break Tony – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

  • Justin Priest Post author

    I wished they found out who the number belonged too.

  • Un Topo ciego Post author

    Discover the Truth, this show Is just drama BS

  • tara thelen Post author

    Oh Spongbob what did you get yourself into

  • autismpete Post author

    All you have to do is handle rejection well, and you will do a LOT better with women than this tool here. I swear, half of having interpersonal relationships with women is just not being a damn creep! If a woman feels safe around you, you're winning!

  • Christian Huston Post author

    She was way out of his league like c'mon dude

  • mew10521 Post author

    I kind of feel sorry for that creep; how did he get the wrong phone number?

  • Giga BlasterFire Post author

    Damn, the mind will drive you into a river if you thought 2 tons would float

  • Master Mark Post author

    I like the vintage law and order shaky camera movement

  • Levi Ticher Post author


  • Samaria Johnson Post author

    I actually laughed when she said he called someone else, this all started bc he called THE WRONG NUMBER!!😂😂😂 I know he was shook

  • Alana Renee Post author

    I'm confused someone plz tell me what happened

  • ladybeast11 Post author

    Great great acting!

  • Epic Gunner Post author

    Chad and Stacey… Someone's been paying attention to 4chan traffic

  • EbberDeeMills Post author

    …and then Stacy left Chad for a CHUD.

  • Naomi Seiden Post author

    what season is this episode from??

  • Sarah Mckenna Post author

    I hate people like him. so pathetic.

  • Nicole Miller Post author

    Such a good episode

  • Reverse Flash Post author

    I use to think like that because I am still a loser that has never had someone ever. When I was in high school I worked hard to turn my life around and earn a relationship with a pretty and nice girl 4 long years I waited patiently and I fought hard against denial from other girls and heck I knew I was never going to PROM because I knew that I didn’t stand a chance and I let that damage the way I thought about what I deserved and what I rightfully earned. That it’s unrealistic for someone who’s had a horrible start in life as a kid to try and start fresh and do honest work to have a girlfriend only to know rejection and denial and being teased constantly like someone teasing a dog with a bone as a treat holding it right out in front for the taking only to be yanked away every time the dog jumps for it. I felt like I deserved a reason why a nice guy like me who had it worse than everyone else who have everything while I had nothing and once I had a reason then I would stop but nobody ever did tell me. I would’ve ended up like him if I didn’t stop and think about everything one day. I then realized that like my dad once told me “Nobody deserves anything, it’s earned!” I realized that I was trying to cheat myself and I was to caught up
    In inequality and unfairness and the unrealism of reality that I thought does having a girlfriend make me any different how does it affect me any differently because it doesn’t. Just because I’ve never kissed a girl or had sex or had a girlfriend doesn’t mean I’m a loser or a bad person. Those things don’t define who I am the way I chose to live my life and the mission to keep trying the right way and not take or cheat myself with women otherwise I’m no better than the rapist in this clip. Am I happy that I still haven’t earned the opportunity’s of love No I am not but am I proud that I choose to not let all of the rejection and denial of women turn me into a creep or monster yes I am and I hope all the others out there read this and remember the ones we desire don’t affect our lives.

  • Seb Bat Post author

    Just realized this was the incel episode

  • krusso14 Post author

    People saying this isn't an accurate depiction of incels take television shows way too seriously. That's why it's called a tv show. It may depict some incels, but not all. We all get that, or at least we should.

    Tap the brakes on the outrage, people. Calm down, relax, and take some deep breaths. Too many people take trivial, insignificant things way too seriously. Get a life and take care of yourself. Don't worry so much about others who you can't, and shouldn't try to, control.

  • abdalminator Post author

    what a creepy plot twist

  • uhhh Post author


  • The Muay Thai Paramedic Post author

    Stad and Chacy! Chacy and Stad!

  • Formiam Gotten Post author

    Wow, the virtue signal is this comment thread is strong.

    The fact of the matter is this whole episode is a joke. Detective Chad has to go to the dark web to find references to Stacy and Chad. How is that even a thing? Incels are not on the dark web, they are on the everyday out in the clear web. They're not hiding anywhere.

    And then the whole "plot twist" with the wrong number. WTF? What kind of cheap cop out is that? "Well, where did you get the number? Oh, I got it from a bathroom stall at school. Can't believe it wasn't the right one." Called one time, left a message, never heard back, never fallowed up, probably didn't look, laugh, or smile at him in school which if he was as big as a loner in school as he claims he would have least heard something about it. People mocking or laughing at him in school in regards to the event. They clearly didn't base this off of anything in real life.

  • mythos 52314 Post author

    the chad deserved it

  • MAnuscript421 Post author

    In a way, I kind of relate to Tony. Granted, I would never do what he did, but I understand what it's like to have a crush on someone but they fall for someone more attractive than you. It still doesn't excuse what he did, but I understand.

  • Danielle Vidal Post author

    I feel like I can relate to both characters. But ask me before and after a test at school and you'll get a Tony somewhere alright.
    Weird, huh. Lol!

  • renji90998 Post author

    Kinda make you wonder what would happen if he called the right number? She could've politely said no, saying someone had already asked her. She also could've said yes and might think she should automatically have sex. She declines and we're back here, or he would've become a decent human being.

  • alex1vid Post author

    … sort of ironic. That guy kind of reminded me of Anthony Weiner for some reason… and, well… yeah…

  • sychkid Post author


  • super saiyan Goodman II. Post author

    I'm sorry to have to say this but this dude is so psychically crazy and he is sick! he has a sick twisted mind who was too weak and afraid of dealing with rejections from others I know this is a show but c'mon it all makes since to me. If he waited to date anyone at the righter time if he was strong enough to overcame rejections like a braver man, then noun of that crap would what have happened but since he's Fu**ked up worst cases it's far too late for him to make it right, now. He's got to pay for all of it now.

  • Jurnee Berkly Post author

    Is how stupid that lawyer felt

  • Serenity63092 Post author

    Just realized I went to middle school with the actor that plays tony

  • Tara Kelly Post author

    Don't read the comments is you dont want it spoiled

  • Chrissy Renaye Post author

    What type of Lawyer is she???? Didn’t tell him to stfu or move him just stood there listening???

  • Ny'Asia Terrell Post author

    Shout out to her Bc I would’ve went King Kong 🦍 on that boy

  • DAsrada Post author

    Nothing quite like an incel getting handcuffed by a FEMALE police officer.

  • Prepper Jack Corn Post author

    incel mentality

  • Kabuto Yakushi Post author

    What an insecure dumb dumb. Bruh, you look fine. It's your evil heart shining through that made you ugly.

  • Jeremy Kershaw Post author

    Incels are a terror threat. One of them killed 10 people here

  • Amy Erlanger Post author


  • G T Post author

    After she said it wasn’t her phone number I thought she was going to say “and I hate frozen hot chocolate”

  • Starmadien2019 Post author


  • Starmadien2019 Post author

    If a 600 lb person who never leaves their house can find love you can. It's not all about looks, it's more about personality and the way you treat others

  • Blah Yak Post author


  • askewniverse 24 Post author

    Side note: love the green shirt

  • Justina Henry-Dahbur Post author

    My favourite show 😊

  • The Green Pill Mindset Post author

    Victim: That wasn't my phone number. You called somebody else!!
    Perp: Oh, my bad. Wanna catch a movie some time then?

  • Sadeem Alasaad Post author

    Damn he stooopid

  • Lindalee Law Post author

    This is called RAPE.

  • angelica newton Post author

    He called the wrong number?! So thats not the girl he was obssessed with.. It was a different girl who probably looked similar to her or he is just straight up delusional

  • Mackenzie Leonard Post author

    What season and episode is this

  • Brittany Ingersoll Post author

    Can somebody tell me what episode this is.

  • Marie Monroe Post author

    I wish Carol aka Kennedy had an insta

  • Charles Brossett Post author

    "while I was alone" if you were alone then you had time to fix yourself and become a better person. But instead you let your jealousy and insecurities built up inside of you and you took out a girl you know over a misunderstanding. Alone. You deserve to be alone

  • 47 Times Post author

    We are obligated to being treated humanely, I've never had a problem with Chad they're cool dudes and men don't seem to be so judgmental towards people who are different. Stacy on the other hand is my problem I want to be able to go out without being harrassed with stares and laughs for once in my life they're the definition of evil I hate them.

  • Lindalee Law Post author

    My neighbor downstairs is invasive…..

  • Diego Martinez Post author

    This is soo bad it's laughable

  • Fool Slayer Post author

    That Tony has a very punchable face. Knowing what he's done, I'd gladly stomp his face into cement and castrate this vermin. The biggest mistake that people make about evil people is that they treat them like people.

  • Taye Nic Post author

    Damn she said “that was never my phone number” yooo that moment when your whole life was a lie

  • Josiah Archangel Post author

    At 4:18 , I had the same reaction like Olivia! SVU is deep

  • 47 Times Post author

    You guys act like if he called the right number she would've said yes 😂😂😂. She would've said no sorry I'm going with someone else(Chad) and left him there knowing he was rejected then he would've actually killed her.

  • anibal cesar nishizk Post author

    Ohhh!,Carl Jung,where were you?.

  • hippysheep1023 Post author

    Why dosnt his attorney stop his ranting?

  • p Post author


  • zantheus Post author

    When she tells him that wasn't her phone number

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha
    Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

  • Sandra Meesala Post author

    What a waste over nothing but then again, even if she got the message, would she have say yes or even called him back?

  • Mira Lang Post author

    This is the kind of self-proclaimed "Nice Guy" who think women owe them love and sex, turned up to eleven.

  • Pál Gábor Korom Post author

    These bad guy breakdowns are always so satisfying to watch. They just let it all out!

  • Paul Lopez Post author

    Good twist at the, "that wasn't number!"

  • Pebbles Post author

    I remember that episode. The ending was shocking.

  • Sam Landman Post author

    I mean to be fair, had he called the right number and she had gotten the message, they would probably be married by now with two kids, a labradoodle and a town house…

  • No Name Post author

    Castrate incels.

  • Daniel Gonzalez Post author

    Damm talk about a bombshell!!!

  • Arem Jarem Post author

    The incel mentality everyone.

  • Kekarot Post author

    I will never understand how normies like this poor writing

  • Nova Post author

    Feel for the dude.

  • Aaliyah Strong Post author

    Or…and hear me out…you walk up to her in the hall and say “hey carol did you get my message?” And she says “that’s not my number” AND ALL OF THIS IS AVOIDED

  • Charles Brossett Post author

    Rejection hurts. And people are always going to ignore others IF YOUR LUCKY or treat you like garbage. But being alone is in the end a choice. Always has. If your going to blame people for something blame them for being rotten but BLAME yourself for the choice you made

  • mrpetersonandsnappyturtle Post author

    dude was sick! 🙁

  • Ghita Ivanov Post author


  • Independent Post author

    This is why prom shouldn't exist

  • StarKiller 56 Post author

    Okay, that lawyer is HORRIBLE at her job. No one would ever let their client go on a tirade like that.

  • Charles Jackson III Post author

    Oh my god 😱😱😱😱😨

  • Madison Smith Post author

    Now THIS is tea. Goddamn SVU

  • Margo Hughes Post author

    Ah yes, this is what I call incel to the extreme

  • bs4e Post author

    Maybe if he got rid of that stupid mustache.

  • Sherrine Leighton Post author

    The man who played Tony the incel is an amazing actor wow

  • Kamikaze Badger Post author


  • EricLoire Post author

    That's what it's like to live in a society

  • anibal cesar nishizk Post author

    Remember what Dr.Lecter said:We covet what we see.

  • anibal cesar nishizk Post author

    So,who didn't pick his phone call?.

  • Tatsuya Shiba Post author

    Honestly, I feel offended by this episode. This portrays all incels as if they're all some sort of rapist, misogynistic murderers, when the reality is that even some innocent guy who just wants a girlfriend but has never gotten one is an incel by default. Yes, we have a few deranged individuals like Elliot Rodger or Alek Minassian, but the vast majority of us incels aren't even like that.

  • Tony Rivera Post author

    Me to the defense attorney

    “There’s nothing to talk about”

  • Pat H Post author

    The loser is strong in this one…

  • Kay Pui Chun Post author


  • kingbelail Post author

    Phhhh it was this episode lol

  • weallbfree Post author

    I'm not familiar with this episode, but it seems he could have gotten off if he just kept his mouth shut. How many cases have they closed just because of defendants who just couldn't help themselves.

  • Mia Tanacea Post author


  • David Thorne Post author

    Fabulous show!!

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