Benson and Dodds Come at the King – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

Benson and Dodds Come at the King – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

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– Thank you for meeting me. – What’s on your mind? – I think we may have a problem with this Nikki Staines
situation. – Why? I already told
Lieutenant Benson the encounter
was consensual. – You don’t know Benson. She believes Nikki
was assaulted. – Then disabuse her
of that belief. – Well, maybe I could
if she wasn’t convinced that you did this
to get Nikki’s phone. – What?
– She’s like a dog with a bone. She thinks you were looking
for info on the NYPD lawsuit and maybe the… the underage sex party case. – I don’t even know
what you’re talking about. – She found out about your
connection to Judge Leonard. She’s not gonna let this go. – What do you want me to do? – If you have the phone,
maybe you toss it. Somewhere the cops can find it. A garbage can
in the neighborhood. Maybe that’ll get her
off the scent. – Can’t control
your own people? – Not her. – I think you need to relax,
Bill. Nikki herself is saying
the sex was consensual. She’s not gonna testify. And the damn phone, irony is,
nothing about me on it. – So you have it?
– What do you mean? – The phone is in
your possession? – I found it on the floor
of my limo. She must have dropped it.
She was completely blacked out. She doesn’t remember anything. – What if she does? What if Benson convinces her
to testify? – It’ll be taken care of. – How? – No Nikki, no case. – What are you saying? – What’s going on here? Are you wearing a wire? I’m your attorney, Bill. Not to mention,
you don’t want me to release that memo of yours. [door slamming] What’s this? – You’re under arrest. – Anything
I said is inadmissible. Attorney/client privilege. – Huh, well, Chief Dodds
waived that privilege when he put on that wire. Plus, and you should know this, that does not apply when there’s
a crime fraud exception or discussion
of further crime. – What crime?
I was making a bad joke. – [chuckles]
– Nikki Staines got into my car of her own accord. She dropped her phone.
The sex was consensual. – Consensual?
She was unconscious. Why?
You already had the phone. – Let me tell you something. You’re either a wolf
in this life or a lamb. My father was a lamb. He had a shop. And every week,
the wolves in my neighborhood would come
and pick the shelves clean, and when there was nothing left
to steal, they took my sister in a back
room and my father did nothing. You know what I learned? I’d rather run with the wolves. – If I were you, I’d shut up. – I’ll be out of these cuffs
in an hour. – I wouldn’t be so sure. Once word gets out
that you’ve been arrested, your friends are
going to turn on you. And nobody helps the wolf when he’s bleeding. – You were right. I’m sorry. – It’s over. – Yeah. – What was that memo
that he was talking about? – It never went past my desk
and it never will. – That’s not an answer. – I’ll give you a copy.

67 thoughts on “Benson and Dodds Come at the King – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

  • Jay Harris Post author

    I was almost afraid that this was going to be the one case they cannot win

  • Diego Jimenez Post author

    Greetings from Méxicooooo

  • Yeetus Deletus Post author

    This episode was so good and I’m ready for the next and I’m wondering what the memo was. Maybe someone is going after her bringing up people from her past she was close with, maybe someone is accusing her of something? Who knows?

  • Michaela adair Post author

    Can we get another highlight

  • Sim ? Post author

    Ima watch this after I come back home from hazmat school tomorrow evening. I hope it's good because this season has been very hit or miss for me.

  • Marshawna Post author

    I just love the way she always walks in looking pissed off 😂 idk why maybe because up until that moment that's how I feel the whole episode😂😂

  • Joe Whitehead Post author

    “It was consensual” “She wanted it” Rapist theme song.

    & that wolf story really explained a lot about Miller

  • lorraine ilai Post author

    What memo ? Can anyone elaborate pls

  • Christopher Lewis Post author

    Miller messed with the wrong cop. Olivia always get her man.

  • Flamze_xP Post author

    Best part

  • Marian Blake Post author

    Watch from Jamaica

  • Flamze_xP Post author

    "Are you wearing a wire" oh snap how did he found out

  • Charlie Freeman Post author

    Olivia and chief dodds put the wolf in his cage right where he belongs

  • Denise Reiland Post author


  • Daniel Lewis Post author

    Anyone else think this guy looks like James Garfield?

  • Logan Ross Post author

    "I'll give you a copy," isn't an apology. I guess he doesn't need to say sorry. He's just stating that he didn't act on what he typed up.

  • Noreen O Shea Post author

    Olivia Benson is one sassy lady! She takes no prisoners! She's a tough nut to crack! 🙂

  • CarolinaGP Post author

    WTF says the memo???

  • Esther Edwards Post author

    Watching from antigua and barbuda

  • shane reid Post author

    Hey, look it's the man in black. Y'all got the reference?

  • Smiley L Post author

    I want to know what the memo said.

  • Connor DeJong Post author

    I wanna know what Dodd's memo is about

  • Cydney Ewing Post author

    This case was too easy to figure out. I knew it was Miller from the very beginning. When he was introduced to Benson and Rollins, I automatically knew it was him. Good episode tho. Season 20 has been amazing.

  • Kyle Storsin Post author

    My guess about this memo that has twice now been referenced, either Dodds was threatening to relieve Benson of duty for one reason or another, or he was attacking the entire SVU department as a whole. That was before a couple of cases though that showed Dodds the value of both Benson and SVU generally to Dodds and other top brass. I think this show is building to something with the memo though. I can't help but think Olivia might end up getting promoted to Captain, and Dodds may end up leaving his position for one reason or another. I've suspected that is where the show will go eventually.

  • Diviana Ruiz Post author

    So about that memo is liv leaving , i hope not 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Valin Post author

    They took down Tsar Nicholas?

  • Adrian Dominic Post author

    Bosch, what are you doing? And in New York?! lol

  • dttruman Post author

    Did anybody think this episode should have been maybe a two or three part episode? With a $50 million lawsuit and some major players involved, I thought 2/3 of the way through it maybe a two parter.

  • Ricky Parmar Post author

    Will we ever find out about the memo?
    There was a scene with Finn at the end, but it left more questions then answers.

  • Dynasti Moore Post author

    Benson why you was crying you made me have tears in my ears 😥😥

  • Logan Ross Post author

    Salene Brom, That he was going to interview other people for Liv's position. That's what was on the memo, that's it.

  • Shem Casimir Post author

    What’s the episode?

  • Titchlilly Post author

    Bosch himself Titus

  • Shauvon Batiste Post author

    The memo was basically when noah was kidnapped and dodds basically was trying to boot olivia out ((never was clairified if good intentions or not))but fin somehow got a hold of it and let dodds know he did and he always will have olivia back.

  • S&M Back on the grid Post author

    I am a huge fan of Mariska Hargitay and the cast of Law&Order SVU that is one of my goals is to meet her and the cast. I love all of there work. Keep it up SVU.😁😁👍👍👍

  • Jarvis Brodie Post author

    He's always playing a jackass everywhere he goes!!

  • williette doeleh Post author

    What season and episode is this? I wanna watch it ☺

  • some one Post author

    Out of every episode of this 'show' i wonder how many times the bad person has been female… almost never I'm guessing… I believe that makes this show possibly a bit sexist…

  • Ernie Post author

    Damn! I love Olivia Benson, that is all I have to say.

  • Ben Dover Post author

    What were the contents of the memo ????

  • Ashley Gray Post author

    He plays such a good bad guy. Lost, sons of anarchy, now this. He also is sooo amazing as Bosch. He is one of my faves.

  • Ashley Gray Post author

    I also feel like Mariska could get more confessions at this point than real detectives lol

  • Truly Fahairi Post author

    This was a good episode surprisingly because this season has been very hit or miss. I find that I enjoy the episodes without Stone more.

  • Starlite Mc Post author

    I'm so glad i can steam this show ,this episode was good

  • Sim ? Post author

    That dude with the big beard is so slick!!! I can definitely see him coming back & becoming a MAJOR threat to Olivia & the squad.

  • Just Call Me Jess Post author

    I know Olivia is thr face of SVU and I love her too. But her acting seems to have changed so much. Like to an annoying fault.

    Also, anyone else feel like its becoming INCREDIBLY predictable? Not that many jave been for awhile, but it seems almost comical this season.
    Not sure if its the running out of storylines, (or being almost verbatim to whatever case in the media), or the bad acting/expressions. Idk

  • Dede Elliott Post author

    I was getting worried about Law and Order but this was an awesome episode. Like the good old days👍👍👍

  • Doagae Porbeni Post author

    I’m so confused about that memo…🤔

  • Cristoph De Caermichael Post author

  • Patronus88 Post author

    You'd think after what happend to his sister, Miller would be the one putting the rapists away not becoming one himself. He thinks he's some kind of alpha wolf but real alpha wolves but in truth he's was basically corrupt sad old man who couldn't no for an answer.

  • Heaven Tatum Post author

    YAAAS Olivia Benson " Nobody helps the wolf when it's bleeding" that's a good line 😂 imma use that line 😃

  • David Howard Post author

    "Nobody helps the wolf when he's bleeding." That's a line I will remember.

  • Yayu betancourt Post author

    For being consider the “king” Miller went down to easy, I was hopping that he were more complicated to beat not just a lousy wire

  • SavedByGrace Post author

    So what’s that mysterious memo everyone keeps talking about? Any ideas?

  • M Post author

    This guy needs a good shave.

  • silencia08 Post author

    Memo said "Bring back Rafael Barba!"

  • Charles Lüke Jean Post author


  • Charles Lüke Jean Post author

    Painter from Die Bench, Daniel Burdick.

  • Charles Lüke Jean Post author

  • Charles Lüke Jean Post author


  • Viviana Dominguez Post author

    what was the memo??????

  • Holy Roman Emperor Post author

    Dude looks like Benjamin Harrison

  • Echo Adalisk Post author

    I feel bad for what Miller sister must've went through in the past

  • Famousgirlification Post author

    What episode is this ? I missed this episode and he popped in episode 20×23 again and I can't find his first episode in this

  • StarKiller 56 Post author

    In less than 10 minutes this guy went from Tywin Lannister to Season 8 Tyrion.

  • Angela Alvarez Post author

    Why are we so fascinated with all these rape cases on these shows, continuously. Cant they do entire season without for awe and shock sexual assault, descriptions, depravity, the MEN writers, get off on this. This is a constant assault on women.

  • Romeo 187 Post author

    How bout you give the season an episode numbers

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