Beekeeping, Russian bees, Flow Hive and gold medal honey :)

Beekeeping, Russian bees, Flow Hive and gold medal honey :)

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(upbeat tranquil music) – Hi I’m Virginia Webb. My husband Carl Webb and I, we’re the owners of Mountain Honey. And we’re here in Clarkesville Georgia where we have our flow hives
here at our home bee yard. Both my husband and I, we’ve
been lifelong beekeepers. I actually got my first beehive in 1962. And, it was a gift from my father. And my father is a beekeeper, my grandfather was a beekeeper. We’re honey producers. We run about 300 colonies
of bees right now. That’s a pretty small
commercial operation. But for a husband and wife team, that works very well for the two of us. This is new foundation
that they’ve drawn out, and it is just totally, filled with eggs and larva. – She could be there[queen], Viginia. – Or she may be on the next one. We’re a certified Russian
bee breeding operation. They are very tolerant
and really resistant to the deadly Varroa mite
that’s been devastating bees. We use no chemical treatments
in our hive, whatsoever. And that’s one of the
reasons why we’ve chosen the Russian bee. The other good reason,
is, is they’re very, very prolific in producing honey for
both spring and summer time. We have a lot of fresh nectar in here. Ooh, that’s what I love to see. I discovered the flow
hive, like most people did, was because there was
a fabulous little video on the internet that
talked about the flow hive. And when you first think about is, like, how would you do this? And that was what was intriguing to me. I did not know how it worked. And, you have to really put it together and watch the bees in
it, to experience it. Sourwood is our, most
popular variety of honey that we produce. It’s won four gold medals
at the World Honey shows, for best honey in the world. And that’s what we wanted to try it on, was to produce the sourwood honey. Now the sourwood is blooming now. So we’re still fairly early in the flow. We have another two to three weeks to go. I have to encourage people to belong to a local beekeeping club. You know my greatest beekeeping mentor was my father. And he’s still keeping bees. Honey bees are so easy to keep. Rooftops, backyards. Your bees are available
to more botanical choices when you’re in an urban setting. And like I said, it can
be anywhere in the world, can keep bees. I can’t think of any place
except maybe Antarctica that you cannot keep honey bees. Besides dirt, water and sunshine, the next most important thing you need in order to grow food, is pollination. And there’s no other
insect that can be managed as well as the honey bee. (upbeat tranquil music)

3 thoughts on “Beekeeping, Russian bees, Flow Hive and gold medal honey :)

  • ivan zakharov Post author

    русские пчелы злые- жалят часто

  • Brittany Karlek Post author

    I feel like it would do some good to allow people the opportunity to put on a beekeeping suit and tag along to help tend to the bees here and there. It just might inspire others to start a side hobby of beekeeping and they might find a real love of bees. I'm in love with honeybee videos whether it's tending to the bees or extracting honey…simply amazing! 😍 Thank you!

  • Abraham Canche Post author

    I live in Portland Oregon where could I get Russian Honey bees?

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