BATB9 | Stephen Lawyer Vs Brian Peacock – Round 1

BATB9 | Stephen Lawyer Vs Brian Peacock – Round 1

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– Battle of the Berrics 9. We have Steven Moreira
versus Brian Peacock. Here are the rules guys. Flat ground only. That doesn’t mean that
anything on flat ground counts. No feet on the ground. That means no no complies. No hand plants, no bonelesses, no grabs. No doing tricks aside
on the ground if your opponent popped this trick. Last letter gets two tries. Offensive toe drag gets one do-over. Defensive toe drag has a
bigger margin for error, but will ultimately will
be decided by the referee, Mr. Steve Barra. (blows whistle) Keep it clean, let’s keep it lean. This is The Battle of the Berrics. There is only going to be one winner. So may God have mercy on your souls. Ro, Sham, Bo. Brian Peacock goes first. (cheering) – Oh, what? – It’s defense. (applauding) (applauding) (applauding) (crowd cheering) (crowd applauding) (crowd applauding) (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) – I tried dude. I tried. – And the winner is? – Brian Peacock. (crowd cheering) – [Chris] Dude, so, congrats. – Thank you man. – Your first game down. – Yea, first game ever. – How do you feel? – It was nerve wracking. Definitely was nervous. But it was fun, it was great. – [Chris] I mean if you
don’t play skate very often that’s like a trial by fire right there. – That was just a blast. I don’t ever play skate like that. And that was just like… Energy levels were high. Nobody was silent, I liked that. I don’t know if you guys
told them to fucking get up and say some shit. – But how do you feel over
all about the whole game? I mean you came back
with a ton of delivers. He served, you put it right back. – [Steven] He looked, he a little more nervous then I was feeling. – [Chris] 540 tre’ flip. – [Brian] He did. He tried that one. – [Chris] He tried it anyway. – [Brian] I blacked out… – I blacked out, and what happened? – Yeah, I was like, yay a letter. For sure, because I know. I’ve seen him do that one. – He didn’t do it today though. He said he hadn’t done it in practice but he was just going to go for the gold is what he said. – I said I’m going for
gold, and if I don’t land it, fuck it. It’s been a great day. I was pretty nervous,
I was like, shit dude. I’m going to come in here
and there’s going to be like 700 people in here. Crickets. Everybody in my home town was like, “Who did you get paired up with?” I’m like, “I think Brian Peacock.” Their like, “Ahh.” – You always want a fall
guy for the first one. You know what I mean? But then you risk losing to the fall guy. – But then your like holy shit, I just lost to the dude
who’s not that guy. – [Chris] Yeah. – I think when your going into this game of skate, your’re mindset is like I’m going to do fucking, double tre’ flip. 540 tre’ flip. Nollie 540 tre’ flip. Nollie 360, and then you go up and you’re like, okay I’m not trying those. I’m going to try a kick flip. But you don’t practice… I bet if I went in there
and did a back flip, front side flip, switch front flip, switch back to flip, nollie back flip, figure finding flip, I probably would have won. But in between there, I’m falling on tricks. – [Brian] I mean you start
start running out of tricks. Even ones you have,
they are not even there. Because you’re in the zone,
you just don’t even remember. – [Chris] Yea, you can’t remember them. – Exactly, you’re like. – What was that again? – Nice, well dude, congrats. Hey, thanks again dude. That was an excellent game. – Thank you Chris. – Hopefully I’ll get asked
back to do another round. Or just do some judging. Wink. I would love to come back. I would love to be a part Berrics anytime. – [Chris] I think the
kids are gong to vote you back in anyway.

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