17 thoughts on “Baby Tinslee given 7 days to live after judge denies injunction

  • WomanOnDa Move Post author

    Pull through babygirl. In Jesus name

  • KennedysGrace Post author

    So sad. Idk what I woukd do in this situation. Prayers to Tinslee and her familyπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  • Starr Love Post author


  • V Hinton Post author

    Tinslee needs peace! So sad!

  • Damita-52 Post author

    I’m very sad to hear this about baby Tinslee. Praying peace for baby girl, and strength for her mother. I’m still praying πŸ™πŸΏ for the family.

  • Topaz50 Richmond Post author

    I wouldn't want to witness my baby suffering, this is extremely sad.

  • MrL TLB Post author

    …I pray she and her Family find Peace

  • SheWhoTalksToTheWind /ANNE Post author

    Sounds like the hospital is like the cops, killers !!!!

  • Sierra Hines Post author

    O but she is so beautiful. Sweet baby girl. Please have mercy.

  • Patrice Johnson Post author

    Please bring her to nicklous children hospital please doo they saved my baby they can save her its nicklous children hospital miami flordia please please

  • bmilprncss22 Post author

    For the love of baby Tinslee is suffering and in pain. If you believe in fate than disconnect her from the machines and let whatever is going to happen happen. She deserves to live free. Right now she isn’t living she’s existing. The Mother and family are now being selfish.

  • Judahn Awesome Post author

    A family member of mine's fought against the doctors urging her to disconnect my then 5 year old nephew from life support (after being tragically struck and face melded onto a moving truck). She refused to adhere to the doctor's request and he went on to live to see 19. She stood firm in her conviction that her child may not be whom he once was……however he would live and we never saw him without a beautiful smile on his handsome face. I am with the mother on preserving her child's life!

  • Cherubim666999 Post author

    …damn..i hate stories like this. no matter what happens this child has got it worse than most of us could ever imagine.
    B thankful for what you have people

  • Heather Rawlings Post author

    Smh…….medicine can only do so much. People are freaking delusional.

  • Jesus Crust Post author

    A terrible situation. If the family can pay for it then they should do what they want. Barring filing for bankruptcy afterwards. Unfortunately stories like this unfold everyday.

  • Angela Glaser Post author

    I read that they were calling other doctors from other hospitals to transfer her and they all agreed with the hospital. I feel like them calling and discussing over the phone her condition isn't right. You have to examine the person before you can agree with anything. This family is suffering and I am so sorry for that.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • Julie Payne Post author

    The mom just can't let go. I can understand that.

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