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– Oh! she loves it! Aw! She ate that centipede like crazy! Oh my god they dyed the eggs! All right guys, one last bug to feed. What the heck! What are you doing man? Let’s go find Andrea because then we’re getting serious with the scorpion. Oh! Look at her face. – My stomach right now. (Brian laughing)
(group exclaiming) – Hey, good morning everybody and welcome to the vlog. I hope the start of your day is amazing. Nova is looking good right now and I have so pretty amazing news that I am gonna share with you guys later in the vlog. But, I actually have a friend of mine that is in from Pro Bugs right here. These are actually eco-fresh scorpions. And we have a whole bunch of stuff. So we’re gonna feed some of our animals and see how this product actually works and then later I’m gonna
share this exciting news, and we have to set up some
tanks and stuff like that. But regardless it’s
gonna be an amazing day. Let’s have a great day together, and let’s get started. Nova, my Daddy, we’re gonna give him something really pretty amazing. This is actually a
centipede from Pro Bugs. I’m a little bit afraid of centipedes, I’m not gonna lie to ya. We’ll see if Nova wants it. Nova, do you want? Do you want? – [Man] She’s coming down for it. – She’s coming down for it. Here comes Momma. Come on Momma. Oh! She loves it Aw! She ate that centipede like crazy! Oh! She’s just munching it down. Oh my gosh, that is so awesome. I’m sure that is so
much nutrition for her. A big ‘ole centipede like that. It’s really cool. We’ll meet up with Leslie in a little bit and talk about what is
behind the Pro Bugs thing and the fact that it’s different than say a freeze dried animal. But we have a whole bunch
of stuff to feed today. Oh my god, that was awesome. But Nova you’re a little cheeky monkey. Nova likes his roaches so why don’t we try to give him a roach. Okay, Nova you want a roach instead? I know you like roaches. I know you like roaches. There you go buddy. Oop, you cut it in half. (laughs) He definitely likes the roaches. He didn’t like the centipede but he loves the roaches. There you go buddy. There you go buddy. All right so I think that Nova and his girlfriend
are Pro Bug approved. Take a look at this. I’ve got a little scorpion. I mean, how goofy is this? It’s pretty cool. And I think it’s again, I talk
about variety with animals. I like to feed ’em lots
of different things. So this is an opportunity
for me to feed stuff like centipedes, and scorpions and weird stuff that I normally wouldn’t. And even stuff like locusts, grasshoppers, you know, we’re not out to breed them to sell them for food here in America. Now we can get ’em through Pro Bugs and it’s kinda good because
they are full of nutrition. I’m gonna go ahead and try
Andy with this scorpion. Andy, you want to eat? You want to eat? You want to eat bud? Whoa. Come on buddy. (exclaims excitedly) Andy crushed it! Are you kidding me? He loved that thing. Look at him munch. Oh my gosh. Andy came running down. I’m sure that’s the first
scorpion he’s ever eaten, so that’s pretty awesome. – So you’re doing the
scorpion though right? – [Andrea] Oh my gosh. – [Man] Right Andrea? You’re doing the scorpion? – Yeah, yeah. I’ll do the scorpion.
– You’re doing the scorpion? Oh my gosh!
– Yeah! – [Man] All right, all right. – Let’s go ahead and try a
silkworm on my Savannah Monitor. Which by the way needs a name, so if you guys have any
ideas for me, let me know. Come on buddy. You want? (exclaiming excitedly) He likes it! Mikey likes it. Nah I’m not gonna call him Mikey. But anyways he absolutely
likes the silkworm. Look it, he’s just running off. He’s like, all right I got
my silkworm, I’m outta here. So far this taste test has gone very well. I’m pretty excited about it,
and the animals are getting some variety which is pretty
awesome because again, I don’t typically feed silkworms. But this is awesome. And he just gobbled it up. That was it. That’s the end. Okay, well he seemed to like it. Let’s see if Bella likes the silkworms. You want to try girl? You want to try? Try to eat? Oh yeah, she likes it. Look at that. Look at that, she loves it. Did good there. It’s nice, it’s awesome. Fantastic. Hey girl did you like that? That’s your first silkworm. You’re such a good girl. I love you. So I’m here with Leslie from Pro Bugs and I just want to start by saying this isn’t a paid endorsement
this isn’t a sponsorship. I’m just kinda hanging out we’re friends and I love his product so we got a chance to try ’em out. It’s been going really well
so far so, tell me first off what’s the difference between
these and freeze dried and why are these better? – So, these insects they
are freshly preserved, completely sterilized, no more
parasites, no more bacteria. – Right. – Freeze dried the
palatability is really bad because it’s dried. Ours, we have moisture, and the guts and everything is all still intact. – Right, exactly, so how long
will these stay on the shelf? – IT stays on the shelf for 18 months. – 18 months?
– Yup. – Oh my gosh. And they are just really fresh in here in the United States so, now
they’re gonna be available in some pet shops. I think Petco you said? – Petco, Petco or Thousand Tree Outlets, they have it right now. – Oh my gosh that’s awesome. And as you can see, the thing that I really like about these guys is that; where are you gonna buy feeder scorpions, or feeder centipedes, or feeder locusts. You’re not allowed to have ’em here. So I really always loved the fact that the Europeans are allowed
to feed, feeder locusts. We can’t, so it’s kind of cool
to have that option, right? – Yup, for real. – Now are you planning on
expanding to new things too? – Yeah, definitely. We will work on the
mice, pinkie, eventually. So you do not need to put
in the freezer anymore, for mice, pinkie. – That’s awesome. – And lots of lots of new variety. – That’s awesome. Well that’s cool. So I’m gonna put a link in the description just if you guys want to
check out all his stuff. Go show him some love. Again, not a paid thing. I just believe in this product
I think it’s really cool. And you guys saw the results. It really works well so if I can actually help kinda
promote something that is good for animals I’m gonna
do it every day of the week. So I know it’s been killing you guys, the anticipation to see
these little monkeys. Look it! We’ve got the little baby Novas. We’ve got a couple little babies that are just starting to hatch out. And then look at this cut
little dude right here. That’s right Nova is a Daddy. We got two little baby frillies hatched, and two little babies that are in the egg, that are about to hatch. And it’s really crazy ’cause
I’m gonna be honest with you, when I saw them laying like this when I first opened the box, this little guy was like that and I thought they were all dead. I was like, oh my god
they died in the egg! But then just a little bit while they were running around like crazy. They are unbelievably adorable, I mean, just take a look
at that little dude. That is amazing. And again we got this little
guy here who is a little. Whoa! Oh my gosh, got to keep ’em in the box. Got to keep ’em in the box. This little dude here that’s got a little crook tail unfortunately. He’s got a little bend in
his tail but that’s okay ’cause we’re gonna keep
him, we’re gonna love him. In a few seconds here I’m
gonna go get Eric and Mary ’cause after all these are half theirs. So they’re gonna be super excited and they’re going crazy to see ’em. We’ll get their reaction. And then we have to set up an
environment for these guys. So we’ll go ahead and set that up and we’ll get back to feeding
some of these bugs off. Oh, and by the way Andrea
said she would eat a scorpion. I don’t know if she will
but I have a feeling we’ll try to get her to eat a scorpion, and maybe even Eric’ll eat a bug. I don’t know. But regardless, aren’t these
guys absolutely adorable? I’m actually gonna try a grasshopper with Flamin’ Hot Cheetoh and again we can’t have grasshoppers or locusts here ’cause they’re illegal to breed
and sell in the pet trade, because of potential
infestations and stuff like that. So it’s really cool that with Pro Bugs, we can actually have ’em. Let’s see if Flamin’ Hot will like ’em. They’re really high in nutritional value. Oh there he goes. He loves it. Look at the little grasshopper. How freaking awesome is that. And that’s really good. Again it’s really high in
proteins and nutrition, so it’s a really good
treat for these guys. I’m actually loving these guys so far. I’m having a really fun
time feeding off stuff I’m not used to feeding off. Let’s give the wise tree
frog a try with a silk worm. (dramatic music) Yeah, I’d say he liked that one. I talk about the fact
that it’s really important to feed the frogs a lot of bugs. You don’t want to have a
really rodent thick diet with these guys. So this is a great opportunity for me to see if he wants a locust. Oh, yeah, oh yeah, he wanted it. (laughing) It’s awesome. And again bugs are really
what you want to feed frogs. A lot of bugs. The occasional rodent, Snoop
Frog definitively liked that locust the first time he’s had it, and I’m pretty excited about it. Let’s go and see if
Potato is interested in. You want, Potato? You want to try? There he goes. He likes it! Good job Potato. Awesome, he is such a cutie. I mean how adorable is
that, he’s so gentle. I love this little dude. And again just lots of variety. I talk about it all the time
when it comes to lizards, who I give lots and lots of variety. So this is a really good treat for him and a really good treat for me. All right guys one last bug to feed. What the heck! What are you doing man? I was feeding Karma. – It’s not beef jerky? – [Brian] No that’s not beef jerky. – It tastes really good. – [Brian] That was a centipede. – It tastes good though. It tastes good. – You’re crazy. All right, let’s, let’s go find Andrea because then we’re getting
serious with the scorpion. Okay, so Andrea said she will eat it. So what do you guys think? You ready?
– No. – [Brian] Are you just
gonna eat the whole thing or are you gonna chew it?
– Ready as I can. Oh no I’m gonna chew it. – Okay
– Yes! – [Brian] Go for it. I’m ready. Oh! – [Man] Look at her face. – My stomach right now. (Brian laughing)
(group exclaiming) – [Man] All that talk! – [Brian] Is it good? – Okay.
– Swallow it! Swallow it! – What does it taste like? (Andrea coughs)
(group exclaims) – Ew.
– I think it. I think it’s the thought
of it that’s so bad. – [Man] Is it good? – Does it taste like dirt? – It doesn’t taste that, it’s all the textures. – Yeah, the textures, yeah. – Squishy, and like, I think I got a leg or something’s on my tongue right now. – Oh no. Well listen, Bruce is
gonna eat a centipede. – Oh no! – But we’re gonna do this on some challenge on Noah’s channel. So definitely link in the
description to Noah’s channel. Go check out Bruce eating the centipede. I’ll tell ya. The scorpion’s ridiculous. I give a lot of kudos to Andrea. There’s no way that I
would ever eat a centipede. So over on Noah’s Channel. You ready? – I’m scared for him. – Let’s do it.
– I’m hungry. (excited chattering) – Listen guys, I’ve literally kept Eric and Mary waiting for hours. – [Brian] They are so freaking out. The little baby frillies hatched. (excited talking) It’s crazy. – He got here at like 7:00. – [Brian] Let’s go look at the frillies. These guys are so excited. Oh my God. Again you gotta remember that the female was Eric and Mary’s, the male obviously is Nova. So these are the results. You guys ready? – Yeah
– I don’t know. I don’t know. – I’m not ready.
– I don’t know. – I’m excited, I’m nervous.
– Noah get in here Bud. (all exclaiming) – Look at them. Are you kidding me?
– Oh my god! I wanna hold ’em.
– They’re so tiny. – I wanna hold ’em. – [Mary] Look at it, their big feet. – [Brian] These guys are totally fine. When they hatch out they’re kinda, you can see they’re moving around, you can see how they’re moving around. – Look at ’em! They’re so cute. – I’m surprised how big they are for how small the egg is though. – Look it. – Little tiny Novas.
– It’s so tiny. – [Brian] This one has a little
crook tail unfortunately. But this one is perfect and we’ll love him just the same
with the little crook tail. – Yeah, we’ll love him. – Oh my God, they’re so cute. – Dude this is unreal, this is unreal. I just, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. – [Brian] These guys
should be ready to go here in the next couple hours too. So they’ll be fine. Like
you said you can see they’re kind of moving
around as a matter of fact, I should probably take
them out of this bedding see how he’s moving around. – [Eric] Yeah, they’re just so little you know they worked a lot. – [Brian] There you go,
see how he popped over? – Oh yeah. I’m awake. – Turn that switch on. – So I got everything set up. The back drop the set up. I’m actually gonna use
reptile prime coconut bedding so we cant the humidity a little bit up. I’ve got some branches
I’ve got a couple things; water dish, all this type of stuff. But really this back
drop started yesterday so I’ll show you how I
actually installed this. And then we’ll go ahead and set things up. So we decided to go with this tank here which is an Exo terra And I know I’ve been talking about this for like eight months but
this is one of our back drops that we’re gonna be
selling at Go check that out. And every Exo terra and Zoo Med size that you can get, we are
gonna have a unique background that is exclusive for reptile prime. And the thing that’s
nice is this stuff is, it’s indestructible. I mean you can take a knife
to it and you can’t do it. So it’ll last forever unlike a lot of the kind of cheesy background out there. I’m gonna show you guys how to install. I’m gonna flip it on this side. I’m actually gonna take
grate foam like this. I’m gonna spray it all along here. And then I’m gonna put it in. And I’ll so you the easiest way that I found to install it in the tank, so let’s go ahead get started. I just want to go ahead and
put a little bit of a seam all the way around like this, anywhere that’s gonna
be touching the glass and when this dries it’s
gonna dry hard as a rock. A lot of times like a little
area like this depressed I’ll just fill it up with foam like this so it’s touching as well. And then any of the cavities
and stuff like that, your actually gonna see, we’re gonna seal them afterwards, but so then I just take this now. When this stuff hardens up it’s gonna literally be like cement. I want to make sure that
it’s put in the right way. Gonna push this in like
this where it goes. Seal it up here and don’t
worry about the mess and this we can easily clean that up
with a little bit of alcohol. Then what I do is take
some two by fours like this that are cut just slightly less. See how it doesn’t fit in there perfectly What I do is I push it up to here. I take a couple shims, I wedge ’em in here until
it’s nice and tight, to where it’s, this board
doesn’t want to go anywhere, and that board is now pressed
up against here real tight like that. And then I do the exact same
thing on the bottom side, just so that it’s really
compressed in here. Both sides got to get pushed in hard. Now once this is actually set up like this I’m gonna leave this set for at least a good 12 to 24 hours. I’m gonna go back and I’m
gonna seal up all of the spots so nothing can get behind the back drop. And I’ll do that with either silicone or you can use a low
expansion foam as well which is what I use ’cause
it’s just a little easier. So we’ll let this set and then
tomorrow well finish this up. I’m giving the foam a handful
of hours to kind of cure and it’s really good. So I actually use a low expansion foam, you can use silicone you can use whatever. What you want to do is
just seal up all the edges because you don’t want anything to get behind that back drop right. So we’re just gonna go through and the reason I use this
low expansion foam is that it comes out really nice and slow so I can literally go right along
this edge, right like this and just fill this gap up right here. Now I can come back and
actually put silicone and use cement dust to make
it look just like the rock so that you don’t see
any difference at all. So I’ll go around and fill
up all these sides here and then I’ll give that
a little time to dry and then we can actually start working at setting this whole thing up
for the little baby frillies. So again now that everything is dried and the kind of fumes are out
and all the stuff like that. I’m just gonna take some
reptile prime coconut bedding and just gonna kinda put it down here. Before we put the animals in,
we’ll actually moisten this up because again little frill dragons need a lot more humidity then
say a bearded dragon. A lot of people think that bearded dragons and frill dragons are almost the same animal. The truth is frillies come
from kind of a more forest area and need higher humidity. So it’s kind of important to do that. So I’m gonna just put a nice layer of coconut bedding down there. I’m gonna go ahead and put
a little rock down here too. Maybe to give a little
bit of a basking area, stuff like that. I’m gonna put this water
thing just right back here although there gonna get the
majority of their moisture, believe it or not actually
from prey that their eating so there not gonna
typically drink a whole lot but I’m gonna go ahead and
put all that stuff down, and keep water in there. And then I’m just gonna
build out some things. ‘Cause again these guys
are arboreal right. So there gonna want to
do a lot of climbing and that fact that we’re
gonna put four of ’em in here, and they can cohabitate no problem. There gonna need a whole
bunch of different options on climbing so if I can give
’em two, or three, four options plus they have this shelf with this back drop to go up on here. Now they have a lots of room. They can climb up on this branch. They can climb on this branch. They can come over on this branch. They can go on this shelf right here. They’ve got a little bit of a hide spot if they want to get away. They can come here a do
a little basking spot. And speaking of basking spot, what I’m gonna use just this Zoo Med hood. I’m gonna use a Reptisun 5.0 and then I’m gonna use a 60 watt bulb. Gonna give ’em a nice hot spot, again they can get close to it. Same thing I like this shelf here because they can get close to the UV. You got to remember with UV light as you go down it dissapates
with its strength. So the fact that they can
up here and get lots of UV. Well put them in here, we’ll feed them some dusted little kinda quarter inch
crickets something like that. That should be it. So I’ve got the set up done, gonna moisten it up a little bit, get everything set up
and then we’ll go ahead and release ’em in there. We’ll probably end up putting
a little foliage in here too just so that they feel
real nice and comfortable. But for now we’re just gonna release these four little monkeys in here and see what they want to do. Here you go bud, each one of you guys gets
your own little area. And there is plenty of room in here for them to run around and do
all kinds of different stuff. They are so absolutely adorable. Look at these little guys right here. There you go buddy there
you go, there you go. Oh my gosh. Put this little guys right here. And again they should be able to cohabitate really well together. Look at how absolutely cute they look. Oh my gosh I think they’re gonna love it. Okay, we’ll these guys set
up for at least a day or so and then we’ll throw in some
little quarter inch crickets which are dusted with calcium
as well as D3 vitamin powder and they should be set. Again maybe a little foliage, just to spruce it up a little bit. For now I think they’re gonna
be absolutely incredible and I couldn’t be more happy. So how awesome is that,
baby frilled dragons. I mean absolutely incredible. And hey I’d like to know from you guys. Would you eat a scorpion? I mean, I certainly wouldn’t. But hey, you know to each his own, right? If you guys enjoyed this
video here’s a video when I actually got those frilled eggs. Here’s a playlist of egg
collecting all in all. If you want to hit that
subscribe button over here, turn those post notifications on. Be kind to someone. And I promise I will
see you guys tomorrow. (upbeat music)


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