Auckland Law School: How to Become a Lawyer Scholarships & Job Opportunities in New Zealand ChetChat

Auckland Law School: How to Become a Lawyer Scholarships & Job Opportunities in New Zealand ChetChat

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Hey there, it’s a cold wintry morning, and we’re in Auckland, New Zealand And we’re inside the Auckland law school Which is part of the university of Auckland so all of you who have questions about how can I become a lawyer in New Zealand? What kind of work opportunities can I get internships whether my degree is going to be valid when I travel to other countries? Can I get a scholarship? What are the costs involved and all those questions that you have we’re gonna get those answered for you today, and I’m gonna Take you right in to meet the expert, okay? So we walked into the law school and we’re in the biggest largest law library that there is in New Zealand And I’m talking with Chris Noonan, So let me introduce Chris to you Chris is associate dean international of the Auckland Law school so Chris welcome to the show Thank you, and thank you for the time and thank you for letting us into this beautiful space of yours Pleasure, so tell me a lot of students out there watching the show are very interested about Studying law in New zealand and the various opportunities that they could have here so talk us through the situation In New zealand in terms of being a lawyer here Well to be a lawyer here most students will do Entrance an undergraduate and they’ll study for an llb degree or an llb honours degree And typically they’ll do it most of our students were doing as a conjoint as well So they’ll do a bachelors of arts and a bachelor of laws at the same time or commerce and law or science and law So typically that will take Five years for students to graduate with a conjoint degree, okay? That’s exactly how it is in India you do a ba llb or a BSC lLb So that’s a five year degree, and then the postgraduate program Yeah, we have a quite a large postgraduate program the largest postgraduate program in New Zealand law as well We have several different programs on offer here. We have sort of a an lLm. Which is the usual sort of postgraduate law qualification We also have a master of taxation studies Which is a specialist degree for people who wish to sort of practice in the area of taxation advise The students who sort of into that degree both be law graduates, so they may be sort of commerce or sort of accounting graduates as well So quite a mix and it’s quite sort of quite dynamic because of that We also have a third Masters, A masters of legal studies which is open to People who have got different sorts of backgrounds as well So they don’t necessarily have to have a law or commerce degree But there may be interested in they might be interested in international relations and so they may should just study aspects of international law for instance or human rights, or Something along that or or they’ve got an interest in engineering With their background in engineering, and they’re interested in moving more into management, so they’re interested in intellectual property So contracting issues corporate governance, and issues like that. Yes, that’s fantastic So I look at it as three different programs a student who’s done an undergraduate in law would look at all three but then the llm is Primarily for them you’ve got the taxation program which could be part and part you know Commerce students Which is very interesting for people doing commerce you want to be, you know Understanding the law aspects of things and for a non commerce student you could look at the legal masters and legal studies programs. Yes, right? Beautiful mix of programs that you have but this also makes the classroom more dynamic as well if you have people from different backgrounds They bring the different sort of the knowledge. They have the skills they have perspectives on the world. It’s great And these are typically one-year programs typically one year depending on sort of the qualification people come in with as well, so the llm is always a one-year degree as is Internationally standard as well. The MtaxS is typically in one year degree The MLS can be a one year or one and a half year degree depending on the background people come in with as well Right and then you’ve got this ph.d program Yeah, and so the Phd is like sort of a Phd in most places So it’s generally so the result of sort of three years of study, and you write a thesis Effectively a book right Yeah, we have a number of Phd students and a faculty okay great So now coming back to the master’s program roughly what percentage of your masters students are international students ah depends how you calculate Probably I’d say about half and half It’s its fluctuates every all the time as well a lot of our domestic Students will be doing it part-time They’ll be working downtown and they may do sort of the masters in the evening as well Whereas the International students tend to be studying full-time possibly working part-time yes, that’s interesting fifty percent international students in your master’s programs and They get internships while they work that entire one-year program can they work generally the master’s program is reasonably intensive So there isn’t sort of so much time for an internship People are eligible to work to work part-time So Chris, let’s talk about the masters program because with 50% International I’m guessing that’s where a lot of my viewers would want to sort of make an entry into Auckland Yeah, I mean students international students Come here for a number of different reasons as well some of them are coming With a view of sort of gaining knowledge and experience in going back home others looking This is a stepping stone to go into an international firm or multinational others are looking to move to new zealand permanently as well, and so that’s Facilitated by New Zealand immigration laws at the moment looking at jobs and Immigration like you said how easy is that well at the moment the New Zealand economy is doing quite well And so unemployment is quite low, so a lot of our students sort of who come here looking for jobs after they graduate Quite successful as well We’ve had a number of students from India who found their way into the legal profession here over the last couple of years And what are the sorts of areas do you find them moving into It depends a lot on the interest of the individual as well Some will be focusing on sort of smaller firms based on what their experience is others are looking for multinationals Everything everything is different it depends on the individual There are government jobs as well Is that something that a few international students have been able to get into? Not all jobs are open to sort of international students in the government as well for obvious reasons like most countries But I think last year the year before last a student of ours from India had an internship with the privacy commissioner and They were offered a job with the privacy commission after that as well So yes a little some of our students do find their way in terms of the public sector here and from there, residency Sort of it’s a stepping stone towards residency. Yeah, if someone’s got a degree here. They’ve graduated in New Zealand, and they find a job Residency, is very easy after that as well, okay lovely That sounds very exciting for for my viewers, but one of the questions. They want to probably ask is the cost and Then are there any scholarships available? okay, so The international students that we have most of them will be postgraduate students rather than undergraduate students and the cost of a one-year sort of postgraduate program with us is 33,000 New zealand dollars which is about twenty four thousand us dollars as well, so relative to Cheap relative to a comparable australian, Sort of law school as well be cheaper. So coming to my favourite question on scholarships There are some scholarships and the law school itself offers a scholarship for llm students, and that’s worth 25,000 New Zealand dollars for the year in addition to that the university as a whole offers scholarships for students who are doing research Masters, so rather than doing a masters that involves a number of sort of individual courses you may write a whole thesis and if you’re doing that Or most of you all sort of masters as a thesis then The University will provide a scholarship if you’ve got a high GPA when you’re coming into the high Sort of a grade point average coming into the degree okay, so when you see high GPA is there a number that you look at We in our system would regard it as a GPA of eight And would you know what that would translate to for an Indian system It’s off the top of my head. I’m not entirely sure about say was a be around a mark of around eighty percent Okay, and it’s based over the last year Okay, so this is from a recognized university Yes an undergraduate program which could be either in law or not in law depending on what masters are getting into yes and they have roughly eighty percent, but they need to work that out and Once they have it. They are eligible for the scholarship Yeah
The scholarship will provide for free tuition fees and a stipend of about thirteen thousand dollars New Zealand dollars a year as well so for the the law master’s that Typically the the period of time for the years is not full twelve months the start of the year is the start of March typically and running until sort of November, so it’s for about an eight or nine month period Of time that students international students would be living here There’s no limit to how many students you’ll give this to. No. Is it open to anyone that makes that mark anyone who makes that So its designed to to attract sort of the very best students. Yeah, and you’re constantly looking for more absolutely, top of the line students, absolutely So Chris this wonderful scholarship that you mentioned is there a name to it. Yes? It’s the University of Auckland Research Master’s scholarship. Okay fantastic, and they can find that on the website Yes, it’s there’s a clear link there for from the website as well, so looking at the Master’s program This is probably the best scholarship or are there a few others It’s the best scholarship for the Master’s program But there’s also there’s scholarships for doctoral students as well that we have here as well and probably even more Generous scholarships for doctoral students a lot of students here will come they may have done a masters and decided they Wish to research more deeply into a particular question And they will sort of apply for a scholarship or stay on for that but we’ve got students who may have done a master’s elsewhere will come here and Study for a Phd with us as well, okay What are the kind of scholarships you have there what the cost in addition to the sort of the commonwealth and fulbright scholarships the University of Auckland has its own sort of doctoral scholarship and that sort of covers the University fees that you have to pay And as well as a has a $27,000 a year stipend as well wow for at least three years Typically can be extended for another six months And can they bring their family along? Yes with some students are studying for a doctorate here Both their spouse is entitled to come to New zealand and the spouse is entitled to work as well Oh! That’s good in addition to that sort of the children of the doctoral student are entitled to free education at a New zealand sort of a primary school secondary school Fabulous and the fee in general if they don’t make the scholarship Fee yeah for international doctoral students They pay the same sort of fee as domestic students do as well Which is a little over six thousand dollars a year, okay? Is it a standard program that they apply to or do they have to first locate a guide and then apply for the program? Well the information about sort of the doctoral programs is on our website. It’s very simple and very easy to apply for as well The students well the potential students have to think a little bit about the topic They wish to write on as well And so we ask them a little bit about the area they wish to work on in their Phd and any Master’s program that they’ve taken up Elsewhere like in India would be recognised by you obviously sort of for Phd students we’re looking for students who particularly well qualified and Who’ve got the academic ability to actually sort of engage instead of detailed research as well. So Chris It’s fantastic for the viewers because we are talking right now about the top-ranked law school in the whole of New Zealand Yeah, we’re the largest and the highest ranked law school in New Zealand We sort of internationally we’ve got a very strong ranking as well We’re sort of ranked 36th in the QS rankings and the university as a whole, sort of top hundred universities within the world as well So we have sort of a strong university strong law faculty And it’s a very diverse as well student population and being in the heart of auckland right in City Centre I’m sure networking opportunities and job opportunities for students open up that much more. Yeah There’s this sort of close connection, so it Auckland’s the biggest city in New Zealand and so there’s the most legal practice occurs within new zealand with in auckland as well and the commercial practice in particular as Well, so yeah There’s a connection between sort of the bar and the university law faculty. And looking at Transferability of the skill in to other countries, so your alumni typically where do you find them Everywhere They’re sort of a very large percentage of our students will go overseas and work overseas I think figures are approximate thirty percent of our students Alumni work Overseas and and probably the biggest destinations in New York and London Thank you so much Chris for sharing that with us I think it was priceless, and I’m sure for students watching the show They’re all quickly gonna open the website and see how can they get in here? Thank you very much. Thank you. We’ve got Suranjika with us Who is the student centre manager, and she’s going to tell you all about how to apply What is it to live in Auckland and many more questions so Suranjika welcome to the show Thank you very much and tell us that’s another question they want to know is they’ve heard Chris And they’re very keen now to apply to the university of Auckland law school So tell us if they apply for the postgraduate program how should they go about it so the first thing? they’d do is to apply online through our website if you go or click onto the website on the right hand side there is a big button which says apply now and When they click on it, there is a tutorial as to how to make the application The application is entirely done online All the qualifications the certificates and any research proposals that they intend to submit can be submitted online The processing time of an application takes up to two weeks Usually and we will be in touch with students individually I’m caroline foster, and I’m a director of doctoral studies here at the faculty of law So when your phd application comes in I’ll be the person taking a look at it Once it reaches the faculty and seeing if we can put together a supervision team for you So, in terms of time lines, what is a good time for them to apply? We encourage international students to apply by the fourth of December For the following year or for the second semester if they’re coming in july We ask them to apply by fourth of July. We have two semesters of the universities in New Zealand Have two semesters each and they start in March and in july, okay And apart from their research, do they need to have any other qualifications like English language proficiency Yes, usually we do look at the English language proficiency but if a student has had their tertiary Education entirely in English they can write to us and request the English language requirement to be waived And otherwise it’s just an application. There’s no entrance exam or interview No, there is no interview or an examination the application is assesssed entirely on their Academic qualifications, which they have completed And typically they should be from a recognised university, this should be typically from a recognized university, okay looking at the ph.d program How should they go about that application process so the ph.d program? applications that are also done entirely through the Web portal the application Process and what they should do is an applicant is interested. They should email us first to [email protected] and we can send out the details and the instructions on how to submit the application Okay, so they should ideally write to you they should write to us because each one’s Case is a entirely different and we can focus on the area of interest and guide them through the application Okay, now talking about my favorite question like I always say scholarships Chris gave us an insight into a few very interesting Scholarships so I think Chris spoke to you about or gave details of the Auckland university Scholarships but students who are applying to us also should look at the commonwealth scholarship the fulbright? Scholarship and the Colombo plan scholarships there are lots of scholarships available for students. They don’t seem to actually explore these options and Secondly when they do apply for scholarships. They should put new zealand or auckland university as one option, okay so the commonwealth scholarship when they apply they should put University of Auckland right upfront, yes You mentioned the Colombo plan. could you take us through a little bit about it The countries that are involved in the Colombo plan program has several scholarships particularly for law for business but your master of taxation that area of Interest and they should explore the scholarship opportunities within the regional offices and the details again all on the website, yes Ok, so you’re saying to them that there are a lot of scholarships available and they are not going ahead and asking for them Okay, so guys please apply and you know how to do it now, so Suranjika tell us about Auckland It’s such a vibrant city. I’ve been here for a few days, and I completely love it tell us about students living here It’s a very Lovely City to live in it’s one of the best liveable cities in the world It’s a very safe environment for students. There is a diverse community and there are lots of People from the subcontinent from the Indian subcontinent living here. It’s a very safe environment for students As I walk around I see so many different People from so many ethnic backgrounds and so many international Faces and and safety is definitely underrated but at this point of time It’s a big plus yes, it would be for most international students who are coming because it might be their first time away from home And Auckland is a lovely city to live in in that aspect Talking about living costs How do you think students can manage that a little bit because big cities anywhere tend to be yes? I’m not quite sure whether Auckland living costs are as expensive as other big cities like in London or New York or Washington it is quite Expensive in comparison to the cities that we come from It is a case of adjusting to a new lifestyle a new set of requirements. I think so Thank you so much, Suranjika I think you were so helpful and my students out there might want to be in touch with you And we’ll give them an email address in case they have any questions Yes You’re most welcome to ask them get in touch with us and our email address is [email protected] Thank you so much for being with us you’re welcome And if you’ve enjoyed the show and you want to know more about this and you have any questions Please put them down in the comment section below the video will have Suranjika answer them for you Or I’ll try to answer them for you and give you as much information as possible and if you’re looking to come to Auckland this perhaps is the video you want to share with your family as well, and press that little Red button to subscribe to the show and happy watching

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