Another Trump Donor Hit With Criminal Charges

Another Trump Donor Hit With Criminal Charges

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Yet another one of Donald Trump’s buddies
could likely be headed to prison in the very near future. This time, it is a venture capitalist from
Los Angeles by the name of Imaad Zuberi, and Mr. Zuberi was a massive donor to Donald Trump
giving $900,000 to Donald Trump’s inaugural committee. Now, here’s the story of Mr. Zuberi. See, Mr. Zuberi had already in California
pleaded guilty to several different charges, which include campaign finance violations,
tax evasion and failing to register as a foreign agent. But over in the state of New York on the other
coast, Mr. Zuberi was also under investigation there because the prosecutors in New York
wanted to know exactly where this money that he was funneling into Donald Trump’s inaugural
committee was coming from, and that’s where the new charges against Mr. Zuberi come from. This week, Zuberi has been hit with obstruction
of justice charges by the courts in New York after he allegedly deleted emails relevant
to the investigation into Trump’s inaugural committee and backdated a $50,000 check after
the investigation began. Now the story with the check is that there
was a Turkish American businessman who donated money through Zuberi to the inaugural committee,
$50,000. After the investigation started, Zuberi wrote
him a check for 50,000 then he backdated it in his records so that it would look like
he had paid the guy his money back and that he wasn’t funneling foreign money into this
inaugural committee, which is, by the way, another thing that Zuberi has allegedly been
doing for years. Because see, it turns out that this guy hasn’t
just been giving money to Donald Trump. He also gave quite a bit of money to Barack
Obama. He has spread plenty of money around to Democrats
as well as other lower level Republicans, as well. And according to the prosecutors, Mr. Zuberi
told foreign nationals and representatives of foreign governments that he could use his
influence to change foreign policy and create business opportunities for clients and for
himself. So this guy, allegedly, according to the prosecutors
in this case, was going around telling foreign nationals people who are not allowed to give
money to American political races that, hey, give me your money. I’m going to make sure it goes to the politician
you want. I’ve got connections, I know the people, and
if I give enough money, we can absolutely help influence foreign policy. That’s going to benefit you. It’s going to benefit me. You know, and because you’re giving the money
to me, it’s not an illegal campaign contribution, except for the fact that it is. Zuberi just didn’t think that he was going
to get caught for it, but he has. So we can now add Mr. Zuberi under the very
long and growing list of Donald Trump’s buddies who are going to end up or have already ended
up in prison. Because again, whether or not these new charges
of obstruction of justice stick, Zuberi already pleaded guilty in courts in California. So he will be sentenced to at least a little
bit of jail time for that.

100 thoughts on “Another Trump Donor Hit With Criminal Charges

  • Robert Moralez-Muniz Post author

    I'm starting to believe that Trump's stupidity is contagious. How else can you explain why those who come near the orange jack-ass become instantly dumber. You figure by now they'd realize that if you align yourself with Trump, chances are – prison may be in your future.

  • Denise Lauzon Post author

    One day it's gonna be Trump's turn to go to jail.

  • Nikki Beacth Post author

    How much money does one need for a “ Inaugural Committee “? WTF?

  • sharon cook Post author

    You should expect CORRUPTION from anyone connected to TRUMP!!!!
    It's NORMAL ACTIVITY for them.🤑!!!🤑!!!🤑

  • Debra Baker Post author

    Why is this President and his 3 Trumper Kid's not in prison…if anyone of us have done this…they would have send us to PRISON a long time ago…How did this CORRUPT FAMILY get away with this for so long..AND they are still walking around today…I just don't get it

  • Roy Hill Post author

    Trump's going to put that money in his pocket!

  • Debi Post author

    Same shit different day!.

  • Semper verum Post author

    Zuberi? don't know him, never heard of him etc…

  • LORD VEGA CAPITAL Post author

    Birds of a feather..are jailed together. He'll be getting his donations form a state prison in the form of chee chee's and hot dogs

  • Jane B Post author

    Everyone go's to jail that gets in bed with trump

  • Wilberta Berry Post author

    When DJT said he knows all the best people, he left off, who loves to commit crimes with me.

  • Roy Hill Post author

    Question is when is trump going to prison? Make sure they put him with the black/brown people tier ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🍆🥖

  • Sarah Telles Post author

    I don't get why Trump supporters are downloading a criminal going to jail for breaking the law.

  • Denise Holmes Post author

    We have seen so many greedy people crawling out of the woodwork since 2016. What do they all have in common?…trump..

  • No Calvinism Post author

    LOL! Well, what'd ya expect from Donnie's Criminal Organization?? How many does that make that have been charged with CRIMINAL OFFENSES?? 10??20??30?? Even the entire GOP has morphed into a Criminal Organization for reason they are ALL complicit in Donnie's Crimes against America and the U.S. Constitution!

  • Semper verum Post author

    Turkish money-hotel in Istanbul- Erdogan's friend-abandoning Kurds-etc etc…

  • Larry Snyder Post author

    Only the best people.😅😥😂

  • mark nelson Post author

    If I Heard you right. He gave money to Donald Trump‘s election party / Committee. That’s it It was after the election this happen. Your interesting

  • milo74156 Post author

    The swaps are done and the criminals corrupt are full blown

  • Pepper Grinder Post author

    All the money leads back to the Kremlin.

  • R Mcnary Post author

    And yet his CULT still doesn’t see there’s a tie in somehow. It’s never’s the people around him

  • Pepper Grinder Post author

    Trump would sell his mother's corspe if there was enough money in it for him.

  • Karen Piotte Post author

    Don't understand how these people think being involved with trump in anyway is a good idea!💡 Are they cult or just plain belligerent and blind?

  • Teacher Jan's Favorites Post author

    Everything he touches turns to MOLD!!!

  • Len Martin Post author

    Republicans. Nothing but a bunch of cowards and criminals

  • James Bondero Post author

    Is there no end to all this WINNING!

  • ArcticG umby Post author

    So if zubari goes to jail, would that mean that trump drained the swamp?

  • George McNeal Post author

    Send all of these crooks into jail!

  • Sara Pulford Post author

    🇬🇧 Isn't this old news ? Vaguely remember Rachel Maddows discussing this fellow money laundering for Turkey.

  • GILL MOOM Post author

    So far 7 Deplorables doesn't like the video! Stupid ignorants basterds!😜😬😂😜🤢🤧🙃🤑😠

  • Daten Schutz Post author

    GOP: Great Obstruction Party?

  • Ma Chatte Post author

    Trump chronicles lead to corruption of all kind….fbi knewws that but did nothing about.

  • Cruel Abduhl Post author

    Gee, who'd have thought that by making elections pivot around money that foreigners would try to take advantage of it? Shocking I tell you… shocking.

  • Toasted Cheeseburger Post author

    Not Really Shocking Or Surprising With These Delusional Idiot Criminals

  • Sponge bob Post author

    Friends without benefits xD

  • Humphrey Reader Post author

    But Trump will just pardon him. Farewell, Rule Of Law.

  • Dany’el Post author

    They should rename the Whitehouse the Glasshouse because everything Trump accuses others of he does. He shouldn’t be throwing stones.

  • Sinisterman35 Post author

    Jail the bastard then find out if he's contaminated any other 'clean' politicians!

  • Urmy Sunn Sunnrrff Post author

    Trump on surrounds himself with the best crooks.
    … Wonder how many fools will go to prison to protect Trump.

  • Double Pownage Post author

    I bet u, that trump tries to steal his campaign money after its all over. Trying to put it in his own pocket.

  • Joe Strummer Post author

    The Trash In Chief surrounds himself with only the finest…garbage

  • Joe Kherr Post author

    I wonder what it's like being republican, having to endlessly repeat that Trump is innocent and definitely not a criminal when more and more criminals are found working for him.

    Do they declare that the things those people are busted for just magically aren't illegal anymore, or decide that it's all a conspiracy from the 'deep state' somehow? Maybe both.

  • peter conway Post author

    Criminals hanging out with criminals.Well traitor Ttrump maybe can get group rates at the local federal prison since he and his corrupt family will be taking up residence at one soon!!🖕🖕🔒🔒GET RID OF THIS POS SOON!!!

  • richard mcmorrow Post author

    Why on earth do right winged criminals these days put themselves in the proverbial spotlight? Oh i remember, they're stupid.

  • Don Anderson Post author

    Oh! I thought you said family member.

  • Pierre Bibeau Post author

    Who fell from this scam? It is clear as daylight that this strategy is nonsense. There is one in every crowd. But what I don’t understand is people giving money to parties are expecting a return on their investment!!!! Am I right?

  • Asher Tye Post author

    At some point the Trump bus is gonna break an axle all the people being thrown under it.

  • Noemi S Post author

    I believe it’s okay to have spurs and go to jail.

  • Kimberly Goenaga Post author

    Good I hope Donald Trump's allies go to jail

  • maiquitodePR Post author

    A little jail time i guess is must be good being rich

  • Terry Petersen Post author

    Funny how the ones giving the money do jail time when caught. But never the candidates. Republican and Democrats both just walk away.

  • Terri Lynch Post author

    What is the stance on NY investigating Trump?

  • Diabetic Honeybee Post author

    Still waiting to get to the head of the snake, our dumb ass president…

  • Trenell Post author

    These fools are catching charges left and right

  • MrOvadose101 Post author


  • Roger Sprague Post author

    This is why the olc ruling of DOJ is so damn stupid ! Trump and his regime is so lawless you can't even hold him responsable ! who ever made up this rule and remember its just a rule ! that a sitting Crook for a president can not only break the rules and the LAWS repeatedly and can't be held responsible ? That rule maker needs to go to prison with TRUMP and that rule needs to be abolished ! Dam it Supreme Court why should any one have to bring this before you ? Step up and call this what it is for the sake of the Country , Why no one in this Government will stand for the Constitution and our rule of LAW and our Country before it all goes to HELL is beyond ME !!!!! NO one is above the Law MY A$$ this should not be allowed for a second much less for a Presidency this Crook should not be allowed to Run for a second term Period !Handcuff the corrupt POS NOW before he can do anymore Harm to our Country what's wrong with you !

  • Casey Rahailach Post author

    Traitors belong in prison.

  • Surud Patel Post author

    Any money changing Hands between Politicians from Businesses, Lobbyists or Persons has a Dubious Intent . These transfers tantamount to BRIBES for Favors expected & is the greatest Security Risk for The People of the Nation as they provide for The Government formulating fraudulent Policies never in the interest of CITIZENS .

  • Patrick Post author

    I hope like hell they are looking into the 145 million he supposedly raised legally this time.

  • D Change Post author

    Lol….trump loses again. Wow.

  • Cynthia Maxie Post author

    Does Trump have any decent, law abiding friends or associates, DAMN!

  • Major Kramer Post author

    So what is the media just going to total forget about his impeachment?

  • Oscar Montalvo Post author

    Those rodents just loooove to get in trouble,…specially if they have to follow the Moron's criminal path.☠☻

  • PreMeditatED Noise Post author

    Trump is only filling the prison system with his buddies so when he finally gets there he will have staff still! Ha! Lock him up!

  • Apple Sucks Post author


  • Tia's Tips Post author

    Wait email deletions – and Trump 🤣😱😂😆

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : Post author

    What are the chances that Turkish president Erdogan used Zuberi as a proxy to funnel money into Trump’s campaign? Zuberi is the Turkish equivalent of Maria Buttina! (I don’t want to know if Zuberi was a honey-trap.)

  • Feeds Ravens Post author

    You have to admit Trump really drains the swamp. He let all the clean water out, now only the stinking muck compiled over the years remains. For everybody who is still there you do not have to find out whether he has commited a crime, you only have to concentrate on how to make a waterproof case

  • Colin McCarty Post author

    Iran, can you get Trump's taxes and give them to the US media?

  • King Scottish1194 Post author

    I see lots of "Free Protein Shakes" for Mr. Imaad Zuberi in Prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slurp, slurp!!!!!! Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David tinch Post author

    Got to spend that laundered money some kind of way! Lock these crooks up and be done with them.

  • julia baldo Post author

    Maybe Trump will meet him in prison………

  • Bace Post author

    I remember when donald trump claimed he was funding his own campaign. Just another lie.

  • Faith Rada Post author

    Stunned and Amazed.. NOT

  • Truth lyons Post author

    Try telling his stupid followers and supporters this! They think it's all false information.

  • Keith Wood Post author

    Hey, law enforcement want to meet your quota, get a hold of the Chump/GOP donor list & start investigating, pretty good chance you turn over a whole nest of criminals…

  • momma Rhonda Post author

    It amazes me how many corrupt people are around him or have been. My mother used to say "you are who you run with " makes sense to me now.

  • maxfactor315 Post author

    All Criminals

  • OSKA Post author

    All of 45's goons & pals are all of dubious qualities…45 is a convicted fraudster, a con man & a liar, all qualities that are needed to be a leader…of assholes

  • Christiana S Post author

    Another one? shocker!

  • Andrea Culbertson Post author

    Maybe China bought the pork factory that way. How did China get to BUY a BIG pork factory in America?

  • MoMo Martinez Post author

    Trump: I never met the guy, In fact who is he? He donated to my campaign he must not be that bad of a guy.

  • Jennifer Johnson Post author

    Birds of a feather flock together in any kind of weather.

  • Walter M Lane Post author

    Once again, educated criminals (attempt) to work within the Law.

  • JD just a Dog Post author

    Agent Orange and his crooks will never stop When will America 86 Cult45

  • Edgar Pryor Post author

    A self-described “commercial diplomat,” Guzel has been an outspoken supporter of Turkey while being active in politics as a member of the Democratic National Committee. He immigrated to the U.S. more than 30 years ago and owns organic fruit companies in Pennsylvania.

    Guzel’s Facebook account, which featured pictures of him with several prominent Democratic lawmakers at fundraisers and other events, was deleted after he was contacted by The Associated

  • Dietmar Steinhaus Post author

    Okay, add him to the list. But the list is still missing Trump himself. Shame on the democrats and the goonies of the republican party.

  • Edgar Pryor Post author

  • Margaret Dimick Post author

    Am I surprised? Nope.

  • Mike Tran Post author

    Why did it take this long for people to realise Trump is toxic so why try to bribe Trump? Everyone is after him.

  • OrionPax09 Post author

    Considering that everyone associated or a member of the Gross Trumpkin's swamp is a criminal, this really shouldn't come as a surprise.

  • Sylvia Metos Post author

    Birds of a feather…

  • le fournier william Post author

    hi American People,
    how you get down the Mob and am capone!
    follow the Money at the deutsche Bank ho is the laundry Bank from putin and hes Puppy Trump.
    everry child know that her in europe.
    second , American People stay United to defend the American constitution and democracy in this World.
    dont let you divide by a political plot, conspiracy and populist hate speach from a child men ho get Alzheimer and dementia.
    we are on your side her in europe
    God bless america
    greats from switzerland

  • La Maison du Chat Post author

    It's taking far too long to find out what happened to all that inauguration $$… I sure hope this is just the beginning.

  • Renee White Post author

    Everybody was living their best criminal lives until they f'kd with trump, they should have done their homework on trump before they him.

  • Javi S Post author

    Rump is a con man. No other way to say it. He is the BIGGEST LOSER in the history of America.

  • Eddie Lugo Post author

    I have not seen or heard from TRUMPS ILLEGITIMATE MEXICAN SON @ANDREW GARCIA !!!

  • Ed Holm Post author

    Only the best people 😂😂😂😂😂
    He doesn't know anybody that's never been under some type of investigation.

  • Matthew Lewis Post author

    Drain the Swamp. What gets me is how confident they all were and really thought they could get away with it. Again and again. The more that are sent to prison the better.

  • Matthew Kennedy Post author

    Sanders 2020

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