Andrew Klavan’s Leftese Dictionary: C is for Constitution

Andrew Klavan’s Leftese Dictionary: C is for Constitution

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– C is for Constitution. According to leftists, The
Constitution is the sacred law of the land bequeathed
to us for the greatest political thinkers of all time. No, I’m kidding they hate it. You see The Constitution
enumerates or specifies the powers of the federal
government so that Americans know that all other powers not
mentioned in the Constitution belong to the individual and the state and local governments. That’s not so good for
leftists because they want the federal government
to be able to control and limit your businesses,
your associations, your speech, your religious practices, and
anything else they don’t like. Now, the Constitution would prevent that. Unfortunately according to leftists, the Constitution is a living document. It’s not like other boring old documents that just lie around with words on them that have the same old
meanings all the time. No, as a living document, the Constitution can just wake up in the
middle of the night, drift into its study and
entirely rewrite itself so that by morning you’d
hardly even recognize it. For instance, the
Constitution used to give the federal government absolutely no power to regulate what laws the
states made regarding sex or marriage or abortion. And that was no good because
leftists know exactly what everyone should think and do about sex and marriage and abortion, so there shouldn’t be
any disagreement allowed. But remember, the Constitution is alive. So one day a living
Constitution was sitting down on the back porch washing
down a bree smeared slice of almond cake with a glass of Chardonnay when suddenly it had a
wonderful idea and lept up from the porch swing so very
quickly that The New Yorker fell from its lap before
it even had a chance to finish the 30,000
word essay on the life of French feminist
lithographer Louise Hervieu. “I know.”, the Constitution said. “I’ll just insert some new
words into the penumbra “of my emanations. “You won’t be able to see the words. “In fact, you won’t be
able to see the penumbras “and emanations either, “but you’ll know the new
words are there all right “because five unelected
justices will say they’re there. “And that will make
them magically appear.” Lickety split as quick as you
can say democracy is a thing of the past, the
Constitution rewrote itself and now allows the federal government to do just about anything it wants. Yes, a living document
is an amazing thing. You can put all the words
in it you like and yet they still remain almost
entirely meaningless until they mean exactly
what leftists want them to. C is for Constitution. I’m Andrew Klavan and this
is the leftese dictionary.

70 thoughts on “Andrew Klavan’s Leftese Dictionary: C is for Constitution

  • The Pacific Gladiator Post author

    Here before any dislikes!

  • Stampy Bear Post author

    Reminder that socialism always ends in starvation and genocide.

  • Koaler Post author

    In my opinion one of the best and funniest things you guys from Daily Wire upload here.

  • JUSTACHIPN Post author


  • Derive Pi Post author

    This ones not funny at all.  I love my country too much.  Have to go and re-watch A and B now to get my cheer up!

  • Moralez Family Post author

    All hail Lord Klavan!!!!

  • Hard Boiled Entertainment Post author

    "I'll just insert some new words into the penumbra of my emanations!" That's what ze said.

  • Carlos Dyonisio Post author

    This is a masterpiece. One of your best for sure.

  • ThisOne Post author

    It's supposed to be a living document in that it can be amended, but the Left only controls a few states. So instead they came up with "judicial activism". Judicial activism is the belief that the "spirit of the Constitution" is more important than what the Constitution says(textualism) or the intent of the people who ratified it was(originalism). This "spirit" is that the Constitution was meant to protect the minority who can't pass laws. This vaguely true sentiment is used to override all careful thinking, justice, and democratic process. It's kind of like the Christian who takes the true sentiment of the bible to care for people to override everything else it says about sexuality, justice, charity, and authority. Obviously this is very useful for the Left which regards itself as the champions of the victim identity groups/voting blocs. The SCOTUS becomes a super-legislature with power over Congress and state governments.

  • Jordan Hoffman Post author

    I woke up this morning singing "K.L.A.V.A.N there is no E in Klavan!"

  • No Free Ride Post author

    For the Left the Constitution is only as good as all the other groups the Left uses to advance their Marxist agenda. If they think it helps them they will use it, if they think it is an impediment to their agenda, they will demonize it. The end justifies the means.

  • Wendell Post author

    This is really good. I love these.

  • Mr Smith Post author

    You should do 23 more of these!

  • David Pandone Post author

    Excellent Andrew! I'll look forward to the next installment… in my "liked" vids listed on my channel which I recommend to visitors…

  • DR T Post author

    Andy— nice little spin action… way to stir shit up without a fact for support. How about a little honest debate? It is more than a litle hypocritical to bemoan the lack of civility and exaggerate the differences when you are the one doing it.

  • Thomas Little Post author

    As a leftist, I subscribe to the Daily wire so that I could possibly get a different perspective to challenge some of my own beliefs. However, I find the content to continue to be less about information and ideas and more about political polarization. It's just not interesting to watch.

  • Dinomra Post author

    Andrew is still a savage.

  • Ian Connel Post author

    Leftists have no sense of humor and will take this literally, so logically there shouldn't be any dislikes.

  • Enon Knives Post author

    We can know that the Constitution is alive precisely because it resists change. If it were dead, the corpse could be dragged in any direction.

  • Filip Skotnica Post author

    TRUE Leftese dictionary : C is for Communism

  • Freedom Fighter Post author

    Filled with humour but intelligently presented. Very useful.

  • LT J Post author

    The left also believes the Constitution applies to non-citizens, aka illegal aliens.

  • Capt. Cutler Post author

    I can't wait to binge on these videos the day "Z" comes out.

  • J V Post author

    I hope this is a series like klavan on the culture

  • Gabe M Post author

    Love it and need more of this .
    C= cluster f**k

  • Ulfric Stormcloak Post author

    C is for classified.

    Isn't that right, Hillary.

  • J. Liddle Post author

    Anybody got guesses on what D is?

  • mzk1 Post author

    Actually, local governments only have the rights given them by state constitutions.

  • CheesySombrero Post author

    Knowles's "sketch" doesn't even come close to being as good as Klavan's masterpieces.

  • UnbeltedSundew Post author

    I love these so much!

  • Undefender Post author

    In the past- Living Document a.k.a it means the same thing but is still used to govern
    Today- Living Document a.k.a it means whatever the hell we want it to mean

  • Tehemai L. Post author

    "Haha no I'm kidding they hate it."

    Best one so far! This poor document has taken so much abuse over the years that I'll have to take their word for it on the "living and breathing" part.

  • Michał Goworowski Post author

    The C is for Cunt

  • Mmm Check Please! Post author

    C is for Corruption

  • Игорь Синицкий Post author

    Paid youtube propoganda ? Great )))

  • JJ McGuire Post author

    Really enjoying this series.

  • Amit Kumar Post author

  • Jay Ess Post author

    When it comes to liberals C stands CU*Ts

  • Jay Post author

    What were the 5 justices and imaginary words referring to?
    Some landmark case of constitutional reinterpretation? Any help is appreciated.

  • Kingnight Post author

    C is for Crazy Leftist
    C is for communism which kills

  • Esteban Santiago Post author

    Not to get too radical, but citation even states, both in our Declaration for Independence, and in our own Constitution, that we are a nation of different colonies, and then states.
    We each have different upbringings and thus different views.
    We chose to come together with Respect of our different circumstances.
    Tho in the late 18th century I would have disagreed with the Federalist party, it did have many things right…
    But that is exactly the point of checks and balances…
    Today's left has no idea what that is…
    Leave most issues up to the state itself

  • andrew tyme Post author

    So you are saying that the federal government should not decide what millions of citizens should think about sex, marriage and abortion but the state government should decide what millions of people think about sex, marriage and abortion. Because you say the constitution cannot be amended (even tho there are you knw.. amendments in the constitution including the 2nd amendment righthist love so much) ..I am not even American or in America and I think this show is so stupid.. leftist want to end hate and bigotry as even God in the Bible said thou shall not judge (whether to a homosexual or sinner) but a conservative on his third wife has the guts to decide what is right or wrong.. stupid propaganda video

  • Jagogold656 Post author

    I really love this format keep up the good work!

  • pxglee Post author

    Are saying slavery is constitutional and only white men are allowed to vote?

  • Marcos Rodriguez Post author

    can you do "C version 2: C is for communism"

  • Jared Lowrance Post author

    This is a big generalization of the left I’m not gonna lie…

  • dlberker Post author

    "I'm just kidding. They hate it."

  • Andres Molina Post author

    Wow, you are a master baiter (pun intended)! You know exactly what examples to use to trigger outrage against your "leftist". It's a good tactic to get stuff done in an apathetic society, but you lose the moral and intellectual high ground. Also who wrote the constitution is irrelevant for its own sake, and it is by no means sacred. People decide and agree on how to interpret the constitution, and people decide if it needs revision. It is a good thing that elemental laws change as societies do, especially when populations grow to the extent of the modern era. Because the things we never thought of suddenly became reality and we had to update old laws and create new ones.

  • Nope Noperson Post author

    What's up with the dislikes? He's right.

  • fuzzyy dice Post author

    If leftist policies are so bad for business, how come the most left leaning states like California or New York have the biggest most successful economies? While the other the red states are all poor and barely contribute? Hell, even in the rich red states, the biggest economies there are left leaaning too.. Really makes you think.. huh?

  • Jessica Landi Post author

    Love this. So brilliant. And true. And witty & clever. Klavan is unstoppable.

  • jeebus2121 Post author

    The animations are splendid.

  • CtrlAlt Debug Post author

    Silly Klavan, 'C' is for Communism!

  • Fab Elger Post author

    hmmm after this the ,,leftists" are a really big percentage…but honestly its about as big as the opposite republican part like the t party and so…and as these mostly supported by young college people that have not yet found their way in life…

  • Fab Elger Post author

    in germany we have a speaking that will clear up all your problems in america…cause you just exaggerate a bit on both ready..? here it is…,,a person whom is 30 years of age and has never been a socialist has no heart…but a person who is 30 years of age and STILL is one, has no brain"…just wait and see..stop all this pushing and inciting and you will see Americans as all things under the law of physics will form a bulk in the middle with lesser and lesser people to both sides of the spectrum…

  • Dominant Wolf Post author

    F is for Freedom!!!

  • Matt W Post author

    These might be the dumbest videos on Youtube. Of course the Constitution is a living document. If it wasn't, women wouldn't be voting and blacks would still be in shackles. This guy is such a hack lmao, and you right wingers eat his bullshit up.

  • fred burns Post author

    so the constitution says, and im paraphrasing, you have the right to bear arms within a well regulated militia. how is a single individual a militia, not to speak of a well regulated one? how do conservatives then respect the constitution more than liberals, if liberals stick closer to what the founding fathers wanted? can someone educate me on this, cuz im sure i mustve missed something.

  • Spencer Cox Post author

    Nah, I'm kidding, they hate it.

  • AYDEN GARCIA Post author

    sounds like comunism

  • Ricardo deluna Post author

    I was expecting C to be for Capitalism and how its bad for the minority and good for the rich, straight, homophobic, anti color, white people.

  • HighIQretard Bear Post author

    Please start this series over again with different words once you are done.

  • vandertuber Post author

    Actually the Constitution does include the 14th Amendment, and that specifically guarantees the Freedoms of Life, Liberty, and Property as limitations on State and Local Power. The Constitution also includes the 5th Amendment. The Declaration of Independence even states the Freedoms of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  • J. Sigmon Post author

    Please do more!!! ❤️

  • Horrornado Post author

    Regardless of your interpretation of this video, it is wrong and divisive.  It literally reinforces stereotypes so many already believe.  It's equivalent to saying all conservatives are toothless hillbillies who vote against their best interests or that all conservatives are racists or…I could go on.

  • S K Post author

    Angry white male looks like something the cat dragged in. White civilization has been destroyed by trump.

  • Travis Reed Post author

    The "Living Construction" thing would be a good children's book.

  • Debatra Post author

    Anyone else think it should've been Censorship?

  • Aditya Dabas Post author

    C is for Communism

  • Dustin Hill Post author

    is it ok if local governments do the same bad things that the federal government shouldn't be doing? local tyranny is a problem too. #NonAggressionPrinciple #libertarian

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