ACTIVATE the VIBRATION of SUCCESS to ATTRACT What You WANT! (Law of Attraction Motivational Video)

ACTIVATE the VIBRATION of SUCCESS to ATTRACT What You WANT! (Law of Attraction Motivational Video)

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law of attraction activate the vibration of success to attract abundance and happiness man has within him if he would but know
it tremendous powers or transcendental faculties of which he has never had any
conception Charles Godfrey Leyland these powers are within you through mental
imagery affirmations and visualization anyone has the ability to harness these
powers and use them for the enrichment of life and the accomplishment of
ambition every act of life can be influenced by
affirmations a firm success and keep visualizing the exact kind of success
that you desire the ways to accomplish this will be provided in time through
consistent practice but remember to travel step by step to grow gradually to
develop like a plant naturally so as not to become frustrated with yourself and
your environment remember that nature is never in a hurry all her vast works are
accomplished slowly methodically step by step cell by cell
but whatever she seeks to do is ultimately accomplished and so it is
with you you have the knowledge to develop your success with mathematical
exactitude all you have to do is put the laws into action into advance step by
step knowing that you are moving towards “law of attraction” activate the vibration of success to attract abundance and happiness your desires begin with small things you
have conquered the small things you can pass on to greater and from greater
things to boundless power if you get only partial success at first be
satisfied knowing that you will keep on improving if you fail in an attempt you
will be stronger and better for having tried whenever a person makes an attempt
at something more power is added to them so that the next attempt is easier
and each attempt after that offers even more power and more ease until what once
seemed to be a difficulty is accomplished
just as a child is learning to walk what we do awkwardly at first can be mastered
through practice and effort until we do this thing without any conscious effort
at all this is the law it is the secret of habit forming character building and
attainment of all that is wanted if you set out on a certain course to
accomplish a certain work to overcome a limiting habit to repair and strengthen
a part of your character or whatever it may be never stop until you have
accomplished what you set out to do to quit before you have conquered it causes
harm to the mind that is difficult to reverse concentrate on what you have
decided to achieve and live your life by universal laws it is impossible for a
person to estimate with mathematical exactness the result of their positive
thinking and actions but the wisest and cleverest person cannot predict the
result of unprincipled thinking the first is according to law and produces
certain results the second and unprincipled action is against the law
and no one can tell where the negative effect will end
live your life according to principle and laws and you always know how to act
in all cases of uncertainty set up as your standard the highest aspect of
truth of which you know and bring everything into line with it law of attraction activate the vibration of success to attract abundance and happiness create manifest when confronted with several courses of
action and you don’t know which to follow compare each line of action with
your principles and adopt the one that is in harmony with it when you have
learned to live your life according to a principle you will feel a great load
lifted from your mind for the first time there will be certainty and precision in
your life an absolute peace of mind you will have nothing to worry about because
you know that your line of action will always be right and can only bring the
highest good into your life never wronged others never take advantage of
people with less knowledge than yourself never sacrifice your principles never
give up your ideals see that you are known for your integrity and absolute
honesty as well as for your capacity by coming into alignment with eternal wall
and putting into action forces which cannot fail there is success and
prosperity therefore live your life to a principle and persevere with the course
that you have planned for yourself be constant be true
be faithful be strong be persevering be fair to yourself and be open to the
wondrous inward powers that are seeking to find expression in your life through
you the law of compensation states that if you are to receive the highest good
in your life you must give to the world your best service
don’t be a weak reflection of someone else be yourself remember that there is
something that you can do better than anyone else that no one else can do as
well as you or in precisely the same way in other words you have the personality
for this specific thing therefore develop that personality let all your
work be distinctive let your personality law of attraction activate the vibration of success to attract abundance and happiness be written all over your business or
service let there be a personal touch in everything that you do
one immense factor in becoming successful is the mental attitude of
cheerfulness and positivity people are attracted to the cheerful optimistic
person joy and happiness are the attitude that attract the same bag to
you the ability to achieve the highest and
truest success to attract yourself the greatest happiness to create in your
life the highest good all depends upon giving and serving
the mistaken idea that to be happy and successful one must seize and grab
everything in sight is entirely false and leads to bitter disappointment the
voice of wisdom that is heard in the silence tells us that only as we give do
we receive that if we give of our best our best thoughts emotions service and
love then the best will come back to us and the exact proportion no more no less
be persistent in your goals and dreams never know failure let this word be
removed from your vocabulary develop courage in your soul remember that if
you use your inward mental powers and bring your business and your life and
your conduct into harmony with the law you can never fail
great are the possibilities of your life because great is the infinite power
within you when faced by problems or difficulties you have the ability to
immediately raise your thinking and realize that you your real self can
never be perplexed because being one “law of attraction” activate the vibration of success to attract abundance and happiness with the universal mind all wisdom is
yours in the silence having still the loud voices of the surface material mind
you can hear the calm voice of intuition of infinite wisdom understanding and
illumination and in this place there is no confusion or worry only infinite calm
and peace success attracts success and once a
person has demonstrated success in their life that person becomes so full of
success vibrations that success becomes the habit of their life therefore keep
on persevering and persisting never stop being in charge of your mentality and
picturing and affirming confidently everything that you desire through this
type of mental activity you will win success it is not done by striving so
much as thinking and visualizing of course you must put in action but it is
the mental activity that crowns your actions with lasting success by
harmonizing with universal laws you can accomplish everything that you desire
there is no height to which you cannot climb no success that you cannot achieve
no happiness that you cannot attract into your life all things are yours
everything has been delivered into your hands you can do whatever you please you
can achieve what you want you can be and have all that you desire you are on a
path that leads consistently upward where it ends if it ever does end no one
can say but it is a path of joy and blessings and happiness and success and
it leads to Heights and greatness that cannot be described law of attraction activate the vibration of success to attract abundance and happiness

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