Abraham: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Part 1 of 5 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – Part 1 of 5 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Abraham-Hicks Publications
Presents The Law of Attraction
Part 1 of 5 Yeehaw. Alright um – Esther and I are here for the fun of it you guys are here to make something happen so would you invite Esther and her friends up please? Say good morning to Esther. Hey. Hello. Goodbye. Good morning. We are extremely pleased that you are here. It is good to come together for the purpose of cocreating. Do you agree? It is cocreation at its best yes? You know you bring much more than those beautiful physical bodies you have dragged here. Sitting in your clumps on chairs. For without exception you also bring with you that broader non-physical part of you. In the same way that Esther relaxes… eventually and allows her vibration to raise to the equivalency of that which is our frequency. Then there is a seamless interfacing of non-physical and physical. And that seamless interfacing is happening all day every day in nearly every aspect of your world with the exception of the human race. Because you in your socialization – in your expansion – in your mixing it up with one another – find quite a bit to fuss and worry about. So we’re wanting you to reclaim your place as extensions of Source Energy. We want you to remember that you are eternally Source Energy – that you are vibration mostly. And while you are magnificent in your flesh blood and bone expression you are vibration primarily. And when you understand that you are vibration primarily then you can begin to work to merge the Source that is within you and the vibration that is the thought patterning that you’ve picked up along your physical trail. It is not possible to be in this physical format – in your physical body – moving around observing and participating without coming to conclusions that are based on your observations. And what we’ve noticed about most of you is that the majority of you give the majority of your vibrational offering in response to what you are observing. Do you get it that you are vibrational beings? Do you understand that what you hear is a vibrational interpretation? Even what you’re seeing is because your eyes can interpret vibration. Your taste your smell your touch – all of these physical senses are you interpreting vibration. even this physical format that you are deciphering is an interpretation. And as you have the continuity of generation after generation – living leaving bread crumbs along the trails leaving legacies and histories – as each of you is born into the platform of stability that you call life on planet Earth you begin to observe the patterns and listen to the words and adopt the conclusions and come to the same awarenesses that so many who came before – And that’s all a good thing because that continuity is important to the expansion. But we want to emphasize with you and help you to remember in an emphatic way that you did not come here as historians you did not come here as regurgitators you did not come here as observers of what is. You came here to bounce off the platform of what is into that which is becoming. And the reason that that is so important to all of us is because we know that we are eternal beings and we don’t even have to tell you this in order for that to happen. we haven’t been sent here or summoned here by you in order to explain something to you that if you don’t understand everything will stop evolving. That will not be. Because your exposure to contrast is what is causing the expansion of your desires. And in the moment that a desire or even the slightest preference expands forth from you the Source from which you have come and the Source that is the basis of that which you are rides the rocket of your new expanded idea and becomes it vibrationally. And just as everything that you see upon this planet was vibration first – thought upon longer until it became thought form and eventually has become physical manifestation – so everything is that way. Everything that is becoming in terms of future generations is coming as a result of the thoughts that are being thought about this time-space reality. And we want you to understand that as broad as the non-physical is and as much thought that has been given to that which exists – in terms of your Earth spinning in its orbit in perfect proximity to other planets – the majority of progression about this planet is happening because those like you are living upon it and exploring it and coming to new conclusions about what would make life better for you. And as those preferences are born from you the Source within you rides that rocket and literally becomes that expanded version. So whether you know it or not you are causing an expansion of your time-space reality and of the Universe at large. And whether you know it or not you are contributing hugely to the process. But it is important that you know it and that you understand your vibrational basis – and the soul-Source part of you that is the biggest part of you – So that you can begin to understand the vibrational relationship between the you who exists eternally from a non physical perspective and the you that exists here and now in this physical body.

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  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    rematribute: Jerry & Esther brought Abraham to Europe for the first – and so far only – time in May 2008 for a series of workshops in England and Ireland, and a seminar series on a Mediterranean cruise ship. The highlights of the England and Ireland workshops are currently being compiled into 2-disc DVD and CD sets and will be available in mid 2009. If you want to be notified of any future events in Europe – if and when they are scheduled – please sign up for the "email blast" on our website.

  • Matthew Parker Post author

    As an Aquarius I constantly question and pick and take and meld the doctrines and ideas about our human nature around me to create one of my own liking. However, with Abraham I feel like i don't need to add. It feels like truth to me. thank you 🙂

  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    90260: Esther is translating blocks of thought from "Non-Physical Source Energy" – which she also identifies as her "Inner Being" or "Soul" – who refer to themselves in the plural as "Abraham" (no relation to the Biblical figure). Esther does not prefer to use the word "channeling" to describe her process, but understands if others do. For more information, view our YouTube video "Abraham Explains Who They Are" or go to our website and listen to the audio entitled "Introduction To Abraham".

  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    Dreamydre15: The song is "If You Want It (It Can Happen) by Francine Jarry, and is from her CD entitled "Joy, Joy, Joy" which features lyrics based on Abraham's teachings. It is available through our website.

  • Jenni Lee Post author

    Everything said here is absolutely true and these concepts needs to be heard by everyone, and ingested in a way that they no longer are concepts are but become integral to our lives so that our inner realites tranform our outer realities so this is not just a concept.

  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    LaurieJames: Esther maintains that she is not in a trance, that Abraham is not whispering words in her head, and that the process whereby she speaks for Abraham is not "channeling" as most people think of it. For a more complete explanation, please visit our website.

  • William Dixon Post author

    I do find these videos refreshing, and aligning. As a founder of a children's charity, one of the challenges I at times stumble over, is being surrounded by poverty, and maintaining a sense of clarity around abundance. But, I must say the video's are helpful in a lot of respects.

  • Justyna Lam Post author

    Hi, great video! really inspiring! keep up the good work~Justyna

  • Victor Slickvic Harris Post author

    thank you

  • Vittoria10538 Post author

    I think that what some people have a problem with is the nature of the teachings, which are spiritual.

    Other authors of spiritual material access their "higher selves" when they create, whether they say so explicitly – as Esther does – or not. They charge for their books and seminars and that's fine. I'd be more suspicious if the Hicks talked people into making "offerings."

    Keep in mind, too, the substantial amount of material the Hicks make available on their website and here on YouTube.

  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    solidyahoo: Esther has said that she is not possessed, is not in a trance, and is not "channeling" as most people understand the word. Rather she is aligning with and translating – using her own vocabulary – blocks of thought from "Source Energy" within her, which she sometimes identifies as her Soul.

  • Sabine van Baaren - Mark Joggerst Post author

    thank you!

  • japanesesen Post author


  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    bleuivy: The song is entitled "If You Want It (It Can Happen)", from the CD entitled "Joy, Joy, Joy" by Francine Jarry, which features lyrics based on Abraham's teachings. It is available through our website.

  • priscillajames Post author

    very good and enlightening video thanks for the inspiration.

  • Angie Venix Post author

    I felt exactly the same. I was very exited with the secret but I had so much questions.

  • elleavectoi Post author

    only listening to Esther gets me shivers down my spine… And with reading her book named Ask and it is given, i felt the same thing, great feeling of connection with something bigger! Thank u

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    thanks Abraham!

  • Roy Long Post author

    This is like String Theory, which is also know as the theory of everything.

  • meralodem Post author

    arent those 22 steps in the '' ask and it is given'' book great?

  • Shveitta Sethi Sharma Post author

    It is said, that when you are ready, the teacher appears. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Am a huge fan and a believer and living the LOA. Many thanks indeed

  • jduran9123 Post author

    it's very simple actually, i'm only 17 and i have a pretty good grasp on this… if you think about, all is one, even if you want to be literal about it, because everything in the universe is made up of of empty space and energy (atoms), and if you look into an atom all it does is repeat it self over and over and over again, keeping in mind that everything is a vibration, your thoughts (third eye) being the strongest vibrations, you can create any reality you wish, the whole experience is in you

  • Capinyx Post author

    Guys! I'm 13! This stuff is pretty cool. I'm not sure how true it is but it puts me in that state of happiness where nothing else matters, so thats why I watch them.

  • anunhealthydistrust Post author

    This stuff is really cool. I like when she "turns" into Abraham…creepy at first, but cool!


  • dvision23 Post author

    How is it that Abraham and Dr. Dyer both use the terms "source energy" and "intention". Are they linked somehow?

  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    dvision23: Dr. Wayne Dyer has been a fan of the Teachings of Abraham for many years – as evidenced by his writing the introduction to the first Abraham-Hicks book that Hay House published, "Ask And It Is Given".

  • GC Post author

    she is so beautiful…..

  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    33Barker: Though Esther and Jerry appreciate people's enthusiasm for their Abraham work, they do not want to establish a "church" or even, for that matter, have any followers. For a complete explanation, see our video entitled "Abraham on Freedom and Diversity"

  • Thyalwaysseek Post author

    Thank you Esther and Jerry for bringing the message of Abraham forth as this has made a great change for the better in my physical existence on the planet.

  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    N1k1mon: Watching all of the free videos here on our abrahamhicks channel is a place to start. Then you can search keywords for the thousands of audio clips on YouTube that Esther and Jerry have allowed others to post. Finally you can go to our website and explore the abundance of free information available there.

  • Galit Faraon Post author

    I am very curious, how did you become a medium? How did you know you are?

  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    galitf100: Esther does not refer to herself as a medium, but understands if others use the word to describe what she does. For the complete story of how Esther and Jerry "met" Abraham, go to our website and download the free audio "Introduction to Abraham" or – for a more detailed and extensive explanation – you can get the new 4-disc DVD or CD program entitled "Ask And It Is Given"

  • Shveitta Sethi Sharma Post author

    Thank you Abraham, Esther and Jerry, its amazing how manifestation works. I cannot even begin to share how wonderful life has become and would like to offer you my sincerest thanks for bringing forth this information to us.

    Much love and happiness always.

  • wachman Post author

    Is it me, or did anyone else feel different just watching this video?

  • Debra Hollinrake Post author

    Great stuff!

  • Charyl Misic Post author

    Esther is a beautiful woman, wow

  • bigdubbatoo Post author

    Thoughts become things . So think good thoughts already !!!

  • cliff4640 Post author

    i have found it really doesn't matter where you begin these teachings, just explore them and listen to the ones that catch your attention, create a youtube account so you can store them in playlists you create for them, then you can just play them one after the other. the more you listen the more you grow and the more enriched your life will be if only to make you FEEL HAPPIER !

  • L C Post author

    It works I live in a peasefull and rich universe.

  • Divinedancedivas Post author

    Thank You!!!! I asked for guidance and I received it! I have started listening and surrendering to the guided meditations and i just weep when abraham says that i am doing extremely well. there is great love here for us! Thank you. Its REMARKABLE!!!

  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    @jtkalehua Abraham explains that we are all extensions of Source Energy – in other words, God. However they also emphasize that Abraham is Esther's own unique translation of Source – in other words, her Soul – and thus no one but Esther will ever speak for Abraham. However, we all can and do translate our own Source within.

  • Saruman The White Post author

    @georgiefirst me too.
    Religion of Truth, God of Love!
    And we are God!

  • goridesi Post author

    @N1k1mon regarding AbrahamHicks comment to you: While they provide lots of free information, I have to say that purchasing their books and other materials are especially helpful too–totally worth every penny! 🙂 I LOVE the Sara books and "Ask and It is Given" is a book that is also a wonderful place to start. 🙂 Follow your heart on this, but I just wanted to share my feeling here. Most of the books come with cds these days which I play in my car constantly and it helps me immensely! Have fun!

  • Sensei Ron Thomas Post author

    Can the information be any more pure? I love her work.

  • evelyn sofoda Post author

    I absolutly love itttt!!!!!!! Everytime I start to lose sight of my vortex , I watch this video and I find my self in bliss again. I love abrahams humor, it really comes to show that the universe isnt so scary as the "bible" makes it seem. This video really changed so much in me, I am finally free!!!!! 🙂

  • T Bell Post author

    What a great video. I listen to these all the time.

  • ehabtouch Post author

    Abraham, thanks for all your teachings. It is so simple and profound.

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    I love Ester and Abraham. I discoverd them a few days a go. I just drink my coffee and become more inspired each day.

  • TheScienceOfSuccess Post author

    Follow your bliss and all else will come! Thank you so much for all you do for the upliftment of this planet and for freely sharing it here! Much love, fulfillment and happiness to you in all you do!

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    i have just understood what this woman is saying it's really nice

  • Katie G-W Post author

    i am 12 and learing about LOA i live in england and am really seeing it working in my life i would give a leg and an arm to meet jerry and ethster(and i shall manifest them to me) do you know whe nthere net in england

  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    @skatiekatie01 Jerry and Esther currently have no plans to return to England, but you may keep track of the scheduled Abraham workshops on our website, and you may obtain a two-disc DVD of their last (and so far only) visit to the UK, also through our website – it is entitled "Abraham Abroad: The England & Ireland Tour".

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    i want to have sex with this woman's voice.

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    The Law Of Attraction Makes dreams reality!

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    i have been practicing this since the secret first came out with her in the movie and every since ive seen nothing but proof everyday of my life i plan to go to her workshop soon and hope to be picked for a question it wasnt a coincident that i just happened to find her videos a year ago and reach new heights of law of attraction not a second goes by that i dont know what im doing to this world with my consciousness im 18 years old now and came a long way from 3 years ago im glad to be alive

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    the law of attraction is real..

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    Amazing Video.incredible teaching. thank you

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  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    @pingtran Jerry and Esther have always emphasized that they are neither gurus nor spiritual masters – see our videos entitled "Abraham on Freedom and Diversity" and "Abraham Explains How Esther Got Sick"

  • Trisha Bhaumik Post author

    truly educational!

  • Collin Albert Post author

    What is this version of the song "If You Want It (It Can Happen)" which appears in the beginning of the video? I noticed some difference in the instruments used, for example. And is there a way I could get this version of the song?

  • Abraham-Hicks Publications Post author

    @LoveOfLinguistics The song is on the album "Joy, Joy, Joy" by Francine Jarry and is available through Abraham-Hicks.

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    thank you so much, GREAT things have manifested in my life ever since I started watching your videos!

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    How to Boost the Law of Attraction with the Power of Love…

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  • Beth Hughes Post author

    I've just started reading there book and it's amazing and want to put all of it to use as soon as possible,[email protected] happy for you that at a young age you are learning these's thing and am glad that ive found this and would also love to meet them.

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    yes, exactly…the beauty of their teachings is that they so resonate with us. it is not that these things are new to us. I always knew them deep inside me but never spoke of them even with myself and never heard anyone speak to me. now that Hicks bring out these things so beautifully and clearly, I am confident they are so relevant.

  • Ashoo Modgil Post author

    It's true as I have experienced during my spiritual emergence my true identity as the subtle energy and experienced it very vividly and have experienced rewiring of my consciousness that was very challenging experience but very enlightening and expansive.I am still in the process of integrating the sudden shift in my vibration to a very high vibration of living each moment with Source Energy of Love.

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    Why is it that when I try to find a job, I think positive, but then get discriminated against? Sigh, life is so stressful.

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  • Kou Lee Post author

    The Law of Attraction has changed my life. It has also changed my ex co-workers life as well after introducing him to the "The Secret". Thank you so much, I can't even express it!

  • 1spicytomato Post author

    see it thru to the end in your mind– working in a space in harmony with your desire and thriving
    this energy will better serve you than the thought
    that something is bound to go wrong
    when things go right

  • Bienne Post author

    Just wondering….has anyone actually transformed their life using their techniques? Has anyone gained extreme wealth, from extreme poverty?
    All the successful, lucky people in the world can't be sitting around doing this stuff.
    I enjoy the message of positivity they share but it is SO much work to try to reprogram my brain. It's unfortunate but I do not have any of the things I desire in life. It might just be embedded in myself so deeply that it isn't changeable.

  • Bienne Post author

    I understand that such strong encouragement will make a person FEEL good after listening. We all want to hear that we are able to have/do anything in life. But I want to know if their teachings have been able to really work when one applies it. NOT just make people feel happy after hearing it.

  • Phyllis Reid Post author

    One doesn'y "apply" the law of attraction, anymore than we "apply" the law of gravity!" It is a law of physics. They key is whether or not we are paying attention to our thoughts and what they draw to us. Ever know anyone who speaks of sickness all the time and IS sick… again and again? Pay attention to your thoughts and you will see your life change. 🙂

  • bbrain2 Post author

    College student here and our first assignment: "Project #1: "What-If" Narrative about Poverty." "Writing Project will be to create a convincing story that shows, realistically and vividly, how you dealt with this sudden poverty." " we'll also read essays, watch videos, and have discussions about poverty and social class issues and about how people help themselves and how they help each other."

    We're being "educated" in the literature of poverty and so hard to remain in the vortex!.

  • tauren2005 Post author

    Although many topics discussed in society are done from a place of misalignment. You can still approach your education and writing from a place of alignment. I am a fellow college student and understand what you are saying. Get into the vortex! 🙂

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    Amazing stuff. Respect and love for you, Abraham, Ester and Jerry! 🙂

  • Mia Staysko Post author

    I'm sorry but this is such a stupid comment. He died, we all do. Period. Is he gone, no. Is he dead. Yes. You will too – Get over it.

  • Life Inspirational Messages Post author

    I enjoy Jerry and Esther. Thank you for all that you do.

  • Yaza Forreal Post author

    Can somebody please explain to me.. why this channeler has her eyes open and moves around normally.. whereas Bashar always sits and, more interestingly, always has his eyes closed?

    Do they actually 'feel' everyone of us? Like if I were to talk with her on Skype or whatnot, will she be able to immediate sense my surroundings, or what I have written down, etc?

  • PattE Tobin Lewis Post author

    I love that the eternal now is the eternal now.

  • Edie The Salsa FREAK!! Post author

    Good for you!! Keep going! We're all rooting for you! In the future, you will understand "why" you were curled in that ball – for a reason you don't know yet, but you 'will' know and understand. Possibly to help another?

  • goldenultra Post author

    Thank You.

  • nar3sas Post author

    That's because illness is not all a result of the allowance of negative emotion. That is clearly un-scientific nonsense. Illness is mostly caused by our diets. With an unhealthy diet, even the most positive person will get ill. A negative person with a healthy diet is less likely to get ill than a positive person with an unhealthy diet. There are different factors that contribute to illnesses, and I don't deny that our emotions are a factor, but our diet is the most important factor.

  • arjunadadaji Post author

    The best way to get higher Vibration
    is MEDITATION..!
    The mind do create low Vibration as
    constant thinking happens out of
    Habit about the garbages from subconsciousness.No-Mind do create
    during meditation higher Vibration.
    Thats what i think?

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    Co Creation definitely at its best here giving great motivation and comfort to many towards achieving their dreams and desires.
    Astrid Chalklen

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    Wow!!!! These ideas first surfaced in the 1800s through Mary Baker Eddy, nothing new here

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    I have only just heard of Abraham but I have been saying the simler things for years from a young age and have all ways been told that I was nut. I have always told that it was not wright but I had a other way of seeing things and understanding of things that seem to not make sents to other ppl is nice to see Esther saying things out loud for all to hear that others not just me I hope have been thinking for meny years thank you

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