ABDUCTED BY ALIENS | Hiveswap: Act 1- Part 2

ABDUCTED BY ALIENS | Hiveswap: Act 1- Part 2

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Top of tha’ mornin’ to ya Laddies! My name Is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Hiveswap! oh? Nice big stretch there. So we’re playing as Jude now, was it Jude? yeah i think so. Jude and… yeah, Jude and Joey. Brother and Sister We got our little Pigeon Friends here who look like they’re straight Out of a Cartoon The Resolution Should Be Fixed Now, a lot of people including the developers themselves Talked about a fix for the resolution It wasn’t supposed to be like that last time so apologies on that i thought It was… Thought It Was some sort of Like Quirky Thing That we’re doing with the screen but nope Apparently Just a Bug so if you started Up the Game Yourself and It Looks Like That quit save It quit the game and then Come back and everything Should be fine so everything’s okay now So we’re playing as jude, Let’s talk to Tactical error Consolidated all Marbles Here in tree house who prevent attic key for falling into wrong Hands Over Additionally Forgot About Doing That Over no cause for concern putting top agent on it over Wait Who? did you get in touch of One of Your Friends or… oh God you Mean One of Your Pigeons, don’t you? Over and out Am i putting the fucking Pigeon on the case okay let’s look Around Jude Place (this originally said “jews place” lol) you Dropped Your favorite Pair of Binoculars when you were retreating From The Big serpent these are Actually Your Secondary Auxilary Binoculars Your aux nocs for Short Not to be uhhh… Confused With Your ox Crocs Very Similar Things but different… i love this music Burning evidence The Hell? Your Careful records of The activity of the mysterious figures you often see prowling Around in the woods Joey we didn’t buy it but The sudden influx of Monsters may Have Changed her stance? Hmm… Maybe Gee You Guys Give off a Very Maple dipper Vibe. Your Careful Records of The activity- Oh wait same thing. Is that how many You’ve Seen….. oh? you Got some Geodes You Keep smashing Geodes in case They’re Secretly Alien Eggs and if One is well You’ll already have the Hammer in your hand won’t you? Let’s open my chest The Hell did I get… Flares i thought They were like shotgun cartridges. You Receive The cash of Flares You were Keeping in your metal chest Combined with your flare gun they’re a tactical treasure Okay Here’s My flare gun Hell Yeah. the chamber is empty because you because you observe proper flare gun safety protocols But Maybe You Should Load It because You’ve also observed some scary Stuff this evening Nice okay so That’s your Weapon … Breath Held… Hands Steady… You Carefully load the Flares into the flare gun there’s no going back now The Genie is Out of the bottle I thought Genies were in Lamps… um Love Always Like Carefully putting them in Almost Like Their Nuclear Warheads or something oh? so this is how we Actually did the puzzle fire Forward Red Green okay you’ve Already committed This Crucial intelligence to memory but a truly Great field commander Keeps even Better Records Good Job dude we all trust in you a Standard camping Lantern Your uses of It are Hardly Standard You Think’s more Like Out Standard That is Great okay good Job Only a Few of these are Actually Liquids and Unfortunately Those are also The Ones content The Ones Whose contents You don’t precisely Exactly a Hundred Percent remember with total Certainty You’re not Saying some of them are urine but you’re not Saying none of them are you Dude why you Keeping a Collection of Your own pee might Be Time Just Kind of Airwaves again see if you can pick up any of the Chatter from The enemy Batboy Spotted At perimeter oh Man Do You remember These Books It Looks Like a Hitler vampire but that is Exactly What it’s supposed to be isn’t it i Don’t know It used to be those old Magazines That were like news Magazines but They had God-Awful stuff in them like Really Cheesy well God-Awful To most People i love them Because They were all about like aliens and bigfoot and everything But to a lot of People They were caught off This Thing Talk about an enigma One Day You’ll figure out What it Does and Why Certain Shady Characters want to get their Hands on it so Badly Here’s some Theories of Course Looks Like a Metal Snake Demon But The Basilisk from Harry Potter Your copious notes and some disreputable activities carried Out By Members of What you can Only describe As some sort of cult You’ve Been Service li gathering intelligence on them for a Good while you’ve detailed some of This Stuff on your sites Would Have real? Really Juicy Stuff has to say Off the grid a term you have Just coined Yourself Just now okay cool Jude you got It going on Jude’s my Type of dude oh? Okay i need Marbles you put a Red Marble in the pouch and a Green Marble in the punch Could I Put more Marbles at The Pouch Pouch Haha This Fluff Is all treasure plain and Simple so i can’t Actually take any more so i must have done it right Because It said Red and Green and the Thing i Can Also Get Rid of This if i want but i Kind of Like Having It On-screen i Don’t know i Kind of Answer These environments do are really Really Nice They’re really well Drawn This is alien Language Let’S go out the window oh Gosh right there hi look At These Monsters no Eyes no Weapons only the most Rudimentary of squad based tactical Maneuvers This is a diversionary Feint By an Expendable Vanguard if You’ve ever Seen One Hmm Good Call The Puppy castle Seems Fortified for the moment you and that Pup Spend some time adding Extra Defensing Implements This summer They’re Holding Up Nicely Is that the One i fought look at These Monsters oh wait same Thing? There she Blows Early Manner Well Mainly Maybe Only Half Hearty Manner since Joey Disowned the name in favor of your mother’s Thankfully This angle Shields You from the hateful gaze of Joey’s Bubsy poster Why why why why okay you don’t do anything new Alrighty cool anyThing else to look at in here Pigeons Oh yeah When the heat is on from the government and you Need to send an Encrypted message we’re staying off the grid You Entrusted to one of Your trained Carrier Pigeons They’re long Gone Birds You Survey the troops there’s Langley Buyers and of Course frohike he’s your favorite I like frohike Dear Sweet frohike how you adore him you cherish the wind he flats sure do Which one is frohike though There’s anything Else Here that i can Check okay are we Going down The Egress of Course of Course Children Egress you Wouldn’t Just Go down the stairs you would egress Look if we Were Just you’re can underline You’d be Out That Hatch down the ladder and Blasts and Those monsters in a Second But Joey’s counting on you and you’ve Got to get her to a more defensible Position before he can Even consider heroically abandoning Your own Okay so am i supposed to give them something the Marbles Right ha ha Curl frohike Go My Beautiful Boy oh Shit i Wasn’t frohike Throwing Beautiful Sweet precious Dear Darling and ultimately fragile frohike You were too Good for this Rotten taric nightmare of The World May the wings of chats and dream Bear Thee to thy rest on the white Sandy Shores of Paradise frohike oh Sorry For All Up a Believable tragic disaster Over did You lose something Else Boss Soldier on Makie Second Attempt Now Over all right are You sure you’re over Frohike over and out Frohike… Don’t forget more Marbles Now take another purse with the drawer and Load It Within Another Red Rabbit another Green My Room okay Let’s try this again Oh the music side are the same Shit Just Gone Who’s wrong as That Buyers but Motherfucker Langley oh? Was Langley Langley The code langley the Black Heard Hey irish People Say Black Aired a Lot Yeah freakin Black Arja a Thousand Deaths a million Deaths an infant and finitude of Death Would Not Be enough Langley Warmhearted langley By a Blood Langley You Heard it Here for As long As i live i will curse the name You hate Him and everything You are and Every are you alright Betrayal Over a Bad Dead face Over the lowest Vilest Cowardice Over well can’t even communicate true degree of outrage Over Play You to jeopardize Mission if Emotion Not Suppressed Over Hey coming Over it out ok Let’s try This One more time Your Hands are definitely not Shaking as You Put two more Maritals from Their Safe Cozy Compartments in the Drawer and Drop them into the Depths of the pouch is waiting Leathery more That’s One Way of Saying you Put some balls in a Sack Buyers were counting on you go buyers yes yes yes Buyers That’s Good Enough, Haha Sweet oh we’re doing it Success Jeezum Crow Buyers My boy so brave so truthful great Over are you Actually Just Point-Blank Losing Your Mind now It would maybe Be Kind of a Relief After Years of Buildup But You could Have Picked a Better night for it Mission accomplished Buyers Champion of Champions Waiting for you in the Kitchen Over Why Oliver oh Buyer Says Marbles Required to acquire key over all right i guess that sort of Makes sense your development Buyers Big Madness Please Hurry Over What Okay i’m on it hurry Please Joey he’s all i have Left Over it out Okay Joey go go go go go go go to the Kitchen Wait What’s in the Kitchen down this Way They’re mine They’re mine tell a Kitchen Oh hell Yeah it’s time for a fucking dance Battle You want. To go wings My Heart so true so loyal i will Defeat you it’s time for strife okay What are we doing are we smacking the shit out of a Birdbrain Get Him hey over here Flashing nothing Doing Then Throw Paw at Him flip the Flap down Flip Skip’s Damn it okay maybe i can tippy tap his ass pardon me boy haha can You give me a shine What are you Saying something okay now i don’t know What i do smack Him it’s no long with Daylight He has no eyes we can’t Thrill Him at a light we can’t blame Him for Pods At Him again Face Full of Slammers But had it shut up get a coffin Ready no okay dance at Him again okay try to get his attention Make Some noise of some light or something That Pigeon is or that Pigeon Is done for i am trying Pardon me Boy Looking at The Dudes Just came Up through The window Okay i’ve to do something with the page this guy Just Shows Up like Hey What are you guys Doing okay i’m even okay Maybe we Can pirouette Around Him opening night Then fucking do anything Wait something Shining Over Here can I Get This yes What is this cut Magic spice mix Okay use on him spice to meet you and Then Work Pigeon Help oh Shit pitons getting Beat to smack i don’t want my Kitchen getting all Fluffy fettered up Can You give me a shine okay No Can Use anything on you Careful Not to mix these Up you’d hate to reach for a critter treat and come back With like a Ren for a Stimpy or Huh dope Horny Good References Now They’re already irresistible Pretty Much all Animals Wait Gilda Lily okay what can we Do It Shine him okay got his Attention No what do i do now hit him Spice to meet you okay something Happened yeah? Oxide Put It in his mouth Mice okay that was exaggerated Mixed success i Think you think that essence Up my life Pretty well Successful but Mixed Joy Thank you for tactically Brilliant Seasonings Murder Buyers has Payload Repeat Buyers Highs Payload Over Thanks Do you know how i might Get Him down he seems Pretty terrified negative fire Simply has unfortunate Mercenary Streak Sure respond to enticement over How do you Bribe a Pigeon Thoughts like Set Up for riddle or Perhaps Joke Over by Jude I’ve Heard Out i’ll go back to catalog ii boxers like Flapper Third Big Seat okay entice a Pigeon What val Pigeon Must Like a Pod If Pugs are what It takes to get him off the fridge he can stay Up there there’s got to be something Else Around Here And he’d be more into what did the developers the pert one of The People who wrote a lot of the dialogue in the game Said that They were annoying one of the other developers with Pogs Oaks i freaking love That That’s awesome oh and i also said i Want to correct It here and Now as well Because i Feel Bad i said the Toby fox made the music for the game But Toby fox Only had a hand in It somebody else as Well oh i forget Their name i’m so sorry i Talked to them on twitter There Was a Lot of Names They they also made the Music as well in fact i think They made most of the music so i Gave all the Credit to toby fox i’m sorry about that i didn’t. Mean to do that i didn’t Know Only Now if you aren’t sure these are safe for Birds After the Violent Strangled Death of that Monster They’re Little Nervous about Just Feeding Things or other Things at Random Maybe There’s something Safer Around Here like Bread Bread Like At Least Hmm What about spice mix The Pigeon Just Saw You kill them on some of This Stuff There’s no Way he’d go for Fair Point There’s pizza on the Wall du-de du-de du Musics so Good i resisted the soundtrack After i Played The last episode Pretty Good Look You’re not Saying You never Have home-cooked Meals your babysitter Is a Pretty Good Chef even it’s Just well none of You like Doing Dishes and the Nice Thing about Takeout is that You can Just Eat It right Out of the boxes and then Throw the boxes away Of Course none of You Really Like taking a trash Either so you Just have a fucking Mess Clean oh wait no i tried that Already look Sink is full of Dirty Dishes Someone Should Clean These up yeah Dude okay he’s not listening to me What are this even out a dog Foot. Oh yeah i check this Sir freaking Anything Around Here that i can use Maybe They listen to music oh? Maybe They like syrup Your babysitter has Just Really atrocious taste You’re Only 14 even you can tell This is Just Really Crummy oh That’s actually Alcohol but It Looks Like a Syrup Button okay is there anything in Any of These haha a Cracker Behold the saltine This Is a Saltine i Don’t know All of You raid from This Mirror cabinet is the saltiest there is this or the stainless? Tiniest Worst Cracker okay you are saltine nom Nom saltine Success This Little fellow The Buyers you think yes you’re pretty sure the spires Gobbles Down the stale cracker as you took him into your pocket he’s got a little person Around His neck Which you’re fine with With Letting Him hold Until you Actually figure out What you’re Supposed to do with It okay back we go Come on buy us wait i gotta talk to your dad okay Got The Marbles do You want me to send the pigeon back Though Over okay Sorry Dude Mediashout Just Worried Please Protect Buyers This Chives are surviving Return trip or even Bury remote Over okay yeah Good Point Seems Pretty Dicey Out there affirmative Over I’ll Just use these Marbles or Whatever then I’ll Let you Know how it Goes affirmative Good Luck Sis over and out Okay oh look at Joy’s smile du-de du-de du-de du-de you Carefully Remove The Marital Pouch from Around His neck and believe it or not Shoved The Marbles into the empty Eye Sockets Okay cool you discard the pouch oh Good evening it’s Been What about the pigeon Then Let’s spin This Bad Boy oh Yeah there was Green and Red Stuff on this You Got What you assumed to be the attic key can I spin Again Your pa’s love of Globes Knows no Bounds but you don’t recognize i need the countenance and this one oh i read this okay Let’s talk to judy and i Got The Key heading back Up to the attic now Careful May not be that Simple over what do you Mean none of This has Been simple it’s Been downright Convoluted Noticing Us a ultimates Grouping Serpent’S passing Over oh? Geez we’ll try to back you Up iF possible Remain Alerts This Over Always ambro Over and out i had no idea What voice to give Joey because i can’t do a convincing Girls Voice and i Ended Up Doing May’s Voice from Now light in the Woods again last time so Trying to give her a basic voice oh? Crumbs cheese and biscuits Run Joey Great to fight these i really don’t wanna fight these Okay we’re out oh Shit oh no it’s the Gobstopper Wait are they gonna fight each Other and i’m in the Middle oh Shit Maybe Akin okay hey Wait – fuck I’m lame Dead oh wait What’s this Jude What’s going on Joey took a Brutal Hit she’s down for the count you gotta find some Way to distract those Monsters She can Get back on her feet Okay what do we do oh? for Buyers Hyperion Child Who poses the son whose Wing Flaps are the Wind whose infinite Beak Splinters the skin of Monsters and Brings tires to the Ruin oh? For Buyers a Song for the Golden Bird Who carries us to paradise the beating Heart of God is Buyers Buyers Everlasting okay The long Gone Birds May Go down okay i can’t go down okay oh Flares yeah shit Let’s not Here we Go yes i completely forgot i had Flares do it Jude Nice Does That Even Work Okay i Just Got a fights Taffy over here pirouette bite there’s no getting past this Behemoth Right Now focus on the relatively smaller Ones oh okay Smaller Ones it’s time for a Beatdown Excuse me haha Nice no Excuses What that Would be a Really Great time for you to fire another flare okay got It got It got It got It got it Got it Jude Get Ready Flared Up bro Haha Nice We Got This we Got This Okay so we gotta do the same Thing again Hey Jerk yes Okay okay after that i didn’t see what that Say I’m not even loading new Flares I’m Just firing them constantly, oh? Jesus come on oh Christ i mean i guess that Works okay Now can i Dodge This Big old Bessie now Okay see ya? After Yeah Looky Go signature style and flair Thanks dude we love you Don’t die don’t die don’t die to a doctor i don’t i don’t i don’t i don’t i don’t that there are awesome music Here we Go oh? Shit Yeah i want to know what oh? No? And Like This i wonder What the hell the Thing in here is Joy come in please report Status Joy hello it’s Jude Your brother i’m Looking At You Through The Glass can You Hear me Joy are you okay joy please yes i’m safe i’m in the attic Just Barely made it who Over Locked in Actually i Dropped the key Safer It i take That rest of house key could Be Retrieved Later i Think you were right the way they Smashed through the living Room window in the front Door If i’d Stayed in my room i’d be a Goner Separated us with Vanguard destabilize Power Probe Defences Finally Attempted Entry Through Multiple Points of Ingress Basic siege tactics Jude Knows what to talk about Now she Knows this stuff i Didn’T realize You Actually Knew This stuff i Kind of Just Thought You Just like pretending to be a Spy or whatever Well take a Copy of it Over AnyWay Thanks i’ll Just hold Up in here for now i guess Are you safe in the treehouse Should You try Calling Your Friends or something Then Why to risk Their involvement Always the company Cagey soldiers of fortune But Maybe time Remains Remains secure Location and ignore object Under Curtain Over I’m not going to ignore it well obviously I’m not going to ignore it Joey please Elder What It’s a Big mysterious Thing under a Beguiling Fluttery Curtain i have to at least peek at it? yeah Joey’s me well Jude is also Mean i Would Be Joad What is it Anyway That is sufficient to determine over Well I let you know When i find out Joey don’t Tactic Seriously That’s Been Over You there Joe Darling Sorry Bud idea Over Dude you repeat that lots of static Joey please i can’t Go near portal ver did you Say portal Hmm all right Oh Yeah Let’s fight fight the Monkey pop you Left Them Hanging on enough in fact are you stare at the gross this Desiccated Hand in the Chair you begin to suspect that the time for you to break open This Chair and Slap Anonymous Dead Hand against Your own life Hand has tragically Passed Dammit The Words in Crisis if Only Captain Planet were here then the monsters could Eat Him and You could Escape Her they were distracted Another victim of Jude’s Overzealous Crow Bearing no Doubt any chance he gets To go prying and Jimmying the kid Just Goes nutso What What is this know this Really isn’t that Kind of Mystery The Boring Henry Have to frequently Refer to your rigorously Maintained Collection of shipping Invoices in order to make any progress you hate those? okay oh Lock and Load oh it’s Just news Guns There is no chance you’re gonna pick up this gun and you Certainly aren’t going to lock and Load Anytime soon it Just isn’t gonna Happen it’s stupid to even think that it’s stupid What you Said come on game Consider Mommy You Draw a straight from the Mummies on Unassailable Canvas You were stronger Now having considered the mummy at Length so you’re gonna go ahead and Stop considering The Money Good Call Good Call choice All Right Is this a portal to the aliens This Is less Creepy Than The Hyper Muscled horse man Found it in the Yard but Listen Rhys ain’t much are these Some very old Pigeon Cages You’d suggest They’d Be Thrown out but old Cages Definitely fits With Their Aesthetic Up here okay can we Put the Pigeon in it One Might Expect That After all Their Fracas he’s Been Through This Little guy Would Be Eager to return to the Safety of a cage But he’s reluctant to leave your hand don’t you. Two have Bonded? Is the true cage Friendship oh Wait no if there’s some old Poop in there look At These Cool Masks That’s where one That’s Crazy Your identity and impairing Your Vision What Really Helped matters Mush you’re Pretty sure the monsters are going to eat Anybody They Mean fine game fine Take The Harpoon guns You don’t use guns these are definitely Loaded though Your Paw Doesn’t leave unloaded Guns Laying Around or hanging precariously in decaying nets Either Geez This is right Over your Room Thanks Paw You Put This in the attic Yourself Because It Weirded you out that your paw had a lamp Shaped like a Woman’s leg oh? Shit It Is Wore high Heels Nervous Little did you Know he’d soon graduates a Lamp Shake light Shaped Like entire Women Yeah it was hold bustiers Down there Right Let’s Go look at the portal This is Spooky Oh That’s what It is you Think there Was in Jude’s treehouse Because he said people Really Wanted it Holy Shit oh i saw What this key is uh Has i guess specific yeah it has These Symbols on it You Have no idea What this is you don’t know where it came from or how long it’s Been there did you know about this is that Why he really sent you to the attic no that Doesn’t make any sense he did your pad no It looks Kind different from The Stuff he usually dumps off Here feels different in your mind at least you Wait What you you’re having trouble Thinking Clearly Trouble Keeping Your train of Thought How how long have you Been standing Here? I’m Just gonna Chalk This up to me no likey You don’t know how to operate this Thing Except of Course to put a key in and Turn in That Seems Like The obvious Thing Doesn’t it Like The most obvious and Necessary Thing You’ve ever Known and we’re always going to do and I’ve always Known and do It do It do It now now Now the key do it do It open the door See it’s fucking Freaky Yes definitely yes Geez wow yes you okay yeah you want to do that Just Yeah the Keyhole do it Do It You Feel like you have to? Fucking Trying Oh Geez oh God i Don’t think a Flashlight it’S gonna save you That’s cool so the Symbol itself Was the pork ah shit oh Am i on a different planet or something now This Isn’t Good My ui is all different as well it’S all Alien a Fight So i passed a Character on the way down so We swapped Hive Swap You’re swapping Hives with Somebody Else Unless you Actually live in like a Bee Hive That’s an Alien Robot a Busted-Up Robot It Seems Like something Pretty intense went Down Here Just before you arrived okay look at This ipad oh Shit i want to click This and i Ended up clicking off some of The dialogue here some reason You can Understand It Anyway oh? Hello Someone There is this a Chat Room iF a Moderator is present i require some assistance please tetrao huh There Was a Huge Explosion is this your version of XD Where you hand Thanks for Asking although i didn’t See any Explosion Well Maybe I did sorta Wait is this is this um Joey The Roof of Your Hive is totally Jacked if you Say so wait can You see my roof Who are you what do you Mean my Hive So this is literally a Hive this Looks Like Like Honey’s and bees and like Hexa Cones and Beehives and Everything oh? Oh no I’m so sorry i forgot The code again I’m really trying a Swear It’s Just Because i was so worried about you i wasn’t thinking and it never Happened again i promise What’s going on nothing all the matters is that you’re okay you are okay right Yeah oh okay Sorry I’m Um Why are you apologizing it never hurts to be sorry okay Who are you I’m zee frogs or Zephyros No well That’s how i’m pronouncing That name unless it’s except for us Wounds there for us oh no that Was a test wasn’t it Okay i know i Just said it would never Happen again and i Mean That starting from now No Exceptions to the code i’m Absolutely not zef rose Right Okay i feel like You would have like a B Voice like I’M Not there from? Here i do it like Sparks and spyro Where Am i okay you know i know this one for sure you’re in your basement right i Mean you’re not there you’re somewhere else i Eat did i Say The Wrong Thing What do you want me to tell you you are So um zef rose i’m getting that i’m in a Basement somewhere but you think We Shouldn’t Say That Yeah That’s Exactly Right all right Got It right Yeah Tonight uh if you Say so And i suppose you know what the deal is with This huge machine with the snakes on it It’S sort of Like One in my attic Except The One in my attic wasn’t so spacing Janet didn’t. Have a Weird Force Field bubble attic you know down the hall up the stairs Highest Room in the house oh? More Code sorry Yeah the secret weapon I’m sorry about that take charge Damn ech What Secret Weapon Tetris tits rack Damn ik sorry i know i keep Messing Up um i’m doing my best. Oh? What Does touch her stomach Touch Tetrarch I’m your name i mean not your name ah Shit My name isn’t tetrarch stomach Of Course i never know who might be reading. Oh? Jeez What Was your code name again huh My name is Joey Right ah i knew that Um this is all my Fault i’m sorry ain’t no Idea Things Would Go so wrong Hmm Wait What i Was gonna Ask You first but then i thought maybe It was quiz and then if i you had to stop to ask you i Would Fail Yeah so i Just put the battery in the weapon like you Said hmm What What are you talking about i thought you left Word That Weird Paper Out in the crate as instructions Everything We Talked about His exes in and i’m sorry huh Weird Paper Not Weird Great The Plan is Great Joey the Heiress will never Expect It i Mean I’m Still not sure i get what it is Exactly but still Just Proud to be Entrusted with such an important Duty Hey Let me get back to you um i Wig i Was a Little Weird But That froze your cool i like you It’S a futuristic Forklift it’s probably What moved that giant Crate Over there okay You Attempt to do something with the tablet and this control Panel But You don’t know how maybe talk to that guy again Yeah i’ll get back to him in a minute so whoever this Damn ik person is it’S so tetrarch Tomac must be the Character That Flew past me right and they wanted to set up this to do something with the Heiress princess Forget This Let’S look at The door a Futuristic Looking Door in a Gloomy futuristic Looking Bunker Like Place Maybe all The Answers are through Here Maybe You can Hear all the Slams and Growls coming from the Other side of This door They’re not even gonna try to open it Okay Let’s operate the there claw Fork Lift the claw Lift you don’t know. How to drive this Thing Doesn’t. Seem to be on Anyway Man You Pick Up a Hand-Drawn scribbled on diagram of the portal showing how the Pieces fit together, oh? okay Hey i found the Paper You were talking about So what do i do with it Well okay give me a minute i know this um? I’m really Sorry i didn’t think You’d be quizzing me right after What Happened hmm i swear i prepare Better Next Time It’s okay Wow Really Yes Really It’s not a quiz i’ve no idea What any of this means oh Geez is it a test huh no i Seriously Have no Idea What’S going on here i’ve never even Seen This thing before? What is it telling me When doing my best but i don’t know What you want me to do Please Please tell me What you want me to say cause that frost you’re so fucking cute so this Paper Seems Like Some Kind of schematic for the portal i just came Through Let’s get It Familiar Not Just the portal but The paper itself i don’t know how that Would even be possible though AnyWay is that Right This Is a Diagram for the snake machine Well if i remember right That Thing Is a Guy – The Weapon The Weapon you Mean This Snake portal oops The code okay yes at the portal Can I unlock The Snake machine with this is that What i should do Unlock The Snake machine oh? The Serpent Security program for Your Hives Power Hexa Great um yes if That’s What You want tetrarch mmm you can Always do Whatever you want Hmm wow well uh that Thing you Said will that Help me get out of Here Exactly Just Pull all The Eggs fingers on the back of Your tablet Until the control Panel uplink execute X 10 oh X 10 roman numerals oh no i am in trouble i did Exactly What i’m not Supposed to do this Is a This is an test and i blew it of Course you remember and i definitely Shouldn’t Have Said any of that I’m so sorry it’s hard to keep Up with these espionage Rules sometimes okay I’ll Just Go check that out i’m so sorry Tetrarch I’m Just gonna leave you to whatever it is you do My Weirdo If you Hidden Inside This Crate you think you’d be nervous that It was somehow going to Suddenly closed Up around you and You’d be Left screaming at The terra candice Lamy Box somewhere Impossibly far from your home So you don’t think You’ll be Hiding in the crate Just now Pretty sure I’m freaking far from home as It is right now ah Shit oh God have to go through all of this again i Didn’T Mean to click on this i Said to open Up the back of the thing go home Now That Didn’t Exactly hurt but It was Kind of Tingly You don’t think You’d Be Able to reach the portal where that Force Field is on ok, see i want to click This Thing to try other Things but if i click It i think it’s Just gonna mess me up Hmm Eleven Days What Have you Just Stay in this Room Forever the melancholy Glow of This mysterious device you’re only Company but if you Just book The system and refuse to scramble about Rearranging the Deckchairs on this Sinking Ship to the Rhythms and in different string quartet Who-Ville or Just out of sight Every moment of Your life well fine But You’d Still only huh it’s the morning of about 11 Days Before This timer Ran Out Whatever that Means Okay here we Go you place all 10 of Your fingers on the back of the tablet and approach the control Panel Hey Some Kind of password Entry program appears on the screen Oh cases password Entry program of video Game Hell yeah we’re pain snake oh? My God it’s Just Like my Nakiye 3210 oh crap Nice haha look we’d Say you Got the password zoo no cthulhu maine england i know what that means oh Shit Tonight You could Hey oh? Crap Hmm It’s a Deer dog Shiny Popper No don’t run Away he’s cute okay i want the shiny popper dog i Want to give Joey a cool Voice i gave her a Plain Voice Because she seems Just like a Regular old Girl? but i can’t do a Girls Voice so everything Kind of Just Turned into an American accent Which isn’t even Very Good It’s a lot of Boxes Crates Miscellaneous Containers etc Pretty mundane Stuff in your honest opinion Not in your first box Sack Rodeo Okay this Looks like The character Who flew by i’ve Seen these Characters before Even Before I Knew anything about Homestuck or Hive stop i’ve Seen Characters like That before on the internet? Okay Let’s move Over oh? Command Center Why are there like M16s here This i Get This Looks Like a High-Powered laser gun That You’d Expect to see in an alien spaceship or alien Planet Actually i Just i Just thought i’m in an alien spaceship i Just realized i actually Literally Have no idea where i am I’m gonna continue Saying Than about an Alien Spaceship that i was beamed up It seems to be a map but don’t recognize the shapes of Any of The Land Masses depicted on it or well Actually How did you think about it they maybe do Kind of look familiar You’re not sure what you would have seen them before? The Globe in your dad’s Place The Globe in your dad’s Place where you get the key to the attic Marbles lasers you know You didn’t recognize The Landmasses there either You don’t really know What this is all about you would Kind of like to never find out please okay can i have two anything with This okay Let’s talk to this tomb Hey Hey Xerox are you there his name is f rose i don’t know how i feel about the codename Xerox It’s pretty close to that frost don’t you think i Mean imagine i called you Damn it Damn It not That i would ever do That Sorry okay i don’t really know what to say to any of That Sorry huh it’s fine stop apologizing it’s actually Really annoying When you do that All the time fyi oh? Sorry Oh Shit i Mean sorry Fuck uh Forget About It i wanted to ask you about the security console i Played The Game on it but all That Happened Was a Forklift drove straight into the force field and Exploded Wow you’re a Forklift Exploded Yeah It’s not mine though is it Yours I’m sorry i wrecked it no of course not i mean do you want me to take It because it’s Broken i Wouldn’T Mind i mean Whatever i Just Wanted a Forklift since i was a Tiny little bee Up to you All right and Then a Weird Monster Menaced me into this Other Room and there’s Only One Door this is Kind of a Bad Situation Weird Monster yeah That a Dear cat Thing Dear Cat Thing are you having a Fight With your lusus New Soos Only pronounce Any of This Stuff Not That It’s any of my Business lu soos is That What you call That Thing i Barely Got away with my life Wait a minute are you actually Not tetra Academic no, i’m Joey Joey clare i Don’t know What’S going on there’s a Bunch of Big computers and boxes and i don’t Know where i am or who you are But You Kept acting Like You Knew What was going on Well What are you doing with That Tetrax tablet Do you Mean This trapper Keeper laptop Found it on the floor oh no it’s tetrick Dharmic there Maybe i could Talk to him Instead please please give The tablet tutortrac demick please i Don’t know Who tetrick demick is i know who you are Could You look for him please okay yeah i’ll Just root Around in this Room That’s Filled with guns okay thanks Cool What Well Should i look at oh This ship Who is this Looks like a Fish Lady Looks like i’m Dying Ok, trying to figure out how this Thing Works? Ok it’s all the same yeah Shares The Same for all of it What did you find him no, oh no i don’t know what to do what Should i do oh? My God When Earth are you asking me That’s earth? What oh? My God Dude is that you Is this another One of Your stupid practical Jokes This isn’t Funny no Ends that frost Ok, Zef Ross tell me What’s going on i am and Already no Actually i Kind of Upset Because you’re Yelling and It Makes It harder to think Hmm i know i’m not Very Smart or good at anything but i really am trying my best i’m sorry i can’t believe this i’m the one who Just got Shot Through Space into an Alien nightmare a Whorehouse and You Expect to make me Expect me to make you Feel Better look we all have Self-Esteem Issues But There’s a time and a Place for Pathetic Groveling and This is not While i’m trying to not be devoured by Alien Monsters Wait Here an alien I’m two seconds Away from Throwing This disgusting Joke machine Into any One of Several Of Massive Piles of armed and Dangerous Garbage Around Wait no don’t Ma’am this Is so exciting i’ve never meant an Evening Before Hmm i’m like Seriously Losing It most Trolls never meet Aliens Trolls Are we Actually Dealing With Trolls. Oh? God Until They go off planet to conquer them What oh? Okay but Like You could Be Messing With me are you messing with me the tetrarch Says i have to stop being so trusting. Oh? I know Say something Only an Alien Would Say ah I Am from a Planet Named earth That Would Be Pretty damning I’m a nightmare squid god i’m going to tap-Dance your Sad little Nerd Body into the ground This Seems Like a Joey clare Thing to Say I’m gonna tap-dance Your Sad little Nerd Body into the ground if you don’t cut out This stupid Baby nonsense right Now That’s a did You Understand What i was asking There Was sort Of a Normal Thing to say no It wasn’t That Was Not a nice Thing to say at all huh sorry it’s all lil nuts and the Dear cat Maybe Got me a little Rattled So you’re not an alien no i am i mean if this Seriously Isn’t earth Which between the snake Machines and the Deer cat and the sci-fi technology i’m Willing to believe Plus There were some other Monsters Earlier so i’m having That Kind of a Day Monsters God it’s Kind of hard Flip Between Their Voices so much They’re in such a High register yeah i managed to get past them Barely ha you’re so cool You’re like on a Real adventure wait What color is your Blood What Kind of question is That I’m so sorry i didn’t. Mean to be disrespectful i Just wanted to be sure in you before i made a mess of Things Okay it’s red oh? Really oh me too awesome We Couldn’T even Be friends this Is so cool hey maybe i can Even Help you how The Tetrax Elisa Snow’s me help can you know he’ll cam down if i can Get Over there no we should Put some punctuation there otherwise it Just Looks like Hell Number That’s one of the hell White Losses you Mean The deer cat Monster yes That’s Wonderful Thank you Yeah Except Then i don’t know i’m still Murray Worried this It might all be a Big test a test i don’t follow Sorry Boy It is getting Kind of frustrating having to say That over and over The Tetrarch is always testing me if this is the final Exam of Secrecy Stuff and i blow It he’s gonna Be really disappointed I know if you can prove you’re an Alien oh, come over there and Help You up? Okay do You want me to say more Alien Things no i mean i have no Way to verify if those are true or not Send me a picture of you i don’t have any Photos with me and Anyway i wouldn’t even get it you i’m trapped in Here by that Monster Are you using the tetrax tablet take The pics with there with that and x x mit 8 over okay Picks x mitt Pictures Transmitted oh Okay um it’s Kind of a Weird a Scuzzy Rocks i’ll give It a Shot here Goes His name is zephyros What Oh so you’re xeferos tritoh Yeah i thought You were gonna be tetra damic for a Second thought You were the person you flew by me but this definitely Does Not Look like earth and can I Just Say oh you’re having a difficult evening Just One of Many in a predictably difficult life Because You are rust Blood trash Some People Out there now who are Just going Because of all These Characters and all These References and all These Words and everything and Hearing Just The Names F rose and Ross Bloods and Everything Is Pretty Making People Call he said it So people on the last episode of like i can’t believe i’m living in a time Where if Jack said home stuck out loud Kind of Funny okay i wanted to say can I Just see how Gorgeous this Background is That’s Really Cool you can see all Their like Buildings in the distance all have low Blinking Lights on them It’s very Pretty okay what i’m gonna leave this episode Here that Seems Like a Good stopping off point i don’t get Too Heavily into whatever’s going on now because Could Be Here for like another hour at The Very least boy This game Is so much fun It’s really Kickin off Now i guess the Whole Stuff at home Was all Just The introduction and Now we’re actually in What the Story Supposed to be about now it actually Makes sense a Hive swap i had no idea what the Actual name meant i still don’t Know What home stockman means but i can probably Hazard a Guess you Should look at home Because Wife swap Kind of became Literal so i don’t know but i really like It a lot Again The music is still Like Really Really Good and The Air Sound is really Good that the dialogue might be my favorite Thing the Characters in the dialogue and That’s What i’d love about Games Like This and I’m Glad i Played It Because of That Because it’s Very Much My style of humor and Just Then the Weird Kind of Quirky Stuff going on awesome well i think it’s my Type of humor But Everything is Kind of My Type of humor I don’t know i like different types of humor for different reasons but Thank you guys so much Watching this episode if you liked it Punch That Like Button in the face Boy Cooper’s and *WAPOOSH *WAPOOSH But thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOO Does That Make Him a Troll i Mean Literally being a troll in a video Game

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