Aaron Judge Asks Yankees Fans About Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge Asks Yankees Fans About Aaron Judge

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-I’m Aaron Judge, outfielder
for the New York Yankees, and I’m here in Bryant Park
to see what Yankee fans think about Aaron Judge. [ Clears throat ] Lifelong Yankee fan.
Your name again was…? -Mike.
-Mike. Big Money Mike. Favorite player so far
this year — who do you got? -Probably Brett Gardner.
-Brett Gardner? -Yeah.
-“Gardy.” -Ellsbury. I like Ellsbury. -Ellsbury.
-Ellsbury. -Aaron Judge
is tremendous to watch. -Yeah, so far he’s —
I think
he has about 13 home runs.
-Yeah. -What do you think
he’ll finish with? -40. -40?
-Yeah. He can’t keep up this pace,
I don’t think. I mean…
-I think he can, though. -If he goes to 60, great. -Yeah. 60. Well, why not 70? -I think Judge is
gonna be a star. -He’s a pretty big dude.
-Yeah. -How much do you think
he benches? -Maybe 350, 400. -400?
-Yeah. -You’re right. You’re right.
-Yeah. -Who’s your favorite player
right now? Adam Judge.
-By far. He’s a beast. -A beast. A beast, man.
-Yeah, he’s amazing. -So you think
he’s the real deal, then? He’s only been up here for
a month, month and a half. -I mean, I hope so.
I don’t want to jinx it. -Got a picture right there. -Yeah, I think he’s gonna be
a superstar. -People say, you know,
I kind of look like him. -A little bit. I can see it.
-A little bit? You can see it?
-The freckles. -The freckles, the gap. -Put the Yankee hat on. -Put the hat on? What do you think?
-You kind of look like him. -Yeah? -You — Oh, that’s crazy. -Thank you, dude.
Good to meet you. -I didn’t even know. This is great. You look different
with a uniform on. -Oh, man. What do you think about
a guy like Aaron Judge? What do you — the real deal
or what? -He’s — Yeah, he’s good. He’s had —
The month of April was his. -He’s on the cover of
the nextSports Illustrated.Isn’t that pretty —
-Yeah, yeah, that dude — -Pretty cool, huh? -I had a feeling, man.
I had a feeling. Man, come on. [ Both laughing ] Judge, you’re the man, bro. I had a feeling.
I knew it. -Right on. It gives it away. -You’re the future, man.
We love you here, man. -What do you think so far
of the year? -I think some of the
young players that they have now have gotten people perhaps that weren’t as excited about them
before really into it. Like Aaron Judge. -Mm-hmm. -Love him. He’s exciting.
-Love him. So if Aaron Judge were
sitting here right now, what kind of advice
would you give him? You know, young guy on a young
team and in New York City. What kind of advice
would you give him? -I probably would just say
be yourself, because it seems to be working
so far. -Just be myself. You say you love him.
-I really do. -People say we look alike,
but I — -You know, honestly,
I really do. Well, maybe it’s the glasses
and the haircut on you. But he’s got the Yankee hat,
so… -I’m Aaron Judge, by the way. -Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! The family is never
gonna believe this, never. I think I’m gonna cry. -Little selfie. [ Camera shutter clicks ] [ Cheers and applause ] -It’s hard to believe that now. Aaron Judge, he’s a stud.
Thank you, Aaron.

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