9 Celebrities That Prove Using the Law of Attraction Works (new video)

9 Celebrities That Prove Using the Law of Attraction Works (new video)

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9 celebrities that prove using the law of attraction works there anything we could think Israel and
if it’s not we could create it see that’s the gift we were giving to
evolve advanced create i create my own world I can make any situation reality imagine
you had everything you wanted everything imagine you everything you ever wanted
to be and capture that feeling that’s the easiest way to manifest what
you want that’s all God want to make us happy it’s the law of attraction I’m always
talking about shit look it up so many i read a couple books on but it
changed my life even high school teachers always tell me to snap out of
it snapback to reality but I was in reality
it was real as it could be it just wasn’t there yet it just wasn’t
that day I got the car I was always dreaming about about my other creative
always wanted to buy i do what i want to get money whatever I perform my heroes
live a crazy ass life i’m still learning know i’ll be stressed out things don’t always go the way I intend
them to not even have the time but that’s just a mystery of life you gotta
trust trust in the end result trust that it will always be the best for you at
that time if you want to pair of shoes and add the store they’re really at the
store 9 celebrities that prove using “the law of attraction” works you just don’t have it yet they like
that shit don’t exist just really at the store that’s how I like that my whole life if
i want it i believe i can have it and that’s my reality I’ll attract it it attracted me we can
make any situation we think about real fuck let life pass you by enjoy the journey enjoy the journey and making all your
dreams and goals reality because the journey makes you who you are I create my own world no man i can make
any situation my reality I don’t want to be and an icon I want to be an idea you know I want to
represent an idea i wanna represent possibilities 9 celebrities that prove using the law of attraction works I want to represent magic right that
you’re in the universe and two plus two equals four 2+2 only equals four if you
accept the 2+2 equals 42 plus this will be what i wanted to be you know and
there’s that there’s a chance that there’s a redemptive power that making a
choice had you know rabbit and feeling like you’re at effect to all the things
that are happening make a choice like you just decide what is going to be who
you’re going to be how you’re going to do it just decide and then from that
point the universe is going to get out your way this but its water wants to
move it wants to move and go around stuff you know so forth from me I want to represent
possibilities I want to represent the idea that you and make what you want one of my
favorite books is the alchemist by paulo coelho and that’s just I just believe
that I believe that I can create whatever i want to create if I can put
my head on it right study and learn the 9 celebrities that prove using the “law of attraction” works patterns and you know i just is it’s hard to put into words real better physical esoteric
nahson but i feel very strongly that we r who we choose the peak and when we
talk about the law of attraction there are virtually some born-again christians
who say that’s of the devil and you can’t believe in so let me put this in
perspective for those of you who are Christians for those of you have
different religious beliefs and wonder if the law of attraction is a conflict
first it is not a conflict it is science it doesn’t conflict with any spiritual
or religious belief and all it complements it if you are a Christian
and I’ll speak specifically to the Christians because all the letters have
come in from Christian so if you are a Christian and you have concerns about
the law of attraction let me ask you a couple questions as a Christian do you
believe in the law of gravity think about it it’s the law of gravity you
have any problem with the law of gravity no well do you know at some points some
of these laws were said to be of the devil here’s one of them as a Christian do you
have any problem with the law of lift you know the law that based on airplane
flying think about it when the law of lift started to be discussed 9 celebrities that prove using the law of attraction works christian said that is of the devil
because of God wanted man to fly he would have given man wings think about
obviously the law of lift is not a spiritual law it is a lot based on
physics radio waves when this first came out the ability to transmit invisible
frequencies through the ether so that voices could magically appear in boxes
that was thought to be of the devil and anybody who want to play around with
this should be burned at the stake for being a religious heritage because this
was not scriptural not biblical not godly to start messing around with
things that are not natural well certainly radio waves are natural
microwaves are natural there’s nothing mystical or magical or spiritual these
are physical laws the law of attraction is nothing more than a law of physics
it’s not mystical it’s not magical it’s not spiritual it has nothing to do
with God and the fact that the law of lift works the back to the log gravity
work the fact that radio waves work the fact that electricity works and the fact
that the law of attraction is true and works does not discount God at all it’s
just a physical law and if you are a religious believers
this is what is in our physical universe it’s it’s it’s how the physical universe
operates and if you want to believe that God created this is what his creation is
he created the law of attraction for us to use and how the physical world
operates there’s nothing mystical magical it is a physical biological
structural law of of matter 9 celebrities that prove using the law of attraction works this is when i start the secret thing
but I didn’t know it’s called a secret i read the book the color purple and then
went out and got books for everybody else I knew and I was obsessed about
this story obsessed about it i ate slept thought all the time about the color
purple I moved to Chicago I get a call from a
casting agent asking what I like to come and audition for a movie I’ve never done
a call in my life from anybody for a movie or anything like that and I say is
it the color purple and he says no it’s a movie called moon song and I go well
I’ve been praying for the color purple and I go to the audition and of course
it was the color purple i audition I don’t hear anything for
months and I go to this this phat farm and I think it’s because I’m fact i was
about 212 pounds of the time and I think I didn’t get the call back because im so
fat and i’m at this phat farm and I’m praying and crying saying to God I help
me let this go because I wanted to be in this movie so much i wanted i wanted i
wanted it i thought i was going to be in the movie there’s all these signs that
should be the movie and I go to this phat farm and I’m praying and crying and
as I’m on the track singing the song I 9 celebrities that prove using the law of attraction works so men girl hi surrender all all to the my
class it’s saying your I surrender I’m seeing that song praying and crying
woman comes out to me and she says on the track training and she says there’s
a phone call for you and the phone call with steven spielberg saying i want to
see you in my office in California mar now what I learned from that at that
moment absolutely changed my life forever because i had drawn the color
purple into my life I didn’t know Steven Spielberg I didn’t know Quincy Jones who
saw me in chicago in 1984 he was he was there for a lawsuit that was being filed
against Michael Jackson because you’ve been working on his his Thriller album
and he saw me on a.m. chicago and said that’s okay now I didn’t know him I
didn’t know anybody have anything to do with that but i knew that i had drawn
that into my life and it changed the way I thought about my life forever you really can change your own reality do you understand that that all of this this entire event is happening inside
you 9 celebrities that prove using the law of attraction works we’ll just try to feel it for a second
because it’s a trip man some people go to the super bowl i am
the superbowl man i swear my friends are all going to see that play that was
great i’m like yeah but the energy coming out of me right now man is
unbelievable i’m just sitting there I’m the stadium on the vendors outside i’m
the crack dealer on the corner I’m everything man there’s no end to it
and it’s so much fun it’s so much fun so I hope you can feel that and i hope you
understand that you are one of the creators of this evening that your
intentions and your desires created this evening as well and then I hope you are
able to ask yourself why did I get such a crappy see and be okay with it I mean you’re in the last row in the
last seat and yet you created this that’s got to be really selfless thing
to do a lot of people are surprised when they
found that you’ve been signing your name is Champ 2011 9 celebrities that prove using the law of attraction works how did that come about you know I
believe in the law of attraction and I believe that that you can speak things
into existence and I believe that what you want you know where you’re going you
know what you want the universe has a way of stepping aside for you and me
sign in my my signature with champions 2011 on it can’t hurt me it can’t hurt me could I could only help
me to believe it even more you know so so so yeah I mean it works for me been
saying something that I find to be very interesting that the butterflies in your
stomach are in from formation I’ve never heard that before I think it
makes a lot of sense what do you mean by that elaborate what I mean about it ok
so I’m butterflies information basically it means when you have butterflies and
feeling inches and you have anxiety or nervous that’s when you’re most powerful
i believe and either you can get your most powerful so a lot of people instead
of homing this power using it they allow it to just consume them you know there’s
another quote that says a big challenge big pressure is like a fire inside a
raging fire if you can allow this fire to consume you and just take your
completely or you can control this fire and harness that you blow it right at
your opponent like Dragon Ball Z style alright so that’s what I’m trying to do try to get my emotions under control and
use this adrenaline to my advantage 9 celebrities that prove using the law of attraction works I always felt like I could do anything
that’s the main thing people are controlled by dots their perception of
themselves they’re slow down by their perception of themselves if you’re
taught you can’t do anything you won’t do anything I was told I could do
everything my mother made me believe in myself no matter how many people tell me
stop believing in yourself stop seeing what you can do stop affirming what
you’re going to do and then and then completing that a real life that’s
improper way to do it I refuse to follow those rules that
society is set up in the way that they control people with low self-esteem no
always have visions of better always visualized that and in times of struggle I driving around driving down and bang
out of the car that I had to push start I’d be still driving the soft opening
around be over California in my head and long ball now i am driving my beautiful
self up and around morning I always visualized good things
and always visualized victory success abundance I visualized it all and it’s
all happening yeah I don’t just knock them out i
picked around John yeah I said this i’m sure you’re probably all thinking in
your head this guy is talking absolute drivel he’s
not gonna do what he says he’s gonna do is you’re probably all sitting there
thinking that but now we are again and I don’t want to said I was gonna do I feed
off this I feed off this I love this stuff this is what gives me energy
saying I’m gonna do something st. putting it out there for the world
to see I mean going out and doing there’s no better feeling in the world
than that and it’s as easy as that say what you’re gonna do and go and do
it i knew i was going to be the person to bring myself to the public eye and
that was happening and I mean those two things I’ve learned from all from these
past seven months 9 celebrities that prove using the law of attraction works number one is the hard work pays off and
the material that dreams come true and that’s what happened it’s a beautiful feeling where when
preparation meets opportunity and I’ll nothing there nothing is impossible and
I mean you can you can achieve anything i’m going to continue going on this
journey and if the title charge next I will take it if not identify already
feel like that is mine i already feel like that belt is mine so eventually won
by one I will get every single one of them until there is no one left and then
I will decide what to do from there but the belt is already mine i feel so let
me share some of the concepts that have helped keep me on my game so the first
one is like attracts like you have to understand you are a man whatever you are that’s what you draw to
you if you’re negative you’re gonna draw negative or positive you draw positive
your kind person more people are kind to you so you like a magnet you know and
you gotta understand something about like attracts like if you see it in your mind you can hold
it in your hand this is so true got to grab this got to
create dream bullets you gotta put the new car up on your mirror put the weight
you want to be on the refrigerator if you can see it in your mind you can hold
it in your hand that’s the law of attraction that’s what
you bring to you ok moving on the next possible ask
believe receive so many people overlook 9 celebrities that prove using the law of attraction works this very simple quality you don’t have
to figure it out that’s what freezes people when you’re
trying to figure out your life all the way to the end when you can’t figure it
out it frees you from trying because you go
oh I can’t figure that out oh I can’t go over there cause I don’t
know how you don’t have to know how you have to ask believe and receive that’s
as simple as it gets cold is very very true i really want to understand now is a show me and I’ll believe faith says
believe and I’ll show there’s a difference next very important gratitude is a powerful process the only
way to move to the next level is you must show gratitude for where you are if
you show gratitude it gets you to where you want to be quick up every truth it’s
the last one laughter attracts joy and it releases
negativity and it leads to some miraculous cure yeah yeah 9 celebrities that prove using the law of attraction works

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