85 year old angel & My Sister-in-Law Did It!

85 year old angel & My Sister-in-Law Did It!

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(light music) Edith Williams. Oh, what’s going on? Hi, I’m Edith Williams (laughing). Who’s Edith Williams? Me. And who are you? I’m her cousin. You’re her cousin? Mmhm. All right, now let me see. You did have a seatbelt on, and it’s all her fault, right? It is, but let me tell you the real truth. I figured this out. (laughing) I was doing InstaCar, and then the minute I got out, I just dropped the bags off, and I was getting in the car, I turned the corner, he was finishing up with somebody, then he’s just gonna come over talk about he got a body cam. I didn’t even talk after that, I just thought I’ll take the ticket, ’cause (laughing) I wasn’t gonna argue with him, I’m not confrontational at this point, so that’s why I’m here, but then, also I got an outstanding overnight parking ticket (cousin sighs) in front of my house, and I thought we should just talk about that too, since we’re up here. All right, you got a parking ticket at 3 o’clock in the morning. Yeah, but I live there, I am not, listen, I gotta go to work early, at five, so I was like maybe he’ll be nice. Summer just started, it was probably the first day, he was just excited about that night, but I was tired. And what do you do, you work with her? Nah. We can’t (both laughing) you see this mouth? Get everybody fired on the shift, uh-uh, (laughing). Aw, I need to work by myself. What do you do for a living? I do home care, so I’m in a car, and I go to patient’s homes and give them care, like if they need showers or whatever they need. I help them. Oh, you’re doing God’s work. Yeah, and I’m going to school to be a nurse, so. Where do you go to school? I go to CCRI, I’m not rich, I am, I’m just trying to make it, that’s it. And, all right, so you help sick people. Yeah. You help people who have disabilities. Mm-hmm, and elderly the most. And the elderly (sighing) well, first of all, I think I’m gonna give you a break on the parking ticket, I know you get up early in the morning Yeah.
to go and do your job, and you’re parked in front of your house. Thank you so much. (paper crinkling) Now we’ve got this seatbelt operation, this is a tough deal, why didn’t you have the seatbelt on? (sighing) I was just coming out of the, and I don’t even go to Broadway, that’s why I don’t go to Broadway, ’cause they’re always being nosy, but I just left the house, and just turned the corner, he coulda waited, I was doing it, he coulda waited, but I didn’t want to say that on cam, I was like, uh-uh, he ain’t, uh-uh. And then I told him very nicely, I’m sorry, I’ll just go to court. So I’m here, I’m sorry. I wear seat belts now, though, after today. (paper rustling) Oh, before that you didn’t wear any seat belts? It be choking me, I can’t, (cousin laughing) I be like uh! (both laughing) Gotta stop, start short, like, oh, it’s scary. Now let me see, I want to get this straight, it was you with the seat belt violation, and you came to pay it, is that right? Yeah, something like that. Oh, she’s gonna give you the money? Yeah, that’s my cousin (both laughing). Listen, if she don’t, she’ll be waiting at PPD for you to get her out. (both laughing) I’m just saying. (laughing) Ah, okay, hold on for a minute. Frankie, I at least see you, like, once a week, about once a month, I think we grew a likeness to each other now (laughing), I think we gotta stop seeing each other so frequent. (laughing) And it’s bad. Okay, I received a letter from a woman who name is Angela Bruzazy. She lives in Los Angeles, California, and she sent me a letter saying, “I am giving you $20,” and she asked me to use this $20 to give to anyone who needs a chance in life. Really? And I’m gonna use this $20 to pay your fine. I’m gonna make your fine $20. That is so nice! We’re gonna use Angela Bruzazy’s $20 to help you. That was real… thank you Angela, that was nice, thank you. And she would feel so great. That was like, that was the best thing today. She’s 85 years old.
Aww! All right, and she says here, she says, “I’m 85 years old, on Social Security and a small pension,” but she wants to help someone else. She is like a beautiful soul. Thank you Angela. Thank you. And she’s, we’re gonna use that to pay for your fine. Thank you so much. That’s because you help people every day. I appreciate that. That’s why I do what I do, ’cause I’m passionate it, and I like to help people, so, that was like, it meant a lot to me, it’s not just $20, it’s her message behind it. It’s the thought. And the fact that she’s 85, go her! And she’s on a pension. Yeah, that’s like tough, and that’s what I take care of, people that will do things like that. Okay, so you have to give back by helping somebody else. That’s what I’m about to go do. (laughing) That’s what you do every day, right? Yes, they calling. (laughing) But I appreciate it so much. Good luck to both of you. Thank you.
Thank you. Have a great day. (air whooshing)
(guitar riffing) Good morning Kiana.
Good morning. Kiana, you have, um, six unpaid tickets. Yes. Five of them (door slamming) are been white violations. Yes. Who drives the car? Well, my wife drives the car, but she was not driving the car when those tickets occurred. Well, my question was, who was driving the car when… Oh, her sister was driving the car. Your sister. Her sister. Oh, her sister, your sister-in-law. Yes, unfortunately. Is your wife with you, is she here? No, she’s in the hospital. Oh. Let me see 706 please, this is Allens and Terminal. If she’s past the first stop line, I’ll dismiss the case. Oh, I seen the video, she also crashed a car that same day. Mm-hmm. (audience murmuring) She, it was 23 seconds, she wasn’t past the first stop line. And she was doing 47 miles an hour. Let’s take a look at it. (audience murmuring) Mm-hmm. The way it was read, for 47 seconds she went through it. Oh, I know. (audience chuckles) Is she still driving the car? Oh, no, she got sent packing. Oh, you sent her on her way? Oh yes. Do you want to see the rest of these red light tickets? Oh, I’ve seen them all, no. Oh, so you admit to the offense? To her offenses, yes. Mm-hmm, I mean you know you’re responsible because you own the car. Yes. Did you know, you could have, on the rear of the summons that you received, you know, you could have indicated that you were not the driver of the vehicle, and you could have indicated who was, you could have written your sister-in-law’s name and address, you would have exonerated yourself, and she would have received the summonses. I would have done that, but we also found out that she received the tickets from getting the mail and kept ’em in her drawer, so as I was cleaning out the room, that’s when I was obtaining them. Oh, so she intercepted the mail. Yes! So you didn’t even have knowledge of them. No. None. No. Scam, my wife only had, uh, one… Where is she, where is she now, is she still in town? No, she lives in Mass, in Cambridge. Oh. But she, my wife only had one parking ticket that got dismissed in 2014, that’s it, so, and all the tickets are from March, which was when she was here. How’s your wife doing, she doing okay? Oh,
Well you look One day at a time. (grunts) Whatever the issue is, we wish you well. Thanks. Mm-hmm. All right, anyway, I’m torn here, because I understand the situation, but I’m gonna charge you $30 for the parking ticket, and I’m gonna fine you $85 for one of the red lights, so it’s gonna cost you $115 instead of 575. Thank you. That’s my inclination, and… Thank you very much. We have a saying around here, the saying is, “No good deed goes unpunished,” you know, so, you’ve learned that the hard way. Oh, tremendously.
Yeah. All right, good luck to you. Thank you. (guitar riffing) Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune into Caught in Providence every weekday. ‘Scuse me? You didn’t know Caught in Providence is also a TV show? Oh, wow, your life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to caughtinprovidence.com, click on your local listings, scroll down ’til you find your home town, then start doing your happy dance. (air whooshing) That’s it
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